75 Cool Things That Seem Expensive but Are Cheap AF on Amazon

You won’t believe these prices.

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One of the many tricks to saving money is to buy stuff that looks expensive but isn’t expensive. With a little persistence and some shopping savviness, you can easily find everything from plush bed sheets to stylish hammock chairs at shockingly low prices. But if you don’t have time to scour the internet for deals? Not a problem, as I’ve put together this list of cool things that seem expensive, but are really cheap AF — and you can find them all right on Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to see more.


An adhesive door stopper to prevent drafts

This stopper is an affordable option for preventing drafts, but also for keeping heat or air conditioning from escaping a room. To attach, simply peel off the adhesive backing, and press it onto the bottom of the door. There are five colors to choose from (white, black, brown, gray, clear), so you have plenty of options to match your decor.


This outlet extender that adds 3 USB ports to your wall

If you often find yourself needing more than two outlets, consider adding this extender to your wall. It adds four outlets, three USB ports, as well as one type-C port, making it easy to charge a variety of devices — all while built-in surge protection works to protect your devices from electrical spikes.


This memory foam pillow that can help alleviate neck pain

With its soft memory foam filling that contours to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for this pillow every time you lie down. Not only is it supportive, but it also features a breathable case to help keep you cool — and you can even remove it for washing if needed.


These heat-resistant gloves that can handle seriously high temperatures

Not only are these gloves great for taking hot items out of your oven, but they’re so heat-resistant that you can even use them to handle meats directly on your grill. They should be able to withstand very high temperatures, and there are even silicone nubs on the palms to help you keep a firm grip on whatever you’re holding.


A wearable fan that’s adjustable up to 3 speeds

Hiking, jogging, lounging at the pool — this wearable fan makes it easy to stay cool regardless of what your outdoor plans are. It’s designed to hang around your neck, eliminating the need to hold it up in order to feel its cooling breeze. Plus, the rechargeable battery can run for up to 16 hours before you need to plug it into an outlet.


These Bluetooth headphones that you can comfortably sleep in

Whereas most headphones will leave your ears feeling sore if you try sleeping in them, the speakers inside of Bluetooth ones are wrapped inside a soft headband, making it easy to fall asleep while wearing them. The headband is also sweat-resistant — just in case you’re a hot sleeper — and you can even pull it down over your eyes to help block out light.


A backlit makeup mirror with 2- and 3-times magnification

The center panel of this foldable vanity mirror is backlit, making it easy to do your makeup regardless of how dark your surroundings are. It also features two- and three-times magnification — just in case you want to get those winged eyeliner tips looking just right — and many reviewers raved about how it’s the “perfect size.”


This knife sharpener that’s designed to work with nearly any blade

From serrated knives to dull scissors, this kitchen knife sharpener is designed to work with nearly any type of blade. Just drag your blade through the top, and it’ll have it back to good working condition within about four swipes — no electricity required. And unlike some sharpeners, this one features a suction cup base to help keep it in place while using it.


These V-shaped grippers that help keep rugs lying flat

Curled rugs can be a tripping hazard — that’s where these grippers come in handy. The V-shaped design helps keep them from twisting around like plain rug tape and even allows them to fit perfectly into the corners of your rugs. And unlike some grippers, these ones are tough enough for indoor and outdoor use.


A reusable water bottle that’s designed to slip into your pocket

Whereas most reusable water bottles are round, this one has a flat, square shape that makes it easy to slip into your bag or pocket. It’s made from tough Tritan plastic that’s BPA-free — all while its leakproof lid ensures that your bag stays dry, even if it tips over.


An insulated travel mug that can also brew your coffee

Whether you’re on your way to the office or in the middle of a national park, this insulated travel mug features a built-in stainless steel filter so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee wherever you are. The mug features multiple insulating layers that keep beverages cold for up to 20 hours and hot for up to six hours. And the mug’s nonslip exterior stays cool, so you won’t burn your hands.


An under-the-cabinet light that’s *so* easy to install

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for sleek kitchen lights — just grab this LED light bar. It installs underneath your cabinets using adhesive or screws, both of which come included. And at only 1 inch in thickness, it’s incredibly unlikely that it’ll be visible unless you go looking for it.


A 2-pack of virtually indestructible camping lanterns

With two heavy-duty camping lanternsand the batteries it takes to get them going — included in a pack, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, especially since the durable, water-resistant build promises to stand up to any weather. Each lantern comes equipped with a strong magnetic base that can be hung or mounted, plus a telescoping design that makes them supremely portable.


This multipurpose grater you’ll use constantly

With three interchangeable blades that let you slice, shred, or mince, this multi-functional grater is well worth its affordable price tag. It comes with sturdy suction cups at the base and is offered in 10 colors to match your space. “Very easy to assemble. Gets your block of cheese shredded quickly and smoothly,” one shopper noted. “Very easy to clean. No slipping or siding during use. Love this grater!”


A bidet attachment that you can install without a plumber

Not only is this bidet a cost-effective alternative to toilet paper, but it’s also so easy to install that you shouldn’t have any trouble doing it on your own — no need to call a plumber. Its water pressure is adjustable up to six levels, and you can easily tweak the spraying angle by pressing a button on the side control panel. Plus, all pieces are either rustproof or rust-resistant.


This electric sandwich press that will be a kitchen MVP

With more than 4,000 perfect ratings, this small but mighty electric sandwich press will quickly become an all-star in your kitchen. Not only can the nonstick plates expertly make four delicious grilled sandwiches in just a few minutes, you can also use it for omelets and pizza pockets. As one shopper raved, “Stuffed frenchtoast with cream cheese and fruit filling. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on bread or even my favorite.....waffles! If you are on the fence about this product, hop off to the purchase side.”


This sleek set of spatulas for every job

Offered in a cool, all-black set or in three other poppy colors, this four-piece collection of silicone spatulas is worth every penny. The spatulas are rendered in unique shapes that can tackle pretty much any job in the kitchen, from scraping jars to spreading batter to scooping eggs. They’re ultra-heat resistant and compatible with nonstick cookware.


The brush heads that turn hand drills into high-powered scrubbers

Pop one of these brush heads into your hand drill, and you’ll instantly be able to use it as a high-powered scrubber when cleaning everything from dirt to mildew. The bristles are made from sturdy nylon that won’t leave behind scratches — and you even have the choice of five colors: yellow, white, green, blue, or black.


These heavy-duty storage straps for getting stuff off the garage floor

These two heavy-duty hook-and-loop straps are designed to each hold up to 50 pounds, so you can hang everything from hoses to electrical cords to camping gear with ease — which means a cleaner garage or shed floor. The straps come with a grippy handle for easy carrying and are both weather- and tear-resistant for year-after-year use.


This kitchen gadget that delivers perfect bacon via the microwave

If you love bacon, consider this your new favorite kitchen gadget. The ultra-popular bacon grill can cook up to six strips of bacon in a flash in the microwave, and all the grease runs off in the included drip tray for hassle-free cleanup. The design comes with a vented tray for zero splatter, and it’s versatile enough to cook up everything from taquitos to sausage links.


A food scale that can weigh up to 11 pounds

From dry pasta to liquid egg whites, this food scale is perfect for weighing out all sorts of ingredients. It can handle up to 11 pounds and features four adjustable units of measurement: pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters. The best part? You also have the choice of more than 10 colors, ranging from classic black to a fun red option.


The rechargeable lighter that can help you save money

The cost of always having to purchase new lighters quickly adds up, so why not save some money and switch over to this rechargeable one? Instead of a flame, it produces an electronic plasma arc that you can use to light candles, grills, and more. The best part? The plasma arc is windproof as well as moisture-resistant, making it suitable for use in poor weather.


This vibrant knife set shoppers can’t stop buying

With thousands of five-star ratings, this six-piece knife set is a fan favorite — and for good reason. The knives are crafted from durable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel and offered in unexpected colors that brighten up any space. “Absolutely beautiful and very sturdy and strong,” reported one shopper. “Feels good in my hand and not cheap at all. The blades are super sharp and cut through anything.”


This shower drink holder for beer, coffee, & more

Whether you need to start your day with a coffee or end your day with a beer, this silicone shower drink holder makes it possible to do so while also getting clean. One shopper noted, “This product is great for everyone… from water bottles and juice bottles to beer and white claws. No better place to relax than the shower.” It attaches to a range of surfaces with powerful suction for a secure hold.


This essential pizza cutter that’s also great for salad prep

Rendered in durable stainless steel with strong wood handles, this 14-inch pizza cutter is an absolute kitchen workhorse. Not only can it make quick work of slicing pies, it’s also great for quickly chopping greens, herbs, and nuts for pro-style at-home salads. With a protective sheath, the dishwasher-safe design stores away safely and easily.


A shampoo brush that massages away oil

While scrubbing with your fingers does an alright job at cleaning your scalp, the silicone bristles on this shampoo brush wash away oil and massage your head at the same time. A handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip when wet — and each order even includes a second interchangeable head so that you can massage your head when not in the shower.


This aerator that helps improve the flavor of cheap wine

Whether you’re drinking cheap red or white, this aerator can help unlock its flavors to make it taste like a much pricier bottle. Simply insert it into the top of the bottle, and it’ll work its magic as the wine pours through. And if you’re worried about spills? Don’t be — its silicone base creates an airtight fit, while the tapered tip helps keep drips to a minimum.


This LED light strip for better TV viewing

This extra-long strip of LED lights is designed to wrap around screens from 41 to 59 inches, for elevated lighting and reduced eye strain while viewing. The lights attach via strong adhesive for the easiest installation. Choose from 15 colors and multiple brightness and fade modes. As one shopper noted, “The remote works great. It controls brightness, color and mode with ease. It has on/off buttons.”


These reusable Swedish dishcloths that you can throw in the wash

Cut back on paper towel waste with these sturdy Swedish dishcloths, which can be reused up to 100 times, according to the brand. Made with an absorbent blend of cotton and cellulose, the machine-washable cloths come in 10 colors. When they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle, they are biodegradable.


This hammock chair with a built-in pocket on the side

Not only can this hammock chair support up to 500 pounds, but it also features a strong iron bar at the top that won’t mold over time like a wooden bar can do. There’s also a pocket on the side where you can keep books, remotes, as well as other small items —and you even have the choice of five colors.


This personal blender that converts into a to-go cup

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh salsa or a delicious smoothie, this personal blender can help you whip it up in no time at all. Sharp stainless steel blades on the inside easily power through everything from nuts to ice cubes, while a convenient sip lid lets you convert the blending jar into a to-go cup — just in case you’re in a rush out the door on a busy morning.


A miniature Bluetooth speaker that’s waterproof

Don’t be fooled by its small size — this Bluetooth speaker still delivers impressive volume and bass, all while taking up hardly any space in your bag. Its waterproof design makes it a smart pick for pool days or trips to the beach. Plus, the battery lasts for up to eight hours before it needs to be recharged.


These genius organizers that keep items out of car seat cracks

This set of organizers fits in the space between your car seat and center console to keep important items handy and prevent things from falling through the cracks. Made from soft faux leather, they even include spacers so they can adjust for a secure fit. Plus, they’re waterproof.


The touchscreen cleaner that’s easy to keep with you

Keep this touchscreen cleaner in your bag, and it’ll always be ready to go when your laptop, phone, or tablet screen is looking a little too dirty to use. Simply spritz the screen, then wipe it clean using the microfiber cloth sides on the sprayer. “It's easy to use, compact, and the spray bottle is refillable,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I love how I just spray my cars display screen and can use the same spray bottle to wipe away my many fingerprints.”


This LED ring light that attaches to your laptop

Got a call for work scheduled? Make sure to clip this LED ring light onto your laptop beforehand. It casts you in warm light to help brighten the video, and its rechargeable battery even lasts for up to two hours when on the brightest setting.


A chemical-free deterrent that works with all sorts of flying pests

Tired of flying pests buzzing around your food? This deterrent works similarly to a miniature fan, as its spinning blades work to keep all sorts of flying bugs away from your meals. The blades are soft, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally touching them while they’re spinning — and it’s even completely chemical-free.


These incandescent light bulbs that cast a warm, inviting glow

Where you install these incandescent light bulbs is up to you — but regardless of where they go, they’ll cast a warm, inviting glow to help you relax in peace. Though if you need a suggestion? Their teardrop shape makes them perfect for the lights above your kitchen island. And since they’re dimmable, you can easily adjust their brightness by attaching them to a dimmer switch.


This pair of nonstick oven liners you can trim to fit

Put an end to scrubbing the bottom of your oven (and toaster oven) with this pair of thick, nonstick oven liners. They are safe for use up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be trimmed for a custom fit. Choose from three colors in the listing to match the interior of your appliances.


This highly rated shaving bib for cleaner sinks

This cleverly designed shaving bib goes around your neck with a Velcro closure and attaches to your mirror with suction cups to catch falling hairs. Funnel all the stray hairs into the trash can and fold it down to compact storage.


The soap dispenser that doubles as a sponge holder

Simply press your sponge down into the top of this dispenser, and it’ll inject the ideal amount of soap into its fibers — no waste within sight. The best part? The raised edges around the top mean you can also use it as a sponge holder.


This microfiber duster with a convenient telescopic handle

Don’t bust out a ladder the next time you need to clean your fan blades — just grab this microfiber duster instead. Its telescopic handle extends out from 30 to 100 inches, making it easy to reach distant shelves, light fixtures, and more. Plus, its microfiber head traps dirt within its fibers, holding onto it tightly until you’re ready to shake it out over a trashcan (the head can also be hand washed).


A pickle & olive jar with a built-in strainer

If you love eating pickles and olives but hate picking them out of their juices, this jar with a built-in strainer is for you. It separates the food from its brine in a leakproof, plastic jar. After you’ve grabbed the pickle or olive, flip the container and they’ll sit in their juices again.


A duvet insert that you can use in any season

Some duvet inserts are too heavy for summer or light for winter — but this one is filled with a breathable down alternative, making it suitable for use in any season. Box stitching throughout works to keep the filling evenly distributed no matter how hard you toss and turn. Plus, it even features eight tabs around the edges that you can use to secure it into place inside of your duvet.


A detangling brush that glides through knotted hair

Yanking away at knotted strands can be incredibly painful, so why not use this detangling brush instead? Its cone-shaped bristles gently separate strands, allowing knots to easily work themselves out within just a few swipes. It’s also suitable for all types of hair and comes in nine fun colors.


This magnetic car mount that connects to your phone with just a tap

Make road trip navigation a little easier with this magnetic phone mount. The mount securely attaches to most types of car vents and has a support arm to keep things stable. The strong magnet connects to your phone with just a tap, and the design makes it easy to toggle between landscape and portrait modes.


A backlit digital meat thermometer that works in seconds

Your food will always be perfectly cooked with this accurate digital meat thermometer. It features a doneness temperature chart right on the handle for convenience, is backlit, and can provide readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit within just three seconds.


A super-potent callus remover that leaves feet oh-so-soft

`Don’t have time for a pedicure? Not a problem when you have this callus remover. Not only is it great for exfoliating away dead skin, but it also has a light lemon scent that leaves your feet smelling oh-so-fresh. Just let your feet soak for about 10 minutes, dry them, add the gel, and then exfoliate.


A caddy for safely removing hot plates & bowls from the microwave

Protect your fingers and easily handle hot plates straight out of the microwave with this carrier. It has easy-to-grip handles and raised edges, so it’s also designed for catching messes and spills. One reviewer reports that the area around the bowl is also a convenient place to hold crackers for your soup.


These under-the-bed organizers that can fit up to 20 pairs of shoes

Closet overflowing with shoes? Consider stashing all the seasonal ones inside these organizers. Their low profile makes it easy to slide them underneath your bed, while a transparent top lets you see what’s inside each one without having to unpack anything. Each order comes with two: one that can fit up to 16 pairs of standard shoes, as well as a second that can hold up to four pairs of larger boots.


These cord holders that help minimize cable clutter

Every home has that one corner that’s turned into a jumbled mess of cables and wires, so why not grab these cable holders? The slots are large enough to fit practically any type of charging cable — from svelte lightning cables to chunkier USBs. One cable holder has three slots while the larger one can hold five. And since they also features an adhesive backing, you can easily stick them right into place on your desk, wall, or nearly anywhere else — they’re even flexible enough to bend around corners.


These bike lights that can illuminate your next night ride

Illuminate night rides with these colorful LED bike wheel lights. They’re shockingly easy to pop onto standard bicycle wheel sizes for the perfect fit. The included batteries have a 40-hour life and can be replaced when they run down. And the lights are waterproof, so you be seen no matter the weather.


A handled pumice stone that scrubs away water stains, mildew, & more

When your regular toilet scrubber isn’t tough enough to get rid of those water rings, it may be time to break out this pumice stone. It easily powers through hard water buildup, mildew, and more — and the handle makes it easy to keep a firm grip when cleaning. And while tough on grime, it won’t leave behind scratches on delicate porcelain.


A triple-insulated water bottle that comes with 3 styles of lids

This 32-ounce stainless steel water bottle has been triple insulated to keep cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12. It comes with three styles of lid: straw, screw-on, and flip-top. It’s available in a few other sizes and lots of colors in the listing.


This roll-up drying rack that doubles as a trivet

Add counter space instantly with this space-saving roll-up drying rack. It features stainless steel rods and silicone ends to keep it firmly in place — it can support up to 33 pounds. It also doubles as a trivet. Choose from several sizes and finishes in the listing.


This countertop trash can made from brushed stainless steel

Not only is this countertop trash can a great place to toss tea bags, sugar packets, and other small pieces of garbage, but its brushed stainless steel exterior also helps keep it looking clean and fingerprint-free. The best part? Its swing-top lid helps conceal all the trash inside until you’re ready to empty it out.


The sleek sunglass holder that attaches to the sun visor in your car

Keeping sunglasses inside your center console is an easy way to wind up with scratched lenses — instead, store them inside this holder. It clips onto your sun visor so that they’re always within reach. And unlike some holders, this one is made from sleek faux leather that’s just as stylish as it is durable.


This pack of 9 trim-to-fit fridge shelf liners

Keep your fridge shelves sparkling clean with these trim-to-fit shelf liners that come in a pack of nine — you can even use them in the drawers. The food-safe material is nonskid, waterproof, and can be washed or wiped clean and reused over and over.


This milk frother that works in just 15 seconds

Whip up foam for your cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks with this battery-operated milk frother. It can also be used to whisk eggs, and mix protein powder, matcha drinks, and more. It even comes with a stand to keep your counter clean.


A breathable weighted blanket with a 4.6-star overall rating

If you enjoy the sensation of weighted blankets but tend to overheat under them, try this breathable weighted blanket that has earned a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon. Choose from a wide range of sizes, weights, and colors in the listing. One shopper commented, “The blanket isn’t too thick so it’s not super hot, but it does store some heat.”


This silicone popcorn popper with stellar ratings

This microwave popcorn popper has an overall 4.6-star rating from almost 30,000 reviews on Amazon. Its silicone design is shatterproof, collapses for storage, has built-in handles to prevent burns, and makes it easy to pop your own popcorn without unwanted additives you may find in pre-bagged brands.


A slim pitcher that can hold both hot and cold beverages

Fill it with lemonade, infused water, or cocktails, and bring this sleek plastic pitcher to your next barbecue or dinner party. It can hold both cold and hot beverages, and the stable base and push lid make pouring a snap. And it’s shatterproof and unbreakable, so it’s perfect for taking outdoors.


A lightweight sleeping pad that won’t deflate

This lightweight sleeping pad weighs less than a pound but can make your next camping trip so much more comfortable. The pad fully inflates in about 10 to 13 breaths and offers two inches of cushioning. It’s made of durable ripstop nylon and packs up as small as a water bottle for easy transport.


This magnetic flashlight that also picks up small items

A number-one best-seller, this magnetic gadget does a few things at once: Its bright LED bulbs function as a flashlight that you can point in any direction thanks to its gooseneck design. It also has a magnetic base that attaches to metal surfaces for hands-free use, and its telescoping head uses a magnet to pick up small metal items you’ve dropped in hard-to-reach places.


This headset hook that clamps onto tables without damage

Thanks to its clamp-on design, you can attach this headset hook to most desks and tables without drilling or adhesive damage. The hook also swivels 360 degrees and the integrated cord clip keeps wires neatly organized and out of the way.


This silicone strainer that clips onto most pots, pans, & bowls

Unlike colanders, which take up a ton of space in a drawer or cabinet, this silicone pot strainer is compact and virtually flat. Thanks to its flexible, heat-resistant design, it clips onto most pots, pans, and bowls, so you can strain everything from pasta to ground beef to salad with one tool.


This magnetic wristband that holds onto screws, nuts, and other bits so you don’t lose them

If you’re tired of screws, nails, and other hardware rolling out of reach as you work, this magnetic wristband is a thrifty and reliable solution. Made of tough ballistic polyester, it features 10 magnetics and two pockets to hold anything you need to keep nearby.


A set of simple apothecary jars to stash toiletries

Ensure all of your toiletries have an accessible spot in your bathroom or closet with these apothecary jars. With four in a set, each jar is made of thick, sturdy plastic and comes with a matching lid. They’re perfect for holding everything from cotton balls to dental picks.


The foot peels that are made with an exfoliating blend of fruit acids

Whereas some foot peels rely on harsh chemicals to exfoliate away the skin, these ones are formulated with a blend of fruit acids and extracts — and the booties are even large enough to fit up to a size 11. Simply let your feet soak for about an hour. Over the next two weeks that flaking outer layer of skin will begin to shed away, leaving you with oh-so-soft feet.


These microfiber wraps that help hair dry fast

Since these microfiber wraps can absorb more water than cotton, they can help your hair dry faster simply by putting them on. The result? You’ll need to spend less time underneath a blow dryer, which can help keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. And since they weigh less than large towels, they shouldn’t put a strain on your neck if you walk around the house wearing them.


The warm, stretchy beanie with a built-in flashlight

Available in tons of colors and patterns, this LED beanie isn’t just soft, warm, and stretchy; it also has a rechargeable flashlight on the band, which is great for providing hands-free illumination while tinkering, camping, skiing, and walking the dog after dark.


A soft, memory foam pillow for portable comfort

Get a good night’s sleep anywhere you go with this camping pillow. It’s made of a cushy, yet supportive memory foam that measures 4 inches thick but can still fold easily into the included waterproof travel bag. The microsuede cover is super soft and easy to clean in the washing machine and dryer.


These silicone baking sheets that won’t stick to food

It’s time to save yourself some money by upgrading to these baking sheets. They’re made from tough silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit — and since they’re also nonstick, all your food easily lifts away once it’s finished cooking.


These reusable baking sheets that replace parchment paper

These silicone baking mats are an eco-friendly alternative to parchment paper. They protect your pans with a non-stick, even-heating surface while cooking and baking. Each one is easy to wash and reusable up to 3,000 times.


These ice cube trays that elevate any homemade drink

Whether you’re enjoying a cocktail or an iced tea, these flexible, silicone ice cube trays will take it to the next level. The set comes with two trays — one for 2-inch squares and the other for 2-inch spheres — plus a small funnel, which makes it super easy to pour water into the molds without spilling.


An adhesive stainless steel shower caddy set with serious hold

This minimalist-chic shower caddy set is perfect for holding all your shower supplies, including shampoo, face scrub, body wash, and soap. It comes with a large, stainless steel main caddy with a weight-bearing capacity of 20 pounds, plus a separate rotating soap dish, as well as four razor/loofah hooks. With ultra-strong adhesive that mounts in seconds, this is an easy bathroom upgrade.

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