Here Are the Cheap, Clever Things Selling Like Crazy on Amazon Now

They’re flying off the (virtual) shelves.

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When a product is selling fast, there’s a good chance it’s either affordable or clever. However, the items on this list are both cheap and clever. In fact, every item you’ll find below costs $30 or less, and you’ll probably get a ton of use out of them. From space-saving vacuum storage bags to Bluetooth item finders, I’ve made sure to include a variety of affordable products that so many shoppers can appreciate — and they’re flying off the shelves.


This adjustable computer stand that fits laptops up to 15 inches

Staring down at your laptop screen all day can put a strain on your neck, so why not use this stand to raise it up? It’s designed to fit laptops up to 15 inches, and the base even features a large ventilation hole to help keep your laptop from overheating.


These clips that can help minimize cable clutter

Almost every home has that one corner that’s devolved into a jumbled mess of cables; luckily, these clips are an easy way to get them looking organized. The slots are large enough to fit chunky USBs, svelte lightning cables, as well as everything in between. Plus, the adhesive backing makes it easy to secure them down to desks, walls, and more.


A bento-style lunch box that’s microwave-safe

Not only is this bento-style lunch box safe to send through the microwave, but it also features large compartments that can hold more than 3 cups’ worth of food. The best part? Each order includes a knife, fork, and spoon for you to use when eating on the go.


The mosquito repellent sticks made with plant-based ingredients

You won’t find any harsh DEET inside of these mosquito repellent sticks, as each one is made using plant-based ingredients (including citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary oils) that naturally keep mosquitos at bay. Each one can stay lit for up to three hours — and their sweet scent is refreshing, not overpowering.


An outlet extender that features 3 bonus USB ports

Need more than just two plugs on your wall? This outlet extender adds three additional plugs, as well as three USB ports and one type-C port to any outlet. And unlike that USB brick you’ve been using, it features smart-charge technology that automatically detects your device’s optimal charging speed so that it can power them up extra-quickly.


This sunglass holder that attaches to your car’s sun visor

Don’t let your sunglasses get scratched up inside your center console — instead, clip them inside of this holder. It attaches to your car’s sun visor for easy access, and the leather material is soft enough that there’s no need to worry about scratches. Choose from four colors: black, red, beige, or grey.


A Bluetooth tile that helps you find misplaced items

Whether you’re constantly misplacing your keys, phone, or even your purse, this little tile can help you find it. Simply attach it to the item in question — the next time it goes missing, you’ll be able to use your phone to have the tile let out a loud ring, making it easy to find. And if you can’t find your phone? You can also use it in reverse by pressing the tile to make your phone start ringing, even if it’s in silent mode.


The magnetic key holder that’s easy to install

There’s no need to drill into your walls when installing this key holder, as each order comes with a double-sided adhesive that lets you press it right into place — no tools required. Three strong magnets on the inside hold onto your keys until you need them. And unlike some magnetic key holders, this one can easily hold up to 7 ounces.


A miniature rotary tool that comes with a *ton* of accessories

Whether you’re into woodworking or simply fine-tuning a few small areas around your home, this miniature rotary tool is a must-have. Five speed settings let you adjust how aggressively it sands surfaces, while the small head makes it easy to use in tight spaces. Each order also comes with a variety of sanding bands, tips, discs, and more.


These brush heads that turn cordless drills into high-powered scrubbers

Don’t burn through all that elbow grease trying to scrub your home clean — just use these brush heads. They attach to your cordless drill, turning it into a high-powered scrubber that easily powers through all sorts of grime. Plus, the nylon bristles are stiff enough for stubborn dirt, yet soft enough that they won’t leave behind scratches.


A rechargeable lighter that works on windy days

Using regular flame lighters on windy days can be tricky — instead, give this rechargeable version a try. Instead of a flame, it creates an electronic plasma arc that won’t go out regardless of wind or rain. The best part? Its battery lasts for days before you need to plug it into an outlet.


The knife sharpener that works with nearly any blade

Preparing meals with dull knives can be incredibly frustrating, so why not save yourself some stress and grab this sharpener? It’s designed to work with nearly any blade — whether it’s serrated or smooth — and there’s no electricity necessary in order for it to work. Simply drag your blade through the top, and the tungsten carbide whetstone will have it back to working condition within just a few strokes.


An over-the-sink drying rack that doubles as a trivet

Traditional dish racks can take up a ton of counter space, making this over-the-sink option a smart alternative for cramped kitchens. Any stray drips fall right into your sink, eliminating the need for a grimy drip tray — and you can even use it as a trivet for hot cookware since the stainless steel rungs are just as heat-resistant as they are rust-resistant.


This insulated water bottle that keeps drinks cold for *hours*

Instead of wasting money buying disposable water bottles, why not save yourself some green and switch to this reusable one? Its double-wall insulation helps cold drinks stay chilled for up to 24 hours, while hot drinks keep warm for up to 12. Each order also includes three leakproof lids: one straw, one flip, and one plain twist cap.


A potent gel that helps you scrub away tough calluses

Don’t have time for a professional pedicure? You can still get your feet feeling oh-so-soft with help from this callus remover. Simply let your calluses soak for about five minutes, then buff away at them using either a file or pumice stone. Or, if your feet are looking chapped and cracked, you can also use it to exfoliate away dead skin.


The shampoo brush that massages away dirt & oil

Add a dollop of your favorite shampoo to this brush, then gently scrub it into your head to massage away dirt and oil. The soft silicone bristles not only help you get rid of dandruff, but they can also help stimulate blood circulation. The result? You may notice your hair is thicker after repeated use — and each order even includes a second massage head that you can use when not in the shower.


These LED pathway lights that are powered by the sun

There’s no complicated wiring required when setting up these LED pathway lights, as each one is powered by a built-in solar panel — simply press them into the ground and they’re ready to go. Plus, the stainless steel frame means they’re rust-resistant, making it unlikely that they’ll corrode in rainy weather.


A Faux Leather Ottoman With Hidden Storage Space On The Inside

Books, throw blankets, board games — the top of this ottoman opens up to reveal tons of hidden storage space for all sorts of items. The sleek faux leather upholstery makes it look way more expensive than it is. And with a weight limit of up to 250 pounds, you can even use it as a seat for guests in a pinch.


The coasters that help you clean out your car’s cupholders

Ever notice how bits of dust and dirt can accumulate inside your car’s cupholders? Not only do these coasters make it easy to clean them out, but their universal design also means they’ll fit inside most cars. Plus, each one even features a finger slot cutout on the side to help you pull them out when dirty.


These headrest hooks that keep your bags high & dry

Don’t let your purse sit on that dirty car floor — instead, hang it up on one of these hooks. They attach around your headrest for easy access, and can easily hold up to 55 pounds. Or, if you don’t have a purse, you can also use them to help keep grocery bags from spilling out over your backseat.


A heavy-duty hose nozzle with 8 different spray patterns

Still using that hose nozzle you’ve had for years? Take this as a sign that it’s time to upgrade to this heavy-duty option. It’s made from a combination of tough rubber, plastic, and metal, making it significantly more durable than a simple plastic option. It also features eight spray patterns.


This refrigerator drawer that installs without tools

Eggs, fruits, veggies — this drawer is suitable for storing nearly any item inside of your fridge. No tools are required for installation, as it hooks right onto your existing shelves using its spring-loaded clips. Plus, each order includes a divider you can use to separate the inside into four grids.


A silverware organizer that fits into cramped drawers

If the drawers in your kitchen are on the slimmer side, there’s a good chance that this silverware organizer will still fit. Rather than expanding compartments, it layers the compartments on top of each other to give it a narrow footprint — and each compartment is even labeled with an icon to help keep everything organized.


The electric can opener that doesn’t leave a sharp edge

Whereas some openers leave your cans with a dangerously sharp edge, this automatic one creates a smooth edge so that it’s much less likely that you’ll nick yourself. Simply latch it onto the lid, press the button on top, then sit back and watch as it cuts its way around the lid. All it needs are four AA batteries (which are not included) and it’s ready to go.


These bamboo dividers that stretch to fit your drawers

I use these dividers to keep the utensils inside of a large, wide drawer on my kitchen island organized. Their rubber-tipped ends coupled with spring-loaded tips help keep them from shifting out of place — and they’re even made from sleek bamboo rather than plastic. Installation is also a total cinch, as no tools are required.


The sticky grippers that help keep your rugs flat

Curled rugs are a recipe for trips and falls, so why not secure them down to the floor using these grippers? They’re designed to work with rugs of any shape or thickness — and since the adhesive backing is weatherproof, you can even use them outside.


A time-saving food chopper that comes with 3 interchangeable blades

Place a peeled onion on this food chopper, then press down on the lid to dice it up into dozens of little pieces. Not only is it great for saving time in the kitchen, but each order also comes with three interchangeable blades (all of which are made from rust-resistant stainless steel) so that you have a choice in how small your diced pieces are.


These moistureproof pill boxes designed for traveling

Don’t want to take that entire bottle of medication with you on vacation? Just slip a few into one of these travel-friendly pill boxes. The lids close down tightly to help keep moisture out so that your meds stay fresh — and each order even includes a set of labels to help keep you track of which pills are stored where.


A stackable rack that can store up to 6 water bottles

Instead of letting water bottles roam freely throughout your kitchen cabinets, why not keep them organized on this rack? The stackable design helps it use as little space as possible, and there’s enough space for up to six bottles per order. Or, if you have a ton of water bottles to store, you can also grab it in 8-, 12-, 16-, and 24-bottle sizes.


This plasticware lid organizer that can fit nearly any lid

My designated plasticware cabinet has started looking so much better ever since I got this lid organizer. The dividers on the inside are adjustable, making it easy to use with lids of nearly any shape or size — and its low profile means you can also fit it inside of drawers.


A reusable food baggie with a leakproof seal

The chances of this food baggie spilling inside your lunchbox are incredibly slim, as its pinch-lock seal is leakproof. You can also wash and reuse it hundreds of times, helping you save money compared to disposable options — and it’s even microwaveable as well as oven-safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.


The digital meat thermometer with a backlit screen

You shouldn’t have any trouble reading this meat thermometer when grilling outside at night, as its large LCD screen is backlit for easy viewing. It’s also so waterproof that you can wash it under running water without having to worry about it breaking — and it can even handle temperatures between -58 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit.


A stainless steel rocker blade that won’t rust over time

Not only is this rocker blade made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but each order also includes a protective sheath to help prevent accidental nicks while in storage. It works particularly well when chopping up herbs or salad greens — though if you’re in the mood for dessert, feel free to use it to dice up chocolate, nuts, and everything in between.


This drip-free aerator that can help improve the flavor of cheap wine

Pop this aerator into the top of your wine bottle, and it’ll infuse the ideal amount of oxygen into your wine as it pours through, helping improve its flavor — especially if it’s a cheap bottle. Plus, its rubber base creates a tight fit to help prevent spills, while the tapered tip works to help keep your tables drip-free.


The compact strainer that clips into pots, pans, & bowls

Whereas traditional strainers can take up a ton of cabinet space, this clip-on version is a fraction of their size, making it great for cramped kitchens. The spring-loaded clips stretch to fit nearly any pot, pan, or bowl — even if it has a lip around the edge. And since all the food stays inside the bowl as you strain, it’s much less likely that anything other than water will spill out into your sink.


A 3-tiered cooling rack that collapses for easy storage

Don’t have a ton of counter space in your kitchen? Then this cooling rack is definitely worth a look, as it features three tiers’ worth of space for cookies, pastries, and more. Each tier is also nonstick as well as scratch-resistant — and once your baked goods have cooled, you can collapse it down flat for easy storage.


This ring light that clips onto your laptop for video calls

Got a video call for work coming up later? Clip this ring light onto your laptop, and it’ll cast you in a subtle light to help you look brighter. Its rechargeable battery can run for up to two hours on the brightest setting, and you can even adjust the brightness up to 10 levels depending on your surroundings.


A touchscreen cleaner that works with nearly any screen

Phones, tablets, laptops — this cleaner is designed to work with nearly any electronic touchscreen. Simply give your screen a spritz, then use the microfiber cloth sides to wipe it down. The best part? Its compact size means you can easily take it with you when traveling, or simply keep it in one of your desk drawers at work.


The all-purpose cleaning paste that’s effective on almost any surface

Stoves, ceramics, jewelry, wood — this all-purpose cleaning paste is suitable for use on just about any surface. Though effective on grime, it’s still gentle enough that you won’t have to worry about leaving behind scratches on delicate surfaces. And unlike some pastes, this one leaves behind a streak-free shine on glass.


A paper towel holder that mounts underneath your cabinets

Kitchens that are lacking counter space can definitely benefit from this paper towel holder, as it mounts underneath your cabinets to help open up some extra room. It’s made from sleek stainless steel that’s both waterproof as well as rustproof — and each order includes a set of screws and adhesive, giving you options when deciding how you want to install it.


This soap dispenser that doubles as a sponge holder

Letting your sponge sit in the bottom of your sink is an easy way to wind up with mildew, so why not place it on this holder instead? Not only can it help it dry faster, but if you press down it’ll also inject a small amount of soap into its fibers from the reservoir underneath.


A stainless steel scraper to help clean your grill grates

Whereas brushes can shed bristles into your grill and food, this scraper doesn’t have any bristles, instead relying on five different divots around the head to get rid of all that burnt-on crud stuck to your grill grates. And since it’s made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about it corroding over time.


The ceiling fan duster that holds onto dust until you shake it out

It’s almost too easy to wind up with dirt flying everywhere when cleaning your ceiling fans — that’s where this duster comes into play. It’s made from fluffy microfiber that latches onto dirt, trapping it within its fibers until you shake it out over a trashcan. Plus, the telescopic handle makes it easy to reach tall fans without help from a ladder.


These vacuum storage bags that come with a travel-friendly hand pump

Need to fit even more stuff inside your suitcase? These vacuum storage bags are a total game-changer, as they can help you save so much space in your suitcase, closest, and more. Their triple-seal turbo valves help you get every last bit of air out — and each order even includes a hand pump for use when traveling.


A deodorizing spray that eliminates unwanted shoe odors

Not only can this deodorizing spray help get your shoes smelling fresh, but it can also help prevent future odors from developing. It’s made from a refreshing blend of essential oils and herbs, including peppermint, aloe vera, and coconut. And unlike some deodorizing sprays, this one doesn’t contain any talc.


This over-the-door towel rack that’s *so* easy to install

With sturdy hooks at the top that fit over any standard-sized door, this towel rack is an easy-to-install option for anyone who needs a little extra storage space in their bathroom. It’s made from tough steel with brushed stainless steel accents — and you even have two finishes to choose from: brushed nickel or chrome.


These microfiber cloths with more than 70,000 positive reviews

Every home needs a good set of rags to clean with, so why not take a look at these microfiber ones? Not only are they highly absorbent, but they can also be used on glass since they won’t leave behind any streaks. And with more than 70,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that they’re a hit with Amazon shoppers too. “They are absorbent, easy to clean, keep their shape after repeated washes [...]” wrote reviewer LuxuriateRentals.


A drain protector that lets water flow through when full

With its tower-like shape, this drain catcher will let water flow down your pipes even if it’s clogged full of hair. It’s designed to fit inside of any standard bathtub drain — and cleaning it out is as easy as swiping the base with a finger to remove all those collected bits of debris.


The sliding baskets that are completely BPA-free

Whether your home office or cabinet underneath your bathroom sink could use a little organizing, these sliding baskets are a smart pick. Both baskets feature dividers in the center to help keep your items tidy — and you can even lift them up from their sliding drawers if you need easier access. They’re also completely BPA-free.


A bamboo bath tray with space for all your relaxation essentials

Not only is this bath tray made from stylish bamboo, but it also has space for wine glasses, soaps, scrubbers, or nearly any other item you might want nearby while you’re relaxing in the tub. The best part? At 27 inches wide, it’s large enough to fit nearly any standard-sized tub.

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