This Indestructible Bluetooth Boombox Is the Perfect Black Friday Buy

A truly unique design

Not only is the Demerbox one of the most unique bluetooth boomboxes on the market but it also might be one of the more impressive ones that we’ve browsed.

First, it’s got a Pelican case housing which means that this is going to withstand most of the beating you’d give it. If you’re looking for a speaker system to bring on your next outdoor adventure, this is your pick.

Second, it’s got 50 hours of battery life and pairs easily with your other bluetooth devices. If you’re worried about taking this out of the house and running out of battery, you can stop worrying about that altogether. This is meant to run for a good long time.



Third, and maybe our favorite, is the storage and charging compartments. Inside you can store your devices and there’s a USB charging port where you can charge them too. This device doesn’t just play your music, it’s functional storage for you as well.

Right now it’s on sale for $50 off. That means it’s going to cost you $299 out the door. This handmade in the USA gets extra marks for it’s unique design and is worth a look for your Black Friday holiday shopping. It’s available at now.

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