50 Comfy Things for Your Home Under $35 That Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With

Make your home an oasis of comfort.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I like to think that comfy home pieces are completely separate from the rest of my decor budget. If something is going to make my sofa cozier or add warm aesthetic lighting to my movie nights, I will grab it immediately.

If you’re anything like me and trying to be as cozy as possible 24/7/365, you’ll love these 50 comfy things that Amazon reviewers are obsessed with — especially because they are all under $35. Soon, your home will be an oasis of comfort and your bank account will still thrive.


This Memory Foam Pillow With a Versatile Wedge Shape

This memory foam pillow might stand out from all of the other pillows around your home, but you’ll honestly reach for it all the time because it’s so versatile. The wedge shape works for sleeping, propping up your legs, or even using it as a little lap desk. It also comes with a machine-washable cover, so this pillow is always fresh and ready for chill days.


This Stylish & Adjustable TV Tray That Has a Cup Holder

This adjustable TV tray with an easy-to-tilt design will actually look super aesthetic next to your sofa. The sleek design has L-shaped legs to allow you to bring it right up to you on the couch yet still folds up like a classic TV tray, and you even get a spot on the side for your go-to drink. If that drink is your morning coffee, this tray is even durable enough to stick your laptop and work essentials on top.


A Bamboo Throw Blanket That Will Keep You Cool

This is the only machine-washable throw blanket you’ll want to reach for because the unique bamboo fabric will actually keep you cool while you’re relaxing. The extremely breathable and moisture-wicking design is still cozy enough to toss on your bed or reach for when you’re watching TV.


These Customizable & Cozy Night Lights That Can Sense Motion

These night lights will add a warm and glowing light to any dark hallway, and you can even dim them to five different levels for the perfect kitchen or bathroom light. You can also turn on the motion sensor setting, so these compact LEDs will turn on as you approach them and then turn back off after a minute to save energy.


A Thick Anti-Fatigue Mat With a 4.7-Star Rating

This anti-fatigue mat has a thick, soft foam core, so you’ll honestly want to swap out all of the kitchen rugs, bath mats, and office rugs with this. It comes with a non-slip bottom, and it’s easy to wipe off, so this supportive and thick mat will look great and stay clean.


A Comfy Pillow to Prop Up Your Tablet or Phone

This tablet stand has a clever three-sided design, which gives you three different angles to prop up your tablet or phone, so this unique stand will be at the exact angle that’s most comfortable for you. It weighs just 8 ounces, too, which means you can easily take this from the floor while watching Netflix to the couch to scroll through Instagram or check emails.


This Soy Candle With the Coziest Scent & a Crackling Wooden Wick

Not only does this candle have a soothing and crackling wood wick, but it also comes in a glossy gold jar that will look chic no matter where you put it. This expensive-looking jar is filled with 100% soy wax that’s packed with a wild lavender scent and plenty of calming essential oils. If lavender isn’t your choice, this candle also comes in nearly 20 other fragrances, including pine wood and eucalyptus orange.


A Stylish Sofa Arm Tray With Plenty of Space for Your Favorite Drink

This sofa tray makes hanging out on the couch so much cozier because you’ll have a spot to put your drink and one to prop up your phone. It even has a non-slip top, so you won’t spill your drink and ruin your comfy moment. Plus, the sleek and bendable bamboo design will drape right over any sofa armrest.


The Super Soft & Cooling Sheet Set With 105,000 5-Star Reviews

This breathable sheet set comes with a seriously cooling top and fitted sheet that the 105,000 five-star reviewers rave is super soft and wrinkle-free. Of course, this machine-washable set also is fade-free to keep your cozy setup looking crisp and chic. Plus, it comes with four pillowcases, so you can add two levels of comfy pillows to your bed for extra plushness


A Floor Pillow to Turn Your Living Room Floor Into a Plush Fort

Tossing this plush floor pillow on your living room rug or next to your sofa will add a bunch of extra coziness (and seating space) to your living room. It also lets you add another tufted pillow to your space (even if you already have a ton of throw pillows), and you can cozy up with it on the floor for movie night or morning meditations.


A Popular White Noise Machine With 6 Different Sounds

This white noise machine will make your bedroom so much comfier because you get six different sounds to choose from to create a calming vibe every night. It’s just about 4 inches wide and has a discreet white design that’s means it won’t stand out too much on your nightstand. Plus, it even has three timer settings, so you won’t have to turn it off in the morning.


This Thick Bath Pillow That’s a Best-Seller on Amazon

This bath pillow is the best seller in its category on Amazon — thanks in part to it’s super low price. Despite being a total bargain, this fast-drying suction cup pillow is packed with 2 inches of cushiony memory foam, which helps to keep your head and neck comfortable as you soak. It works on straight and rounded tubs, making it a versatile bathroom add-on.


A Foldable Stool to Keep Around During Meal Prep

Grabbing this non-slip step stool is an easier, safer option than climbing on kitchen counters or jumping to grab that annoying serving tray that you put on the top shelf (for some reason). It’s easy to keep this lightweight piece folded up in your pantry or cabinet, and you even get a handle on top to quickly grab it while you’re cooking. Despite its compact size, this strong stool can hold up to 300 pounds.


A Mini Oscillating Fan With Calming Sleep Settings

You won’t need a bulky floor tower fan if you pop this sleek oscillating fan on your desk or bedside table. It’s surprisingly powerful and comes with four fan settings, including a quiet sleep button and even a white noise option to make it a calming bedroom add-on.


These Warm White Motion-Sensor LEDs That Light Up Halls & Staircases

These LED lights will make your home feel cozier because they’ll bask your stairs in a warm glow, which looks way more expensive than overhead stair lights. They come with easy-to-apply adhesive on the back for easy application. Best of all, these lights have a motion sensor, so they will come on when you walk near the stairs.


A Memory Foam Pillow to Support Your Neck at Home & Beyond

This neck pillow is such a versatile support: pop it on your desk chair, strap it to your recliner for nap time, or carry it with you to the car. It has an adjustable strap that’s so quick to stick on whatever chair in your home could be a little comfier. You can also stick the cover in the washing machine after using this memory foam pillow every day to keep it looking and feeling soft and fresh.


These Dripless Candles to Add Ambiance All Over Your Home

You’ll always be ready to create some cozy lighting in your home if you keep this chic pack of smokeless cotton-wick pillar candles around. This scentless, textured three-pack also comes with dripless wax, so you can style them in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room and light them without even thinking about messy wax.


This Cushioned Bath Mat With Soft & Quick Drying Fabric

This memory foam bath mat is the a cozy, cushiony, and stylish swap for the classic, super thin woven mat that’s probably in your bathroom right now. Instead of getting all gross on the bathroom floor, this mat comes with quick-drying fuzzy fabric on top, and you can even put it in the wash. It also comes in two dozen colors and eight sizes to perfectly suit your space.


This Fuzzy Faux Fur Blanket With 2 Stylish Sides

This faux fur throw blanket isn’t just a stylish addition to your couch; it’s also an incredibly soft, fuzzy, lightweight, and warm addition. Available in eight colors, this blanket has two sides to it: one with an abstract animal print and another solid side, which gives you flexibility in how you style it between snuggle sessions.


A Neutral Hammock Chair To Elevate Your Comfy Seating Options

Not only will this cotton-blend hammock chair be the comfiest spot in your space, but it will also look so trendy. The neutral woven fabric makes this chair breathable and flexible, so it’s easy to get comfy in. It has a secure anti-tip design and can hold up to 330 pounds. It’s stylish, too, because it’s finished off with woven rope details to add to the hippie chic vibes.


A Bendable Tablet Stand That’s Easy to Clip on Tables & Bed Frames

This easy-to-bend tablet or phone stand is 30 inches tall, so you can easily adjust it to watch a video in bed or read through a recipe while you’re cooking. The base is super compact, so you can clip it onto your countertop, bed frame, or bookshelf without taking up a bunch of space.


A Plush Footrest That Doubles as a Rocker

This foot rest is a must for your desk setup because you can prop your feet up for better posture and circulation or flip it over and rock it (instead of bouncing your leg all day). It has a non-slip finish, so you can even use this cushioned memory foam pillow if you have slippery wood floors under your desk. Plus, it works under your knees when you’re on the couch after work.


A Waterproof Tray for the Comfiest Bath Setup

This tub tray somehow makes your bubble bath even better because it gives you designated spots for your phone, wine, a tablet or book, and more, so you’re set up to relax for a while. It’s easy to slide the stylish and waterproof bamboo base out to fit the tub, since it expands from 29.5 to 42.5 inches.


A Compact Knee Pillow That Helps to Support Side Sleepers

This supportive knee pillow helps reviewers with back pain and hip pain and is generally good for side sleepers, since it helps to align the spine and support your legs. It is made with a soft and breathable material, and at just 10-by-8 inches, it’s supportive and firm without being overly bulky.


This Convenient Caddy With Pockets for Lounging Essentials

This sleek caddy slides under your mattress or the cushion of your favorite comfy chair that doesn’t have a table next to it. It gives you three mesh pockets for your phone, the remote, or even your go-to nighttime moisturizer. This neutral linen-blend caddy also has a big pocket for your tablet or a book.


A Soothing Mini Fountain With Cozy Built-in Candles

Not only does this fountain have a soothing waterfall with satisfying trickling sounds, but it will also fill your space with cozy lighting, thanks to the built-in pillar candles. It’s small enough to pop on your coffee table or next to one of your houseplants, and the little bowl will keep this stylish fountain mess-free.


This Monitor & Phone Stand That Raises Things to Eye Level

This monitor stand will make your work day much more comfortable, because your screen will actually be at eye level while you look at it all day, reducing neck and eye strain. It also comes with a little drawer and a spot to prop up your phone, so you won’t hunch over every time you get a notification or want to change your podcast.


A Best-Selling Reading Pillow That’s Soft Yet Supportive

This unique reading pillow is way better than trying to pile up a bunch of your decorative throw pillows when you’re relaxing on your phone. It has a supportive back, little armrests to make it even comfier, and plush shredded memory foam inside. You also get a little handle on top of the washable cover, so you can carry this pillow to the couch.


An Adjustable Bidet Attachment With a Rust-Free Design

This sleek bidet attachment has a universal fit that will look like it’s built-in, and there’s basically zero upkeep once it’s on the toilet. The durable plastic tucks under the seat and stays completely rust-free. Plus, it’s finished off with customizable settings, including water pressure options, to give you a comfortable cleanse every time you use the restroom.


These Adhesive LED TV Strip Lights With 15 Colors & 10 Brightness Levels

Adding this strip of adhesive LED lights to your TV or behind furniture makes movie nights cozier (and reduces eye strain as you watch). You can choose from 15 colors and dimmable settings, depending on what the vibe is that night. It also comes with a small remote that’s easy to stick next to your TV remote.


The Super Quiet Humidifier With 63,000 5-Star Reviews

Sometimes it’s all about adding a bit more moisture in your home, and this cool mist humidifier will make your space comfier. It’s small and quiet enough to stick it in your bedroom or even pop it on your at-home desk. You can adjust and customize the mist, and it’s also free of any annoying filters you would have to change out.


A Minimalist Organizer to Stick Next to Your Bed

This chic floating bedside organizer is such a sleek option if your bed is right up against a wall or if there’s not quite enough space for a nightstand. It sticks on with adhesive, and you instantly have two sturdy shelves for your phone, earbuds, TV remote, or whatever else you reach for before bed.


These Smart Bulbs With Over 16 Million Color Options

These smart light bulbs are such an easy way to create that cozy and colorful LED lighting in your home because they are fully customizable. You simply add them to the lamps in whatever room could feel a little comfier, pick from 16 million colors and color temperatures, dim them, and add a ton of vibes to any space.


A Luxurious Velvet Ottoman With Comfy Padding & Hidden Storage

This storage ottoman still gives you a comfy spot for your feet, just like a classic ottoman, but it also has a tufted velvet design with gold-tone legs for a chicer look. It works as an extra little stool in your living room because it can hold up to 300 pounds, and there is plenty of padding under the luxurious textured fabric to keep you comfy while you sit. Inside, there’s some storage for a tidier living room, too.


This Back Pillow That Supports Your Back While You Work

This lumbar support back pillow will save you from tossing your home desk chair (or ending up on the couch by mid-morning). It is made with perfectly curved and perfectly firm memory foam to help our your back. Fortunately, the breatable, adjustable design also comes with a washable cover.


This Aesthetic Moon Lamp That Emits a Warm Glow

This dimmable textured moon lamp is way more aesthetic than adding another lamp to your space, and it has the coziest yellow warm glow. You can also change it to a white LED if it fits your space more, and this unique light even comes with a chic little wooden stand.


This Chic Dried Flower Diffuser for a Fresh-Smelling Home

With this diffuser, your home will instantly feel comfier because it will always smell clean and luxurious without lighting a candle. It comes in a variety of scents, including black cherry, peony, and pure cotton, so you can pick the one that best fits your vibe. Unlike other diffusers, this one also comes with dried flowers on top, so it will look like a stunning miniature bouquet on your table or countertop.


This Shag Rug With a Velvety & Cozy Finish

It’s definitely worth swapping out a flat area rug for this on-trend shag rug because it will be so much cozier. Below all of the fluffy 1.6-inch fabric, it comes with a non-slip lining to keep this soft, plush rug right where you placed it. You can also vacuum right over the velvety fabric on cleaning days.


A Zen Garden Kit to Help You Relax at Your Desk

This mini zen garden is an easy way to add some comfort to that one spot in your home that doesn’t feel super relaxing — your desk. It comes with plenty of river stones, soft white sand, little decorations, and a bamboo rake so you can take a soothing moment and design this garden. It’s also finished off with a bamboo fence, so it will really look like a little garden on your desk.


This Best-Selling Alarm Clock That Slowly Wakes You Like a Sunrise

Mornings before work can be less stressful if you pop this alarm clock on your nightstand because it will gradually light up and get brighter, just like a gentle sunrise in the morning. You can choose from sounds, like seagulls, rain, or more, to gently play with the sunrise setting to make waking up less startling. It can also make your room comfier at night because it comes with a bunch of color and dimmer settings.


This Live Plant That Helps to Clean the Air

This air-purifying live plant comes in a chic clay planter to add a bunch of greenery and modern appeal to your space. The actual plant has green and yellow leaves, and you can stick it wherever it looks the most aesthetic in your home because it will work in pretty much any lighting situation.


A Foldable Phone Stand With a 4.8-Star Rating on Amazon

With this phone stand, you can stay comfy in bed and still easily check your phone to see if it’s time to get up. It’s small enough to fit on any nightstand, desk, side table, or dining room table, and it even comes with a slot to run your charger through. Best of all, you can fold up this non-slip stand and put it in your work bag to keep it on your desk.


This Stylish Himalayan Salt Lamp That Emits Soothing Pink Lighting

This salt lamp will add a ton of comfy lighting to your space at night, and it will still look seriously aesthetic during the day. The wooden base has 100% Himalayan salt on top to create a soothing pink glow every time you turn it on, creating a comfortable, soothing environment.


These Non-Slip Rests to Alleviate Wrist Pain While You Work

Tuck these little wrist rests in front the keyboard and mouse on your desk, so your wrists will be cushioned and supported all day while you work. Each one comes with firm memory foam and non-slip bottoms, so they won’t slide around while you’re typing or scrolling.


A Stylish Essential Oil Diffuser With Adjustable LED Lights

This diffuser will make your space so cozy when you fill it with soothing essential oils (think: classic lavender), especially since it operates extremely quietly. It also comes with a glowy and super aesthetic LED light accent, so you can pick from seven colors to make this diffuser even more calming. It can run for 13 hours per fill before automatically turning off, but it also has timer settings so you can turn it on while you sleep.


These Throw Pillow Covers With a Trendy & Fluffy Design

Not only do these throw pillow covers come with the trendiest checkerboard pattern in six different colors, but they’re also made of fluffy faux-fur fabric to add coziness to your couch. The zipper is neatly tucked and hidden in the plush fabric, and you can even put these covers in the washing machine.


These Blackout Curtains With Thermal Insulation

These chic blackout curtains will make your space so much comfier in the morning, because they will keep out the bright sunshine that’s seriously annoying. Plus, the built-in thermal insulation will also help maintain the internal temperature of your home, whether it’s super hot or chilly outside. Though super functional, these curtains come in nearly 30 different colors to perfectly match your room.


A Best-Selling Space Heater That Doubles as a Classic Fan

This dial-controlled space heater will look surprisingly sleek in your space because it’s super small and has a minimalist design. The ceramic heating panel will make any space up to 200 feet so much cozier, and it has two different levels so you can adjust it for the weather. Plus, you can even turn off the heat and use it as a mini fan in the summer.


These Mini Strawberry Candles With Long-Lasting Wax

Add these adorable strawberry candles to a decorative tray, and they’ll look so cute in your kitchen. Each one is made of 100% soy wax, and they’ll add a refreshing fruity scent to your space every time you light one of these miniature berry-themed candles. Even though they’re the size of real strawberries, each one of these realistic-looking candles will last for up to six hours.


These Warm White String Lights With Convenient Spots for Photos

These string lights with photo clips are the easiest way to decorate your walls and add some cozy lighting at the same time. They’re covered in glowy LED lights with a warm white design to illuminate an entire wall. Plus, the 50 clear clips are removable and easy to arrange, so you can hang as many photos as you want.

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