65 Clever Things for Your Home & Backyard that Are Insanely Cheap

Genius ways to make life easier.

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We all deserve to have a home filled with items that make us happy, but with everything costing so much these days, it can be difficult to achieve that without totally blowing the budget. However, you’re in luck — Amazon is filled with tons of clever things for your backyard and home that are shockingly cheap. And with thousands upon thousands of reviews to back them up, you don’t have to question their quality. From a set of metal claws for easier meat shredding to LED lights that make your TV screen more vivid to a stainless steel grill scraper for faster cleanups, these are unique products that will make life so much easier.


These Wine Aerators to Make Any Vino Taste Better

Infuse the optimal amount of oxygen into your wine with these wine aerators; the end result will be a more delicious glass of vino for you to sip on. And the device doubles as a pourer (with a tapered rubber base to fit snuggly in the bottle’s neck) so that you don’t accidentally spill any precious drops. The set comes with two aerators so you can keep both or give one to a friend — it’d make a great housewarming gift.


A Memory Foam Pillow That’s Specially Designed for Stomach & Back Sleepers

If you are a stomach or back sleeper, this slim pillow is your perfect match. It’s ergonomically designed with a contoured, supportive shape for ultimate comfort to keep your neck, shoulders, and back aligned all night long. The pillow is made from comfortable memory foam, and it’s covered with a bamboo pillowcase for a cooling effect.


These Heavy-Duty Cable Ties to Wrangle Cord Chaos

These durable storage straps will help to wrangle cords in your garage, shed, house, or really anywhere else that you need. They’re made from heavy-duty, waterproof polypropylene with an industrial-strength hook and loop closure and a grommeted top to hold up to 50 pounds. Choose from different strap lengths (ranging from 7 to 28 inches, depending on your needs) and even sets with assorted options.


This Travel Mirror That Won’t Fog Up

This travel mirror features a unique anti-fog feature — simply add warm water to the chamber, hang it on the wall (the suction cups allow you to attach it to nearly any surface), and enjoy the fogless mirror as you shave, apply a face mask, tweeze, remove makeup, and more. The mirror is thin and compact in size for travel. And it comes with a built-in squeegee to always stay clean.


A Duster That Extends in Length for Hard-to-Reach Spots

It’s nearly impossible (and potentially dangerous) to reach your ceiling fans for regular dusting. Luckily, this extendable duster simplifies the process; it features a detachable handle that can be adjusted in length from 27 to 47 inches, allowing you to clean even the most difficult areas around your home. The large microfiber head will trap dust and debris, and when cleanup is complete, simply toss the duster head in the washing machine to reuse it again in the future.


This Pumice Stone That Can Clean Seriously Stubborn Stains

Get rid of many pricey bathroom cleaners and swap them with this natural pumice stone — it can be used to clean your toilets, sinks, bathtub, and other porcelain, ceramic, and tile surfaces without the use of any chemicals. It’s incredibly powerful (specifically removing stubborn stains like rust, hard water rings, or calcium deposits) and will last a long time.


This Space-Saving Drying Rack That Hangs on a Door

Don’t have the space or desire for one of those large metal drying racks for your laundry room? This over-the-door drying rack is the ideal solution. It hangs over any standard door (or even on a shower rod) using the included hooks, and it boasts three mesh tiers that can be utilized to dry various clothing items. When not in use, it folds down for compact storage.


This Pocket-Sized Tool with 15-Plus Functionalities

You’ll want to keep this multi-functional tool with you at all times because it’s that useful. It functions as a bike spoke key, screwdriver, wrench, scoring tip, box cutter, can opener, file, ruler, bottle opener, and many other things — and yet it’s less than 3 inches in size and weighs under an ounce. It’s made from durable stainless steel to not break or bend after repeated use.


A Magnetic Cord Manager to Keep Your Chargers Within Reach

Ensure your essential chargers always stay within arm’s reach by placing this sleek cord holder on your desk, nightstand, or side table — it features a magnetic top to secure them. And it stays firmly in place thanks to a non-slip grippy bottom. There are different size options to accommodate varying amounts of cords, as well as a few colors to match the aesthetics of your space.


This Outlet Concealer to Minimize Messy Cords & Cables

This ultra-thin outlet concealer will blend in with the wall to help to tidy up messy cord situations throughout your home. It’s a one-size-fits-all product (with the ability to work with standard, mid-size, and even oversized outlets), and the 8-foot cord length means you can easily hide the power strip and cords in a more discreet area. The kit even comes with adhesive clips and double-sided adhesive strips to neatly attach the cord on the wall in any figuration desired.


Perfect Your Grilling with This Digital Meat Thermometer

Never overcook a steak again thanks to this digital meat thermometer. It features a 6.7-inch probe (which can endure temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit) that gives an accurate reading in just seconds. There are pre-programmed settings for eight types of meat like chicken or beef, as well as varying degrees of doneness. Plus, there’s a built-in timer.


This Stainless Steel Screen to Protect You from Spitting Oil

Protect your body and nearby surfaces from hot spitting oil by resting this splatter screen on top of your pan, pot, or skillet as you cook. It’s made from heavy-duty stainless steel with extra fine mesh to stop up to 99% of splatters. And it’s dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning.


This Smart Controller to Never Worry About Accidentally Leaving Your Garage Door Open When Away

Have you ever left home and wondered whether you remembered to close your garage door? This smart garage controller will give you total peace of mind since you can confirm it from the free myQ app (and subsequently close the door if you did in fact forget). But the uses don’t end there; you can also schedule your garage door to open or close at specific times, or even open it up remotely for delivery drivers to access. The controller works with most brands of garage doors manufactured after 1993 that use photoelectric sensors that don’t shut off.


These Grippers to Prevent Rugs from Curling

Curling rugs are a visual nuisance and tripping hazard. Utilize these v-shaped rubber grippers to fix the issue in a snap. They feature an adhesive backing to stick onto any rug in or outside of your home (they’re waterproof to hold up to against rain) without causing damage to the floor below. Amazon reviewers give this pick a 4.5-star rating overall after 12,000-plus reviews, shoppers swear that it actually works.


An Adhesive Drawer That Attaches to the Underside of Desks & Tables

Add extra storage to your desk or any table with this adhesive drawer, which is the perfect size for smaller items like pens, headphones, makeup, chargers, or other essentials you’d like to have accessible. It’s a breeze to install — just tear off the backing and secure it onto your flat surface (press it in place for about 30 seconds). And there are even two-packs available should you need a little more room for your stuff.


This Unique Safe That’s Concealed on a Clothes Hanger

Easily hide valuables at home or while you travel with this hanger diversion safe. It fits on a regular hanger and you can then place a clothing item over it to conceal it further. The safe holds a surprisingly large amount (up to 20 pounds worth, in fact) including cash, passports, jewelry, documents, and more. And the zippered pouch and durable nylon material keep it all secure.


A Silicone Organizer to Keep Your Bathroom Essentials Accessible

Store your bathroom essentials in style with the help of this silicone organizer. It’s simple to install — just remove the backing and press it onto nearly any surface whether shiny or smooth — and it has spots to accommodate toothpaste, a toothbrush, a razor, and a few other items. It’s removable, but also reusable, so you can take it with you as you travel without issue.


These Easy-to-Install Shelves in a Bunch of Finish Options

Better organize various products in your kitchen or bathroom with the help of these stainless steel shelves that cost just $15 or so each. Each one can hold up to 15 pounds worth of items, and they’re a breeze to install (and won’t cause any damage to the wall) using the included adhesive strips. Choose from different finish options, including sleek matte black or on-trend gold based on what best matches your space.


This Best-Selling Suction Tool to Help with Skin Issues from Pests

This $10 suction tool has stolen the hearts of the 44,000-plus reviewers on Amazon that give it a perfect star rating. So what does it do? Well, using just the power of suction, it can potentially stop any uncomfortable itching and swelling that you may be facing.


A Stable Laptop Stand That Can Be Positioned in Various Ways

This laptop stand is compatible with computers ranging in size from 10 to 15.6 inches, and it can be adjusted to place the device in a comfortable angle and height for use. It’s made from aluminum alloy with a sturdy base, making it remarkably stable — you certainly don’t have to worry about it toppling over, and the foldable design means you can take it with you on-the-go if desired.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser You Can Choose The Output On

This automatic soap dispenser holds enough liquid soap (up to 17 ounces, to be exact) to last through 1,400-plus hand washes before needing to be refilled — it’s one of those products that make your life easier. The dispenser utilizes motion sensor technology to dispense the soap and you can actually adjust the output levels to your exact liking. Another plus? Amazon reviewers confirm that soap won’t accidentally drip out of the device between uses.


This Deodorizing Spray a Fan Calls “Ridiculously Effective”

Not only does this deodorizing spray leave behind a pleasant orange citrus scent, but it also actually destroys odors (not just mask them) to make your home smell its absolute best. Amazon reviewers stand by its effectiveness — giving the product a 4.4-star rating overall, after 5,000-plus reviews — with one fan writing: “I seldom write reviews but felt it necessary to tell everyone it’s ridiculously effective.”


This Tool That Cuts Perfect Pieces of Watermelon

Cutting up a watermelon can be a bit of a doozy, but this lightweight tool makes it much easier; simply slice open the watermelon, then push the cutter with the windmill-style blade through it to create uniform pieces for you to savor. The ergonomic handle has a non-slip grip for secure holding — a feature you’ll appreciate when handling a messy watermelon.


A Shockingly Durable Cover That Protects Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are expensive so it is worth spending just $20 or so on this heavy-duty cover to protect yours from the elements. It’s made from PVC-coated fabric (that’s waterproof and UV-resistant) with an elastic cord at the bottom and four buckle straps to keep it securely in place. This specific pick is designed for square fire pits that are around 32 by 32 by 24 inches in size — though there are also options for different-sized models, including round fire pits.


This Handy Scooper to Easily Clean Up Pet Messes

Any pet parent needs this convenient pooper scooper in their life — it’ll allow you to clean up messes without uncomfortable bending or kneeling since it has a long 36-inch handle for easy reach. The large tray can hold a lot of contents at once, so you don’t need to stop to dump it often. And the entire thing is made from rust-proof metal for long-term use.


A Pack of Solar-Powered Lights In 3 Colors

Illuminate your walkways, flower beds, and other areas of your backyard with these solar-powered lights — no batteries, wiring, or plugs required. The lights will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, and they shine incredibly bright. Plus, they’re water-resistant so you don’t need to worry about bringing them inside should inclement weather strike.


These Powerful Cleaning Brush Heads That Attach Directly to a Drill

These four cleaning brush heads attach directly to a drill for a powerful, efficient clean with less effort on your part. They vary in size and shape for different uses, but each brush head features strong nylon bristles that won’t scratch nearby surfaces. For just $10 for a set of four, this pick is an absolute steal — you won’t find a price this low in any store.


This Ring Toss Game That All Ages Can Enjoy — & It Can Be Set Up Indoors Or Out

This ring toss game will certainly bring the fun to your next party, family gathering, or casual hangout. Both kids and adults can take turns trying to score as many points as possible by throwing rubber rings onto the hooks — it’s described as ring toss meets darts. The board can be set up indoors or out on any flat surface. And it’s made from wood, metal, and rubber, making it plenty durable.


This Popular Puck Light That’s Battery Powered

Amazon reviewers commented that they use these battery-operated puck lights in a bunch of different spots around the house — including in closets, underneath cabinets, on the stairs, and more — to add brightness for better visibility, as well as a touch of ambiance due to the warm white glow they put out. Utilize the timer function to have the light turn off automatically after 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Choose from sets with either one, two, three, or six lights; the price per light drops the more you buy. And they can be installed with screws or adhesive tape (both are included).


An Under-$30 Bidet For a Better Clean

Not only will this bidet attachment help you get a better clean after going to the bathroom, but it’ll also allow you to greatly cut down on your toilet paper use — so basically it’ll pay for itself in no time. It’s straightforward to install on any standard toilet (all of the pieces to do so are included) and no electric hook-up is required. The water pressure can be adjusted with the control dial on the side.


An Expandable Bathtub Tray for Building Your Relaxation Station

For a spa night at home, scoop up this bamboo bathtub tray that has slots for a wine glass, tablet or book, and various other relaxing essentials. It expands from 29.5 to 42 inches in width to fit most tubs, and the high-quality bamboo material is water-resistant to stay in top shape.


A Hanging Travel Organizer for All of Your Toiletries & Essentials

Whenever you travel, you’ll be thankful to have this toiletry organizer to stash various products like shampoo, conditioner, makeup, and more. And there are even various zippered mesh compartments and side pockets to keep everything sorted. It’s made from a completely waterproof material — which you’ll be thankful for should any of your toiletries accidentally spill en route — and it boasts a hook at the top for convenient hanging at your end destination. Choose from various designs and color options.


These Bamboo Dividers You Can Adjust to Fit

Place these bamboo drawer dividers in practically any drawer throughout your home (they expand from 17.5 to 22 inches in length with springs to hold them in place), and they’ll allow you to greatly maximize your available storage space. Each divider has non-slip rubber pads on the side to protect your drawers. And the set comes with four dividers in gray, white, or natural shades.


This Folding Step Stool You’ll Use Throughout Your Home

This step stool can support up to 300 pounds and the folding design means you can easily relocate it throughout your home (there is even a built-in handle) as needed — or just as easily break it down when not in use. It’s about 11 inches tall, giving you better reach. And rubberized dots on the surface provide traction for safety.


A Pizza Cutter That’s Quicker & Easier

A regular wheel-style pizza cutter never seems to fully work on the first try. But Amazon reviewers confirm that this stainless steel slicer is much more effective at cutting pizza (and various other foods, including desserts) thanks to its sharp blade and ergonomic design. It’s fully dishwasher safe for your convenience — it won’t get rusty or deformed either. Choose from picks with 12, 14, 16, or 18-inch blades.


This Well-Designed Strainer That’s a Fan-Favorite

The design of this snap-on strainer is literally genius, hence why it’s a best-selling pick on Amazon. It clips onto round pots, pans, and bowls of all sizes (including lipped ones) and strains out excess water while the food remains securely inside. The colander is incredibly compact compared to a traditional one — it takes up next to no room in a drawer or cabinet.


This Cute Strainer Spoon That’s Surprisingly Useful

This Nessie spoon strainer is equally fun and functional — use it to scoop ingredients out of a pot and get rid of excess liquids all at the exact same time. Nessie stands totally on its own, so you don’t have to worry about having a spoon rest nearby. And it’s dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.


An Under-$15 Bamboo Stand to Display a Cookbook, Tablet, Or Art

Utilize this bamboo stand to display books (including cookbooks), tablets, or artwork in your home — it basically serves as a functional decor piece for less than $15. The angle can be adjusted to four different positions, and the entire stand also folds flat for convenient storage or even transport.


A Soap Dispenser That You Can Operate with Just One Hand

This smartly-designed soap dispenser holds up to 13 ounces of liquid soap and it can be effortlessly dispensed with one hand — and in the same amount each time — to greatly speed up your dishwashing routine. It’s compact in size to take up minimal counter real estate. And it boasts a 4.4-star rating overall on Amazon after 18,000 reviews, with one fan calling it, “seriously a game changer.”


This Clever Utensil Rest to Hold a Spoon While You Cook

Keep a spoon, ladle, or other kitchen utensil easily within reach thanks to this unique crab-shaped utensil rest. It can stand on its own on your counters or even grip onto the side of pots or bowls, and it’s made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone for heat resistance. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.


These Reusable Dish Cloths That’ll Quickly Pay for Themselves

You’ll need way fewer single-use paper towels with just one set of these reusable dishcloths. They’re super absorbent, handling messes in your bathroom, kitchen, and elsewhere in your home with ease. They’re safe for use on practically any surface including wood, stainless steel, and tile. And they’ll come out of the washing machine looking good as new each time you wash them.


A Universal Scraper to Get Your Grill Sparkling Clean

This grill scraper may be simple in design, but you’ll be shocked by the results you can achieve with it. It’s made entirely from stainless steel (with no wire components), and the 13 grooves can be used to easily remove stuck-on grease and grime from practically any grill on the market. It even has a built-in bottle opener.


Catch Stray Hairs with This Bib As You Shave Your Beard

Shaving your beard can cause a major mess in your bathroom — and potentially even clog up the sink drain. Luckily, this beard bib will come to the rescue. It attaches to your mirror with powerful suction cups and then wraps around your neck, creating a bib-like surface to catch all of the rogue hairs. Once you’re done shaving, simply dump the contents straight into the trash... easy as that!


A Grilling Set That Comes With A Pepper Corer

This grill set comes with a jalapeno corer tool to clear out seeds and ribs from peppers, as well as a grilling rack with 24 individual slots to make delicious recipes like cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno poppers or even bacon-wrapped peppers. It’s made from stainless steel for durability. And it’s even dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.


This Universal Socket Tool with 15,000+ 5-Star Reviews

This universal socket tool boasts 54 individual steel spring pins that’ll transform to the exact shape and size needed to grip most 1/4- to 3/4-inch bolts, hex nuts, screws, and other odd-shaped heads. It’s one of those products that you’ll be thankful to have on hand in your toolbox in a pinch.


This Set Of Tools to Remove Clogs & Hair From Virtually Any Drain

These low-cost clog removers are shockingly effective and a breeze to use — just stick one of the plastic snake tools in your drain, then pull it up and down and rotate it a few times (don’t worry, it’s super flexible) to get rid of the clog. If needed, you can use the metal grabber tool to pull out any excess hair. The tools are safe to use in a wide range of drain types, including toilets, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, and more.


These Metal Claws for Super Simple Meat Shredding

Shred pork, chicken, beef, and other meats much more efficiently by utilizing these metal meat claws. Plus, the unique shape allows you to pick up and carry hot food from the grill to the kitchen table without issue. Amazon reviewers give the product a stellar 4.6-star rating overall after 9,000-plus reviews, which speaks wonders about it.


A Pair of Hand Rakes for Quicker & More Comfortable Leaf Pick Up

These hand rakes are ultra-lightweight with supportive wrist guards that allow you to remove leaves (or other debris for that matter) from your backyard with less strain compared to traditional rakes. And they also make the process faster overall thanks to the claw-like shape with rugged edges. The rakes are made from durable plastic and can be hung in your garage when not in use.


These Special Lids that Keep Your Soda Fizzy for Longer

Don’t finish a can of Diet Coke or La Croix in a single sitting? These beverage lids can actually help carbonated drinks stay fresh and fizzy for up to 58% longer (compared to regularly opened cans without a lid) for your enjoyment — this will certainly save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to dump out your favorite drinks as often. The lids fit various can sizes and can be used for any carbonated beverage of your choosing.


This $25 Smart Plugs That Control Your Outlets with Just Your Voice

Control electronics in your home — including lamps, fans, coffee makers, lighting, and more — using just your voice thanks to this Amazon smart plug. It plugs into all standard outlets (and the compact size means it won’t block the other outlet) and is a breeze to set up via the free Alexa app. The smart plug has more than 447,000 5-star reviews, with one fan calling it the “best purchase I made in a long time and definitely worth the small amount it costs.”


A Multi-Compartment Dispenser for Your Shower

Whether you’re tight on space or just want to majorly cut down on clutter in your shower, this three-chamber soap dispenser is a smart and cost-efficient way to do it. The dispenser can be mounted on a wall or in a corner using the included waterproof silicone adhesive and tape. And there are three separate sections for various products, like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The container lifts off the wall for simple cleaning and re-filling.


This Rack That Organizes All Your Belts

If your belts are strewn haphazardly in your closet, this belt rack will organize them — and it looks stylish to boot. It has slots to secure up to 14 belts, and the hook at the top allows you to hang it on most closet rods. The organizer is made from plastic, but Amazon reviewers confirm it is quite sturdy. And for under $10, you can’t beat it.


This Adjustable Corner Shelf That’s Stylish Yet Functional

Make use of an awkward corner area in your home with this stylish three-tier shelf, which can be adjusted in angle to fit well in most spaces. It features steel legs for stability and the shelves themselves are made from 100% natural bamboo. There are even removable hooks on the sides, should you want to hang smaller items like cups in the kitchen or necklaces in your bedroom.


These LED Lights That Attach to the Back of Your TV to Make Your Shows More Vivid

These LED lights attach to the back of a TV to improve the contrast for a more vivid viewing experience while also lessening eye strain (and subsequently headaches as well). This specific pick features 78 inches of lights for TVs that are 30 to 40 inches in size, though there are larger options as well. There are 10 brightness modes and 15 colors that can be set using the included wireless remote.


This Sleek Toilet Paper Holder with a Hidden Storage Compartment

Between the matte black color and sleek lines, this toilet paper holder looks ridiculously chic. However, the design is also quite smart, since it can hold a roll of toilet paper plus a pack of wipes (or even other items like pads or tampons) in the hidden storage compartment. It mounts to the wall for stability and all of the hardware to do so is included. Choose from two different sizes and various finish options to match your existing hardware.


This Cleaning Device for Your Blinds That’ll Trap Dust & Debris

Grab this handy blinds cleaner to quickly and easily clean blinds throughout your home — simply swipe it back and forth to grab onto dirt, debris, and dust. The device features seven microfiber rollers that can be rotated in order to increase the longevity of the product. Once the cleaner is completely dirty, the rollers can be removed and tossed into the washing machine to make them good as new.


A Magnetic Wristband that Keeps Your Tools Handy

Wear this magnetic wristband whenever you’re doing a home improvement project to keep screws, nails, bolts, washers, and drill bits within reach... they’ll attach right to it thanks to the 10 built-in magnets, which are ultra-powerful. The wristband features a one-size-fits-most design due to the adjustable strap. And the breathable mesh material means it will be comfortable to wear all day long.


This Cute Dishwasher Magnet to Track Dirty Versus Clean Dishes

Have a hard time remembering whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty? Grab this cute magnet to end the confusion. Display the “dirty” side when you’ve emptied out the machine and flip it to “clean” once you’ve started it... easy as that. The durable magnet is totally waterproof, and it even comes with a mounting piece should your dishwasher not be magnetic.


A Magnetic Screen Door that Lets You Out But Keeps Bugs Out

When you want to enjoy a little bit of fresh air in your home but keep out pesky critters, this mesh screen door is the ideal solution. It fits doorways up to 38 by 82 inches in size (installation is simple with all of the components included), and the middle seam has 26 heavy-duty magnets that allow for hands-free entry and exit — even pets and kids can use it. This pick is a best-seller on Amazon, boasting a 4.4-star rating overall and 69,000 reviews, and is touted for making your backyard feel like an integrated part of your living space.


This Under-Cabinet Hook to Hang Bananas & Other Fruit — It Even Folds Up

It’s best to hang up bananas to allow them to naturally ripen without bruising, and this particular hanger hook is superior since it attaches to the underside of your kitchen cabinets to save counter space — it even discreetly folds up when not in use. The hook can hold up to 10 pounds when installed with adhesive, though if you mount it with screws it can actually support up to 27 pounds. Choose from a couple of different finish options based on your existing hardware.


A Board That Makes Folding Clothes a Simpler Task

Use this folding board to uniformly fold various clothing items, including shirts, bottoms, dresses, and more. It’s easy to get the hang of and will certainly save you time once you do. When not in use, the board folds to a smaller size for storage or it can be hung up using the holes on top.


This Magnetic Strip That’ll Save Space in Your Kitchen

Made of sleek stainless steel, this magnetic cutlery holder will put your knives stylishly on display, but also allow you to easily access them as you prepare meals. The 10-inch holder adheres to walls (or even other surfaces like tile or glass) using double-sided tape or it can be screwed in place should you be okay with drilling. It can hold up to five knives at a time, though the longer 16-inch pick is roomy enough for up to eight knives.


These Folding Trivets That’ll Save Space in Your Drawers

Ordinary trivets are bulky and can take up a lot of drawer space. Make the swap to these foldable trivets with a compact, folding design to save room. They’re made from food-grade silicone to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 464 degrees Fahrenheit, and they’re even safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. The budget-friendly set comes with three trivets, so you always have one at your disposal.


A Collapsible Lid to Keep Your Microwave Clean as You Warm Food

With a solid 4.6-star rating overall after 67,000-plus reviews, this microwave lid is a kitchen essential for all homes, since it prevents splatters from dirtying up your microwave as you use it. It’s made from heat-resistant plastic with a vented lid that allows steam to be released as your food cooks. And when not in use, the cover actually collapses down for compact storage.


This Triangle Drying Rack That You’ll Find Yourself Constantly Using

The triangle design of this drying rack makes great use out of a spot at your kitchen sink that you likely never utilize. It’s made from stainless steel with an anti-slip silicone exterior to stay firmly in place, even when wet. Amazon reviewers use it for a multitude of purposes, including drying out a sponge after cleaning dishes or rinsing fruits and veggies before storing them in the fridge. It’s even heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The drying rack rolls up for storage when not in use.

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