40 Common Mistakes You Don't Realize Make Your Home Look Bad

And the solutions, of course.

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Your home is where you likely spend the most amount of your time, which is why it can be easy to overlook the little things that are making it look not-so-great. For example, while you may be used to the yellow grout in your bathroom, a guest using the shower may find it incredibly off-putting. (And don’t get me started on those curled rugs sitting out in your entryway.)

Luckily for both of us, I’ve put together this list of 40 common mistakes that you don’t realize are making your home look bad. From dusty electronics to couches covered in pet hair, you’ll likely find that more than a few of these apply to your home — and while I’m thinking about it, the grout in my bathroom could definitely use a refresh. But if you want to find out which small mistakes might be making your home look crummy, keep scrolling.


Mistake: Letting your rug corners curl up

Solution: These grippers that help hold them down flat

Curled rug corners can make any floor look unkempt, so why not grab these grippers? The adhesive backing holds your rug down flat, and it’s even strong enough to use outside as well as indoors. Plus, the V-shape is less likely to get twisted out of shape, which can sometimes happen to straight pieces of rug tape.


Mistake: You’re wasting cabinet space on plastic bags

Solution: This dispenser that helps open up space

Almost every home has that one cabinet filled with loose plastic bags, which is only part of the reason why this dispenser is worth a look. The wide openings on the top and side make it easy to fill and pull out bags as needed. Plus, you can even mount it to the inside of your cabinet door to save space.


Mistake: Your grout is starting to yellow

Solution: Using this pen to paint it white

When no amount of scrubbing seems to get your grout looking clean, it may be time to bust out this paint pen. The precision applicator tip makes it easy to color inside your grout lines, and the water-based formula means it’s nontoxic.


Mistake: You’ve been using mismatched spice bottles

Solution: Transferring your spices into these sleek glass bottles

If you truly want your kitchen to look Instagram-worthy, consider tossing out all those mismatched spice bottles in favor of these glass ones. Their airtight lids help keep your spices fresh, and each order even comes with pre-printed labels to help you keep everything organized.


Mistake: Using flimsy grocery bags to line your bathroom trash cans

Solution: These liners that are made for small trash cans

Flimsy grocery bags can easily rip when filled with weighty bathroom trash, making these liners a smart alternative. They’re made from durable HDPE material that’s puncture- as well as leak-resistant. Plus, the round bottom seal makes it easy to fit them inside round cans.


Mistake: You’ve never given your bathroom a deep clean

Solution: Getting deep into those tight nooks & crannies with this electric scrubber

Casually wiping down your bathroom surfaces isn’t enough to keep them looking clean, which is why I’m a big fan of this electric scrubber. The oscillating head scrubs up to 60 times per second, making it easy to power through all sorts of grime. Its narrow head reaches deep into awkward nooks and crannies — and it only needs four AA batteries (which are not included) in order to work.


Mistake: Not giving your electronics a regular dusting

Solution: These compressed gas dusters that easily clean into tight spaces

Keyboards, computer mice, binocular lenses — these compressed gas dusters make it easy to get rid of dust from all sorts of tight spaces. Unlike some gas dusters, these ones are 100% ozone-safe and contain zero CFCS, propane, or butane.


Mistake: Letting power strips clutter up your counters

Solution: This outlet extender that sits flush against your walls

Need a few extra plugs to work with? This outlet extender is a sleek alternative to messy-looking power strips, as it adds four plugs to your outlet and sits flush against the wall for a clean look. It also features two USB ports as well as one type-C port — and there’s even a built-in shelf where you can rest your devices as they charge.


Mistake: Spills are leaving your fridge shelves sticky & gross

Solution: These waterproof liners that easily wipe clean

Spills inside your fridge can quickly turn into a sticky mess, so why not add these liners to your shelves? Their waterproof surface makes it easy to wipe them clean with a damp cloth — and you can even trim them to fit smaller shelves as needed.


Mistake: Letting grease splatter all over your counters

Solution: Keeping that splatter to a minimum with this stainless steel screen

While fried foods are delicious, cooking them can be incredibly messy — but that’s where this splatter screen comes in handy. Not only does it trap hot oil pops inside of your pots and pans, but it also lets steam escape so that your foods come out crispy rather than soggy. Plus, the stainless steel mesh is even resistant to rust.


Mistake: Your fan blades are noticeably dirty

Solution: Using this telescopic duster to get them looking clean as new

Can’t reach those dirty fan blades? Not a problem when you have these dusters, as their telescopic handles extend from 27 all the way out to 47 inches. And while some dusters can send dirt flying everywhere, these ones are made with extra-fluffy heads that trap dust within their fibers and hold onto it until you intentionally shake them clean.


Mistake: Your kitchen faucet splashes everywhere

Solution: Placing this splashguard around its base

Place this splashguard around the bottom of your kitchen faucet, and it’ll catch any stray drips or splashes that come its way. The microfiber material is incredibly absorbent, yet dries quickly so that there’s no need to worry about mildew — and its snap-button closure easily fits around most faucets.


Mistake: Cleaning your windows using wasteful paper towels

Solution: This microfiber towel that delivers a streak-free shine

Using paper towels to clean your windows and mirrors is incredibly wasteful — instead, save some money and give this reusable cloth a try. It’s made from soft microfiber that delivers a streak-free shine, and there’s no need to spritz it with any glass cleaner. Simply get it damp with water and it’s ready to clean.


Mistake: There’s so much pet hair on your furniture

Solution: Using this reusable roller to brush it all off

Furniture coated with pet hair can make any space look and feel dirty, making this pet hair remover a smart investment. Hundreds of tiny bristles latch onto hair, pulling it off your furniture, clothes, carpets, and more with just a few quick swipes. And unlike lint rollers, this remover is infinitely reusable.


Mistake: The caulk around your toilet & sink is starting to peel

Solution: Doing some DIY repairs using this caulk tape

There’s no need to call a contractor if the caulk around your toilet and sink starts to peel — just use this tape to DIY the repairs for less. Installation is as easy as pressing it right into place the same way you would with a regular roll of tape. Plus, the waterproof design allows it to hold up in humid bathrooms.


Mistake: Sweeping your floors using a dirty broom

Solution: This broom & dustpan set made with built-in cleaning teeth

Ever notice how dust can get stuck to the bristles of your broom? That’s why this broom and dustpan set is worth a look. The dustpan features built-in “teeth” that you can use to strip away all those stuck-on dust bunnies — all while their interlocking design helps you save space in cramped utility closets.


Mistake: Ignoring all the pet hair that’s ground into your carpets

Solution: Stripping it away using this rubber broom

If the pet hair on your carpets is too ground in for that pet hair remover, it may be time to bust out this rubber broom. The rubber bristles attract hair, helping pull it out of your carpets — all while its telescopic handle makes it easy to reach underneath deep sofas and chairs. Once you’ve finished sweeping, simply rinse it under running water to get the bristles clean like new.


Mistake: Those harsh overhead lights give your home a sterile feel

Solution: These LED puck lights that cast a warm, inviting glow

While bright white light is great for utility rooms, it can give your living spaces a sterile feel — but that’s where these puck lights come in handy. Their warm yellow light gives any space an inviting vibe, and installation is as easy as pressing them into place using the included adhesive. Just supply three of your own AA batteries and they’re ready to go.


Mistake: Hair keeps clogging up your drains

Solution: This drain protector that’s easy to clean

Not only can this drain protector help prevent clogged pipes, but it’s also incredibly easy to clean — just swipe your thumb around the base to pull out any collected bits of hair or debris. The best part? Unlike some protectors, this one features a tower-shaped design that allows water to pass through even when the base is filled with hair.


Mistake: Your window blinds are noticeably dirty

Solution: Using this duster to get them looking clean like new

With its triple-blade design that lets you wipe four blinds at the same time, this duster can help you get your blinds looking clean in no time at all. Each order comes with five microfiber cleaning cloths that you can wash and reuse dozens of times — and if your blinds are already spotless, you can also use it to clean air conditioners.


Mistake: It’s been a minute since you cleaned your toilet

Solution: Scrape away all that limescale with these pumice stones

A dirty toilet can make even the cleanest bathrooms feel crummy, which is only part of the reason why these pumice stones are worth a look. They’re tough on mildew, limescale, hard water stains, and more, yet gentle enough that they won’t scratch your delicate porcelain. Plus, each one features a handle so that you have somewhere firm to grip when scrubbing.


Mistake: Throwing jackets & coats on furniture

Solution: Hanging them up on this over-the-door organizer

While tossing your jacket onto a nearby chair may be easier, hanging it up on this over-the-door organizer is even easier. Installation is a total breeze, as two hooks on the top let you hang it over any standard-sized door — no tools or drilling are required. And unlike some organizers, the hooks on this one are tipped with smooth wooden balls to help prevent snags.


Mistake: Letting the cabinet underneath your sink get damp

Solution: This waterproof liner that absorbs excess moisture

Letting the cabinet underneath your sink become damp is never ideal, so why not lay out this mat? It’s made with a waterproof bottom layer that stops water from seeping into your cabinetry, while an absorbent felt top layer works to absorb excess moisture. Choose from six sizes as well as more than 20 colors.


Mistake: Letting your wood cutting boards split & chip

Solution: This mineral oil that helps keep them in good working condition

Cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden counters — this mineral oil is suitable for use on all sorts of wooden surfaces. It can help prevent split and chips with regular use, and if your wood is already looking good? You can also use it to help extend the life of your stainless steel knives.


Mistake: You have unsightly wires hanging under your television

Solution: Hide them inside one of these cord covers

Hiring a contractor to hide your television cables can be expensive — instead, hide them inside of this cord cover. It’s large enough to fit chunky HDMI cables, slim power cords, and everything in between. And since the two pieces snap together without any screws or glue, you can easily access your cables whenever you need.


Mistake: Tossing cutlery into an open drawer

Solution: Organizing it inside of this cutlery holder

Tossing your cutlery into an open drawer causes clutter — instead, use this cutlery holder to keep everything neat and organized. It’s large enough to hold up to 24 pieces of cutlery, and the layered compartments make it easy to fit into cramped drawers.


Mistake: Your furniture legs leave scratches on your floors

Solution: These gripper pads that help protect floors from damage

Repairing scratched hardwood floors can cost a pretty penny, so why not prevent damage in the first place with these gripper pads? Not only do they help protect your floors from scratches, but they also keep your furniture from sliding around when you sit down. And unlike some pads, these ones feature an adhesive backing that lets you press them right into place — no nails or screws required.


Mistake: The pictures on your walls are noticeably crooked

Solution: Using this laser level to make sure they hang evenly

Simply eyeballing your picture frames isn’t enough to ensure they’re hanging evenly — but that’s where this laser level comes in handy. While the laser is great for mounting shelves, hanging photos, and more, it also features an 8-foot measuring tape, as well as a built-in bubble level. Batteries also come included with every order.


Mistake: Leaning your brooms against the wall in your utility closet

Solution: Hanging them up on this holder instead

It’s so, so easy for your utility closet to become a jumbled mess of brooms and dusters — but that’s where this broom holder comes in handy. It features five slots for all your handled cleaning supplies, as well as hooks in between each where you can hang scrubbers and rags. And with a weight limit of up to 35 pounds, you can even use it to store sports and gardening equipment in your garage.


Mistake: Your entryway looks messy AF

Solution: Storing mail & keys on this entryway organizer

Mail, keys, sunglasses — this entryway organizer has room for all of it and more. It’s made from solid paulownia wood, with a rustic vibe that looks good in just about any home. You also have the choice of three finishes: black, brown, or white.


Mistake: There are shoes all over your floor

Solution: Storing them on this stylish shoe rack

Need a dedicated place in your entryway to store shoes? This rack has space for up to 18 pairs — and with a weight limit of up to 66 pounds, you can rest assured that even heavy pairs won’t weigh it down. And unlike some racks, this one features adjustable feet to help keep it balanced on uneven floors.


Mistake: The hardware on your cabinets is so, so outdated

Solution: Swapping those old pulls with these sleek stainless steel ones

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest impact — like these cabinet pulls. They’re made from sleek stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, and have a matte finish that’s undeniably modern. Or, if you’d prefer something a little more flashy, they also come in two other finishes: gold or satin nickel.


Mistake: Stacking your pans inside of each other

Solution: This adjustable rack with space for up to 10 pans

Stacking your pans inside of each other can lead to scratches in their nonstick coating, making this rack a smart buy. There’s enough space for up to 10 pans or lids — and you can even adjust the dividers to fit large pans as needed. Putting it together is also a total breeze, as the dividers pop into the base without any tools needed.


Mistake: Your patterned bedding is out of style

Solution: This duvet set that comes in more than 20 solid colors

Not only does this duvet set come in more than 20 solid colors that are sure to always be in style, but it’s also made from brushed microfiber for an oh-so-soft feel against the skin. The best part? The duvet features loops at the corners to help you secure your comforter down, making it less likely that it’ll shift out of place.


Mistake: You have a small rug placed in a large room

Solution: This fluffy area rug that comes in 6 sizes

Placing small rugs in large rooms can make things feel out of proportion — luckily, this rug comes in six different sizes to fit rooms both large and small. It’s made from high-density microfiber, giving it a plush texture underneath your feet. Plus, the nonslip bottom helps keep it from shifting out of place.


Mistake: The walkway up to your home is really dark

Solution: These solar pathway lights that are easy to install

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when installing these pathway lights, as a solar panel built into the top of each one keeps them powered for up to 12 hours at night. The best part? Since they’re also waterproof, you won’t have to worry about how they’ll hold up in poor weather.


Mistake: There’s a ton of bottle clutter in your shower

Solution: Organizing those bottles using these shelves

Got a ton of bottles cluttering up your shower? Consider tidying things up by putting them onto these shelves. Installation doesn’t require any tools, as each order comes with waterproof adhesive that lets you press them onto your tile walls — and they’re even completely rustproof. Choose from four finishes: gold, matte black, polished silver, or rose gold.


Mistake: Your shower curtain liner is coated with grime & mildew

Solution: This PEVA liner that’s resistant to mildew

Toss out that grimy liner in favor of this PEVA one. The waterproof material is much less likely to develop mildew, while the weighted hem helps keep it from billowing out while you bathe. And unlike some liners, this one features rustproof metal grommets at the top.


Mistake: Letting your cat track litter all over your floors

Solution: Placing this litter trapper mat underneath their box

Tired of sweeping up all that loose litter? Place this mat underneath your cat’s litter box, and the mesh top layer will trap all those stray bits of litter to help keep your floors clean. Once dirty, simply shake it out over the top of a trashcan for a quick clean.


Mistake: Leaving your dry ingredients in their original packaging

Solution: These airtight containers that help keep food fresh

Flour, lentils, spaghetti, cookies — these containers are great for all of them and more. Their airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh, and each order even includes a set of chalkboard labels that you can use to help keep your pantry organized. The best part? They’re made from shatterproof plastic that’s also BPA-free.

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