50 Absolutely Genius Things on Amazon With Insanely High Reviews

So many five-star reviews here.

Written by Allison Bolt and Amanda Pellegrino
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There are plenty of things that have gone viral for being genius, clever, or the best thing ever — and yet, when you check them out, you’re... less than impressed. Well, not with this list of clever Amazon finds.

From a spinning tie rack that saves you space to a fancy set of glasses with matching glass straws, these 50 things aren’t only absolutely genius, but they have insanely high reviews that you can trust. And, with reviews like these, you’re sure to be impressed.


An extra-durable over-the-sink dish rack that’s so easy to store

This dish-drying rack is sturdy enough to hold up to 33 pounds of heavy pots and pans, because it’s made of durable stainless steel tubes. But don’t worry: each one is covered in a non-slip rubber end cap to keep it in place. This rack goes right over your sink, so the extra water to drip right into the basin, and it has an easy-to-store roll-up design after the chores are done.


This adjustable trunk organizer with 53,000 5-star reviews

This collapsible car organizer will take that cluttered trunk and transform it into an aesthetically organized section of your car. It has an adjustable (and waterproof) main compartment for groceries, two sturdy pockets on the sides, and four mesh pockets for even the smallest car clutter. It also comes with hooks and a versatile shape, so you can easily tuck it in the trunk or even on the floorboard, and it’ll stay in place.


This easy-to-clean silicone utensil rest with 4 slots

This genius utensil rest holds up to four utensils, and the minimalist silicone design will super sleek on your countertop. It comes with an oversized tray to catch sauce or food from each and every utensil you need as you cook. Plus, this heat-resistant holder comes with non-slip details to keep it in place.


A sleek wireless charger that lets you know it’s working

This matte black and budget-friendly wireless charger will always look chicer in your home than a classic charger. It’s wrapped in an LED light that turns on whenever your phone connects to it, so you can always be sure that it’s charging. This light also turns off a few seconds after to make sure it’s not too bright on your bedside table — a clever feature that helps this charger earn its 128,000 five-star reviews.


These heat-resistant liners to speed up oven cleaning

These oven liners are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees and will blend right in with the bottom of your oven while you’re baking muffins or putting a pizza right on the rack, and they make cleanup way easier. Simply remove and rinse these non-stick liners whenever a few veggies fall off your sheet tray or you spill some sauce, and you won’t have to scrub the oven.


These versatile reusable food storage bags with airtight zip tops

This pack of reusable food storage bags comes with three different sizes, so you always have a durable bag ready to go for your leftovers. The airtight zip-top design is perfect for storing everything from nuts at lunch to fresh produce in the fridge to leftovers in the freezer. It’s also leakproof, so you can pop leftover sauces in the freezer, too.


This best-selling magnetic wristband to keep your toolbox close

This comfy-to-wear wristband has 10 built-in magnets to hold onto all of the screws or picture-hanging hardware you need for your home project. It’s even strong enough to hold onto drill bits, and you can easily grab each of your installation supplies as you need them, which is why this handy gadget is a bestseller on Amazon.


A fold-up meat thermometer with an easy-to-use temp chart

This fold-up meat thermometer is a must-have because it takes just three seconds to accurately show your food’s temperature on the large, light-up display, allowing you to cook quickly and with more accuracy. It also comes with multiple safe meat temperatures printed right next to the LED-illuminated screen, so you can quickly check that your chicken thigh or pork chop is good to go.


This outlet extender with an expensive-looking night-light

This outlet extender comes with a sleek wire-free design and a built-in LED nightlight so you don’t have to poke around to plug things in at night. This warm light is also zero-effort because it will go off when your lamps are on or when the sun rises. Of course, you also add a ton of useful outlets, including six classic options and two USBs, and the prism-like design keeps them from overlapping.


These claw-like utensils to speed up shredding meat

These durable meat claws might stand out a bit next to your other kitchen utensils, but they’re so helpful when you need to shred chicken, slow cooker beef, or smoked pork butt for a recipe. They’re complete with comfortable-to-hold handles to make them that much quicker than shredding meat with a flimsy fork.


A slim, lightweight portable charger with a fun indicator light

This lightweight portable charger comes with a a super slim shape —like 0.5 inches slim — so you can tuck it in a bag or easily carry it around in your pocket with your phone. It has two USB ports and even a USB-C port as well as an indicator light (in the shape of a paw) that shows how much power it has left, so you’ll be sure you can charge your device no matter what.


These non-slip silicone & cotton oven mitts that stand up to hot temperatures

These long cotton-blend oven mitts have durable, non-slip silicone covering the hand portion, so you can be sure your hands are protected when you pull things out of the oven — after all, they can protect you from temperatures up to 450 degrees. This silicone design is also completely waterproof and steam-proof to make them a go-to for grabbing potatoes and eggs out of hot water.


This spinning accessory rack that fits right next to your clothes

These spinning and super compact racks are an easy way to tidy up ties or any other hard-to-store accessories, like necklaces, belts, or scarves. Each in this pack of four comes with a classic hook on top, just like a classic clothing hanger, so you can slide them right next to other clothes in the closet.


An easy-to-store milk frother to make every coffee a little fancier

This one-button milk frother might just be the only trendy coffee tool you need because the stainless steel frothing whisk will create perfectly professional-looking latte foam. It also comes with a stand, so this on-clic whisk can hang out on your countertop between each cup of coffee.


An infuser bottle for seed-free fruit water

This genius water bottle will make your favorite infused water so much better and completely seed- and herb-free. It comes with an infusing basket, so you won’t get little pieces of mint or little raspberry seeds in each sip. It also has a leakproof flip-top cap with a straw to prevent your fruit or herb water from spilling.


A mashing tool that’s great for ground meat, sauces & mashed potatoes

This silicone kitchen utensil is everywhere right now — probably because it has a super versatile design for breaking up ground meat, crumbling tofu, or even mashing potatoes. It’s heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, so you can honestly use this colorful non-stick utensil with a ton of different foods.


A wearable reading light with customizable light settings

This wearable reading light has such a slim and modern design, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating after 103,000 reviews. Not only will it look nice, but you can bend this comfy light to the perfect angle while you’re relaxing in bed or on the couch. Just be sure to click the easy button to change up the LED color from warm white, cool white, or even a cozy yellow light and to dim it to six different levels.


A fine mesh splatter screen with a countertop-friendly design

You’ll reach for this rust-resistant splatter screen every time you cook (even if you’re not frying something) because it will prevent oil from getting on your stove or counter. Steam will still escape through the protective stainless steel mesh, which you can also look through to check on your food, and it comes with a built-in stand for your countertop.


These waterproof phone pouches that still let you use the touchscreen

Tuck your phone in this waterproof pouch, and you’ll be good to go at the beach or on a hike. It takes basically zero set up because you simply snap the top closed, and the triple-sealing design will protect your phone from water, snow, sand, and more. Meanwhile, the lanyard on top makes it easier to hold onto your phone if you take it underwater.


These skewers with grilling baskets for mess-free cooking

These stainless steel skewers come with super clever grilling baskets, so you can be sure bell peppers, onions, or little shrimps won’t fall off the skewer and get lost between the grates. The matte black baskets are easy to clip around the skewers, and they come with chic wooden handles. Plus, the actual skewers come with a sliding handle, so you can push all of the grilled veggies right onto your plate.


These easy-to-clean fridge liners with subtle texture to prevent rolling

Cut these multi-colored liners to the correct size of your refrigerator’s shelves and watch your fridge immediately look more organized and cute. They’re waterproof, oil-proof, and feature a bumpy texture that keeps things from rolling around the shelves. Plus, you can simply wipe them to clean for a spotless refrigerator.


A super stylish candle warmer that also works for wax melts

Get the most out of your pricey candles or wax melts with this trendy candle warmer. It has a two-tone design that looks super expensive, but it operates simply: just place any candle under 4 inches in diameter on the platform, switch the melter on, sit back and enjoy the smells. This warmer also comes with a dish for wax melts, making it a versatile home add-on.


A travel coffee mug with a brewing filter to save dishes

This travel mug comes with a reusable stainless steel filter that fits right on top, so it will save you from pulling out your pour-over coffee maker, since you can make it right in your drinking vessel. The thermally-insulated design even comes with a copper lining and a vacuum liner to keep your perfectly brewed coffee warm for at least six hours.


These dimmable stick-on lights with expensive-looking details

These dimmable LED puck lights will look built-in no matter where you use them around your home. Plus, you simply tap to turn them on to make them feel extra expensive. If you want a few of them under your kitchen cabinets, you can use the remote to turn them all on at once or set a timer to turn them off after dinner.


This long pizza cutter that’s surprisingly versatile

This pizza cutter has a rocking design that feels way sturdier than a classic rolling cutter and lessens the likelihood that all your toppings slide off. The durable stainless steel design is also versatile enough to use even when it isn’t pizza night, like when you make brownies or even when you need to chop herbs or greens. It’s also finished off with a storage cover and a hanging loop, so it will easily fit in your kitchen.


This clever Bluetooth headband for sleeping, running & more

These are the Bluetooth headphones to reach for when you’re working out or want to be extra-comfy because they have a soft and breathable headband design. The three simple controls are on the front, so you won’t even have to grab your phone to turn up your white noise volume when you’re going to sleep.


A quirky spatula that reaches deep down into jars

This silicone spatula has a clever jar-scraping design and an adorable platypus shape, so basically, it will be the best utensil you own. The 8.3-inch long design is sturdy enough to scoop out thick peanut butter or honey but also bendy enough to perfectly spread them on toast.


An adjustable laptop stand for a chic & ergonomic setup

This sturdy aluminum stand proves that creating an ergonomic laptop setup can actually look nice. The base is adjustable from 5 to 7.7 inches, so you can have the screen at the exact level that’s best for your back, neck, and eyes. It’s also scratch-free and gives your laptop plenty of breathing room underneath during long work days.


These shatterproof & insulated wine glasses with lids

These insulated stainless steel tumblers are perfect for sipping outside because they won’t break, and the insulation will keep your white wine chilled for longer. They have a classic wine glass shape and an ombre design, so they’ll still feel chic. You even get a classic tumbler lid on top, so you also won’t have to think about spills with these shatterproof pieces.


These expensive-looking waterproof earbuds with 231,000 5-star reviews

Everything about these Bluetooth earbuds looks chic and expensive, especially their extra-compact earbud design that’s barely noticeable when you wear them. Despite their low price, one reviewer wrote “the quality of sound is impeccable, nice highs and lows, with a decent amount of bass.” They also come with a sleek, slim case. Meanwhile, every piece is waterproof to make them even more functional.


A dispenser for precise & mess-free pancakes & baking

This batter dispenser is specifically for making annoying pancakes, brownies, banana bread, and other batters pretty much mess-free. Simply pull the little handle to perfectly dispense your go-to batter completely drip-free. Plus, it has measurements on the side if you love an extra-precise baking moment.


These mini cable clips that keep your wires organized

For a tidy and organized desk, nightstand, or side table, these cable clips are a must-have. Just attach to your desired surface — wood, glass, metal, or plastic — with the built-in adhesive and your cord will clip right into the mouth to keep it securely where you want it. It’s great for nightstand chargers, behind-the-TV wires, musical instrument cords — you name it.


A gentle detangling brush with over 53,000 5-star ratings

This brush works on natural, curly, straight, thin, thick, wet, or dry hair to gently remove knots without pulling to reveal smooth hair. The flexible bristles are strong enough to maintain their shape but soft enough to be extra gentle while moving through your hair and massaging your scalp. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold, too, which makes this stylish brush all the better.


This professional-grade knife sharpener that makes your knives last longer

This professional-grade knife sharpener is as small as the palm of your hand, but it’s power is mighty. It uses tungsten carbide to restore a super sharp edge to your kitchen knives and has a suction cup base that attaches securely to most surfaces. All you have to do is swipe the knife back and forth across the sharpener three to four times with light pressure for a sharp edge — fast.


A stylish can cooler made for taller beer & seltzer cans

If you’re a fan of hard seltzer or beers with an unusually tall can shape, check out this can cooler. Unlike other koozies, this stainless steel one is designed specifically for 12-ounce tall, thin cans, and uses triple insulation technology to keep them cold for up to 12 hours without any condensation. They come in dozens of colors and designs, making them a cute addition to your tailgate, party, camping trip, BBQ, or laidback night drinking in the yard.


These reusable wax paper bags to keep cheese fresher for longer

What comes after your professional-grade charcuterie board? These professional-grade wax bags. After you’ve finished snacking, keep your cheese fresh for longer inside these bags. The porous bags are designed to keep things moist and let your cheese breathe to prevent it from drying out. And there’s a label on the surface to write the type of cheese and the date on which it was packaged so you can easily keep track.


A slim car seat gap organizer with spacers to fit your exact vehicle

Grab this organizer to take care of the annoying car seat gap where everything gets lost and to give you more storage space in your car. The faux-leather design makes it look like an expensive car add-on, and spacers help it to fit gaps between 0.5 and 2 inches, which double as dividers to customize this slim organizer to fit your phone, keys, and more.


These best-selling stackable ice trays with clever silicone bottoms

The plastic and silicone design of these ice cube trays makes it easier than ever to be your own ice machine. The plastic top makes them stackable for more storage, while the silicone bottom means it’s easy to pop the ice out after it’s hardened. And they each have a removable lid that’s an additional shelf if you need more space in your freezer.


This citrus-scented callus remover cream that brings the spa home

Have a spa night on your very own couch when you have this callus remover cream for your feet. This lotion removes calluses, heals chapped skin, and softens your feet in just three to five minutes. Tea tree oil also helps with other potential foot issues, like athlete’s foot, acne, and fungus.


These sleek, clear plastic bins that organize your refrigerator

Get your refrigerator approved by TikTok when you have these best-selling storage bins. Great for organizing your fruits, veggies, condiments, cans — you name it — the bins are see-through so you always know what you have and how much. Plus, they feature convenient handles on either side for easy access, which is why they have a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


A stackable lunch container with 5 compartments & a fork

You know how salads are $16 now? Well, save some money and bring your own when you have this salad lunch container. It features one large compartment for your lettuce, a stacking tray with four smaller compartments for toppings, and a dressing container with a separate top. The whole thing clips together with a leakproof lid so you can take a fresh salad with you anywhere.


A reusable lint roller that easily removes pet hair

Your couches, chairs, car seats, and clothes will thank you when you get this reusable pet hair remover. Just swipe it back and forth over any fur-attracting surface and watch the remnants of your furry friend disappear before your eyes. When you’re done, simply press a button in the handle and dispose of all the hair collected in the easy-to-wipe clean center compartment. It’s that easy.


These rug grippers that keep your carpet’s corners from curling

Keep your rugs flush against the floor with these increasingly popular grippers. The adhesive side attaches to the bottom corners of your rugs, and the rubber side rests on your hardwood, tile, carpet, or stone flooring to keep the corners from curling up and creating a potential tripping hazard.


This mini bag sealer that helps keeps snacks fresh

Keep your chips, candy, cookies, and pet food fresh and their bags firmly closed and pest-free with this bag sealer. It looks just like a 6.7-inch hair iron, and it works to create a new tight seal on thicker bags. It’s easy to use, too, just flip the switch, let it heat up, and crimp.


A ceiling fan duster with an extendable handle

Ceiling fans are one of those things that don’t look dusty but are secretly very dusty. So grab one of these dusters and get to work. The handle expands from 27 to 47 inches, and the microfiber top is made of fluffy microfiber that traps and collects dust in the typically hard-to-reach place.


These trendy glasses with bamboo lids & glass straws

Your lemon water, iced coffee, seltzer, or beer will look better than ever when you drink it from one of these can-shaped glasses. They come with bamboo lids, glass straws, and two brushes to clean the straws between uses. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe, resistant to temperatures from -68 to 212 degrees, and they look so dang cool.


This 6-pocket organizer to keep your essentials close

This six-pocket organizer can be rested on your desk or tucked under your mattress or couch cushions to keep all your essentials close. It features four mesh pockets, perfect for phones, sunglasses, or remotes; one large pouch for electronics or notebooks; and one small pouch for pens and pencils.


This hilarious spoon holder that’s perfectly witchy

If you celebrate spooky season all-year long, you absolutely need this witchy spoon rest. It clips onto the side of your pot or pan to hold your spoon and keep the mess off your kitchen counter. You can even rest the lid of your pot on it to release steam and keep it from overflowing.


This poop bag dispenser that clips onto your pup’s leash

You’ll never have to awkwardly ask a stranger for a spare poop bag or keep a bulky grocery bag in your pocket again when you have this dispenser. It’s tiny — just 2.1-by-3.18 inches — and clips directly onto your leash so you never leave without it. Bonus: it comes with 60 extra-thick, leakproof bags to get you started.


An insulated water bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours

The triple insulation technology of this stainless steel water bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours of hot for 12 hours. It comes with three leak-proof tops — a straw lid, a flip lid, and an open mouth lid — and it’s slim enough to fit into most cupholders. And it’s dishwasher-safe, so you can clean it more often than you do your current water bottle.

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