Amazon's Selling a Ton of These 50 Weird, Cheap Things That Work So Freaking Well

Prepare to be seriously impressed.

Written by Veronika Kero
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Sometimes you have to think outside the box to come up with a great solution to all of life’s little problems. And the weird items on this list are gaining new fans daily thanks to their low prices and high level of functionality. From a popular cover that will keep your microwave clean to a bug-shaped flashlight that runs for 22 hours, everything has a genius design that allows it to work effectively.


A stainless steel pizza cutter with a removable shield

Thanks to its laser-etched stainless steel blade, this pizza wheel makes it easy to slice pizza, quesadillas, and more. Its removable shield keeps your fingers safe while slicing and makes it easier to get it clean when you’re done. One reviewer wrote, “It works beautifully. Weighted just right. Cleaned easily.”


This adorable tea infuser that’s dishwasher safe

Instead of settling for pre-packaged options, fill this tea infuser with your own loose leaves and herbs to make a custom blend. The monster is 6 inches tall with a long neck that sticks out over the surface of your tea so that you can safely remove the silicone tool. And since it’s dishwasher safe, cleaning up is just as easy.


This pack of dip clips that reviewers say are sized just right

Perfect for anyone who loves to host or anyone who simply loves to snack, these dip clips create an easy way to enjoy condiments, dressings, and dipping sauces without making a mess. Each of the deep bowls snaps securely onto the side of any plate. One reviewer wrote, “Big enough to be useful but not so much that they’re in the way. And shaped so they are easy to clean.”


Some bottle-cleaning tablets that actually work

Simply let one of these bottle-cleaning tablets sit in a tumbler or water bottle with warm water for up to 30 minutes to remove residues and smells for fresher-tasting water. One reviewer wrote, “This product works like a dream and thoroughly deep cleans all of our stainless steel cups and bottles so much so to the point that it seemed like it was brand new!”


This microwave splatter guard with 50,000+ 5-star reviews

This microwave splatter cover prevents condensation buildup by allowing steam to escape. Your appliance’s inner walls will be free of splattered sauces and oils and your food will be perfectly heated. And since the lid collapses to less than 1 inch tall, it can be stored just about anywhere.


A compact cleaning kit for all your devices

Coming with a retractable brush, a microfiber cloth, and two multifunctional pens, you’ll have everything you need to keep your devices spotless with this laptop cleaner kit. You’ll be able to remove embedded dirt from between keys and leave your screens streak-free. The tools can also be used on your phone, camera, wireless earbuds, and more.


These magnetic flashlights with a 4.7-star overall rating

Whether you’re grilling after dark or finishing up a DIY project in the garage, use these weather-resistant magnetic flashlights for some hands-free guidance. You don’t have to try to balance them between your chin and shoulder — just place them on any metal surface and position the gooseneck in any direction you need.


This waterproof speaker with a suction cup base

This compact Bluetooth speaker packs a serious punch. It provides HD sound and deep bass for up to 10 hours. Just connect wirelessly from up to 33 feet away and use the suction cup on the back to attach it to any smooth surface. And because it’s waterproof, you don’t have to think twice about using it while in the shower or by the pool. One reviewer wrote, “I also dropped it on my shower floor and it continued to play with no problem - very sturdy.”


This clever gadget that expands your car’s cup holder for XXL drinks

You’ll never need to worry about whether your drink is too big to take on the road when you have this cup holder expander. It’s available in two sizes to fit most cup holders, and it adjusts for a secure, no-spill fit. Best of all, it can be modified so that it won’t block your second cup holder, allowing you to truly maximize your on-the-go drink storage.


An at-home mushroom grow kit that’s ready to harvest in just 10 days

By simply placing it in indirect light and misting it twice a day, you’ll have fresh oyster mushrooms in your kitchen with this mushroom grow kit. Plus, they’re completely organic and non-GMO. The box will create two crops (each providing three to four servings) and the first one is ready in as soon as ten days. One reviewer wrote, “One of the easiest and fun mushroom experiences I have had. I only opened the box and they started to grow out the top a few days later while still sitting on my countertop.”


These highly rated appliance sliders that prevent countertop scratches

Able to bear the weight of air fryers, microwaves, and more, these appliance sliders can help you better organize your counter. After sticking their adhesive backs to the bottom, you’ll be able to push, pull, and rotate everything without scratching the surface below or doing any heavy lifting. One reviewer wrote, “These sliders are a total game changer. The adhesive seems to work great, and they make the mixer slide so easily! I no longer dread having to move my mixer around and will likely end up baking more often!”


This leakproof pickle container that’s dishwasher safe

Thanks to the built-in strainer that this leakproof food storage container is equipped with, you can finally reach for a delicious pickle without dunking your fingers in the brine. The double-decker design works like an hourglass so the juices will fall into whichever container is on the bottom (and it’s dishwasher safe). “We now have three of these containers. It’s so handy. No more fishing around for olives or pickles,” wrote one reviewer.


A color-changing timer for perfectly boiled eggs

This egg timer changes color to tell you when your eggs are soft, medium, or hard-boiled. All you have to do is pop it in your pot along with your real eggs. It will take out all the guesswork by calculating by temperature instead of time.


A rechargeable silicone night light with 3 brightness settings

This USB-C rechargeable silicone night light can run for six hours at a time, be set to three different brightness levels, and put on a 30-minute timer. And most importantly, it’s in the shape of an adorable (and squishy) duck.


These color kitchen knives that come with their own sheaths

Add an unexpected pop of color to your kitchen while ensuring you always have what you need for slicing and dicing with this attractive knife set. Available in a variety of striking colors (including solid blue, green, or purple), they feature sturdy stainless steel blades that will resist rust and scratches. And the ergonomic handles offer a no-slip grip. With each set, you’ll get six different knives, ranging from an 8-inch chef’s knife to a petite paring knife.


A spoon drainer that will save you drawer space

Drain pasta (like ravioli), beans, vegetables and more with this compact spoon drainer. It’s made of nylon that’s safe to use on nonstick cookware and has a discreet pan hook so that it can rest easily on any pot. One reviewer wrote, “Very sturdy. There’s no bending of the handle even after it’s been in hot water stirring pasta.”


This expandable spice rack with grooved shelves

This three-tier spice rack can be extended from 16.75 to 32 inches, so you can adjust its length to fit nearly any space. It’s made of shatter-resistant plastic that’s a breeze to wipe clean, and each of the tiers has deep shelves with grooved bottoms to keep bottles from tumbling over.


A drink dispenser that’s battery powered

Instead lifting a heavy jug each time you want some juice or milk, pop in this automatic drink dispenser and fill your cup with just one hand. It has a universal silicone cap with a trigger lock that prevents leaks and drips. It’s powered by two AA batteries.


These plant-watering globes made of handblown glass

Don’t worry about going out of town for more than a few days — this pack of four plant-watering globes will keep your houseplants well hydrated for up to two weeks. Each orb is made of beautiful handblown glass that you simply need to fill with water before you leave. One reviewer wrote, “Left plants for 15 days and came back to growing healthy plants and water still in bulbs. Great product!”


This alarm clock on wheels that can get anyone out of bed

Able to jump off of any nightstand up to 3 feet tall, this alarm clock on wheels makes sure you actually get out of bed instead of just hitting the snooze button. You’ll hear it from wherever it rolls — even heavy sleepers won’t be able to ignore its ringing. You can set it to allow for one snooze or no snoozing at all. Several colors are available in the listing.


A window track cleaner set with washable sponges

This window track cleaner will help you get into all the tight spaces you couldn’t before. Your window blinds, vents, and more will be free of dust and even stubborn grime (the sponges can be washed and reused). Use the mini brush and dustpan for tiny corners and cracks. One reviewer wrote, “This works amazing! Used it in my window sills, and sliding doors and they all look brand new.”


These reusable dishcloths with 41,000+ 5-star reviews

You’ll save a ton of money and even storage space when you bring these reusable dishcloths into your home. Each one in this pack of 10 can take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels. They can absorb 20 times their weight in liquid, can be used wet or dry, and are even biodegradable.


This genius organizer that’s designed to fill the gap next to your car’s seat

If you’ve ever felt like your car could use a little end table for your essentials, this car seat gap filler is not quite that, but it will still make your life so much easier. With two in a set, they are designed to fit perfectly in that infamous space between your car’s seat and console (where items tend to fall at the worst moment). This pocket-like storage solution is a perfect place to stash things like sunglasses, a wallet, or a phone, and it comes in four hues so you can find one that best works with your car’s interior.


This magnetic multitool that helps you retrieve things from hard-to-reach spots

Maybe when you drop something behind the washer machine or it rolls under the fridge, you think of it as being gone forever; but with this magnetic pickup tool, there’s finally an easy solution. It has a telescoping design that extends up to 22 inches, and it features an LED light and a magnet on the end, so you can easily rescue tools, nails, bolts, or other metal items that have slipped out of reach. This battery-operated gadget is made of aluminum that’s sturdy yet lightweight — in fact, the whole thing weighs less than 6 ounces, so it’s easy to keep on hand.


This time-saving cutlery brush that also protects your fingers

By scrubbing both sides at once, this cutlery brush will minimize the amount of time you spend washing knives, spoons, and forks. To dry, it can stand up on its own or be hung over the edge of a sink, strainer, or sink caddy. Plus, its textured surface gives you a sturdy grip and keeps your fingers safe.


A 4-cup batter dispenser for drip-free counters

To precisely fill a cupcake tin or make perfect pancakes without dripping on your counters, reach for this batter dispenser. It has a pull handle that gives you complete control and a leakproof valve that prevents drips. Plus, it can hold four cups of batter at a time.


This trunk organizer that makes it so easy to keep your car tidy

Forget about loose items rolling around in the back of your car’s trunk at every turn; with this clever organizer, you’ll have a way to keep everything secure and orderly. This large-capacity organizer has several interior and interior compartments to store anything you need, plus you can connect more than one together for maximum storage. It also has tie down straps to ensure that nothing shifts around while you’re driving, and when you don’t need it, the whole thing folds flat for easy storage.


These funny wine stoppers made of dishwasher-safe silicone

These beanie wine stoppers will end up being the stars of your next party, but their design is as functional as it is adorable. They’re made of durable silicone that can flex to fit into any bottle opening (they even work well with champagne bottles) and create a leakproof seal. Plus, they’re safe to put in the fridge and dishwasher.


A silicone baking mat that can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Say goodbye to oils and cooking sprays and hello to this silicone baking mat. It’s completely nonstick so every one of your delicious creations will pop right off. And thanks to the size guide printed on its surface, you’ll have some help as you navigate your next recipe.


An over-the-sink colander that expands up to 19 inches

Able to extend from 14 to 19 inches, this over-the-sink colander gives you a hands-free way to drain pasta or rinse fruits and vegetables. One reviewer wrote, “Fits nicely over the sink and doesn't move. Easy to adjust to size and easy to clean.”


This compact knife sharpener that is so easy to use

Keeping your blades sharp and ready to use is easier than ever when you have this handy knife sharpener. It has a powerful suction cup on the base so that it stays put as you use it. And it doesn’t require batteries, electricity, or even any elbow grease to work. Simply run your knife lightly through the center of the sharpener a few times, and it’ll be as sharp as ever.


These plant-watering funnels that reviewers are obsessed with

These plant-watering funnels that mimic the shape and color of leaves won’t disrupt the look of your greenery. By reaching deep into the soil, they ensure that you are properly hydrating your plants without splashing or dripping. One reviewer wrote, “Super cute way to water your plants and add some pizzazz to your planters. I also use mine to lift up the bottom leaves so they can get a little more sunlight.”


A lightweight camping lantern that runs for up to 10 hours

When expanded, this camping lantern provides bright LED light that will easily guide you through the darkness. The tool collapses down to only a few inches tall, making it easy to pack away. It’s solar powered but it also has a USB port that can be used to charge your phone while on the go (or to charge the lantern itself). It has a 10-hour run time once fully charged.


This mesh splatter screen that doubles as a cooling rack

This splatter screen will keep both your skin and walls protected from hot oil as you sauté vegetables or make bacon. Its fine mesh is made of durable stainless steel that allows steam to be released if kept over a pot or pan. And since it has sturdy feet to rest on, it can also be used as a cooling rack.


This LED neck light that frees up your hands for reading

If lousy lighting conditions are keeping you from reading to your heart’s content, this LED neck lamp is about to change everything. It has a lightweight design that comes in eight colors so you can pick your favorite. The light offers three color temperatures and it features a narrow beam so it won’t disturb anyone else you might be sharing your space with.


This brilliant “dip clip” that makes it easier to enjoy your drive-through order on the road

The Saucemoto Dip Clip first took Shark Tank by storm, and now, Amazon. The clever contraption is designed to clip onto your cars horizontal air vent and provide a stable place to hold dips and sauces. Available as a set of two, the popular clips have more than 20,000 fans on Amazon, with many shoppers call them “genius.” “I never would order specific things at fast food places [because] i would be driving and eating and didn't want a disaster of spilled dipping sauce,” wrote one reviewer. “This makes eating on the go more enjoyable for the driver because now you can dip with no worries, I even get to dip my fries now.”


This microwave kettle that expertly pops your popcorn (no butter or oil required)

It’s so easy to get your popcorn popped to light, airy perfection with this microwave kettle. Made with sturdy borosilicate glass, it’s designed specifically for use with microwaves that have turntables, and you don’t need to add any oil or butter. With more than 40,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, it’s become a true fan favorite, with one shopper writing, “Its so easy to use and [the popcorn] turns out well everytime.”


A mini waffle maker for breakfast or delicious waffle buns

Whether you want to make quick and perfect waffles, hash browns, or — yes — tasty waffle buns for your spicy chicken sammie, this mini waffle maker is the tool for you. Just pour your batter onto the 4-inch nonstick cooking surface and within minutes you’ll have delicious, perfectly cooked waffles at the ready. How you use them is up to you.


The dish drying rack that rolls up to save space

If you’ve got a kitchen that’s tight on space — or just want to efficiently utilize it — opt for this handy roll-up dish drying rack. It’s made of sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel capped by nonslip silicone feet so it stays firmly in place. Use it to drip-dry dishes, produce, or even as a trivet as it’s heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


These light saber chopsticks that make noodles more fun

Sure, you can go for the traditional wooden sort — or you can let the force guide you by wrangling your food with these light saber chopsticks. These BPA-free plastic chopsticks feature powerful LEDs that blaze in this classic blue, though you can opt for a rainbow of colors including red, green, yellow, and purple.


A pair of wireless earbuds that can play for up to 45 hours

These budget-friendly wireless earbuds don’t skimp where it counts. They feature powerful stereo sound quality with punchy bass and clear mids and trebles and have easy touch controls so you can skip forward or backward, adjust volume, and even answer calls. And best of all, they play for 10 hours on a single charge and with the charging case, can last up to a whopping 45.


A shoe cleaner kit that works with a ton of different materials

To keep everything from your loafers to your sneakers looking like they’ve never been worn, all you need is this shoe cleaner kit. Just use a few drops of the gentle cleaning solution to buff away scuffs and stains. The brush makes the job a breeze and the kit can be used on leather, vinyl, nubuck, suede, canvas, cloth, and more.


This cast iron burger press that gets you solid grill marks

If you want grill marks to perfection (and to reduce cook time), this cast iron grill press makes grilling faster. Heat it on your grill before use, then place it on top of burger patties, chicken, and more. It also makes paninis and grilled cheese a breeze. One reviewer wrote, “It is easy to use, sturdy, and perfect for flattening burgers. I used it as a makeshift sandwich press, and it worked great.”


This electric pepper & salt grinder set that turns on when flipped

No more pushing a button to grind salt and pepper — this electric pepper and salt grinder set has a clever auto feature. Flip over one of the grinders, and it will start grinding. They’re also built with a see-through spice tank so you can see when one needs refilling. Meanwhile, the LED blue light on each grinder lets you see how much spice you’re adding to your food.


This wall-mounted broom holder that has 11 storage spots

Get your brooms and household cleanup tools off the floor with this wall-mounted broom holder. Built with five spring-loaded slots to hold brooms, rakes, or other items up to 35 pounds, plus six retractable hanging hooks, there’s no lack of storage here. It’s also weatherproof, so you can mount it anywhere, including your garden.


These handy griddle rings that will upgrade your breakfast game

This griddle ring set makes perfectly round eggs, omelets, and pancakes. By containing food inside a nonstick ring — of 4-, 6-, or 8-inches wide — you can keep pancake batter and eggs from spreading all over your griddle. One reviewer wrote, “Works great for egg sandwiches, omelets and pancakes!”


These bright, pocket-sized flashlights that will fit anywhere

Made with military-grade aluminum and removable clips, these pen light flashlights have almost 7,000 five-star ratings. Designed to withstand drops and with all-weather durability, you can fit the 5-inch long frames in your pockets or tote them wherever you need extra light. And no need to charge them often — a couple of AAA batteries will get you hours of use.


This vegetable garden starter kit that reviewers say has great instructions

From the potting soil to the seeds, this vegetable garden starter kit comes with everything you need to begin incorporating fresh and homegrown ingredients into your salads. One reviewer wrote, “Very pleasantly surprised at the quality. Great instructions.”


A steering wheel tray that makes it easy to eat or work in the car

Sometimes eating or taking a Zoom call in the car happens. In which case, you’ll be glad you grabbed this steering wheel tray. It’s designed to hook onto nearly any steering wheel, and features a small cupholder to help keep your drink from sliding off. The compact size makes it easy to slide into the pocket on the back of your seat for safekeeping.


This stain-resistant charcuterie board with a hidden tool drawer

This is not your ordinary charcuterie board; it’s made of durable bamboo, has side slots to keep your presentation neat, and a hidden drawer that’s equipped with a full set of cheese knives. The board itself will also resist odors, scratches, and stains. It has earned an impressive 4.8-star overall rating, and is also available in the listing with additional drawers for extra space.

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