The Ultimate VR Accessory for Your Smartphone Is Ridiculously Cheap

Experience Full VR On The Go—Works With Almost Any Phone


The Details:

  • Work with practically any smartphone.
  • Holds your phone securely via a magnetic lock.
  • 20mm adjustable focus for people who wear glasses.

Why You Want It: Many who aren’t well versed in the wonders of VR assume that it always requires a lot of gear, and unfortunately this turns a lot of these people away. K-View is a pair of well-made, adjustable VR goggles designed to work on the fly with almost any smartphone, delivering a genuine VR experience without the cost or inflexibility of stationary setups.

The Deal: This is the best part. How is it even possible that you can get a piece of such high-tech mobile gear for $9.99? The Inverse Shop comes through at 90% off the $99.99 retail to bring you a deal that’s pretty hard to pass up if you’re even remotely interested in VR.

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