NASA: Hackers Didn’t "Compromise" Our Drone

The site 'NASA Watch' says the reported drone hack has been denied.

NASA's drone they claim hackers didn't 'Compromise' allegedly

NASA is stating that the USAF Global Hawk drone was not hacked, despite claims by the group AnonSec.

Several sources reported otherwise Monday, including AnonSec itself, saying that it had released 276 gigabytes of data procured from months spent inside NASA’s internal network. Among the data were bits of personal information from over 2,400 NASA employees and more than 2,100 flight logs — as well as the claim that AnonSec had hacked a $200 million USAF Global Hawk drone and attempted to crash it into the Pacific Ocean.

The site NASA Watch (not affiliated with NASA) posted what NASA Education Public Affairs Officers stated Monday:

“Control of our global hawk aircraft was not compromised. NASA has no evidence to indicate the alleged hacked data are anything other than already publicly available data. NASA takes cybersecurity very seriously and will continue to fully investigate all of these allegations. NASA strives to make our scientific data publically available, including large data sets, which seems to be how the information in question was retrieved.”

AnonSec posted this rendering that shows the flight path it claims was engaged by the drone before NASA restored manual control:

NASA Watch notes that NASA furthermore explains that its “Our Open Data” websites offer easier access and use of NASA data through tools and shared experiences,” with such sites including,,,, and

As of this writing, there’s no mention of AnonSec on the NASA website.

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