50 Dope Home Upgrades That Are So Cheap on Amazon
Dope Home Upgrades That Are So Cheap on Amazon
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You might be living under the erroneous assumption that upgrading your home will upend your life, leaving you in chaos and dust for months while gutting your bank account. The reality is that there are many things you can change that make a huge impact and take only a few minutes and a few dollars — whether it’s sorting out a storage problem so you can find a battery when you need one or figuring out how to clean and fix things that seem out of reach. These 50 dope home upgrades that are so cheap on Amazon will transform your space with little time, money, or effort.


This Clever Trick For Reusing Bacon Grease

When you’re cooking with bacon, it’d be a mistake to forget about the grease — it’s a delicious fat to use for popping popcorn, frying an egg, or seasoning cast-iron pans. The trick is to save it whenever you cook bacon and this container with oil strainer is the perfect place to put it. A strainer removes the bacon bits while a lid keeps the fat clean. It holds one quart of the good stuff.


A Quick Fix For Your Leaky Shower

You don’t have to tolerate that puddle on the bathroom floor after every shower. Fixing the leak on your shower door is a matter of sliding this shower door bottom seal onto the base. It grips the bottom of the door firmly and creates a barrier that keeps water inside the shower.


The Waterproof Apron That Keeps Your Clothes Dry

Be ready for any messy or wet task by donning this waterproof vinyl apron. The neck strap adjusts to fit and then snaps on quickly. This apron also ties in the back for a comfy fit and is high enough at the neck and long enough in the front to keep you dry when you wash the dishes, dog, or car so that your clothes will remain dry. “Very supple, lightweight yet strong,” said one reviewer. “I think I will have this for years to come.”


This Transparent Storage Case For All Of Your Batteries

Empty the junk drawer and move all your batteries into this battery organizer case to save yourself from so much future frustration. The built-in tester tells you if that battery has any power before you store it or install it. The lid is conveniently clear so you can see your entire power inventory at a glance. It comes in eight colors.


The Plastic Cutting Board That Comes In 9 Colors

If you can never seem to find a clean cutting board when you need it, this one comes at a price that’ll make you want to stock up. It’s lightweight and comes in nine colors so you can color code what you use it for — to avoid cross-contamination and ensure your fruit doesn’t taste like garlic. Choose from four sizes.


A Mortar & Pestle For Better Flavor

When the recipe calls for cracked peppers or ground herbs, this mortar & pestle set is what you need to crack and grind. The heavy stone bowl gives you the base you need for smashing, muddling, and grinding everything from ginger to garlic to nuts and seeds. “We love it for making guacamole,” wrote one reviewer.


This Magnetic Planner For The Whole Family

Keep everyone in your house on the same page with this big, undated family planner pad that sticks magnetically to the fridge. It has plenty of room for daily commitments each week — even letting you break them down by person. A “What’s for dinner?” field for each day makes it a terrific meal planner, too.


An Insulated Water Bottle That Comes With 3 Lids

Can you ever have enough water bottles? Not when they are this good. This stainless steel sports water bottle keeps your beverage hot or cold for up to 24 hours and comes with three lids — a carabiner straw lid, a flip lid, and a stainless steel sealing lid. You can choose from several sizes ranging from 14 to 64 ounces, and there are 31 colors for a nearly custom solution.


A Telescoping Extension Pole So You Can Reach Anything

Can’t reach the ceiling, roof, or gutters? This telescoping extension pole will fix that. Screw in the tool that you need to use — be it a duster, rake, lightbulb grabber, or pruner — to the end and reach up to 12 feet above you. The tool head pivots and it locks at the distance you set it to. “This is the handiest item to have around my small farm!” wrote one reviewer. “Easy enough [...] to lift and mess with things a little out of my reach without having to lug out a ladder.”


This Versatile Pitcher That’s Also A Mason Jar

Whip up a batch of lemonade, iced tea, or fruit-infused water and keep it chilled and ready to drink in the fridge with this two-quart Mason jar pitcher. It sports a lid with an easy-to-grip handle and a pop top for pouring. You will save money and stay hydrated more easily.


A Light Bulb Changer For All The Hard-To-Reach Places

There is no need to get out a ladder to change that lightbulb that’s way out of reach. Just screw this light bulb changer into any standard extension pole and you can reach it from the ground. The suction cup grabs the bulb. A long string travels down the pole to your hand. When you pull it, the suction cup releases the lightbulb. “A very clever solution,” wrote one reviewer.


This Griddle Scraper That’s Also A Bottle Opener

Keep this griddle scraper near the grill and you will reach for it often. One end is a handy and effective tool for ridding the grates of cooked-on crud, and the other end opens a beer bottle. The bridge between the two ends is a comfortable leather-wrapped handle that’s easy on your hands.


A Ready-To-Go First Aid Kit With Everything You Need

This first aid kit — which includes 200 pieces of carefully chosen safety equipment, medicine, and bandages — is the easiest way to equip your car, camping rig, or boat with all the essentials you might need in an emergency. It has all sorts of things you might not think to keep on hand, including a fire starter, CPR mask, trauma pad, and so much more. It’s all expertly packed into a clearly labeled zippered case.


This Clever Food Flipper That’s So Useful When Grilling

This meat hook is the grilling tool you need to flip a row of bacon strips, grab a skirt steak, or pull all the chicken breasts off the grates fast. It’s long enough to keep your fingers out of the flames, gets terrific grip on the food, and is easy to clean. “Really nice for flipping steaks, wings, sausages, moving the grill grates, and more,” wrote one reviewer. “Really enjoy this!”


The TV Backlight That Transforms Your Watching Experience

Transform your TV viewing experience for less than $20 by mounting this LED light strip to the back of the screen. It throws light at the wall behind the TV, allowing for a better viewing experience all around. “This was about the most simplest addition one can ask for,” wrote one reviewer. “Inexpensive, waaaaaaaay easy to install, and looks dope.”


This Deck Box Cover To Keep Your Gear Clean

Cover and protect the outdoor box you use to store patio gear and protect it from all the harsh weather with this deck box cover. The fit adjusts with drawstrings on both sides. Plus, it’s waterproof, and you won’t find your cushions and pool toys covered in bugs when you want to use them. Choose from three sizes and two colors.


The Bonsai Kit That Will Launch A New Hobby

How do bonsai artists create those amazing little trees? It all starts with a seed and some knowledge. This bonsai tree kit has both of those. You’ll get four types of tree seeds, soil disks, seed markers, and plant pots, as well as a book to help you learn the basics.


This Set Of Steak Knives That Are Handsome & Sharp

If you have ever shopped for steak knives, you may have been startled by the high prices. But you can relax. This Master Maison premium steak knife set is a wallet-friendly set of four that includes everything you need in a steak knife. The handles feel good in the hand, the blades are sharp, and they even look good on your table.


These Pot Holders With Extra Heat Protection

Perfect to stock up on, these pot holders are affordable and offer terrific protection from heat. The silicone layer boosts the insulation while adding grip. You can use them flat or tuck your hand inside the pocket. “Provides excellent hand protection,” wrote one reviewer.


A Set Of Salt & Pepper Shakers That Look Expensive

No one will suspect that you were bargain hunting when you scored these adjustable salt & pepper shakers. They look like a find from a gourmet store. The glass bodies let you see what spice is in them. The lids have three pouring options to suit the contents and how much spice you’re looking to add. Plus, the top unscrews to make them easy to fill. “They are sturdy, well made, and they look a lot more expensive than what I paid,” wrote one reviewer.


This Kit With Every Brush You Need To Keep Bottles Clean

Wondering how to clean that water bottle, baby bottle, or wine bottle you want to repurpose? The answer lies in this five-pack of microfiber bottle brush cleaners. There are thin ones, thick ones, short ones, and long ones. You can be sure there is a tool here that will get to the bottom of any bottle and scrub it clean.


A Baking & Cooling Rack You Will Reach For Often

When your cookies, bread, or muffins come out of the oven, they have to cool. And if air doesn’t flow all the way around them, they turn soggy. When you roast a piece of meat, it cooks better if the heat gets to all of it, too. This steel baking and cooling rack works for both cases. Integrated feet lift the food up while the steel grid facilitates air circulation. Choose the size that suits your needs.


The Milk Frother That Does Foamy Coffee At Home

Turn any milk and coffee combination you can dream up into frothy deliciousness with this electric milk frother. Just press the big button on the top as you dip the whisk into your creation and it will spin, mixing your ingredients and frothing the milk at the same time. It comes in eight colors and includes a stand so you can park it on the counter when you’re not using it.


This Clip On Selfie Light So You Look Your Best

When it comes to looking your best on camera, lighting is everything. This selfie ring light fixes your lighting without a lot of hassle. Clip it to your phone or web camera and it takes care of those shadows and poor illumination. It offers three lighting modes, and you can dim or brighten it to dial in the perfect lighting for whatever situation you are in.


A Knife & Gloves Set For Shucking Oysters

Shucking oysters is nearly impossible — not to mention, dangerous — without the right tools. However, this shucking knife and glove make the process easy and safe. The stainless steel blade is designed for the task and has a hand guard so your wet hands don’t slide down to the blade. The knife is pretty, too, with a carved pakka handle and smooth blade.


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker That’s So Easy To Use

Skip the line at the cafe and whip up your own liquid energy with this cold brew coffee maker that makes the process easy and keeps your brew handy and ready to pour. A stainless steel filter — precision cut into a fine mesh — fits into the carafe to steep the grounds. Silicone rings in the tight-fitting lid prevent spills, and the borosilicate glass is durable, heat-proof, and easy to wash.


These Push Up Bars For Workouts That Don’t Hurt Your Wrists

Fit in a workout wherever you are with this set of push-up bars, which is designed to make everything from push-ups to planks more comfortable. The grips give your hands a solid hold without putting pressure on your wrists and rotate to expand your movements, letting you get into exactly the position you want. “I love how they rotate [...] and have no-slip grips on the bottoms,” wrote one reviewer. “Recommend to anyone with wrist pain who has been avoiding traditional pushups.”


A Fitness Ball That Can Do So Many Things

Whether you use it to bring a balance challenge to your workout or do more stretching, this fitness ball is the colorful sturdy solution. Over 34,000 shoppers on Amazon gave it five stars. It comes with a pump, will hold up to 600 pounds, and comes in 11 colors that range from neutral to vibrant. Choose from five sizes.


The Microwave Popcorn Popper That Makes The Best Snacks

Of all the ways to make popcorn out there — from putting oil in a pan to popping a premixed bag into the microwave — this microwave popcorn popper is the one with the least compromise. The popcorn is delicious and made entirely from the ingredients you choose. Plus, the cleanup is super easy: Drop the bowl and lid in the dishwasher. It comes in 15 colors.


These Storage Containers That Keep Dry Goods Dry

Keep all your cereals and grains safe, dry, and bug-free in these airtight food storage containers with locking lids. This set of four comes in a variety of sizes — from small enough for granola or dried fruit to big enough for rice and flour. They are easy to grab, clear so you can see what’s in them, and stackable. Choose from red, black, or white lids. They come with 16 chalkboard labels and a marker pen.


These Boxes That Make It Easy To Store Holiday Decorations

Get your holiday ornaments organized so that the post-festivity cleanup is super easy this year with this Christmas ornament storage box. It comes with eight trays and 48 dividers so your fragile ornaments are safe. Plus, the translucent body of the box lets you see what’s inside. “It holds A LOT of stuff!!” wrote one reviewer. “Easy to store and to carry.”


The Scratch Off Map Of The World To Track Your Travels

Track your travels with this scratch-off world map poster. When you come home from your next adventure, scratch that place off the map to document your adventure. Bordering countries are rendered in different colors to make it easy to see everywhere you’ve been. This pick also comes with a detailed map of the U.S., so you can scratch off the states as you visit them.


This Bamboo Tray So You Can Serve Breakfast In Bed

How will you serve breakfast in bed or enjoy a small plated meal at the coffee table if you don’t have a good serving tray? This one is perfect. It features an elegant bamboo finish, has stable handles on each side, and is easy to clean. “Excellent tea tray,” noted one reviewer. “I feel like I should be wearing white gloves when I carry it around my house with my teapot, cup, and saucer.”


These Super Bright Garage Lightbulbs

Want to boost the brightness in your garage or shop without replacing the fixtures? Replace the bulbs with these LED garage light bulbs. The six panels adjust so you can focus the light where you want it, and according to reviewers, they pump out a huge amount of light. “This thing lights up a large area like it is daylight,” wrote one reviewer. “The adjustable lighting panels allow you to send light in all directions so that shadows are not an issue.”


These Insulated Blackout Curtains That Create A Cozy Space

Hang these insulated blackout curtains in your bedroom or office, and you will be amazed at how much cooler and calmer the space is. The rich color brings visual calm while the insulation blocks out light, heat, and noise, transforming your space into a sanctuary. Choose from 32 colors and 24 sizes for a near-custom solution.


This Peel & Stick Wallpaper For Instant Updates

Create an accent wall or transform a piece of furniture quickly and easily with this peel & stick wallpaper, which comes in a charming black and white herringbone pattern. It’s made of a thick vinyl material that is waterproof so your creation will be durable and easy to clean. It comes in four colors and six sizes. “This turned my bathroom into something so amazing!” commented one fan.


These Pendant Cages That Add A Trendy Look To Your Lighting

Turn a bare bulb into an industrial, steampunk, or farmhouse look with these lighting pendant cages. They protect the bulb from impact, too. The adjustable collar makes them easy to install on any fixture and the price is hard to beat. “Such an affordable and amazing looking upgrade to my lights! Absolutely adorable!!!” wrote one reviewer.


These Fancy Outlet Covers That Add An Antique Flair To Your Room

Replacing the wall plate covers in your space is one of the most simple and easy home upgrades possible. This decorative wall plate switch is an enormous upgrade from plain and plastic builder-level plates found in most homes. These covers come in a two pack, making this a super budget-friendly update. Choose from four finishes.


These Motion-Triggered Under Cabinet Lights

This inexpensive pair of rechargeable under-cabinet lights will transform your space with so little effort and expense that you will wonder why you didn’t install them ages ago. Peel and stick the included metal plates where you want the light and stick the magnetic lights to them. (Or attach them directly to anything metal.) You can set them so they come on when they detect motion, making them perfect for task lighting, stairs, and much more.


These Self-Watering Pots That Keep Your Plants Perfectly Hydrated

Don’t let your poor plants fall prey to your absent-minded watering failures. Plant them in these self-watering pots and give them a fighting chance. All you have to do is fill the basin in the bottom with water from the spout, which will shoot out the side. It waters your plants from the bottom up, and can hold enough water to keep your plant happy for more than a week.


This Overhead Lighting For Your Patio Umbrella

This dimmable patio umbrella light is a clever way to light your outdoor space from above. Just snap it onto the umbrella pole to brighten things up. It’s battery-operated, so you don’t have to run wires, and the lights draw very little power, so those batteries last a long time. It works well in tents, too.


This Wall Charger That Turns One Simple Outlet Into A Powerhouse

Plug this wall charger into any outlet in your bedroom, bathroom, or closet to supercharge it. It transforms one outlet into five plugs and four USB ports — including one USB-C plug. Secure it to the wall with the center screw, and it will handle all of your compatible electronics. It even offers surge protection.


An Arched Mirror That Works In So Many Places

Hang a mirror over your dresser or bathroom vanity and transform that space with little effort or money. This arched vanity mirror is a great option. It comes in five sizes plus seven colors and styles to suit your space and budget. “These are heavy and well made,” noted one reviewer. “I love their design, and having the little arch shape is just charming! Perfect!”


This Glow Light That’s Also A Smart Home System

Add a cute lamp and some smart home features to any room with this Echo Glow. You can control the color and brightness with your voice, and since it taps into Alexa Home, it will read books aloud, act as an intercom, do music and light alarms, and much more.


These Floating Shelves That Turn Clutter Into Decor

Turn your clutter into art by mounting these wood floating shelves to the wall. Since you can see the screw holes as you do the mounting, they are easy to install. Plus, you can choose from several wood and bracket colors to get exactly the look you want.


A Set Of Stone Drink Coasters That Comes With A Handy Stand

Give guests a safe place to set a cocktail by dropping this set of six drink coasters on the coffee table. They can be stacked in the included iron holder, come in three different stone styles, and are water absorbent so drinks don’t sweat on the furniture. When cleaning up after a party, drop them all back into the holder.


These Ceramic Vases For Easy Decor

Whether you load it with fresh or dried flowers, this ceramic vase creates a lovely vignette on an entry table or mantle. It comes as a set of two in varied sizes. Choose from five colors and get creative.


A Reversible Faux Fur Throw For a Cozy Vibe

Drape this faux fur throw blanket over an armchair or the end of the bed to create a cozy, wintery vibe in your living space. The texture is not only visually warm but incredibly soft. Wherever you put it will become your favorite spot in the house. Available in 15 colors, it features soft fleece material on the inside for two different looks.


These Throw Pillow Covers That Are Comfy & Relaxed

Don’t toss your tired throw pillows; instead, zip this pair of decorative throw pillow covers right over them for a refreshed and relaxed look. Simple pillow inserts work equally as well. These covers come in nine sizes and 27 colors, so you can create the exact look you want with the pillows you already have.


A Plush Area Rug You Can Throw In The Wash

Warm the room by dropping this shag area rug over your cold flooring. An antislip bottom keeps it in place, while the lush microfiber tufts feel incredible underfoot. It’s easy to clean, too. It vacuums easily and goes into the washing machine. Choose from five sizes and six colors.

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