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Love, Death & Robots Season 2 release date, plot, updates, and more

One of Netflix's darkest sci-fi series is returning to your screen soon.

more mowing

Robotic lawnmowers could cut a huge swath in air pollution

Your Roomba is getting an upgrade.


Creepy robot skin answers 3 questions about the future

The questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Frog hack

Self-healing “Xenobots” mean a future with living machines

Scientists hack frog cells so they self-heal.

trojan horse

Tiny robots can now smuggle drugs into brain tumors

The future of cancer treatment may be robot-delivered.

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Lost In Space Season 3 release date, trailer, cast of Netflix’s sci-fi reboot

Danger, Will Robinson!


13 home robots for sale right now that will transport you to the future

Take control of the robots before they control you.

Tears in the Rain

1 WandaVision Easter egg makes Vision's ending even more powerful

The Marvel Cinematic Universe series ends with a major Blade Runner shout-out, with huge ramifications for moving foward.

to boldy go

Watch how a robot snailfish is exploring Earth's final frontier

new horizons

Everything you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy's next adventure is just over the...horizon.