Friendly Robot Overlords

Star Trek canon just radically changed one huge starship AI rule

Discovery just flipped the script on an Original Series classic.

The Inverse Interview

'Mother/Android' director Mattson Tomlin is making sci-fi personal

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We all need more giant robot spiders in our lives.

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leaps and bounds

A frisbee-shaped robot could be the future of pollution detection

A tiny robot broke an Olympic record (kind of.)

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Look: Scientists reveal biological “robots” that self-replicate

Is this real life?

Crushing it

Look: “Super jelly” experiment defies the laws of physics

This is essentially Flubber — but real.

Reel Science

The most underrated sci-fi sequel on HBO Max reveals a real controversial technology

“Imagine what problems we could solve if we had IQs of 10,000 or more. Why not?”


Matrix 4 poster reveals a return to one iconic location

The official poster for 'Matrix 4' is here and it is glorious. But the biggest clue to the plot of 'Resurrection' could be hiding in the film's new tagline.

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Fake falcons and faux fish: 5 robotic animal imitators built for science

Biomimetic bots can teach researchers a lot about how creatures interact in the natural world

Robots Gone Berserk

Lost in Space Season 3 trailer fixes the Netflix show's biggest plot hole

Why do these robots do what they do?

robot bonding

Look: Telepresence robots may be the future of travel

Why go to the trouble of booking a flight, hotel, and car to travel around the world when you can simply drop into a telepresence robot and travel from home?

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Matrix 4 theory reveals a new Neo power hidden in the original trilogy

One scene from Reloaded could reveal how Neo and his allies will succeed in Resurrections.