50 Incredibly Clever Things for Your Home You Didn't Know You Needed Off of Amazon

You won’t know how you lived without them.

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50 Incredibly Clever Things for Your Home You Didn't Know You Needed Off of Amazon
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There is something that you are doing — possibly every day — that could be done faster, easier, and with less hassle. You might think the irritants, chores, and to-do list you face are facts of life, unavoidable. So when you see that there is a tool or trick that makes that chore go away, reduces the irritation, and makes your to-do list attainable, you might facepalm. But your very next act will be to drop that item into your cart. Here are 50 incredibly clever things for your home you didn’t know you needed off Amazon. Read on and make life easier.


These Countertop Shelves That Add Kitchen Storage

Tap into the vertical space in your kitchen by setting these countertop shelves in a corner and elevating the clutter. You can assemble it into the shape you like and put the four metal hooks wherever you want them. “This product is just what I didn’t know I needed!” said one reviewer. “It fits perfectly in the corner and holds pretty heavy containers.”


A Light For Putting The Key In The Lock

Fumbling around trying to get a key into a lock in the dark is frustrating and potentially dangerous. Fortunately, the remedy is easy. Stick this wireless motion detector light above the lock and it will throw exactly the light you need to get in your door easily. When you are safely inside, it shuts off.


These Disposable Mesh Stickers That Keep Hair Out Of Drains

Keep your tub and shower drains free from clogs with these disposable mesh stickers, which come in a convenient pack of 25. Each hair catcher uses a waterproof adhesive and can be used for multiple showers (the brand notes they can last up to three weeks each). When it becomes full, use the finger tab to easily remove it and toss it.


This Faux-Suede Bath Mat That Absorbs Water Fast

This soft, cushioned bath mat has a faux-suede lining atop spongey, absorbent material that’s able to soak water up in a matter of seconds. Plus, the rubber base is nonslip, which helps keep the mat in place — and it’s available in numerous colors as well as sizes.


A Cutting Board Set That Mounts To A Door

This elegant cutting board set doesn’t leave you to solve the problem of storage. The two boards come with a custom mount that sticks to the inside of a cabinet door so the boards are easy to keep within reach. “The sizes are perfect, the holder is secure, and I can be sure that nothing else is touching them which saves me from having to re-wash a board every time I want to use one,” said one reviewer.


These Drawers For Your Desk

Create storage right where you need it, even if your desk is a simple table, with this self-adhesive under desk storage. Just stick the slim drawers to the underside of your desk and you have a place to stash everything from pens to thumbtacks to reading glasses. “This was easy to install, is sturdy, and makes excellent use of a table I use as a desk,” said one reviewer.


This Spinning Spice Rack

Turn your cupboard into a high-functioning spice rack with this spice organizer that spins so you can see what’s in the back. A center spinner lets you keep larger bottles of oil or vinegar handy, too. The shelf height is adjustable. “I can fit almost all of my spices on here and can quickly locate them when needed,” said one reviewer.


A Tray Table For The Couch

Take a light meal, snack, or cocktail to your favorite couch seat and enjoy a movie on your tablet at the same time with no fear of spilling it all in your lap by clipping this bamboo sofa tray table to the arm of your chair. It comes in five finishes. The built-in tablet stand rotates 360 degrees. And the legs adjust to accommodate nearly any style of sofa arm.


A Fluffy Down-Alternative Comforter For Less Than $35

This all-season comforter is filled with a fluffy down alternative, and its box stitching helps keep the plush filling in place. Not to mention, its microfiber lining is fade- and- stain-proof, and it’s machine washable. It’s available in three sizes to suit a variety of bed types, along with 11 colors.


A Chair For Sitting Up In Bed

Take a good book to bed and read in comfort by leaning up against this sitting pillow that’s filled with shredded memory foam and cradles you in its roomy hug. There are side pockets to stash your glasses and phone in and a neck roll so you don’t get hurt while relaxing. That neck roll also unrolls into a floor mat if you want to sit on the floor.


A Better Drawer Organizer

The utensil tray inside your drawer seems so unimportant that people often cheap out on it. But you touch it multiple times a day. Flimsy gets annoying. This bamboo drawer organizer makes putting away the dishes and reaching for a fork much better. And it expands and contracts to fit whatever drawer you have so you won’t have to replace it if you move or remodel.


The Touch Lights You Will Use Everywhere

Turn your shelves into illuminated display cases. Create task lighting in the kitchen or garage. Light a dark closet. These LED touch lights make it easy to do exactly what you want to do with light. They stick to most surfaces or screw on, throw a warm light, and you simply tap the lens to turn them on and off. This is a pack of two.


The Over-Sink Colander That Makes So Many Tasks Easier

Extend this sink colander over your sink and make washing fruits and vegetables so much easier. Give them a rinse and let them drip dry into the sink. Or use it as a dish drying rack or to strain the water from pasta. It comes in 12 colors and over 13,000 people give it five stars. “Great for air drying knife or spoon or spatula after a quick wash & rinse,” said one reviewer. “Great for leaving [a] cup/glass out during the day for reuse.”


This Tool Kit For Cleaning Window Frames

When you have the right tool for the job, the task is much easier. If that task is cleaning windows or shower frames, this track cleaner kit is the right tool. The specially designed sponges with gripper handles take care of the dirty track edges. While the included brush cleans the track the window slides on. “The shape of the cleaner made cleaning both the inside and outside window sills as well as the crack of the window sill so easy,” said one reviewer.


The Bathroom Trash Can That Opens Without A Touch

Keeping the trash covered — from pets or insects — can make throwing trash away irritating. But not with this touchless trash can that makes opening the lid super easy. Wave your hand over the sensor; bend a knee to trigger it; or give it a gentle kick. It opens up so you can throw away your trash then closes again five seconds later. It’s waterproof and slim enough to fit easily in the bathroom.


The Jar Opener That Mounts Under A Cupboard

After you attach this jar opener to the underside of a convenient cabinet, you will never again struggle to get a jar open. Just push the lid into the grippy claws and turn. You can use both hands to hold the jar so it will open unwieldy and large pickle jars just as easily as a soda bottle. Nearly 20,000 people give it five stars.


This Rack For Clothes That Need To Lay Flat To Dry

Instead of spreading delicate items that have to lay flat to dry all over the counters and furniture, hook this clever drying rack on a clothes line and let them dry in peace. They will be easier to put away, too. It’s easy to hang and folds flat for storage. Great idea that I can hang this rack from my clothes line to dry my sweaters flat,” wrote one fan. “The tiers have plenty of room on each. Moving into the winter season so I washed all my sweaters, hats and scarves and it worked out perfect.”


The Robot That Feets Your Pet

If your pet has turned into a manipulative food-seeking predator, offload the feeding to this automatic food dispenser. Your fur baby will quickly learn you can’t be bullied and there is no point in arguing with a robot. Portion control achieved! It’s also great if you travel or work late. Your pet will get fed on time no matter what you do. It holds up to 2 liters of dry food — just program the schedule and food volume that’s right for your pet.


This Hack For Making Uncrusted Pocket Sandwiches

Make your own crustless sandwich pockets with this set of sandwich sealers. It’s fun to do. Just assemble your bread and fillings, press them with these forms, and pack a delicious snack into your lunch. The five-piece set makes two sizes of pocket sandwiches.


A Duster For The Ceiling Fan

Getting your ceiling fan clean doesn’t need to involve a ladder and a big production. This ceiling fan cleaner has a handle that extends up to 100 inches so you can reach the fan blades from the ground. And the microfiber head is flexible so you can bend it to any angle you need. The versatile, fluffy duster works for every surface in your house, too.


This Digital Picture Frame

Enjoy your photos out in the open instead of keeping them hidden on your phone by connecting this digital photo frame to your phone via WiFi and sending them to it for everyone to enjoy. The whopping 16GB storage and the maximal 128GB extended SD card slot enables you to share 40,000+ photos.


The Cure For Your Leaky Shower Door

That puddle on the bathroom floor is easy to prevent. Install this shower door seal to the bottom of your shower door by snapping it on. The bottom wings create a seal that keeps the water in the shower. It’s simple, affordable, and effective. It comes in a pack of three. “I was able to cut to size and attach it fairly simple. [...] Looks great and the build up from the old one is gone. I have extras so I can replace this one in a couple of years,” wrote one reviewer.


These Paint Pens For Quick Touch-Ups

Before you put away your paint cans, fill this touch-up paint pen with the color you used. When a scratch or ding mars the look, you can easily pull one out and paint right over the incident without turning it into a project. You can fill the pens (this is a two-pack) with any latex paint — they work like a syringe — and the paint stays fresh for years, ready to use.


A Closet Organizer That Hangs

Instead of stashing sweaters, hats, and bags on a hard-to-reach shelf where they will get lost, hang this closet organizer and keep everything within easy reach — and in plain sight. These five shelves hang from the closet rod and there are a series of mesh pockets on the sides for wallets, glasses, and other small items.


This Absorbent Mat For Keeping Your Countertop Clean

This elegant and practical coffee mat expertly conceals coffee and milk stains, ensuring a perpetually clean and stylish area. Its super absorbent diatomite core instantly soaks up splashes, while the durable rubber backing protects your countertop from water damage. Not just for coffee, this versatile mat is perfect for drying dishes in the kitchen or cups in the bar and bathroom.


This Pair Of Unique Sensor-Activated Night Lights

Add a unique touch to any room with this pair of LED sensor night lights. They have earned an impressive 4.5-star overall rating and automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.


This Spinning Two-Tier Shelf That Is Convenient From Every Angle

Revolutionize your kitchen or dining space with this two-tier lazy Susan turntable. Crafted from robust stainless steel for unmatched durability, this organizer effortlessly holds and displays spices, condiments, and more, making everything easily accessible with a simple spin. Boasting a sleek, brushed finish, it resists stains and fingerprints while the raised rim keeps items secure.


This Bag So You Can Put Shoes In The Wash

When your kicks have taken you through grassy games and muddy scrambles, give them a quick cleanup by tossing them into the washing machine in this wash bag. It protects your shoes from the spin and other garments, and it protects other items from your shoes. “These kept the shoes from banging around in there so neither the shoes nor the machine were in danger of any damage,” said one reviewer. “The shoes came out way cleaner.”


A Squeegee For Washing Dishes

Scrape food off of plates. Sweep debris down to the garbage disposal. This dish squeegee is the dishwashing tool you didn’t know you needed but will reach for constantly. It stands on its own and has a hole for hanging it in a convenient spot. A soft edge moves liquids across delicate surfaces. It even has a curved edge for cleaning out bowls.


A Heated Lotion Dispenser

Lotion is always nice. But heated lotion is a delicious treat that hydrates faster and feels luscious. And this heated lotion dispenser lets you have that treat anytime you like. “I plug it in before I get in the shower and it’s ready to go when I’m done,” said one reviewer. “I hated putting on cold lotion after a shower now, I’m looking forward to putting it on every time.”


These Fur-Lined Glasses Stands

Drop your glasses in one of these fur-lined glass holder stands and you will always be able to find them. They will also come out of the stand cleaner since the fur gently wipes away smudges while protecting the lenses from scratches. This is a two-pack so you can have a stand handy wherever you take your glasses off.


This Solution For Storing The Remore Controls

Bring order to the coffee table with this decorative remote control organizer that gives every remote a slot to stand in and looks good doing it. It’s great, too, for glasses, makeup brushes, desk tools, and whatever clutter you want to corral. It comes in 15 colors and patterns.


These Smart Light Bulbs With A 4.6-Star Overall Rating

This pair of smart bulbs are dimmable and compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can control them with your voice or the included app. Choose from 16 million colors for a custom look or create a schedule.


The Bathtub Splash Guards That Help Prevent Leaks Outside The Curtain

These bathtub splash guards — which are made with sleek, durable acrylic — can help prevent leaks beyond the shower curtain. Easy to install, they come with an adhesive that lets you place them at the best location for your specific tub. A great way to minimize water damage caused by spills that cannot be handled by the shower curtain.


The Showerhead That Has Five Spray Modes

Elevate your shower experience with this high-pressure shower head. It delivers everything from a gentle mist to a therapeutic massage spray, all easily adjustable with a user-friendly lever. It's lightweight yet durable, boasting 47 self-cleaning and 19 ABS nozzles for a wide, consistent spray. Installation is a breeze - no plumber required, with all necessary tools, including plumber's tape and a wrench, provided.


A Coffee Warmer So Your Beverage Is Always Warm

You pour a coffee, set it on your desk, get caught up in work, take a sip, and find your brew is ice cold. Repeat. Not if you set it on this coffee warmer. That cuppa will always be the perfect temperature no matter how distracted you get. You can choose the temperature you like best and it will shut off when you remove your mug so you don’t have to worry about burning the place down.


This Broom Holder That Holds Gardening Tools As Well

Who tidies up the tidying equipment? Control your cleaning closet chaos with this wall-mount broom holder. Boasting 11 storage spots, including five slots and six hooks, it's perfect for managing brooms, mops, rakes, and more, in any space – be it your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or even outdoors. Each slot securely holds up to 35 pounds, ensuring no slips or mess. Installation is a breeze with the included hardware and clear instructions, making it accessible to everyone


These Minimalist Shower Caddies That Hold All Your Bathroom Essentials

These corrosion-resistant shower shelves ensure long-lasting use and effortless maintenance, preserving their stylish look over time. Installation is a breeze – simply clean, peel, stick, and hang, with no wall damage and stronger hold than suction cups. With a large capacity to hold up to 20 pounds, they come with customizable hooks for razors, sponges, or towels.


This Wall-Mountable Battery Organizer & Tester

Organize your power essentials with this battery organizer case, a compact solution for storing up to 93 batteries of various sizes. Perfect for keeping AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, D, and flat batteries neatly arranged, this case is ideal for both wall-mounting and drawer storage. Its clear, hinged cover allows for quick visual access to check your stock, ensuring you never run out unexpectedly. Each organizer also includes a handy, battery-powered tester to check battery life on the go.


An Elegantly Crafted Bamboo Wrap Organizer Box

Designed to neatly store plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and wax paper, this wrap organizer box brings order and style to your kitchen. It's sized to fit most kitchen drawers, and comes with 21 customizable label stickers for easy identification and a clean, organized look. The box features three slots with a built-in slide cutter in each, ensuring a precise cut every time and keeping rolls secure.


This Alarm Clock & Weather Station That Projects

This compact alarm clock and weather station delivers all the information you need at a glance — to the ceiling. It projects the time, indoor and outdoor temperature, and humidity in a soft red wherever you direct the projector so you can start your day on time and dressed for the weather.


These Smart Plugs You Can Control With Your Voice

Since these smart plugs are compatible with Google Home and Alexa, you can program them to be controlled via your voice. Additionally, if you download the Kasa app, you can power them through your phone. The best-selling plugs have well over 42,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


A Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack With Built-In Utensil Basket

Enhance your kitchen functionality with this adjustable and foldable sink dish drying rack. Ideal for drying everything from dishes to fruits, it’s sturdy, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. When not in use, conveniently roll it up for compact storage. This multipurpose rack also serves as a colander, trivet, defrosting station, and extra countertop space.


These Slim Velvet-Covered Hangers For Streamlining Your Closet

Crafted with smooth, black, non-slip velvet and a 360-degree swivel hook, these velvet-covered hangers are strong enough to hold a 10-pound coat and gentle for a delicate satin top. The slim profile maximizes closet space, while the contoured shoulders preserve the shape of your garments. Plus, each hanger features a horizontal bar, perfect for pants or suits, making them a must-have for a neatly organized closet.


This Pack Of Absorbent & Colorful Swedish Dishcloths

Upgrade your cleaning game with these super absorbent Swedish dishcloths, your eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Designed to tackle any spill or splash with ease, these reusable wonders are great for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Crafted from a blend of cellulose and cotton, they're soft when wet yet gritty enough for effective scouring when dry.


This Heat-Resistant Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Stove Top Clean

Designed to accommodate up to four utensils simultaneously, this silicone mat is ideal for spatulas, spoons, and ladles of all sizes. Cleaning is a breeze – just toss it in the dishwasher or give it a quick hand wash. Made from high-quality, food-safe silicone, this durable spoon rest is built to last. Its functional size and design make it an essential, space-saving tool in your kitchen.


These Colorful Spatulas That Are Safe To Use On Nonstick Cookware

Turn up the heat with confidence when you use this rubber spatula set. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, these spatulas won't melt or warp. Their smooth, flexible heads are gentle on cookware, ensuring no scratches, perfect for everything from frosting cakes to scraping jars.


A Sleek Microfiber Bed Skirt With Pleated Corners

This sleek, lightweight bedskirt — which is available in 12 shades — is constructed with soft, brushed microfiber that meets at pleated edges. Thanks to the 14-inch drop height, it’s simple to conceal clutter or seasonal storage. Plus, it has over 23,000 positive ratings.


This Set Of Stylish Apothecary Jars For Storing Bathroom Essentials

Make q-tip storage an aesthetic choice with these apothecary jars. This collection includes four clear containers (two 12-ounce and two 10-ouce) with lids, along with eight labels – four pre-printed and four blank – for versatile labeling options. Ideal for neatly storing small items like cotton balls, swabs, floss picks, or even makeup brushes and beauty accessories, these canisters are a perfect fit for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or offices.


These Nesting Food Storage Containers

This set of food storage containers solves one of the most annoying kitchen problems there is: Where to store the storage containers. These nest into one tidy footprint. They also lock closed to keep food fresh. And the lids are color-coded so you know which one to grab. “Clever,” said one reviewer. “Tiny dots on the bottom of each container indicate the color of the lid that goes with it.”

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