40 Clever Things That'll Make Any Room in Your Home Look Better for Under $35

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40 Clever Things That'll Make Any Room in Your Home Look Better for Under $35
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Home is where you kick back to relax, eat a good meal, and snuggle with your pets — which is why it’s a good idea to make sure it looks as nice as can be. But if interior decorating isn’t your forte it’s not a problem, as there are tons of clever things on Amazon that’ll make any room in your home look better. Also, they’ll do it for under $35. Since everything you’ll find below is ultra-affordable, feel free to add more than a few to your cart. Your home will thank you later.


These geometric floating shelves made with real wood

If you’ve got a blank space above your couch you don’t know how to dress up, consider adding these floating shelves. Their metal wire hexagon shape gives them an incredibly modern appearance, and the bases are made from real paulownia wood that can support up to 13 pounds.


The outlet concealer that tidies up your cords

If you’ve got bulky plugs that jut out from the wall, this outlet concealer features a flat plug, giving it an ultra-subtle look. The power cable is 3 feet long — though it’s also available in 8 feet if you need something longer — and each order includes a three-outlet power strip that one-ups your wall outlet.


A ceramic flower vase shaped like an infinity symbol

Consider this flower vase a modern addition to any shelf or table. Not only is it shaped like an infinity symbol, but it’s also made from sleek ceramic that comes in four colors: white, pink, blue, or black. And while it may look small, don’t be fooled — there’s enough space inside to hold up to two dozen roses.


A rustic plant terrarium made from wood & glass

If you enjoy propagating plants, consider taking a look at this terrarium. It’s made from real wood and glass — not plastic — and features an adjustable stand that easily fits on window sills, desks, nightstands, and more. The best part? It makes it easier than ever to add a pop of green to stale, uninviting rooms.


This rechargeable duck light that makes a statement

If your nightstand or desk doesn’t have space for a full-sized lamp, this LED duck makes a cheeky option. Its compact footprint takes up hardly any room, and the battery delivers up to six hours of light before it needs to be recharged. The brightness is even adjustable up to three levels.


A reversible rug made from 100% cotton

This area rug was woven by hand, and is also supremely easy to clean in the event it gets dirty — simply toss it in the wash and let it spin through a cycle. The reversible design makes it almost like you’re getting two rugs for the price of one. Plus, the 100% cotton fabric feels oh-so-soft underfoot.


The triangle bookshelf that comes in 5 finishes

I’m a huge fan when it comes to this triangle bookshelf, and not just because I currently have it sitting on my nightstand. Seven slots give you ample room to store books, tablets, folders, and more, while the wide base keeps it stable. Choose from five finishes: gold, black, rose gold, white, or silver.


This countertop trash can made from brushed stainless steel

Sugar packets, tea bags, straw wrappers — this trash can is great for all those small bits of garbage that tend to accumulate on desks and counters. Its compact footprint takes up hardly any space, while the brushed stainless steel exterior looks smart with nearly any decor, and also helps keep it fingerprint-free.


These V-shaped grippers that help keep rugs from curling

In addition to being unsightly, furled rugs can be a recipe for trips and falls, making these grippers a smart investment. Their V-shaped design allows them to easily fit into the corners of your rugs — and since the adhesive is weatherproof, they’re even suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.


A motion-sensing light that’s so, *so* easy to install

Dark hallways and rooms will undoubtedly look so much better with these motion sensor lights hanging up. They’re made from sleek faux wood, with a built-in sensor that prevents them from turning on when no one is around (aka ideal as a night light). Installation is also a total breeze, as each one is powered using a rechargeable battery — no need for any wiring.


This stylish incense holder that brings a modern touch to any room

Don’t use that crummy ash tray to burn your incense — instead, upgrade to this stylish holder. It’s made from a combination of wood and glass, giving it a modern look no matter where you place it. Plus, the down-burning method helps keep ash from blowing onto your table.


An outlet extender with a built-in shelf

Not only does this outlet extender add three plugs to your wall outlet, but it also features a built-in shelf that’s great for holding smart speakers, charging phones, or any other small item. A built-in night light helps you navigate your way through the dark, and you even have the choice of two colors: black or white.


These LED candles that have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours

Still wasting money buying new candles? Then these LED ones are worth a look. The bulbs have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, so there won’t be need to buy a new set anytime soon. And since the bulbs flicker just like real flames, they also look incredibly realistic, even up close.


The cable management box with a sleek wood-look top

I’m big on making sure cable clutter stays hidden from sight, which is only part of the reason why I’m a fan of this box. Multiple slats in the back let you thread cables through, allowing you to hide power boxes, strips, and more. Plus, its faux wood top makes it look like it cost way more than $18.


A handwoven caddy that holds up to 40 paper towels or napkins

If you’d like an easy way to make a room feel upscale, search no further than this caddy. It’s made from handwoven seagrass, and has enough space to hold up to 40 paper towels. The opening on the side makes it easy to grab a towel when you need one — and many reviewers commented on how it’s “well made.”


The LED puck lights that don’t require any wiring

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to add under-cabinet lights to your kitchen — just grab these LED puck lights. There’s no complicated wiring required during installation, as each one is powered using just three AA batteries (which are not included). Plus, each order includes a remote so that you can control them from afar.


A wall-mounted broom holder that can handle up to 35 pounds

With a weight limit of up to 35 pounds, feel free to load this broom holder up with mops, vacuums, or even gardening and sports equipment inside your garage. Hooks between each slot give you extra space to hang scrubbers, gloves, and everything in between. “This simple little product has made my life SO much easier!” raved one reviewer. “No more clutter in my closets. Super easy to install and holds a decent amount of weight, and fits to any size handle for your mops/brooms/etc.”


This decorative floor grate that comes in 12 finishes

Nickel, bright brass, textured black — with 12 different finishes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this floor grate in a style that suits your home. The patterned top makes it stand out from typical grates, and installation is as easy as removing your current grate, then pressing this one into place.


An LED night light that only turns on in the dark

Dark rooms can make even the nicest homes feel uninvinting, making this LED night light a smart buy. A built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor prevents it from turning on during the day, and the brightness is easily adjustable using the slider switch on the bottom. Choose from six colors: soft white, blue, red, daylight, orange, or multicolor.


A wireless picture light that highlights your decor

Got a piece of art you want to show off? Then this picture light is worth a look. There’s no wiring necessary during installation as it’s powered using just three AA batteries (which are not included). The built-in timer can also be adjusted from 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes, and each order includes a remote so that you can control it from afar.


The floating shelves that fit neatly into the corners of rooms

Whether you need somewhere to display decor or a little extra storage space, these floating shelves have you covered. They’re made from lightweight and durable MDF that’s easy to mount onto your walls, yet can still hold up to 11 pounds. You also have eight finishes to choose from, including espresso, walnut, grey, and more.


These glass jars that holds sundries with a vintage-style charm

Whether you fill these jars up with candy, cookies, or dry goods is up to you — whatever the case, the round shape and glass walls make it a stylish, vintage-feeling addition to any countertop. The airtight lids also will help keep everything inside fresh. And if you aren’t a fan of filling them with food, you can also use these to hold loose change, Q-tips, bath bombs, and more.


This snazzy word clock that looks good just about anywhere

Consider this LED word clock a modern upgrade from the analog clock that may be hanging on your wall. It tells the time in five-minute increments, lighting up what time it is in words — and the compact size easily fits on desks, shelves, or nearly anywhere else in your home. Choose from four finishes: copper, rose gold, silver, or black.


A microfiber throw blanket that comes in dozens of colors

If your home is lacking in color, consider draping this throw blanket over your couch or bed. It comes in dozens of shades, from lilac to mustard yellow, and the premium microfiber fabric gives it an oh-so-cozy feel when lounging around. You also have the choice of seven sizes, making it suitable for kids as well as adults.


A roll of easy-to-install contact paper that looks just like white marble

Outdated countertops can cost a fortune to replace — instead, try using this contact paper. The adhesive backing lets you press it into place like a giant sticker, while the vinyl top makes it so water-resistant that you can even use it around sinks. Plus, the white marble print looks incredibly real, even up close.


The honeycomb bookends made from rustproof metal

Not only does the honeycomb pattern on these bookends give them an ultra-modern look, but the bases also slide underneath your books to help you save space on cramped shelves. They’re made from rustproof metal that comes in seven finishes, including turquoise, white, yellow, and more. One reviewer wrote, “[Love] the honeycomb design and the gold paint, it really classes up my bookshelf!”


This vintage-looking area rug that won’t shift out of place

Step off of those cold, hard floors and onto this area rug. Unlike some rugs, this one features a nonslip backing to help keep it from shifting around on your floors, while the low pile makes it unlikely that it’ll snag on doors. And with dozens of sizes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your space.


This easy-to-clean door mat for indoors or out

Once this doormat gets too dirty to ignore, you can easily spray it down using a garden hose for a quick clean — or even just rinse it off in your kitchen sink. The nonslip backing helps keep it from shifting out of place, while the textured top captures dirt and debris before it can get tracked throughout your home. Choose from three sizes as well as seven colors.


These gallery picture frames that won’t break the bank

Consider these gallery picture frames an absolute steal at only $20 for five. They’re ideal for creating an accent wall filled with your favorite memories, and they look just as good with the mat as they do without. Choose from dozens of sizes as well as 10 frame colors.


A mini dustpan set that’s excellent for mini messes

Not only is this dustpan set great for cleaning up small messes around the house, but the mustache and face details allow it to double as playful decor. A loop at the top makes it easy to hang in storage, and many reviewers appreciated how the densely packed bristles made sweeping up mess a total breeze.


These botanical prints that won’t break the bank

Buying art for your home is rarely ever cheap — luckily, these botanical prints are currently available for just $20. They arrive unframed so that you can hang them up however you like, and their neutral colors are nearly guaranteed to match any color scheme in your home. “They are beautiful and really great quality,” wrote one reviewer.


The bamboo dividers that help organize messy drawers

An organized home will always look nicer than a messy one, so why not tidy up the insides of those cluttered drawers with these dividers? They expand to fit drawers between 18 and 22 inches long, and the rubber-tipped ends help keep them from shifting out of place. Choose from three colors: natural bamboo, grey, or white.


These labels that help you keep track of messy cables

Can’t quite remember which cable is plugged into that outlet? Not a problem when you have these labels. Each order comes with nine different colors, making it easy to organize via color code — and the wide tabs let you write right on them.


This vinyl record holder made from solid wood

Put your vinyl records on display using this snazzy holder. It’s made from solid wood and features clear acrylic ends so that you can appreciate the album artwork. There’s enough space for it to store up to 50 records. And since it’s shatterproof, you won’t have to worry about it breaking if it ever drops.


The dusting mitt that doesn’t require any cleanser

A solid deep-clean is a simple and effective way to get your home looking its best. This reusable dusting mitt is an MVP because there’s no need for any cleanser in order for it to be effective. Simply get it wet with water and it’ll latch onto dirt and dust as if it were a magnet. It’s made from soft microfiber that can absorb more than five times its weight in water, dust, and dirt.


These apothecary jars that come with stylish bamboo lids

Cotton balls, flossers, Q-tips — these apothecary jars are a stylish way to store all sorts of vanity items. Each one comes with a matching lid made from stylish bamboo, helping protect everything inside from dust. Plus, the thick plastic bases look just like real glass, making them look way more expensive than they are.


This organizer for brushes, makeup, & more

Skin-care bottles, brushes, toothpaste — this organizer is great for all those little items currently cluttering up your bathroom vanity. Five different compartments help you keep everything looking tidy, and the sturdy resin frame is designed to last. Choose from colors like faux white marble, faux black marble, and a dark wood look.


A bamboo serving tray with *thousands* of positive reviews

Whether you’re creating a gorgeous table centerpiece or eating breakfast in bed, this serving tray is a stylish pick. It’s made from bamboo with handles on either side that make it easy to carry around. The raised edges help keep items from sliding off. “I use this tray on the ottoman that serves as my coffee table,” wrote one reviewer. “It's a great quality and the size is very nice to be able to have a coffee mug in addition to a plate if you actual want to use it to eat from.”


These adhesive hooks that let you hang up 16 hats

You can easily add storage to your closet or create a fun accent wall in your bedroom with these hooks. The adhesive backing is so sturdy that it can easily support up to 3 pounds — and they’re the perfect size for hanging up hats, belts, or even headphones.


An over-the-door organizer for all your bags

If you’ve got items creeping out of your closets or cluttering up the hall, transfer all your purses (or towels) into this organizer to open up some space. It hangs over any standard-sized door, and features six transparent pockets that let you see where everything is stored at a simple glance.

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