Tara Yarlagadda

Tara is a freelance writer and multimedia storyteller based in Los Angeles. She is Inverse's nature science writer.
Feast Your Eyes
7 sustainable "future foods" you need to eat
Tara Yarlagadda
Which sustainable foods may be on the dinner plate of the future — or even tomorrow night? Inverse investigates seven you need to try.
Mama Bear
Pick up parenting tips from 7 of nature’s most metal mothers
Tara Yarlagadda
This Mother's Day, we getting parenting lessons from monkeys, bears, and other wild animals.
Can pets get Covid-19? What dog and cat owners should know now
Tara Yarlagadda
Covid-19 can infect our furry friends — here's the 101 on Covid-19 and pets.
Grave Tales
The oldest burial in Africa reveals “the root” of a human behavior
Tara Yarlagadda
The grave is 78,000 years old.
Up in the Air
Scientists find an odd link between aspirin, air pollution, and male brains
Tara Yarlagadda
The effects are alarming, but scientists offer some clues about potential treatments.
Pet science
Why are pets so good for mental health? Science explains
Tara Yarlagadda
It's been a rough year. Here's how our pets got us through it, according to the people who know best.
Storm Surge
NASA experiment reveals a powerful natural force cleans the atmosphere
Tara Yarlagadda
Scientists flew into the eye of a storm and emerged with knowledge that will blow your mind.
Reel Science
Netflix’s best sci-fi space epic of 2021 reveals a real-life cosmic danger
Tara Yarlagadda
It’s not aliens...
Sound of silence
A counterintuitive discovery could save coral reefs
Tara Yarlagadda
The vibrancy of coral extends beyond what we can see on the surface.
Flip it
6 animals that can change sexes — and the scientific reason why
Tara Yarlagadda
Meet the sex-changing creatures of the animal kingdom
water war
The primary source of water for 2.5 billion people is in danger
Tara Yarlagadda
Scientists find that 20 percent of the world's groundwater is at risk.
Future Earth 2121
12 board games that fix the biggest problem with Settlers of Catan
Tara Yarlagadda
These eco-friendly games are shaking up the board game industry.
Coffee Crisis
Coffee and climate change: This bean could save your morning brew
Tara Yarlagadda
One full-bodied bean is equal parts reslient and delicious.
Pet science
Does my cat love me? Science explains
Tara Yarlagadda
Taken together, these gestures could signal a cat’s affection for an owner.
The 3 percent
Scientists reveal the 6 places on Earth where we can restore animal life
Tara Yarlagadda
Scientists have devised a new way of looking at habitat loss on Earth, finding that 97 percent of Earth's land area may no longer be ecologically intact.
Plastic Problems
A trio of discoveries about microplastics is just breathtakingly grim for the planet
Tara Yarlagadda
New research identifies the sources of microplastics entering our atmosphere: A study in the journal PNAS finds that the tiny bits of plastic re-enter the atmosphere., even if they've already settled.
Odd Couple
10 images of unlikely animal relationships: See why they work
Tara Yarlagadda
These animals take “opposites attract” to the next level.
Social Network
1 monkey trick could help you survive a disaster
Tara Yarlagadda
Crisis builds community, scientists find.
Science of the Sun
1 big pro and 4 cons of solar geoengineering
Tara Yarlagadda
Inverse analyzes the pros and cons of the latest scientific fix to the climate crisis: solar geoengineering, also known as solar radiation modification.
Around the World
Undiscovered animals could be hiding in these 4 Earth locations
Tara Yarlagadda
A new map reveals there is a potential treasure trove of animals awaiting discovery.