65 Things Under $25 on Amazon That'll Impress the Hell Out of You

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65 Things Under $25 on Amazon That'll Impress the Hell Out of You
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The world is full of clever, problem-solving gear that is so cool you will wish you knew about it sooner. Some of it is so slick, in fact, that you will wish you invented it. It’s too late to be the inventor but it’s not too late to save yourself time, effort, and regret by dropping these 65 things under $25 on Amazon that’ll impress the hell out of you into your cart and, thereby, improve your life.


This Angry Mom Who’s The Best At Cleaning The Microwave

Yes, she is angry. And you know why? The microwave is dirty again. And she is the only one who ever cleans it. But that’s because this Angry Mama microwave cleaner is the best at it! Fill her with water and vinegar, put her in the microwave, and turn it on. Steam blows amusingly out of her head to loosen the crud cooked onto the interior so it wipes away.


The Book That Remembers Your Passwords

Managing passwords is a modern headache that has no easy solution. If you are tired of getting locked out of your gear, use this password book to help you keep track. The A5 notebook is set up like an address book for websites. For extra security, use hints that only you will know rather than writing out the password.


A Folding Keyboard That Fits In A Pocket

When all you have is your phone and you want to answer an email or get some work done, pull out this foldable Bluetooth keyboard and do it. It connects wirelessly, has a full QWERTY keyboard, and works with tablets and computers, too. It even comes with a stand for your phone. “I am routinely in the field and have to send up reports or information,” said one reviewer. “This is an awesome little keyboard that holds a charge for days while I type and actively use it.”


These Stick-On Lights That Solve So Many Problems

If you think that fixing the lighting in your kitchen, bathroom, or closet will require the expensive services of an electrician, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to put terrific lighting wherever you want it with these stick-on lights. Peel and stick them under the counter, inside closets and cupboards, and in shelving units. Touch the lights to turn them on and off or use the remote to control power, brightness, and the auto-shut-off duration.


The Bowl That Makes Ramen Anywhere

Whipping up a tasty bowl of ramen is super easy with this microwave ramen bowl. It has a vent in the lid to let steam out, holds two packs of ramen, goes into the dishwasher for cleanup, and looks adorable in your kitchen. A pair of ready-to-assemble chopsticks snap into the lid so you can enjoy ramen anywhere there’s hot water or a microwave.


This Dog That Holds Your Tasting Spoon

Buddy is your new kitchen helper. He will hold your tasting spoon like a good dog. He can handle the heat when you want to let steam out of a pot. Snap him onto the edge of the pan and he holds the lid up with his tail. And like any cute dog, he’s good company in the kitchen.


The Tool For Making Uncrusted Pocket Sandwiches

Make your own pocket sandwiches with this sandwich cutter and sealer. Just assemble your bread and fillings, using the cutter piece to cut meats and cheese into the right shape. Then press it all together with the pressing tool and your lunch will be crustless with the contents sealed inside. It comes with the tools to make two sizes of sealed sandwiches.


This Drink Holder For The Shower

If sipping a cold one while in the shower is your idea of the perfect post-work mood booster, this shower drink holder will help. The back clings to the shower wall, side of the tub, or any shiny surface with a clever grippy surface that doesn’t use adhesives or a suction cup and holds one can of beer — or a soda, cocktail, or wine in a can — securely while you lather and enjoy your shower.


The Fix For Losing Stuff Under The Car Seat

Tired of dropping your phone between your car seat and the console and spending the next 20 minutes, tail up, hunting for it? This pair of seat gap organizers will put an end to that hassle. It also provides a handy place to stash your phone — or some cash for tolls, your sunglasses, or some tissues. Just press them in, between the front seats and the console, and go on with your life.


These Gloves That Give You Super Powers

When you are headed into the dark, pull on these flashlight gloves to give yourself superpowers. When you need to see, tap a button on the back of your hand to shoot light beams from the back of your thumb and your index finger. This is great for activities that require manual dexterity in the dark like fishing and taking the pup for a walk in the wee hours.


A Dry Bag That’s Also A Backpack

Headed onto the water? Drop your dry goods — towel, sweatshirt, camera, phone, keys — into this light and waterproof dry bag. You can choose from three sizes and each has straps that make it easy to carry as a backpack or over one shoulder. Each one comes with a phone case that will keep your phone dry and give you a way to clip it to a belt or strap.


The Smart Way To Keep Pickles At The Ready

Move your pickles and olives out of the jars they came in and into this clever, dishwasher-safe container with a strainer. Store your tasty snacks in the fridge with the large end on the bottom so the pickles rest in the pickle juice. When you want to eat a pickle, turn it over, and all the juice strains off to the smaller section. You never have to dip your fingers into pickle juice.


This Sandwich Maker For Fast Grilled Cheese

Enjoy a delicious pressed grilled cheese sandwich anytime you like by dropping your bread and cheese onto the nonstick, molded plates of this sandwich maker. Close the lid and it toasts both pieces of bread while pressing the sandwich and forming it into two sealed triangles. It works well for quick omelets and French toast, too.


A Banana Hook That Attaches Underneath The Cabinet

Mimic nature and ripen bananas perfectly using this banana hook that attaches underneath the cabinet. Not only does it free up precious counter space but the hook also prevents bruising. Use it alternatively for other produce or herbs and conveniently fold it up to be out of sight when not needed.


The Trash Can That Will Keep Your Car Clean

The trick to keeping your car free of trash is to put a big trash can in it so you have a place to toss wrappers and empty water bottles. This garbage bin has room for all your detritus and secures to your car interior in so many ways. It comes with liners and works with grocery bags. It’s waterproof. The lid hides the trash from view. And it comes in two sizes.


This Solution To The Bathroom Power Dilemma

When those two plugs next to the bed or in the bathroom are inadequate for your needs, plug this outlet extender in and expand its capacity to five standard plugs and four USB plugs. There is even one USB-C plug for your laptop or tablet. And the shelf on top is the perfect place to set a phone or speaker. A nightlight throws enough light so you can see to plug things in.


A Hammer For The Kitchen

For many recipes, you need to thin chicken cutlets or tenderize meat. This heavy meat tenderizer hammer is the tool you want for those tasks. One side is textured for tenderizing. The other is flat for thinning pieces of meat into thin pieces. Either side comes in handy for smashing garlic, opening nuts, and other kitchen chores.


This Trick For Turning Showers Into Spas

Next time you wash your locks, use this scalp massager to work up a good lather and give your scalp a relaxing spa treatment. “I didn't know how much I needed a good scalp massage until I used this,” reports one reviewer. “My scalp felt energized [and] my dull dry hair [got soft]. Sometimes your shampoo is not the problem!”


This Bluetooth Headband With Stereo Sound

Fill your ears with high-quality stereo sound with this ingenious Bluetooth headband. It can serve as a next-level sleep mask by helping you fall asleep with soothing sounds and can also provide tunes during outdoor, cold-weather workouts. It comes in lots of patterns and colors and is made of comfortable, breathable cotton with a nice bit of stretch.


The Pet Hair Grabber That Actually Works

Get a handle on pet hair, quickly and easily, with this pet hair remover that requires no refills or power. Just rub the grippy brush area over the fur-laden furniture, carpet, or clothing and it grabs it all, stashing it behind the brush in the debris compartment. Empty that and you can keep right on going. It’s so effective that over 112,000 people give it five stars.


The Ice Trays For Stick Ice

Want to put ice into a bottle with a narrow neck? These narrow ice stick cube trays can make that happen. Each tray makes 10 stick-shaped ice cubes and you get three colorful trays — with or without covers — for a total of 30 ice sticks. The flexible silicone makes it easy to get the ice out of them. And they are sized perfectly for water and soda bottles.


The Trick For Storing Appliances Without Cord Hassles

If you constantly shuttle your appliances from the counter to the appliance garage, these cord organizers make that chore so much easier. Stick them to the appliance, wrap the cords around them, and snap the end into the cord clip. “Strange how a small item can help me keep my sanity and helps me not want to drag everything out of my cabinets and burn my house down,” said one reviewer.


The Spatula That Looks Like A Platypus

Bring some whimsy to your sandwich prep by dipping the duckbill of this platypus-shaped jar spatula into the peanut butter or mayo and using it to spread that condiment smoothly over your bread. It’s cute, colorful, cheerful, and very good at its job. “I bought it to eat Nutella out of the jar and it works great for that, gets all the corners,” said one reviewer.


This Life Hack For Packing

Pro tip: When you are packing for a trip, organize your wardrobe into these packing cubes. As you travel, you will be able to pop your suitcase open and locate exactly the garment you need with no digging around or unpacking. There are five pieces, each a different size. The bag makes a great laundry bag or shoe storage. They come in 10 colors.


These Beer Chillers That Keep A Brew Cold

Take your time sipping your beer — there is no rush to drink every drop before it gets warm, since these stainless steel beer chiller sticks will keep it chilled. They’re designed to fit in both traditional and stubby beer bottles. And the set comes with three of them.


These Portable Chargers That Are So Handy

Drop one of these quick power chargers into your bag so you aren’t caught without phone power when you need it. This is a two-pack so you can charge one while the other travels with you. Each one will power your phone — or other devices — repeatedly. “The dual USB ports enable simultaneous charging of two devices, making it perfect for sharing with family or friends during travel or outings,” said one reviewer. “[And] the sleek and lightweight design fits easily into your pocket or bag.”.


The Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Clean up the cookie crumbs, eraser dust, and all the other spills and detritus that happen on your desk without getting up or hauling out any tools. This desktop vacuum cleaner sits at the ready, looking like a desk ornament on your table. Just press the button, vacuum up the mess, and empty it into the trash. It’s nice to have on the dining room table or counter, too. It comes in five colors.


The Meat Thermometer That Opens Your Beer

Grab this digital meat thermometer when you head out to the deck for grill night. Not only is it the tool you need to cook steak to the perfect doneness and never serve underdone chicken but it’s also a bottle opener. You will use it constantly. Stick the probe into the meat and it tells you the internal temperature on a clear, bright digital screen, holding that reading so you can pull it out of the heat and look at it in comfort.


This Handy Roll-Up Drying Rack

This roll-up dish drying rack might be the most useful little tool in your kitchen. Unroll it over the sink to let just washed dishes drip dry into the drain. Set fruits and vegetables on it and give them a rinse, letting them dry right over the sink. Or set a pan on it to easily fill it with water or when it’s too hot to set on the counter. Want to use that sink? Roll this up and stash it in a drawer.


This Complete Set Of Kitchen Tools

Every kitchen needs tongs, spatulas, and whisks and this silicone spatula set is the easiest way to stock your kitchen fast with excellent, matching tools. The silicone-covered tools are heat resistant, gentle on foods, and won’t scratch your cookware. And there are three of each tool so there will always be a clean one when you need it. “Very impressed with these tongs,” said one reviewer. “They are now my go-to tool for cooking, especially when using my air fryer.”


A Grill Basket For Mess-Free Barbecuing

This stainless steel BBQ basket makes it so easy to grill up a meal of fish, meat, fruits, or vegetables without losing anything to the fire. Load up the basket in the kitchen, where you have all your spices and tools, and carry the basket out to the BBQ. The basket locks closed and the handle is long enough — and heat resistant — to keep your fingers away from the flames.


The Travel Solution For Toilet Paper

Bring a little commode comfort with you on your next camping or road trip. Load this hanging toilet paper holder with your preferred paper and hang it within reach — either in a public restroom with inadequate supplies or at your campsite. It is waterproof, delivers the paper easily to hand, and zips open for easy loading.


A Beard Bib So Shaving Has No Cleanup

If trimming your beard requires too much cleanup time after the fact, strap on this beard bib and prevent the mess. It snaps around your neck and suctions to the mirror, creating a catch basin under you to stop all the whiskers from dusting the sink and vanity. Just gather it all up, throw the mess in the trash, and go on with your life.


This Splatter Screen For Clean Fry-Ups

Bring back your favorite fried chicken or steak recipe — the one you stopped making because cleaning the stove afterward was too much trouble. This time, though, set this splatter screen over the pan. It stops the fats and oils from spitting all over your stovetop so there is no cleanup. (It doesn’t trap steam or change the way your food cooks, though.) And it can go in the dishwasher.


The Detangling Brush That Doesn’t Hurt

Does it hurt to brush your hair due to tangles? Are your locks broken and frizzy? Switch to this glide thru detangling brush. The flexible, cone-shaped bristles detangle as they slide through your hair rather than pulling and breaking hair strands. “No tears from any of our girls when I brushed their hair,” said one dad. “Even my wife was impressed with my brushing success.”


A Wireless Charging Pad

Eliminate one irritant from your life for good by setting your phone on this wireless charger instead of fighting with a tiny charging plug. “I don't know why I didn't switch to a wireless charger sooner,” said one reviewer. “I was impressed at how fast it charged my phone and liked how the base lit up green when it connected to my phone so I know it is charging.”


This Wine Opener That Requires No Skill Or Effort

Opening a bottle of wine does not need to be a struggle or the domain of the few who have mastered the art. This electric wine opener will open a bottle in seconds with no hand pain or struggle. And it spits the cork out at the press of a button. It can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.


These Lids For Every Container You Have

These reusable silicone lids eliminate the need for special storage containers — and all the cupboard space that those demand — by turning any container in your kitchen into a storage container. Snap one over the pan you cooked in, the bowl you ate from, the can you opened, or even right over the cut end of the grapefruit or lemon. There are seven lids in a variety of sizes.


The Stick-On Wallet That Attaches Directly To Your Phone

Never again struggle to find those all-important essentials thanks to this stick-on bifold wallet that attaches to your phone. Equipped with an elastic closure, it has multiples slots for cards or an ID, plus a keyring and an easy access pocket. Choose from 11 colors, including black, gold, gray, and forest green.


An Insulated Food Thermos For Lunch On The Go

Pack a hot meal wherever you go so you aren’t stuck eating what’s available out in the world. This insulated food jar will hold one meal’s worth of pasta, soup, cold salad, or whatever you prefer. And it will keep that meal hot or cold for hours so you don’t have to take any risks. It’s easy to wash and comes in seven fun colors.


These Bear Claws For Tearing Meat

The next time you roast a pork butt, don’t fight it with two feeble forks when shredding it. Use these meat shredder claws. They arm you with bear-like power so you can tear through that meat in record time with no pain to your wrist or hands. “They are strong enough to tear the meat up but not scratch the pan up,” said one reviewer. “Using them brings out my inner Wolverine... Marvel fans will understand.”


A Storage Strap That’s Industrial Strength

With over 13,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, this storage strap has proven itself a must-have for organizing all your cables, cords, ropes, and hoses. It’s made of industrial-strength polypropylene and features a hook and loop fastening. A metal grommet allows you to hang items if needed, which will be a cinch considering its 50-pound weight-bearing capacity.


The Hook That Keeps Headphones Handy

When it’s time for a video call, you want to shut out the ambient noise and listen to some tunes, or you need to listen to something without disturbing the people around you, don’t waste time looking for your headphones. Hang them on this under-desk headphone holder and you will always know where they are — and where the charger is. It clamps to a desk or shelf easily and the hook rotates to fit your space.


These Silicone Tea Bags

Make your loose teas as easy to brew as tea bags — and skip the cost and waste of buying tea in bags — with this silicone tea infuser. Fill the bag-shaped containers with tea and drop them into hot water. The tiny holes won’t let leaves into your mug and there is no paper to affect the flavor of your brew. This is a four-pack in assorted colors.


The Universal Phone Mount That Clips Onto The Car Vent

Suitable for just about any smartphone, this car mount is a convenient, no-fuss way to keep your device handy. It’s designed to clip right on to a horizontal air vent, so you don’t need to sacrifice a cup holder or windshield visibility. And the ball joint allows for 360-degree rotation so you can set it up for just the angle you need.


A Clothes Folding Board To Make Your Drawers Worthy Of A Department Store

Make every single shirt or pair of shorts feel ready for the chicest department store with this clothes folding board. Place a shirt in the center and use the movable pieces to create a perfect folded result. Use it for all kinds of other items such as pajamas or pants and fold it up to store within a small footprint.


These Cable Wraps That Are Super Versatile

Whether you need a way to wrap up cords, stick a pen to the fridge, or wrap up your wild hair, these reusable silicone magnetic cable ties will take care of the task. They are stretchy and flexible, have powerful magnets on either end and are affordable enough to keep a pile of them on hand.


The Fridge Mats That Stop Chaos

When you open your fridge door is it like looking into the gaping maws of the demon of primordial chaos? Or is it colorful and calming? The difference could be in the simple application of these refrigerator mats. They give your goods a soft landing, bring color (and the potential for color coding) to the interior, and are easy to clean if something spills.


A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle For Homemade Hydrating Beverages

Take simple water and elevate its hydration capabilities with this fruit infuser water bottle. Made of durable shatterproof plastic with a nonslip grip on the side, it comes with a removable infuser in which to place citrus, berries, herbs, or vegetables. A flip-top lid is easy to drink from and prevents any possible leaks while you're on the go.


A Neck Light That Keeps You Reading

When you are deep into a thriller and need to know what happens next and your bedmate reasonably requests lights out, pull out your trusty and rechargeable neck reading light and keep those pages turning. It puts two adjustable beams of light right where you want them because the goosenecks let you point them accurately. You get to choose the light temperature and brightness, too.


These Weird Dishcloth & Sponge Hybrids

Upgrade your dishwashing tools by switching to these Swedish dishcloths that are an odd mix of cellulose and cotton. It turns out that that combination is perfect for washing glasses, wiping surfaces, and soaking up spills because the cotton is flexible like cloth and the cellulose is absorbent like a sponge. They are the paper towel replacement you have been searching for.


The Silicone Baking Mat That Makes Cooking Easier

Make your life easier and your foods less fatty by using these silicone baking mats when you bake cookies, roast meats or vegetables, or cook anything. They are nonstick so you can skip the “grease the pan” step. And they rinse clean so you can skip washing the pan, too. This pack of four includes two half sheets and two quarter sheets but there are lots of size options. “I save so much money with these mats!” said one reviewer. “They are very easy to clean! They don’t leak onto the sheet pan! And they’re marked for cookie baking!”


This Clip-On Strainer That’s Better Than A Colander

This pot strainer is so much better, easier, and faster than a colander when it comes to straining the water out of a hot pan. Clip it onto the side of the pan and pour the water away. No more aiming for a wobbly target in a sink full of dishes. “I’m seriously so impressed with it,” said one reviewer. “One of the best kitchen gadgets I’ve bought in a long time! Oh, and it works on every single pot I have! Big, small, even the ones with weird little rims!”


A Cuticle Cream With Nourishing Mineral Ingredients

Repair painfully dry nails with this cuticle cream made with Japanese minerals and seaweed. Designed to function as part cuticle oil, cream, and butter, it includes nourishing ingredients such as bran oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. Use the precision tip to apply several drops to the nail bed and massage into the skin for fast results.


The Food Covers That Keep Bugs Off The Picnic

Don’t let flies and other flying insects ruin your picnic. When you set the food out, immediately set these mesh food covers over it. Bugs can’t get through them but everyone can see what’s under them and they are easy to lift off when serving. At the end of the event, they fold up like an umbrella for storage. This is a pack of six large covers.


A Mortar & Pestle To Create World Class Pesto

This beautiful mortar and pestle is made of solid marble and looks far more expensive than its $14 price tag. It’s the kitchen tool you’ll reach for when whipping up homemade pesto worthy of a five-star Italian trattoria. Use it to crush any number of spices and herbs and wipe it clean with a simple damp cloth for easy maintenance.


A Lazy Susan Turntable In A Unique Rectangular Shape

This uniquely shaped lazy Susan turntable is designed specifically to accommodate fridge shelves with its rectangular design. It’s made of clear plastic and features 360-degree rotation to easily grab that desired condiment that would normally remain impossible to grab. Plus, in addition to turning, it can also slide back and forth.


An Electric Sandwich Maker For Toasty Grilled Cheese & Panini

Gourmet grilled cheeses and daily paninis for a one-time fee of less than $20? That’s what you’ll get with this electric sandwich maker made with nonstick coating for effortless cleaning. It can make up to two sandwiches at a time and features fast, even heating. And, thanks to its lightweight design and built-in handle, it can travel easily to provide pressed sandwiches no matter where you are.


A Toilet Paper Holder With An Integrated Shelf

This toilet paper holder features a handy little shelf on which to place your phone, keys, or a bit of decor. It can be easily installed using self-adhesive or the included screws and is made of waterproof and rust-resistant aluminum alloy. Choose from four finishes to suit your bathroom aesthetic including black or gold.


The Pizza Cutter That’s Shaped Like A Wheel

Most pizza cutters are awkward to use because the handle is offset, which means you don’t get enough leverage to cut through the crunchy crust. This pizza cutter wheel puts the handle on top of the wheel so you can press as hard as you want. It’s very effective. “Forget those old pizza cutters,” said one reviewer. “[This takes] up less room in the drawer and work[s] better. I am so impressed!”


The Sponge Holder That Dispenses Dish Soap

Once you set this sponge holder and dish soap dispenser next to the kitchen sink, you will wonder why you bothered with all those other ideas. The sponge rests, draining into a basin below the sponge tray, on top of a pump-top soap dispenser. Press the sponge down to load it with the perfect amount of soap and scrub away for a sparkling finish.


These Silicone Liners For The Air Fryer

Air frying is trendy for one excellent reason: It cooks dinner fast. These silicone liners make it even easier by keeping the air fryer clean while you cook in it. Cook your fries in the liner and then drop it in the dishwasher. “Not only does the food cook the same as without the liner, but it makes clean up later a breeze,” said one reviewer. “I can preload one liner while the other is cooking, which has sped up my cooking time.”


This Solar Lantern That Packs Up Small

Tuck this collapsible solar lantern into your camping kit or beach bag and you will always have light when you need it. When collapsed, it is small enough to carry in a bag or in-car tool kit. When expanded, it acts like a lantern, throwing plenty of light for a campsite or beach blanket gathering. It charges with sunlight or a USB plug and will also charge your phone.


A Blind Duster With Multiple Prongs

There’s nothing you won’t do to avoid dusting your miniblinds, but this blind duster makes the annoying task so much simpler. It’s designed with three prongs to get in between slats with ease and comes with four washable microfiber sleeves to efficiently trap dust. A brush at the other end additionally helps to clean window grooves.


These Mop Slippers For A Sparkling, Streak-Free Floor

It can be a true letdown to have cleaned your floor only to discover unsightly streaks once it's dried. These mop slippers change all that by slipping over your shoes and polishing the floor to a sparkle. They come in a set of four pairs and are made of microfiber chenille that absorbs moisture easily and picks up any lingering dust or debris.

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