45 Insanely Clever Home Products on Amazon That Work So Well, Reviewers Say They Deserve 6 Stars

You’re gonna need a bigger ratings scale.

Written by Erin Celletti
45 Insanely Clever Home Products on Amazon That Work So Well, Reviewers Say They Deserve 6 Stars
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Ever come across a product so clever, you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” We all have. Turns out, Amazon is chock full of them — but they don’t all come highly recommended by the tough critics who are spending their hard-earned money on them. To separate the wheat from the chaff, we combed through some of the most genius home products on Amazon and found the ones with seriously impressive reviews. Here are some of our top finds that’ll seriously upgrade the convenience of your living space.


This clip-on strainer that saves precious cabinet space

A colander is a kitchen essential, but they are often clunky, heavy, and hard to store. Enter this genius little strainer that clips onto pots and pans of all sizes, and is made of flexible silicone to store away easily. It’s about a quarter of the size of your typical strainer, and lets you easily drain water with just one hand while your food stays in the pot. Fewer dishes, less mess, more space.

One reviewer wrote: “I didn't know I needed this pot and pasta strainer but it turns out it was exactly what I needed. I had 5 colanders in my kitchen and with this nifty little gizmo strainer I got rid of all but one [...] I would recommend this to anyone.” — Rebecca

  • Available colors: 5


The LED wall sconce that doesn’t require any wiring

Ideal for renters or homeowners who can’t be bothered with rewiring or complicated installation, this LED wall sconce operates with a built-in rechargeable battery and quickly attaches to the wall with sturdy 3M adhesive. It’s available in five different finishes, and has adjustable brightness settings you control with a simple tap. Plus, the light attaches to its base via a simple magnet, and can be easily removed to function as a flashlight, too.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a small reading nook with no room for a lamp, and I didn’t want to see a plug/wire. This is compact, cute and gives off a great amount of light with three different strengths light.” — Amazon reviewer

  • Available colors: 5


A simple suction razor holder that stays put in the shower

Keep your razor up and off the floor — or the slippery shower ledge — with this handy little razor holder by OXO. Using powerful suction that stays put even on slippery tile, your shaver is just a reach away as it rests safely on the flexible clip that can hold razor handles of all sizes. Enjoy freed-up counter space, keep your razor out of reach from little hands, and always know where it is when you need it.

One reviewer wrote: “Have a shower wall with textured tile and this works very good. [...] Has stayed up since with a very strong hold. Shaver always handy and in better shape since it is away from constant water exposure...” — Daiana


These sturdy drawer dividers that make organizing a breeze

Take your drawers from messy and cluttered to neat and organized in minutes, thanks to these adjustable and expandable drawer organizers that are super easy to install. In minutes, you can horizontally or vertically organize sock drawers, your accessories, kitchen utensils — anything that needs to be tidied up. And, when you need a change, you can easily rearrange the dividers, too.

One reviewer wrote: “I had my doubts about how solid they would be and how useful but, they are very sturdy, well-made and easy to use. My kitchen is now perfectly in order.” — Rita A.

  • Available colors: 3


A sink drain protector that prevents clogs before they start

Preparation and prevention are key in keeping home plumbing hassles at bay, which is why this bathroom sink drain protector is so smart. Instead of plugging your drain from the top, it actually fits inside and catches hair and other debris as it accumulates, preventing it from going down the pipe. It doesn’t affect the way your water flows, and can easily be removed for occasional cleaning as needed.

One reviewer wrote: “I love the functionality of this product. It looks good in my sink drain and traps all the hair and other gross stuff that goes down the sink. It's so easy to clean and it keeps my drain clog free.” — Amanda Vincent


The reviewer-favorite shower shelves that add storage space instantly

If you’ve ever wished your shower had more storage space, then these shower shelves are your wish come true. Crafted with rustproof stainless steel, each shower shelf uses adhesive instead of suction for an extra-strong stick that doesn’t require hardware to install. It can hold up to 20 pounds of bathroom necessities, and has four additional hooks for hanging storage, too. This two-pack is a fan favorite on Amazon, having earned a 4.8-star overall rating after 28,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “I would say this suction power and adhesion is really strong. In addition it is very sturdy and holds multiple bottles on the shelf (probably too many as we tend to collect bottles lol). [...] This caddy has also made the transition between two homes so even when you need to restick the suction it still works.” — Lucy Vander Laan

  • Available finishes: 4


These wood touch-up markers that can save you thousands in new furniture

Scratches and dings in your furniture and other wooden surfaces can be a serious drag, but thanks to these touch-up pens, you can quickly fill in surface damage in your home so it looks as good as new — and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. The kit includes repair markers and wax crayons in popular wooden colors, so you can find the closest match.

One reviewer wrote: “I used them on my engineered hard wood floors to hide scratches and my floors look much better now. The color options make blending easy on multi-colored floors.” — Breeanne Massi


An over-the-door drying rack that folds down to basically nothing

Drying racks don’t have to be clunky or take up a bunch of space. Take this over-the-door drying rack, for example. When you need it, unfold it and hang it over your door so you can let your clothes or towels air dry flat. When you don’t need it, you can fold it down and put it pretty much anywhere for safe keeping. It’s so simple and space saving, it’s genius.

One reviewer wrote: “We are currently in a one-bedroom apartment, so space is at a premium. When not in use, this dryer takes up zero space. When in use, it takes up zero floor space. [...] Super happy with this purchase.” — Heidi Jason


These magnetic spice racks that instantly add more storage space to your kitchen

Countertop spice racks are bulky and often take up way too much of your precious counter space, so if you’re looking for a clever new storage solution, these magnetic spice racks are for you. They make the doors of your refrigerator (or any magnetic surface in your home) functional for storage, and can hold up to 5 pounds each of weight.

One reviewer wrote: “With these two racks I could put away all my spices, and clear space in my cabinets. The magnet is incredible, I had to reposition them and had to use both hands to move them. [...] A plus in any kitchen. I wholeheartedly recommend them.” — Jose Palaez

  • Available colors: 2


A combo sponge holder & soap dispenser that streamlines your dishwashing routine

Who doesn’t love a good two-in-one buy? You can save time washing dishes and tidy up your sink area with this combo soap dispenser and sponge holder. The tank holds up to 13 ounces of liquid detergent, and when you gently push down on the top tray, it’ll release just the right amount of dish soap onto the sponge. Last but not least, the nonslip base keeps it sturdy and in place.

One reviewer wrote: “It's easy to use with 1 hand to get just the right amount without wasting and has significantly reduced how quickly we go through our dish soap.Seems like such a simple little thing, but is seriously a game changer.” — Brad N.


This battery organizer & tester that adds zen to your life

Most of us probably keep our batteries loose in a drawer with other things, which is a fast track to losing them (and unnecessarily buying new ones). A great accessory for the garage, work area, or junk drawer, this battery organizer can fit up to 93 batteries of all sizes. It also comes with a tester, so you can quickly check whether or not each one still has life left.

One reviewer wrote: “No more searching for a battery only to discover it is useless. With this organizer I was able to gather up all the batteries scattered around the house, check them for their energy level, and keep them stored all in one place.” — K. Harmon


This digital meat thermometer that takes the guesswork out of cooking

When roasting or grilling meat, achieving the right internal temperature is key. Take the guesswork out of that challenge with this easy-to-read digital meat thermometer. In just a few seconds, you’ll get an ultra-accurate temperature reading on the backlit LCD display. It also comes with a meat temperature chart, so you know exactly what to aim for based on what you’re cooking, whether it’s chicken or a medium-rare steak. The best part? The thermometer has a built-in bottle opener.

One reviewer wrote: “Great display. Easy to read. Even has a proper backlight if you’re cooking in a dark cave. Just what the doctor ordered.” — Dennis Skinner


These clear organizers for your pantry, bathroom or desk area

A stocked pantry or fridge is great, but an organized pantry or fridge is exceptional. Avoid the hassle of trying to locate your food and save space with these clear organizational bins. These bins in particular are ideal for sorting smaller snack-size items, like boxes, jars, cans, and pouches, making them easy to locate and easy to access. Try them for cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and desk accessories, too.

One reviewer wrote: “I used to not "get" the organizer bin trend, but it really looks and feels SO much better to actually see what is in your drawers or shelves. Now things are readily available and we don't waste time looking for them, or buying something we already have just because we couldn't find it.” — Monica D.


These oven rack shields that are like heat-resistant bumpers for your arms

Anyone who’s spent time in the kitchen knows how a cooking experience can be ruined by a bad burn. The oven is one of the most common culprits, especially the edge of the rack — the worst spot for wrists and arms that are reaching in. Protect yourself with these nifty silicone oven rack shields. Each 14-inch cover can be trimmed to size and attached to the edge of an oven rack, helping ensure that accidental touches don’t turn into accidental burns.

One reviewer wrote: “These "bumpers" keep your/my wrists from getting burned while checking or removing things from the oven. I wish I had them years ago. Definitely recommend.” — Robert Hursh


A rotating kitchen utensil holder that just makes sense

Forget rifling through your drawer trying to find the right tool and make your cooking experience more efficient with this rotating kitchen utensil caddy. With a sleek stainless steel finish and a removable divider that gives you control over how you organize your items, this caddy is the perfect addition to your countertop, bringing both utility and aesthetics to your space.

One reviewer wrote: “My messy, overflowing utensil caddy wasn't getting the job done. This one, though, visually declutters. Tall enough to hide a lot and the rotating aspect is so handy.” — BroderWriter

  • Available colors: 5


These solar lights that illuminate steps & fence posts without wiring

Outdoor lighting can sometimes be tricky, but nothing spruces up a yard like a little illumination. This 16-pack of LED lights provides a convenient and simple way to add lighting to your deck railing, outdoor steps, or fence post. And with the automated sensors that turn them on at dusk and off at dawn, they're the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it upgrade.

One reviewer wrote: “I have had these since 2021 on steps and deck in a snowy, mountain area. They have been great and have held up to harsh weather and shoveling near them. They look great at night!” — Amazon reviewer

  • Available colors: 2


This Mason jar pitcher that keeps things fresh & looks cool while doing it

A Mason jar is a classic way to keep things fresh, but if you've ever tried to pour something out of a Mason jar, you know a little spillage is pretty likely. This glass pitcher hybrid offers the perfect solution. It’s outfitted with an airtight and leakproof silicone seal cap that keeps drips at bay, and the integrated handle makes it easy to maneuver. With this, you can easily store and pour up to 64 ounces of juice, water, or any other beverage.

One reviewer wrote: “Every other pitcher I've had required me to hold the spout cover back to pour. This one has a clever design feature that keeps the cover out of the "pour path" all by itself, leaving me free to use both hands during pouring. Materials and manufacturing quality seem top-rate. I'm most impressed, though, by the thought, innovation, care and control of the design itself.” — Russ

  • Available colors: 4


A plug-in bug trap that helps keep your home pest free

Nothing can downgrade the vibe in your home quite like a fly buzzing around. Avoid the hassle of trying to track down and swat them with these plug-in fly traps. These traps silently attract and trap bugs, thanks to the UV LED and small glue card that's easy to remove and dispose of. And the sleek design fits seamlessly in any room without sticking out like sore thumb.

One reviewer wrote: “It’s so easy to replace the sticky traps you just peel the adhesive covering off and slide it into the plug and plug it in an outlet and let the magic of fly capturing work.” — Amazon reviewer


These super absorbent dishtowels that are incredibly eco-friendly

Save some counter space and reduce paper use by opting for these reusable Swedish dishcloths. Just one of these cellulose and wood pulp cloths can replace the use of about 17 rolls of paper towels, and they can be washed in your home machine or dishwasher. Biodegradable and super absorbent, they can soak up to 0.75 cup of water, so they’re ideal for mopping up spills, wiping down counters, and for washing and drying dishes.

One reviewer wrote: “Use after use, no smell. Super absorbent. Just throw in top rack of dishwasher when ready to clean. Wring out really well & lay out to dry. Voila, ready to go again for a few days.” — Amazon reviewer

  • Available prints: 4


These functional yet aesthetically pleasing curtain clips

The right curtains can really complete the look of a room, but sometimes you want to let some natural light in. If you don't want to drill extra holes in your walls to install traditional hooks, these magnetic tieback clips are the perfect solution. Durable and strong, these clips easily and stylishly bunch curtains together with ease, providing a practical solution while acting as great accent for your living space.

One reviewer wrote: “At first I thought this would be a kind of frivolous purchase. I like to open my windows a lot and let the wind blow in to cool the house. I was using shoe strings which were fine. When I purchased these tiebacks I was extremely pleased. They look amazing and super classy. ” — Mitchell

  • Available colors: 9


This jar scraper that will let no condiment go to waste

Avoid a classic kitchen annoyance and also reduce food waste with the Splatypus silicone jar scraper. Specifically designed to help you reach every last bit of spreadable foods like peanut butter, jam, and mayo, this small and flexible spatula makes it possible to get every last drop. No more awkwardly scraping a rigid knife on the contours of a jar to no avail.

One reviewer wrote: “I didn’t see the value of a jar spatula for the longest time. But after scraping off peanut butter or jelly and not being able to get it all with my large spatula, I finally got this one. This spatula is small and fits in jars, scrapes what you need, and washes cleanly.” — Benjamin Bannister


This cushion support that adds new life to your sagging couch

Prevent furniture sagging and wear and tear with these sturdy and supportive couch support inserts made of solid wood. Available in four sizes, each mat can support up to 400 pounds, and is easy to install and easy to remove — just stick it under the cushions. The supports are rounded at the edges (so they won’t stick out) and covered in Oxford fabric. They help to add years of longevity to your furniture while supporting your body during couch time, too — all without interfering with comfort.

One reviewer wrote: “I like the fact that I didn't have to replace my couch and loveseat for a couple thousand dollars. The sag in my couch is gone. The wood in the product is much thicker and sturdier than I expected & it fits perfectly on my couch.” — Orvette Hull

  • Available sizes: 4


This lint remover kit that may help make your dryer safer & more efficient

Cleaning your dryer’s lint screen isn’t enough to keep it working optimally and safely. With this dryer vent cleaner kit, you can swiftly suction out hard-to-reach lint buildup in seconds — just attach the flexible, long-reaching hose to your vacuum. Rest easy knowing you’ve done what you can to help prevent potential fire risk while also saving on your energy bill by maximizing your dryer’s efficiency.

One reviewer wrote: “I was skeptical but thought the price made it worth a try. I have a Dyson canister vacuum and couldn't see how this would fit. It is much better than expected. The tube fit down the lint "chute" on my dryer with no problem. I'd never been able to clean inside the vent so this filled up my canister.” — KT


A cable management box that blends in with your home decor

Exposed cables and wires can be a bit of an eyesore when they’re sprawled out amongst home decor, but with this clever cable management box, you can neatly keep them out of view. The box is large enough to hold a whole power strip, and is made from beautiful, sustainable mango wood — so no two boxes are exactly alike.

One reviewer wrote: “This holds my power strip perfectly and hides all my bundled up cords that are usually sticking out from under my desk, now I don't need to worry about accidently unplugging anything with my feet or my dogs going under my desk. It also looks really nice compared to a power strip. highly recommend.” — James

  • Available colors: 2


The touch-up paint pens that make small scuffs disappear

Wall dings and paint chips are sometimes, unfortunately, a part of life — but that doesn’t mean they need to stay an eyesore. With this handy little paint touch-up pen, you can instantly cover up scuffs and scratches with precision, without the added cost of expert help. Just add some matching wall paint and use the precision brush tip for fast, easy application. Each pack comes with two.

One reviewer wrote: “I used these to do some touch up on some walls I had just painted where the masking tape causes a gap that showed the original paint. It was like using a custom colored Sharpie. Super precise and easy to use. Touch up job turned out perfectly.” — Tony C.


This wall-mounted broom holder that saves so much space

Brooms and dustpans are meant to clean your floors, not rest on them. Thanks to this handy wall-mounted broom holder, you can neatly store all your floor cleaning essentials up and away from the floors, freeing up closet or hallway space and keeping things neat. It’s easy to mount with the included adhesive, and won’t damage your walls. Plus, it can even be used outdoors for sheds or garages.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a small pantry and all my mops, brooms and swiffers take up space. I installed myself with wall anchors and it is still hanging even with tugging to get brooms down. Very sturdy.” — Robin Katona


These food storage containers that keep food fresh & cabinets organized

Storing your kitchen essentials in sealed containers is an important part in reducing food waste and keeping your ingredients fresh. With these food storage containers, you can keep your food’s freshness sealed in and keep cabinets organized thanks to the crystal clear, see-through design. They even come with reusable labels and a chalk pen, too. They neatly stack on top of each other to help maximize space.

One reviewer wrote: “First of all great appearance, easy to clean and stack and the best is the few smaller sizes that allow me to buy spices in bulk which saves a ton.” — karla mok

  • Available options: 4


These foldable storage bag organizers that keep your closets functional

If you’ve ever been guilty of throwing half-folded blankets, linens, and towels in the closet and then forgetting about them, these storage bag organizers are for you. These handy, stackable bags keep your items neat, organized, and protected from smells and stains while safely tucked away and out of sight. They even have handles for easy transport, along with see-through sides, so you can find and grab what you need, when you need it.

One reviewer wrote: “These bins held much more than I thought they would. They stack well and don't sag on the sides. I kept putting more and more into them and they still weren't full. I have them on an upper shelf and the windows show what's in there quite well.” — Stephanie


These nonstick oven liners that keep you from having to scrub off drips

Cooking is fun, eating is fun, but cleaning up after is not so fun. Thanks to these nonstick oven liners, you can preserve your oven’s cleanliness and keep it clean from drips, spills, and grease as you cook whatever your heart desires. The BPA-free mats are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit — and the best part? You can toss them in the top rack of your dishwasher to clean. So. Very. Smart.

One reviewer wrote: “I made ribs with homemade sweet barbecue sauce. During the cooking process the barbecue sauce dripped onto the mat. [...] I was able to wash the liner with just soap and a sponge. The liner still looks new. I couldn’t imagine the mess that I would have had to clean in the oven if I didn’t have the liner. I highly recommend.” — Missy


This under-cabinet light that every home should have.

Thanks to this handy little push light, you can instantly illuminate any hard-to-see area under your cabinets, along your stairs, inside a closet, and more. You can use the adhesive to stick it on or use hardware for a more secure mount — in any case, there’s no wiring needed. Plus, it even has a timer feature and auto-shutoff, too.

One reviewer wrote: “Now, I have complete under cabinet lighting in my kitchen and all my closets are lit as well. I personally think these are a great deal. Seconds to install (they come with sticky, adhesive pads and screws). I used the sticky pads.” — Gale Hawaii


The ultra-fluffy towels that dry your hands faster

These fuzzy towels look amazing in your bathroom or kitchen, which makes them worth the price alone — but they also work well. The soft chenille fibers make it easy to dry between your fingers, and because the material itself is so quick drying, it won’t hold on to dampness or odors. Each set comes with two towels you’ll love sinking your hands into.

One reviewer wrote: “My hands are always wet between my fingers and under my rings after washing/drying. These funky microfiber string towels dry between my fingers without effort. [...] These have replaced hand towels in my kitchen and bathrooms.” — Susan

  • Available multipacks: 3


This fast-drying bath stone that may also purify the air

Trade in your soggy fabric bath mat for this bath stone made from fossilized earth materials. The stone dries in a fast 60 seconds after use and — unlike fabrics — doesn’t require laundering. To boot, the diatomaceous earth material can help to deodorize and purify the air. Boasting a low-key herringbone design, the mat is accompanied by nonslip grips to keep it in place.

One reviewer wrote: “I was very pleasantly surprised at how absorbent and CLEAN this mat was! I have other cloth mats, rubber soled mats, cotton mats etc., but this one is the BEST by far! I just ordered another one for a 2nd bathroom. It looks very elegant, has great color selections and is very easy to clean up.” — HeatherW

  • Available colors: 3


The extendable dusters for ceiling fans & high-up places

With these extendable dusters, you can easily reach high-up places, like ceiling corners and the tops of bookshelves. They’re especially helpful for ceiling fans, too — each microfiber dusting head features a donut-shaped design that slips over ceiling fan blades to clean both sides at once. When you’re done cleaning, simply remove the dusting heads and throw them in the wash.

One reviewer wrote: “The Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster has been a total lifesaver for my high ceilings! With its long reach, I can finally clean my ceiling fans without climbing on chairs or stepstools. It's efficient, effective, and saves me so much time and effort.” — Lauren


A highly rated knife set that won’t break the bank

This knife set proves you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to get good cutting tools in the kitchen — in fact, it boasts an impressive 4.6-star overall rating after 56,000 reviews on Amazon. The set includes a chef’s knife, paring knife, bread knife, and more — plus a sharpener to keep the blades in pristine condition. The acrylic stand — which makes it look as though the knives are floating above your counter — is the cherry on top.

One reviewer wrote: “Better than expected! Just received this today and wow! I didn't expect it to be as sharp and precise for cutting as it is, especially given the price.” — DBM North


The fridge deodorizer that lasts for 10 years

Ditch the baking soda — this fridge deodorizer is designed to last for up to 10 years, so it’s one less thing you have to keep tabs on as far as your grocery lists go. This stainless steel gadget uses advanced decomposition technology to eliminate the food gases that lead to refrigerator smells, which means you can open the door for a snack, and only be greeted by freshness... not funk.

One reviewer wrote: “I couldn’t get rid of the weird fridge funky smell no matter how hard I tried. And, 24 hours after I put this thing on the top shelf of my fridge and Voila! No more fridge funk.” — Shirley Starbuck


This convenient shelf that clamps onto your bed frame

No room for a nightstand? This bedside shelf is the perfect stand-in. It clamps directly to your bed frame, providing a flat, sturdy surface for drinks, tech accessories, books, and anything else you need right by your side. It has a 35-pound weight capacity and features slots that let you thread through charging cables.

One reviewer wrote: “Installs in less than a minute, just slip the clamps over the bed rail and hand tighten the screw clamps. No tools needed. Very sturdy. I have it holding a fan and phone. Really saves space and eliminates the need for a nightstand.” — Sunseeker


The rug grippers that keep the corners flat

If the corners of your rug keep curling up, these grippers are here to help. The V-shaped grippers adhere to the underside of your rug (not the floor), helping to tack it down to any surface, including hardwood, carpet, tile, and stone. The weather-resistant grippers can be used both inside and outside, and they work with everything from thin, low-profile rugs to thicker shag rugs.

One reviewer wrote: “These are fantastic!!! They work immediately even if the carpet is curled. They are so easy to apply too!!!” — CJ


A mounted rack that organizes your pot lids

Instead of jumbling through a pile of lids, mount this pot lid rack to your kitchen wall or the inside of a cabinet, and you’ll be able to conveniently see and reach for just the one you need. It has space for up to five lids and mounts in just a few minutes with the included hardware. This is one easy upgrade that will streamline your time in the kitchen fast.

One reviewer wrote: “I saw this and bought it and am so glad I did! It keeps all the lids handy next to my stove and they slide in and out easily. Highly recommend!” — Connie Hamilton


The glass & mirror cloth that cleans with just water

Your paper towel and cleaning fluid bill is about to get reduced in a major way, thanks to this cleaning cloth that tackles glass and mirrors with just water. The dual-layer design uses filament fibers to trap dirt and debris and fluffy fibers to grab onto hair and dust. The result? A shiny, streak-free finish that leaves surfaces gleaming. It even works on stainless steel.

One reviewer wrote: “A-mazing. Simply mist your window, mirrors, etc, and wipe with this cloth! No more harsh cleaners or rags or paper towels. Pretty cool.” — Amazon reviewer


A spoon rest that doubles as a lid holder

You might have a spoon rest, but where are you supposed to put your pot lid so that it doesn’t drip all over the counter? This dual-compartment holder solves that dilemma, by giving you a wide space on one side for a stirring spoon or ladle, and a narrow space on the other for a pot lid — replete with a stand that holds it upright. The holder is made from stainless steel for a sleek look in your kitchen.

One reviewer wrote: “We have very little counter space, and I never really had room to lay the lid to my crockpot flat, so if I needed two hands to add ingredients or dish out food, I often ended up having my husband come hold the lid because I had nowhere convenient to put it. This let's me prop it up in a small amount of space, as well as gives me a place to set my spoon” — Andrea


These disposable hair catchers that keep your drains clear

If your shower drain gets clogged up from hair, you need these disposable drain protectors that trap the strands before they have a chance to go very far. Each disposable protector is backed by waterproof adhesive — stick it over the drain, and the mesh-like material will create a barrier between the drain and hair. When the protector is full (in about two to three weeks), simply peel it away and throw the whole thing in the trash.

One reviewer wrote: “These sticker screens more than do the trick! I even put them in my shower and am surprised how they catch my very fine hairs. Highly recommend!” — Deborah Gibbons


This bacon grease container that helps reduce food waste

Groceries are getting undeniably more expensive, but items like this bacon grease container can help you make the most of what you buy. The stainless steel container is perfect for storing drippings (instead of pouring them into the trash), so you can use them later for frying eggs, sautéing veggies, and more. Made from stainless steel, the container comes with a lid and a strainer for removing little bits of fat.

One reviewer wrote: “Love the sturdy construction. Container is big enough but not so big it takes up counter space. Big handle is nice. Strainer is easy to clean. Great purchase.” — A. O’Day


A pumice stick that removes tough mineral stains on bathroom surfaces

No matter how hard you scrub, it can be impossible to get mineral deposits off your tub, shower, or toilet bowl. This pumice stick, though, is up to the task. It’s gentle enough for porcelain surfaces, but powerful enough to remove stubborn rings and stains. You can even use it to get rid of rust and mineral deposits on grills, grout, and pools.

One reviewer wrote: “I have well water and copper pipes, so our bathroom fixtures constantly have mineral build up and residue. I have tried every chemical under the sun to clean our fixtures and nothing gets it off. This pumice tool is the first thing I've ever used that actually works to get the residue and build up off!!” — Amazon reviewer


The solar address sign that lights up in the dark

With this light-up address sign, you may never have to deal with a confused food delivery driver again (well, no guarantees there). The solar-powered address plaque provides 10 to 12 hours of illumination each night, and powers on automatically at sundown. It comes with clear, easy-to-read numbers for ultimate visibility.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this to replace the origianl numbers on my house. this is a huge upgrade from the faded metal I had. looks very modern and the solar lighting is great for at night.” — Justin


This under-sink organizer that leaves room for the pipe

Want more storage under your bathroom or kitchen sink but perplexed on how to do that since there’s a pipe in the way? This U-shaped organizer can help. It’s designed to leave room for the pipe, and you can adjust its width for a perfect fit. In fact, you can also adjust the height, so you can store short or small items underneath the shelf.

One reviewer wrote: “We were extremely skeptical, but needed a solution under our kitchen sink as it was becoming a disaster! [...] After installing this thing, we have more space than we need and we can finally see everything we have stored under the sink! It’s amazing. This adjusts to fit any configuration, great for small spaces, and I would definitely recommend it!” — Ashley

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