65 Highly Rated Things on Amazon That Are Fantastic Bargains

All the hype without the price.

65 Highly Rated Things on Amazon That Are Fantastic Bargains
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Few things feel as good as snagging a good bargain — the problem is finding them in the first place. If you don’t have the spare time to go searching, rest easy as I’ve put together this list of fantastic bargains you can find right on Amazon. And since every item I’ve decided to feature comes with hundreds (if not thousands) of five-star reviews, you can rest assured that you’re spending money on a quality product.


This magnetic pickup tool with a telescopic neck

Don’t start that DIY project before you’ve taken a look at this magnetic pickup tool. Its telescopic neck extends out to 22 inches, making it easy to reach any nuts or bolts that have dropped out of reach — and the magnetic head even features an LED bulb to help you see into dark spaces.


A compact egg bite maker that gets breakfast done fast

There’s no need to skip breakfast on busy mornings when you have this egg bite maker. Simply beat the eggs, add your favorite ingredients, then pour everything inside. Within 10 minutes you’ll have a ready-to-eat meal. And since it’s small, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to store it, even in cramped kitchens.


A pet hair remover that’s infinitely reusable

Whereas lint rollers rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover uses hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto hair, pulling it off your furniture, rugs, and more with just a few quick swipes. All the hair gets stored inside its built-in dustbin. Once finished, simply press the button on the handle to empty it out into the trash.


The rechargeable hand warmers that last for up to 15 hours

Whereas disposable hand warmers will only keep you cozy for a few hours at best, these electronic ones feature a powerful battery that delivers up to 15 hours of warmth before they need to be recharged. They’re also small enough to fit in your palm, making them easy to take with you, and the heat can be adjusted up to three levels.


This foldable stand that works with nearly any phone

You don’t have to hold your phone up when watching videos or chatting on FaceTime — just pop it into this stand so that you can use it hands-free. It’s compatible with nearly any phone, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or Android, and with nine colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your style.


These heat-resistant strips that help protect your arms when reaching into the oven

It’s almost too easy to burn yourself when reaching into a hot oven. That’s where these strips come in handy. They attach to the front of your oven rack, shielding your forearms from that hot metal so that you won’t burn yourself if you happen to accidentally touch them when reaching inside. And since they’re heat-resistant up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s no need to worry about them melting.


The ultra-thin wall charger that features 2 USB ports

Unlike that clunky USB brick you’ve been using, this wall charger has its USB ports on the bottom, allowing you to press furniture up against it without having to worry about damaging the upholstery. It also features two ports instead of one — and the smart IC technology automatically detects your device’s optimal charging speed to get it powered up as quickly as it can handle.


The gap organizers that help keep items from falling between your car seats

Tired of losing items between the front seats in your car? Then these organizers are worth a look. Their universal design allows them to fit between the seat and center console in nearly any car, preventing items from falling down while also giving you some extra storage space for phones, sunglasses, and more.


This cuticle cream that’s fortified with shea butter

Dry, flaking cuticles are no match for this cream, as its blend of shea butter and aloe vera deliver a much-needed dose of moisture to the area. The manufacturer states that results are visible within just a few minutes of use — and the precision-tip applicator helps keep mess to a minimum.


These stainless steel mugs that keep coffee warm in style

Not only are these mugs made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but their insulated walls also help keep all sorts of drinks warmer for longer, including coffee, tea, and more. The best part is probably that each one also comes with a matching twist lid to help prevent spills.


A weighted blanket that can help soothe anxiety

Having trouble falling asleep at night? Consider snuggling up underneath this weighted blanket. The added heft makes it feel like you’re being wrapped in a giant hug, which can help soothe anxious minds so that it’s easier to fall asleep, and the breathable microfiber material promises not to leave hot sleepers sweating.


The nonstick press that helps you make uniform burger patties

The trick to having your burgers cook at the same rate is to make sure the patties are all the same size — so take a look at this press. Not only is it great for making even, uniform patties, but it can also help you stuff them with cheese, jalapeños, or nearly any other ingredient. Plus, the nonstick coating makes it easy to take your patties out.


A meat thermometer with a helpful temperature guide on the handle

Can’t quite tell if that chicken breast is ready to eat? Not a problem when you have this meat thermometer. A temperature guide on the handle tells you the ideal internal temperatures for beef, fish, poultry, and more, while the backlit LCD screen makes it easy to read, even when grilling outside at night.


The stainless steel chiller sticks that help cool down beer

Keep these chiller sticks in the freezer, and they’ll always be ready to go when you’re in the mood for a beer. They’re made from sleek stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, and a small hole at the top lets you sip your beer without having to pull them out.


This LED backlight that can help reduce eye strain

Staring at a bright television screen when sitting in the dark can put strain on your eyes — so take a look at this LED backlight. Not only can turning it on help reduce strain, but the brightness is also adjustable up to 10 levels. And, since it plugs into your television’s USB port, there’s no need to hide any dangling wires.


These LED gloves that help you see exactly what you’re doing

Put on these LED gloves before tackling that DIY project, and there’ll be no need to clutter up your hands with a flashlight in order to see what you’re doing. They’re waterproof as well as stretchy, making them suitable for all sorts of dirty tasks — and each order comes with batteries included.


The airtight Mason jars that are made from tough soda lime glass

Whether you’re making candles or storing food for later, these Mason jars are a smart pick. They’re made from soda lime glass, making them more durable than your average jar — and their airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh for later. Plus, their wide mouths make it easy to fill them up without any spills.


A clip-on strainer that takes up very little space

Whereas full-size strainers can take up a ton of cabinet space, this clip-on version is a fraction of the size, making it great for cramped kitchens. The clips stretch to fit nearly any pot, pan, or bowl, even if there’s a lip around the edge. And since your food stays inside the pot as you strain, you’re also less likely to spill any into the sink.


The microwaveable bacon grill that helps reduce splatter

Cooking bacon in the microwave is an easy way to save time — but make sure you’re doing it using this plastic grill. The cover helps contain splatter so that your microwave stays clean, while raised slats on the bottom lift your bacon strips away from pooling grease so that they come out crispy rather than soggy. And if you aren’t in the mood for bacon, you can also use it to make pizza rolls, taquitos, sausage links, and more.


A double-sided meat tenderizer with a nonslip handle

If your steaks tend to be on the chewier side, consider hitting them with this tenderizer before cooking them. Its double-sided head features two surfaces: a smooth one for flattening out proteins, as well as a textured one that helps soften them up. Plus, the nonslip handle helps you keep a firm grip.


This outlet extender with a built-in night light

Don’t have enough outlets for all your plugs? Try plugging in this extender. It adds four outlets as well as two USB ports to any wall outlet, giving you tons of room for all your devices. Plus, the built-in LED night light will only turn on when the room is dark.


A safety hammer that can help you escape your car in an emergency

This safety hammer is one of those items that’s better to have and not need than to need and not have. The hammer tip is made from hardened tungsten steel, and it even features a built-in seatbelt cutter. Simply keep it in your car’s glove compartment, and it’ll always be within reach should you ever need to break through your window in an emergency.


This super-quiet neck fan that’s completely hands-free

Whether you’re exercising or relaxing outdoors, this fan can help you stay comfortably cool. It’s completely hands-free, making it great for wearing at the gym or while hiking — and the battery even lasts for up to 16 hours before it needs to be recharged. Plus, its super-quiet motor is unlikely to disturb you when in use.


The reusable water bottle that helps drinks stay cold

Still sipping from those disposable water bottles? Then consider this reusable one a money-saving upgrade. It’s made from tough stainless steel, with insulated walls that help keep cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours, whereas hot drinks stay warm for up to 12 hours. And unlike those crummy disposable bottles, this one also comes with three lids: one straw top, one screw top, and one flip top.


A heated lotion dispenser that takes up hardly any space

Applying cold lotion is rarely ever enjoyable, so make it nice by warming it up inside of this heated dispenser beforehand. It only takes about two minutes to warm up cold lotion — and it’s designed to work with nearly any type, regardless of whether it’s for your body or hands. Plus, the compact size takes up hardly any space on your vanity.


A multi-pocket organizer that hangs from your sun visor

Credit cards, passports, sunglasses — this organizer has space for all of them and more. Two elastic straps let you secure it to the sun visor inside your car so that everything is conveniently within reach. You also have the choice of three colors to match nearly any upholstery: black, gray, or light yellow.


These compressive packing cubes that help keep your suitcase organized

It’s almost too easy for your suitcase to become a jumbled mess when traveling, and that’s where these packing cubes come in handy. Not only can they help you stay organized, but they also compress your garments so that you can fit even more stuff inside your suitcase. Plus, each set includes a drawstring bag you can use to separate dirty clothes from clean ones.


A heat-resistant food masher made from tough nylon

Whether you’re crushing ground beef or boiled potatoes, this masher can help you get the job done smoothly in no time at all. It’s made from tough, heat-resistant nylon, with five blades on the head to help you break up ingredients from every angle. And unlike some kitchen utensils, this one is BPA-free.


This affordable knife sharpener that works on serrated & smooth blades

Having your knives professionally sharpened can set you back hundreds of dollars, whereas this at-home sharpener will only set you back about 20 bucks. It works on serrated as well as smooth blades — and unlike some sharpeners, this one doesn’t require any electricity in order to work.


A broom holder that you can also use in your closet or garage

Mops, shovels, hockey sticks — this broom holder is so versatile that it can be used in utility closets as well as garages. Five slots give you ample room for all sorts of tools and cleaning equipment, while hooks in between each let you hang up scrubbers, baseball mitts, and everything in between. One reviewer also raved how it was “super easy to install with the template and a variety of fasteners.”


The headrest hooks that help keep your bags in reach

Don’t put your purse on that dirty car floor — instead, hang it from one of these headrest hooks. Each one is made from sturdy plastic that can easily support up to 55 pounds, making them great for purses, groceries, and more. Installation is also a total breeze — just hook them them around a headrest post and they’re ready to go.


These Swedish dishcloths that you can wash & reuse

Unlike wasteful paper towels, these Swedish dishcloths can be washed and reused up to 100 times. They’re gritty when dry yet soft when wet, making them suitable for scouring pans, dusting furniture, or nearly any dirty job in between. And since they’re super absorbent, wiping up that spill on your counters is no trouble at all.


The leakproof trash can that helps your car stay clean

Instead of letting garbage accumulate on the floor of your car, toss it inside of this trash can. Its leakproof base helps keep your upholstery clean from spills, while an adjustable strap lets you secure it around your stick shift, headrests, and more. Choose from three colors: grey/black, grey/green, or grey/pink.


A wireless charger that works through your phone case

Unlike some wireless chargers, this one is so powerful that there’s no need to take your phone case off in order for it to work. It’s compatible with nearly any Qi-enabled smartphone, regardless of whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, and the green LED light will let you know that your phone is successfully connected once placed on top.


This borosilicate glass pitcher that lets you make cold brew at home

Buying pre-made cold brew at the shop quickly adds up, so why not try making your own at home using this pitcher? Its borosilicate glass walls won’t shatter when filled with hot liquid, and the reusable filter works to keep grounds out of your cup of Joe.


A dish soap dispenser that doubles as a sponge holder

Place your sponge on top of this holder, and it’ll keep it high and dry when not in use so that it’s less likely to develop mildew. You can also fill the basin underneath with soap, then press the sponge downwards in order to inject it with the ideal amount of dish soap — all while its compact footprint takes up hardly any counter space.


These Bluetooth headphones that you can sleep in comfortably

Regular headphones can put uncomfortable pressure on your ears when sleeping — instead, opt for these Bluetooth ones. Their ultra-slim speakers won’t cramp against your ears when lying on your side, and the fabric headband can even be pulled down over your eyes to help block outside light. The best part? The battery lasts for up to 10 hours before it needs to be recharged.


A leakproof bottle that lets you add fruity flavors to water

If you’re not a fan of drinking plain water, add your favorite fruits to the infusion core inside of this leakproof bottle — their flavors will gradually seep out and give your water a delicious hint of flavor. Plus, a silicone patch on the side to help you keep a firm grip when at the gym or on the go.


This electric whisk that whips milk into a delicious froth

If you’re tired of drinking the same cup of Joe every morning, consider taking a look at this electric whisk. The powerful motor easily whips any milk into a delicious froth, adding a touch of indulgence to boring coffees. Though if you aren’t into coffee, you can also use it to mix up protein shakes or when baking, as it can also beat egg whites into stiff peaks for meringue.


These collapsible colanders made from tough silicone

Not only do these colanders collapse down to a fraction of their size for easy storage, but they’re also made from durable silicone that’s designed to withstand frequent use. They’re tough enough to send through the dishwasher when dirty, and you have the choice of two colors: red or blue.


A stainless steel slow cooker that prepares dinner while you’re away

Load up this slow cooker with your favorite ingredients before leaving for work, then set the heat to low — by the time you’ll get home, everything will have cooked together into a delicious stew that’s ready to eat. It’s large enough to make food for up to nine people. Plus, the removable stoneware interior is dishwasher-safe.


This aluminum laptop stand that can help prevent neck strain

Staring down at your laptop screen for hours at a time can leave your neck feeling sore — that’s where this stand comes in handy. It raises your laptop up to eye level to help reduce strain, and can be used with any laptop up to 15 inches wide. And unlike some stands, this one is made from tough aluminum that won’t wobble.


The AirPods headphones cover with more than 1,000 positive reviews

Waterproof, dustproof, and available in more than 15 colors, there are more than a few good reasons why this cover for your AirPods Max headphones is worth a look. It fits over your headphones without adding any bulk, making them easy to wear while listening to music. “They are cut to where they are a perfect fit and leave all openings for the microphone/charge port cutouts, plus they do not take away from the stylish aspect of the [Maxes] whatsoever,” wrote one reviewer.


These miniature spatulas that get every last drop out of small bottles

From skin care to ketchup, these miniature spatulas can help you get every last bit out of all sorts of containers. Their flexible heads contour to the shape of the container, making it easy to scrape them out, and the silicone material easily washes clean under running water once you’ve finished.


A silicone sponge holder that helps them dry quickly

Store your sponge on this holder and the raised slats along the bottom will hold it up and away from pooling water. This helps it dry quickly so that it’s less likely to develop mildew or funky odors. It’s available in a variety of colors — from classic white to trendy beige — and many reviewers appreciated how the silicone material is easy to clean.


These meat claws made from rust-resistant stainless steel

Eating the same sliced chicken can quickly get boring, so why not use these meat claws to help change up your meals? They’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel, with nonslip handles to help you keep a firm grip as you tear into chicken, pork, and more. Or, if you aren’t in the mood for shredded meat, you can also use them as tongs.


The glass food containers that come with leakproof lids

Whether you’re packing lunch or storing leftovers for later, these food containers can help keep your meals fresher when it’s time to dig in. Their lids are leakproof as well as airtight — and since they’re made from borosilicate glass, you can safely use them in the oven or freezer.


A rolling utility cart that adds storage to tight spaces

Pantries, workshops, kitchens — this utility cart is so versatile that you can use it in practically any room in your home. Three tiers give you tons of storage space for everything from cleaning supplies to tools, while the swiveling wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around. “This gives me some extra storage in my small laundry room and I can roll it out of the way when needed,” wrote one reviewer.


This glass oil sprayer that helps reduce waste

It’s almost too easy to add too much oil to meals and pans when pouring straight from the bottle — instead, use this sprayer. It delivers a fine, even mist, making it great for dressing salads, pans, and tasty things going into the air fryer. Or, if you don’t cook with much oil, you can also use it for vinegar, cooking wine, soy sauce, or nearly any other liquid.


A salad spinner that doubles as a strainer

Rinsing your greens before putting them into a salad is a must, which is the main reason why this salad spinner is worth a look. It’s large enough to fit up to five quarts’ worth of greens — and the anti-wobble feature helps it spin evenly so that each leaf is dry after just a few seconds. Plus, the inner container can be removed and used as a strainer if needed.


These basting brushes that won’t shed bristles into food

Whereas traditional basting brushes can shed spiky bristles into food, these silicone ones won’t break or shed — and each one is even heat-resistant up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part? The stainless steel core inside of the handles makes them significantly more durable than some competing brushes.


A spoon rest with space for up to 5 utensils

Don’t waste a paper towel if you need somewhere to rest a dirty stirrer — just place it on this handy utensil rest. Five slots give you tons of space for ladles, basting brushes, spoons, and more, plus the silicone material easily washes clean in the sink once you’ve finished cooking.


This miniature steamer container that works in the microwave

Forego dirtying up the stove when you’re in the mood for a lightweight snack — instead, use this steamer bowl to make veggies in the microwave. It’s large enough to make up to two cups’ worth of veggies, and the nonstick interior won’t latch onto your ingredients as they cook. Or, if you aren’t in the mood for veggies, one reviewer wrote that you can also use it to easily make buns and dumplings.


A rolling pin that’s safe to put into the freezer

Wooden rolling pins can fracture if placed in the freezer — luckily, this one is made from sleek stainless steel, making it suitable for chilling in the freezer prior to rolling out persnickety doughs. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to use while the nonporous surface makes it less likely to latch onto dough.


These wireless earbuds that are almost completely waterproof

Go ahead and drop these earbuds in the bath or pool — either way, they’re so waterproof that you can leave them in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without having to worry about them breaking. And if that isn’t enough, when used with the charging case, they can deliver up to 45 hours of playback before the battery needs to be recharged.


These shatter-resistant storage bins that are BPA-free

Not only are these bins great for organizing your fridge, but each one is also made from sturdy, shatter-resistant plastic that’s completely BPA-free. A handle in the front and back makes it easy to pull them out when you need something, and they’re even designed to stack on top of each other to help you save space.


The silicone oven mitts with grippy, textured palms

Throw out those flimsy cotton oven mitts in favor of these silicone ones. They’re steam-resistant when straining pasta, waterproof, as well as heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — so the chances of you feeling the heat when pulling pans out of the oven is incredibly unlikely. Plus, their textured palms help you keep a firm grip when handling hot cookware.


These salt & pepper grinders that harness the power of gravity

Whether you’d like a touch of salt on your dinner or need some coarse black pepper for a recipe, these grinders have you covered. A knob on the top of each one lets you adjust the coarseness of your spice of choice, and you can use them with one hand because flipping them upside-down triggers the automatic operation. Supply your own AAA batteries and they’re ready to go.


A glass pitcher with a handy twist-&-lock lid

The quintessential glass pitcher, this one features a sturdy integrated handle and a hermetically sealing lid that you twist to lock into place. It’s great for iced tea, milk, orange juice, or nearly any other beverage — and the wide mouth makes it easy to pop in lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, or most any other ingredients you’d want to infuse your drink.


An insulated lunch bag that comes with a set of leakproof food containers

Not only can the insulated walls of this lunch bag help keep your meals at their ideal temperature, but each purchase also includes three leakproof food containers to get you started packing lunch. All three containers fit perfectly into the bottom half of the bag, and the separated top half is great for loose items, including apples, juice pouches, and more.


An electric can opener that doesn’t require any twisting

Whether you have limited mobility in your hands or simply need a can opener, this electric one is definitely worth a gander. Simply latch it onto the edge of your can, then press the button on top — it’ll do the rest of the work for you. And unlike some openers, this one won’t leave behind any sharp edges.


This compact food scale with 4 measuring modes

Got a recipe that’s calling for you to measure in milliliters? Not a problem when you have this food scale. Four measuring modes give you options when weighing out ingredients: milliliters, fluid ounces, pounds/ounces, and grams. Plus, its slim profile takes up hardly any space in storage.


A heated coaster that helps keep drinks warm

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate — this heated coaster is great for keeping all sorts of drinks deliciously warm. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, and it’s suitable for use with a variety of cups. Choose from three colors: black, grey, or faux wood.


An easy-to-install bidet that can help you save money

The cost of buying toilet paper can quickly add up, so it makes sense to switch over and use a bidet like this one. It’s so easy to install that many reviewers were able to get the job done in 30 minutes or less. And while affordable, don’t be fooled — it still comes with a variety of quality features, including adjustable water pressure as well as dual wash modes for front and rear.


These extra-slim hangers coated with soft velvet

You don’t necessarily have to start throwing out clothes when your closet is full. Instead, try switching out those clunky hangers with these extra-slim ones. They take up less space, making it easier to fit even more clothes inside your closet. Plus, the velvet coating helps keep strappy garments from sliding off.

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