75 Cool Things Getting Wildly Popular on Amazon

Listen, sometimes the hype is deserved.

75 Cool Things Getting Wildly Popular on Amazon
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Remember when you could wander a store and discover items you never imagined existed? Stores were curated by people who loved to discover helpful, beautiful, innovative items that would make people say, “Take my money!” In our modern, fast-paced lives that come with the ability to order anything we need from our phone while waiting in line, wandering through a store is something we often save for vacations and dates. We already know what we want. And we know where to get it. Or some of us do. Everyone else? Here are 75 cool things that are getting wildly popular on Amazon.


A folding stand for your phone

When your phone is sitting in this foldable phone stand it is much more useful than when it is stashed in a pocket or lying flat on the bedside table. You can glance at it to see the time, chat on video calls hands-free, and turn it into your alarm clock. It makes it easy to charge it, too. The height adjusts and it folds so you can take it traveling. It comes in 10 colors.


These genius cable wraps

Before you tackle that box of tangled charging cables, headphones, and random wires, prepare yourself with these self-gripping cable ties so you never have to do it again. They attach to the wire so that rewrapping is easy. They are colorful. They create a tidy, packable package out of each cord.


A cocktail shaker that squeezes limes

When your cocktails call for fresh citrus, you will be happy to have this brilliant cocktail shaker set in-house. A citrus reamer and strainer fit into the jar to make adding fresh lime a cinch. Flip the juice squeezer over, fit the cap on, and shake. It even has a built-in bottle opener. You will be sipping the best cocktails in town.


This multi-tool pen set

Drop these two multi-tool pens into your pocket protector and you will be ready for anything. Jot an idea, fix your glasses, open a bottle, hang a picture using the bubble level, and sign things on your tablet or the checkout kiosks in stores. Eight tools are hiding in these pens. There is even an LED light so you can read the menu in dark restaurants.


The fix for indoor light pollution

Why does every electronic device have a glaring light that illuminates your room making it hard to sleep? No need to answer that question. Just cover the light with these light-blocking stickers. They don’t obscure the light completely. They dim it so you can get some shut-eye. Choose the right shape or cut one to suit.


This beaver-tailed spatula

Next time you make a PB&J, spread cream cheese on a bagel, or frost a cake, reach for this jar spatula that looks like a platypus. This helpful duck-billed, beaver-tailed mammal reaches into the jar to pull out the last drop of tasty spread and then slathers it perfectly on your snack.


An alarm clock that projects on the ceiling

The struggle is so real that you should cut yourself a break whenever possible. Sitting up to see the time? That is so last century. This projection alarm clock displays the time on your wall or ceiling so that all you have to do is crack your eyes open to gather data. Shoot the beam where you want it in the color you like, set the alarm volume, and use it to charge your phone. It comes in four colors.


These clever, colorful bag clips

When you open a bag of cookies, chips, or even bread, how do you close the bag? If you are still raiding the office supplies in that moment, it’s time to invest in these dedicated, effective, colorful, and easy-to-snap onto-a-bag chip bag clips. There are 25 color schemes to choose from. They are magnetic so you can also use them to stick notes to the fridge.


A pair of exfoliating gloves

Turn every shower into an exhilarating, exfoliating spa-like experience by pulling on a pair of these dual texture bath gloves and lathering up. Choose the level of scrubby exfoliation you desire, a color you like (there are so many), and create the softest, cleanest skin of your life. “I was so pleasantly surprised at how soft my skin felt,” said one reviewer.


An egg dispenser for the fridge

Stop fumbling with that annoying egg carton. Load the eggs into this roll-down egg dispenser when you get them home so that grabbing an egg is a modern, fun experience. It takes less room in the fridge, lets you use the oldest eggs first, and adds a moment of clever, gravity-fed engineering to breakfast.


The battery storage case with a built-in tester

Empty the junk drawer and move all the batteries to this battery organizer for a better life. You can view your entire inventory at a glance and test each battery before you take the time to load it into a device. It holds 93 batteries and you can stash it in a drawer or mount it to the wall. It comes in six colors. “Super cool,” said one reviewer.


This snow cone machine for treats & cocktails

When the weather is sweltering, there is no better treat than a snow cone: delicious, cold, and hydrating. Even better than finding a carnival where someone is selling them is this shaved ice machine. Load it with ice, push a button, and fill a cup with soft fluffy ice. What you pour over that ice is up to you. “We use it for snow cones and cocktails,” said one reviewer.


This hack for getting soap out of bottles

How much time have you wasted, in your life, shaking shampoo and conditioner bottles to get the last bit out? This bottle-emptying kit can do that for you so you can get on with more important matters. Screw it onto the bottle and store that bottle upside down. It will be primed and ready to deliver product when you reach for it. This is a pack of two caps and six adapters.


A wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser

Get the toothpaste off the counter and turn that tube into a wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser by mounting this bad boy to the wall. When you are ready to brush. push your toothbrush into the dispenser and it drops a dollop on the brush. No fiddling. No mess. It comes in five colors.


These lights that need no wires

Stop fumbling in the dark. Mount this wireless LED under cabinet light in your closet, under the kitchen cabinets, inside that dark dresser, or anywhere else that’s too dark to see. It is battery powered so no wiring is required. You can use the remote to turn it on and off or tap the lens. It will turn off automatically at the interval you choose. This is a pack of two.


A bigger cup holder for your car

If you are hunting for the biggest travel mug you can find that will fit in your car’s cup holder, the search is over. You don’t need a specific mug. You need this car cup holder expander so you can use whatever cup, bottle, or to-go cup you want. Drop it into the cup holder and drop your big bottle into it. “Very cool, very sturdy, and works exactly like it is supposed to,” said one reviewer.


A phone mount for the plane

Whether you are watching cooking videos in the kitchen or trying to enjoy some in-flight entertainment, this phone holder will hold the phone for you. It clips to the tray table on a plane, the handle of your suitcase, a kitchen cabinet, or wherever you want. Or it stands on a table. It comes in 10 colors.


A portable wireless charger for all of your gear

Charge all your gear wirelessly whether you are traveling around the world or staying home on this magnetic wireless charger. There’s a spot for your smartwatch, earbuds, and phone to all charge off of one plug. Then it folds up small so you can stash it in a bag. It comes in six colors.


This clever pickle storage system

Move your pickles into this slick pickle jar so you can grab a crunchy snack without using a fork or dipping your fingers into cold pickle juice. Just flip it over and all the juice departs to the compartment below. Stand it right side up when you put it back in the fridge. “This is so cool,” said one reviewer. “Really nice concept for our pickle-eating family.”


These dryer balls to replace dryer sheets

Instead of using disposable dryer sheets, toss these adorable wool dryer balls into the dryer with your laundry. They spin around with your clothes and reduce static clings while keeping clothes separated so they dry faster. Also, they are cute so laundry day is more fun. Choose from smiling sheep, marching penguins, pups, or plain.


A clever fly trap

When you hear the buzz of a mosquito as you drift off to sleep, it once meant you had to choose between staying awake till you eliminated it being feasted on while you sleep. This plug-in fly & insect trap is a better choice. Open it up and plug it in. Then go to sleep while it lures and traps the pests. It works for fruit flies, flies, and gnats, too. “It catches so many flies and moths on the sticky trap,” said one reviewer.


These colorful drinking glasses that don’t break

This set of drinking glasses is the perfect solution for your kitchen. The glasses aren’t glass, though they look like it, so they won’t chip or break. The colors are gorgeous, the shape feels great in your hand, and they are the perfect 8-ounce vessel for a cold summer drink. One reviewer says, “Originally bought them for around the pool because they don’t break. But, now I use them everywhere because they are beautiful, are stackable without sticking together and are dishwasher safe.”


A pretty terrarium for cuttings

Turn your plant clippings into a science-influenced art display with this plant terrarium that lets you see the roots as they form. It also makes a unique flower vase or mini-terrarium display, too. “This plant holder is super cute,” said one reviewer. “It was easy to assemble and comes with a bottle that helps refill the glasses.”


This water bottle that collapses

Next time you travel, tuck this collapsible water bottle into your bag. It scrunches down small and is super light. And when you arrive, you will have a bottle ready to fill with your favorite hydration. It is made from nontoxic, odorless food-grade silicone and has a wide mouth for easy filling. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, lid types, and bundles.


The shoe liner that replaces socks

When you don’t want to wear socks but you might want to take your shoes off later without gassing the room, insert this sockless liner into your shoe. They are washable, absorbent, and nonslip so your feet are comfy and dry. They have an odor-controlling surface so you can kick your shoes off without worry. They come in four cute patterns.


This hairbrush that detangles without pain

This detangling hairbrush gets snarls out of your hair without inflicting pain. The bristles are set far enough apart to get into knots like a wide-tooth comb but with more power. Each bristle has a plastic bead on the end so you can massage your scalp without doing damage. And it’s made from recyclable bioplastic.


A magnetic clasp for layered necklaces

Your layered chain look is amazing. But the dark side of that fashion trend is the constant detangling you have to do to keep it looking tidy. This layering clasp solves that. Connect each end of each of your chains to it and it will keep them separated. It closes magnetically to make putting it all on easy. “The magnet is SO strong!” said one reviewer. “Great purchase if you like wearing layered chains and don’t like the tangles.”


This beautiful outdoor solar lamp

Bring some beauty to your outdoor gatherings by placing this solar hanging lantern where it can throw beautiful lighted images into your space. The cutouts on the antique bronze lantern create the images. And since it’s solar-powered, it turns on automatically at dust so you don’t have to light it or remember to turn it on. Just enjoy.


The power strip that lets you use every plug

This clever power strip doesn’t offer you six outlets while only allowing you to use three. Each outlet on it rotates so you can use every single one, even if you are plugging in devices that have big, space-hogging plugs. “This surge protector is very cool,” said one reviewer. “Bought two of them and they serve their purpose well.” It comes in black and white.


The fast way to clean water bottles

Put down the bottle brush and stop scrubbing out your water bottles. These bottle-cleaning tablets are so much easier and more effective. Drop one into that dirty bottle, add warm water, and wait. You will be shocked at how clean the interior becomes. “This is really amazing!!!’ said one reviewer. “I highly recommend [them] to clean your tumblers!


This wallet that’s also a phone stand

If you have a phone with MagSafe capability, this magnetic wallet is a game changer. Stick it to your phone so you always have your credit cards, cash, and ID with you. You will also have a phone stand. The hinge in the wallet is cleverly designed to convert the wallet to a phone stand that can hold your phone at any angle. It comes in five colors.


The flashlight you want when things go dark

If you are going into the dark, don’t bring a wimpy flashlight. Bring this LED spotlight because it throws serious light and won’t die if it gets wet. You choose high, low, or SOS mode, depending on the situation. You can hold it in your hand and pull the light switch trigger or use the integrated stand to set it down and aim the light where you want it.


This clever egg slicer

Eggs are slippery to slice. But this egg slicer has the teeth to do it. Just lay the egg on the bed that has the shape you want your slices to be and close the lid. The steel blades do all the work. It’s not just for eggs, though. It works on tomatoes, grapes, mushrooms, citrus, and other soft foods.


These ties that don’t rip out hair

If you are tired of tearing your hair out every time you pull out a ponytail or top knot, you need these spiral hair ties. They are gentle on your hair, have a super strong grip, don’t give you a headache, don’t mind water, and won’t damage your hair. “These are so cool,” said one reviewer. “They hold your hair tight but [...] don't hurt or pull when removed.”


A better way to make kabobs

Instead of running your food through with wooden stakes to create grilled kabobs, use this set of four metal, decorative skewers. The food slides off easily so no one has to struggle to get hot food off a burnt stick. They look amazing on a serving platter. And they make it easy for everyone to have only the amount of each food they want.


The toilet attachment that makes life better

You wash your hands and every other part of your body with water. Why is toilet paper adequate for the most sensitive areas? This bidet attachment will bring your bathroom into modern times. It draws water from the clean water that’s delivered to your toilet and transforms it into an effective netherparts shower you can use whenever you go to the bathroom.


These self-heating eye masks

These steam eye masks don’t need an outlet, a microwave, or any other way to heat them. Open the package and apply them to your eyes for a quick refresh anywhere. Ear loops hold them on. Herbs help you relax. They come in six scents.


This roll-on essential oil treatment

Next time a migraine strikes, pull out this migraine manager. Apply the roll-on essential oils to your temples and neck to let the smell of peppermint, spearmint, and lavender relax your mind and banish the stress and pain. There are also scent combinations to address other moods and needs.


A sprayer for better oil distribution

Instead of dousing food in too much oil with a pour bottle, apply it accurately, evenly, and sparingly with this oil sprayer. You don’t have to pump the bottle. Just press the big button on the top to release an even mist of whatever oil you load it with.


This in-car hammock for your bag

No place in your car to set a bag or backpack? Install this net organizer between the front seats. It acts like a hammock you can drop your bag into, keeping your gear nearby but not tipped over on the floor. Or use it as a pocket to store essentials like an umbrella, hat, or sunglasses. It will keep your pet from jumping through those seats, too.


A fly swatter that delivers a jolt

Take arms against an invasion of insects by charging up this electric fly swatter and preparing for battle. The battle is sure to go your way because it takes only a tap with the 4,000-volt net to permanently take down the invaders. “A pure joy for anyone who battles flies and mosquitoes on a daily basis,” said one reviewer.


This excellent pickleball set

If your game is pickleball, this kit will set you up. The pickleball paddle and ball set are perfection. The paddles are crafted from seven-ply wood and are designed with a comfort grip. The balls are regulation and precise. “I have played pickleball for several years now and am still using these same paddles,” said one reviewer. “I've played with $150 paddles and these are just as good.”


A brush for every bottle

This pack of bottle brush cleaners has a brush for every type of bottle you are ever likely to own. Arm your kitchen with the tools you need to get everything clean. There are fat ones, long ones, and extra thin ones so you can clean everything from your water bottle to your kombucha bottles.


These carafes for easy beverages

Make up a batch of iced tea, lemonade, or margaritas, and sip it when you need a refreshment by using this glass carafe with a lid. It fits into the fridge door, looks pretty on the table, and is easy to clean. This is a set of two so you can have multiple beverage options at all times.


A hoodie for your shifter

Add some fun and whimsy to your drive by pulling this gear shift hoodie over the stick in your car. It turns that functional piece of your vehicle into a driving buddy. Pull the hood up when the gearshift is too hot to touch or cold in the winter. It comes in nine colors.


A retro gaming lighter

Light your fire or candles while evoking memories of your gaming youth with the rechargeable retro gamer lighter. The lighter itself is an ultra-modern plasma lighter that can withstand wind and rain. And you never have to track down butane for it because it charges with a USB cord.


This scrubber that does all the work

Whether you are trying to clean grout or the fiddly parts of your stove or sink, this power scrubber is the tool that will make that work fast and easy. The brush head rotates 60 times per second so you don’t have to bring the elbow grease to the job. Just press the button and aim.


A modern fridge deodorizer

That box of baking soda in your fridge is so last year. This refrigerator deodorizer is its modern update. It is loaded with both baking soda and activated charcoal to eliminate all the smells and decompose the harmful gasses. It lasts 10 years, too, compared to the three months you get from baking soda.


These straps for hanging tools & hoses

Want to hang your power tools from the wall? These heavy-duty straps are the trick to making that happen. They wrap around the handle and give you an easy place to hang that tool from a hook. You can wrap them around coiled hoses and extension cords, too, and bring order to your shed or garage. This is a pack of six.


This beer can chicken kit

If you love to grill a chicken on a beer can to get a deliciously beer-steamed and grilled bird, you will be thrilled by this beer can chicken roaster stand that lets you take that technique up to gourmet. Fill the can with beer, drop vegetables onto the tray, mount the chicken, and grill. The chicken will drip into the tray, flavoring the veggies for an amazing meal.


These magnetic cable ties

Go ahead and pick up a pack of these colorful, reusable silicone magnetic cable ties and use them as an easy way to wrap up headphones, charging cables, and power supplies. But be warned! You will be back for more. Because they also make terrific fridge magnets, bookmarks, curtain tie-backs, and even hair ties.


A cutting board kit with a storage solution

Finding a place to store cutting boards in a kitchen can be challenging, but they clutter up the kitchen without a dedicated home. This pretty cutting board set comes with a solution. The two boards are slender, have nonslip feet, and boast an integrated handle. A purpose-built wall mount fits them perfectly. Hang it inside a cupboard door or on a wall so stashing these essential tools is easy.


The bread slicer for all of your breads

If you enjoy artisan bread but do not enjoy randomly sliced hunks of bread, this bread slicer will let you have your fancy bread and eat a sandwich, too. The precision slicing guides cut even slices into thin, sandwich-ready perfection. It catches the crumbs in a tray below, too.


This portable charger for your smartwatch

Does your Apple Watch die before you get to the end of a busy day? You don’t have to spend your evening wondering what time it is if you pack along this portable charger. Pull it out, drop your watch on it, and charge it up wirelessly. The charger is pocket-sized, its magnets snap your watch into place for charging, and the keychain loop is its charging cord.


A game that gives you a shock

This Lightning Reaction game is like playing thumb wars except everyone has juice in the game. Each player grabs a handle. To start the countdown, press the button in the center. Suspenseful music plays. A red light blinks. When that red light turns green, press the trigger as fast as you can. The slowest trigger finger gets a small electric shock.


These cable clips that snap

Create order on your desktop, bedside table, car, or coffee table with these holder clips that keep the right chargers conveniently affixed where you plan to use them. The holder peels and sticks to the surface. And the spring-loaded clips keep cords secure. They come in black and white.


An iPad case with a backlit keyboard

Turn your iPad into a useful writing tool by keeping it in this case with keyboard. It holds the screen where you can see it — in the orientation you prefer — and puts a full keyboard under your fingertips. The keys are quiet and backlit so you can work in any environment and it is so light it adds almost nothing to your rig. It comes in four styles and six colors.


The fast way to clear a clogged drain

When the water stops flowing down your drains, you don’t have to fret, call a plumber, or destroy the environment with harsh chemicals. This drain clog remover is made from mild ingredients that won’t hurt you or your pipes. And it is biodegradable. Pour the pre-measured powder packs into the drain and wait while it works it breaks down the blockage.


This food storage container set

Get your pantry completely organized with this set of 14 food storage containers with airtight, locking lids. The two tall containers have a hinged pour spout to make accessing cereal and other snacks easy. The shapes nestle together to save cabinet space. They stack. And they will keep all your foods fresh and bug-free.


This microwave mat that is so helpful

Drop this microwave mat into your microwave and you will always have a splatter guard ready when you want to heat food. It will also help you open jars, doubles as a heat-resistant placemat for hot plates, and steps in as a utensil rest while you are cooking. This is a set of two. It comes in 24 colors.


A rotating spice rack

This rotating spice rack lets you keep your most-used spices on the counter for easy access while cooking without causing a proliferation of small jars. The 12 glass jars fit neatly onto the rotating carousel so they all fit into a small footprint. Each jar has a sifter so you can sprinkle spices onto popcorn or into your meals. It comes with pre-filled and blank labels.


This trick for wearing earbuds

If you wear your earbuds on this magnetic AirPods strap, you will never lose them. It loops around your neck and clings magnetically to form a necklace. When you want to listen to tunes, pull the earbuds apart and pop them in your ears. “I’m always a little nervous about my [earbuds] falling out,” said one reviewer. “This works great. It’s so easy to use.”


The kitchen sponge solution

This magnetic sponge system ends the problem of what to do with the kitchen sponge elegantly and for good. Peel and stick the base to the side of your sink and the sponges will stick to it magnetically. The premium sponges have two levels of abrasion on the exterior and a squishy, soap-lathering center.


A magic eraser for shoes

Keep this sneaker cleaner in your shoe storage area and you will never go out with stained kicks on your feet again. It magically erases scuffs, dirt, and whatever else might have happened in a few wipes and a bit of water. One side has gentle micro scrubbers that break down as you use it. The other side wipes everything clean. This is a pack of 10.


A helper for putting on bracelets

Don’t give up wearing that bracelet that is too hard to fasten just because you can’t find anyone to help you get it on. This inexpensive helper tool makes it possible to clasp that bling yourself. It holds one end of the chain while you hook the other to it. “It is nice to know that you can put on your bracelet by yourself,” said one reviewer.


This oil & vinegar dispenser that’s a work of art

Turn your favorite oil and vinegar into usable art by pouring them into the beautiful oil and vinegar dispenser and setting it on the table. Each remains separated from the other within the jar and is poured from a different spout. “This is so pretty and neat, I have it sitting out in my kitchen for decoration!” said one reviewer. “Works great too!”


These cute closet fresheners

Drop this pretty cedar wood closet fresheners onto the coat hangers in your closet so that everything you wear has a mild, clean, woodsy, cedar wood scent. Moths and other fabric-seeking insects hate this smell so it also protects your wardrobe. This is a pack of 30.


This pumice stone made from volcanic rock

Keep this pretty pumice stone — with a rope to hang it from — in your shower so you can treat your feet, elbows, and other rough spots to a little love whenever you have the time. It is made from volcanic lava rock and is sized to fit nicely in your hand. Choose from five colors and textures.


A pocket sandwich machine

Whip up a quick snack that is fun to eat with this electric sealed sandwich maker and you will never buy another Uncrustable or Hot Pocket again. You can make your own with a few contents in the fridge and some bread and your snack will come out crispy, hot, and sealed at the edges. Load the bread with tasty fillings, close the lid, and wait about two minutes. Yum!


The fast way to shred chicken

Shredded chicken is a necessary ingredient in many recipes. But how do you go from cooked chicken to shredded chicken? It’s much easier if you have this chicken shredder. Drop the cooked meat on the spiky bed, close the lid, and rotate it. Done!


A basket for harvesting & washing vegetables

Go into your garden and bring the harvest back in this garden colander that makes it easy to wash your haul at the hose before you bring the dirt and bugs inside. It’s light, indestructible, and easy to carry. And the bright colors make it fun to have on the garden bench. It comes in two sizes and four colors.


The cigar multi-tool that’s everything you need

This cigar multi-tool packs every tool you need for smoking a cigar into one pen-shaped accessory. More than a cutter, there is also a poker — sized for small, medium, and large ring cigars — that makes a clean cut in the cap to improve the draw. The draw tool fixes a cigar that’s overfilled or plugged. And the nubber will help you smoke to the end without burning your fingers. It comes in blue and gold.


This clever way to carry glasses

You don’t have to wear anything dorky or embarrassing to keep your reading glasses handy. Clip this magnetic eyeglass holder to your shirt and slide your glasses into it. You won’t spend half of your waking hours looking for a pair of glasses. “Game changer for me! Now I can always find my glasses!” said one reviewer. It comes in four styles.


A security camera light bulb

Installing this outdoor security camera is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. It’s perfect for outdoor spaces that already have lighting and allows you to keep an eye on an entryway or yard without running new wires or spending much money. It gives you a 360-degree view of the area and connects to your Wi-Fi.


The neck light that saves your eyes

When you want to read but the ambient lighting isn’t conducive, wear this neck reading light to avoid hurting your eyes. Aim the two beams where you want them by bending the flexible gooseneck then choose the color and brightness of each light. It is rechargeable, lightweight, and comes in four colors.

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