Best College Backpacks on Amazon 

For Your Tech-Savvy Student or Yourself, Smart Backpacks Deliver Everything You Need This School Year 


It’s back to school time and with it comes all the necessary purchases for an organized school year. Maybe you’ve been using your backpack for several years and it’s gotten a hole it in. Maybe you just like to start the year with everything fresh. Regardless of how you do it, why you do it, or what you need it for, you’ve gotten here because you need a new backpack and the high-tech options intrigue you.

But what is a smart backpack? It looks just like a regular backpack on the outside albeit a sleeker option designed by Ikea perhaps. It can charge your devices, some even powered by solar. Some smart backpacks sync with your devices to deliver a notification if you accidentally leave it behind and many make additions promises of waterproofing to protect all the extra tech on board during rainy and snowy weather.

If all these extras appeal to you, keep reading. Below you’ll find the 15 best smart backpacks for your needs.

YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Backpack

Avg: Review: 4.8 Stars, 87% of 466 reviews left 5 stars

Price: $55.99

Best Feature: It opens up a full 180 degrees, so if you are traveling or just like to have your workspace laid out in front of you, everything is quickly available and visible for whomever needs to access it.

Why You Need it: It’s large size makes it multi-purpose. You can travel with it as a carry-on. It’s light enough to take hiking or as an overnight bag. Equipped with a built in charging cord, no more casing the airport gate for available outlets and hiking preparedness comes as easily as remembering your new favorite backpack.

NEWHEY 17.3in Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Avg. Review: 5 Stars

Price: $43.86

Best Feature: In addition to being able to carry a 17in laptop with ease, it has two elastic mesh net pockets on either side. Carry your umbrella and your waterbottle and never think about choosing between your two essentials again.

Why You Need It: Its double lining of polyester means you can beat this backpack up! Buy it once and never buy another backpack again.

MATEIN Slim Water Resistant Smart Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.7 Stars

Price: $38.99

Best Feature: Lots of storage and pockets! Anyone who has ever had a great big backpack knows how much it sucks for that backpack to only have one giant pocket.

Why You Need It: Commute without the extra stress of your Kindle dying as you read it. Like all smart backpacks, this one comes with a built in charging port. As long as you remember to integrate it into your regular routine of devices to charge, you’ll never get caught with dead devices again.

KROSER Smart Laptop Bag

Avg. Review: 4.7 Stars, 79% of 652 reviews rated 5 stars

Price: $33.99

Best Feature: The top opens wide for easy viewing of what’s inside so you’ll never have to rummage through your things loudly in the library.

Why You Need It:Small and trendy, this backpack doesn’t compromise storage for style. Wear it with any outfit without worry of not matching.

OUTJOY 18in Laptop Smart Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.7 Stars

Price: $54.99

Best Feature: Drawbar sleeve on the back makes it easy to slip this backpack over the luggage pull handle for ease of travel.

Why You Need It: This bag is an essential travel companion with its huge pockets designed to open wide like a suitcase for easy access. Equipped with an anti-theft zipped pocket for phones and an additional opening for threading headphones, never forget where you put your phone again.

THE GAME THEORY Smart Anti Theft Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.9 Stars, 96% of 23 customer reviews were 5 Stars

Price: $69.95

Best Feature: With a pocket for cards on the strap, you can fully minimze the use of a wallet. Keep your ID, transporation pass and any other necessary cards here for quick and easy access without even having to take your backpack off.

Why You Need It: The entire inside is padded meaning you can minimize your laptop sleeve as well with piece of mind. It’s water resistant and TSA approved making this the perfect backpack for any kind of travel without the hassle of switching bags.

MATEIN Large Smart Backpack with TSA Lock

Avg. Review: 4.7 Stars

Price: $39.98

Best Feature: Combination anti-theft lock will leave you assured wherever you are. Never worry about having to remember a key, just remember your code.

Why You Need It: This large backpack can hold any size devices up to a 17in laptop computer. Space nor security have to be compromised.

SWISS GEAR 1900 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.5 Stars, 75% of 7,069 reviews left 5 stars

Price: $59.99

Best Feature: Separate pockets for separate needs! The laptop and device compartment is distinctly separate from all other parts of the pack, so you can stuff all your clothes in one pocket and still not have to dig for anything you might need. The very front pocket is organized to easily store writing implements and any other small items that you might need.

Why You Need It: Brand recognition means you know that Swiss Gear has been doing this unrivaled for years. If you’re a Swiss Gear fan, this is an easy addition to any wardrobe.

kopack FBA K585 Smart Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.4 Stars

Price: $31.44

Best Feature: The sleek monochromatic exterior design will make anyone feel like the future has arrived.

Why You Need It: There are ten possible slots for your personal items in this backpack. Get organized once and you’ll probably never have to do so again. With subtle foam padding throughout, this is sure to be a comfy fit for anyone who lugs stuff around.

kopack Slim Water Resistant Smart Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.6 Stars

Price: $31.99

Best Feature: All smart elements and cables are removable for easy cleaning in a machine washer without worry.

Why You Need It: If you, like me, were impressed by the last kopack backpack’s 10 organizational slots, you’ll be blown away by this super organized commuter backpack’s 17 slots.

UOOBAG Tigernu Series Smart Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.6 Stars

Price: $39.45

Best Feature: Separate, hidden locking compartment for laptop to easily access it without displaying the entire contents of your backpack to whatever room you’re in.

Why You Need It: With anti-scratch, wear resistant and water repellent fabric, the contents of your backpack will rest safely without concern, meanwhile your backpack will look brand new longer.

VANCROPAK Smart School Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.6 Stars

Price: $22.99

Best Feature: Its sleek design and attractive canvas exterior doesn’t compromise on weatherproofing.

Why You Need It: It’s on sale now for 80% off. It’s a low-risk trial to see if a smart backpack is necessary for your needs.

COVAX Multi-Compartment Small Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.7 Stars

Price: $20.99

Best Feature: With unique “S”-curve straps, pressure is taken off the back and shoulders. Stock and wear this backpack with everything you need without worry of injury.

Why You Need It: At $20, it’s hard to resist any purchase, but at that price, this backpack doesn’t compromise on anything. It promises all the features of a more expensive backpack without the pricetag.

Mark Ryden Water Resistant Smart Business Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.3 Stars

Price: $41.99

Best Feature: Two separate front-zip pouches allows for small items to remain organized while still being accessible.

Why You Need It: With a number of pockets throughout the bag, this backpack doesn’t have to serve just one purpose. Take it on the train, take it to the gym, use it as a briefcase and do it all without ever thinking about having to switch bags.

MANCRO Smart Backpack

Avg. Review: 4.3 Stars, 64% of 5,192 reviewers gave this item 5 stars

Price: $29.99

Best Feature: Each of the 3 large main pockets has 3 additional organization pockets within it. There’s nothing worse than losing something within your bag. Suspend that anxiety with this super organized option.

Why You Need It: Every element of this backpack is made to last. Durable metal zippers and a theft proof combination lock will keep all items extra safe for longer.

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