LEGO-Inspired Robots Could Solve the Biggest Hurdles in Moon Exploration

ByAndy Tomaswick and Universe Today

A student-led team from MIT developed a Walking Oligometric Robotic Mobility Systems (WORMS) robot.


Insect Smart Homes Could Help Save One Critical Creature From Climate Peril

ByJoanna Thompson

The robotic hive could also offer new insights into the buzzing insects.


Yum! Watch Scientists Make a 3D-Printed Layer Cake

ByJennifer Walter

Would you eat it?


Chatbots Aren’t Becoming Sentient — Our Biggest Fears Are in Our Heads

ByThe Conversation and Nir Eisikovits

ChatGPT and other Chatbots raise important new questions about how artificial intelligence will shape our lives.


This Robotic Exoskeleton Could Give You Superhuman Balance

ByThe Conversation, Lena Ting, Gregory S. Sawicki, Max Shepherd and Owen Beck

They could help older people or individuals with disabilities avoid dangerous falls.

Super sensitive!

Can this new artificial skin transform touch screens and video games?

ByJoanna Thompson

A new technology uses electric fields to pick up on nearby objects.

This week in science

JWST captures Chariklo’s rings and more: Understand the world through 8 images

ByRobin Bea

Watch: This jail-breaking wireless robot melts and reassembles on command

ByJennifer Walter

It may eventually enter your stomach.


Jumping robots could provide a bug’s eye view of dangerous environments

ByRobin Bea
Off to the races

This biohybrid robot walks using lab-grown mouse muscles

ByJoanna Thompson

Engineers have created the fastest-moving part-meat robot yet.


A robot choreographer reveals why M3GAN — and all robots — should dance

ByMolly Glick

“I think roboticists should become dancers.”

Bulletproof Nothing to Lose

Is the artificial intelligence in M3GAN a real threat?

ByAndy Crump

She is titanium.

It's Nice to Have a Friend

Will there be a M3GAN 2? James Wan teases entire cinematic universe

ByMónica Marie Zorrilla

Producer James Wan is prepared to make M3GAN the horror icon of the 2020s.

Reel Science

The best James Cameron sci-fi movie on HBO Max reveals a modern threat to society

ByTara Yarlagadda

Are Terminator 2’s killer robots inching ever closer to our lived reality?


Space junk, robot chefs, Star Wars clones: The 6 best innovation stories of 2022

ByMolly Glick

Our favorite futuristic reads from this year.


Dell’s nearly screw-less laptop snaps together in less than a minute

ByJackson Chen

The Concept Luna laptop is just a concept right now, but it can be taken apart in an impressively-short amount of time