Tara Yarlagadda

Tara is a freelance writer and multimedia storyteller based in Los Angeles. She is Inverse's nature science writer.
Son of man
Counterintuitive study reveals 1 strange result of human evolution
Tara Yarlagadda
Prominent noses may explain a critical difference between humans and other apes.
Worm Wonders
An eyeless worm has upended scientific understanding of color
Tara Yarlagadda
New research suggests roundworms can perceive color without eyes, raising questions about the evolution of color discrimination in animals.
Intelligent Life
This surprising cephalopod challenges our understanding of human evolution
Tara Yarlagadda
New research shines a light on the origins of intelligence.
Green Eats
What diet is worst for the environment? Carbon footprint study reveals
Tara Yarlagadda
"Human food systems are a key contributor to climate change."
Ancient humans
New study pinpoints 1 essential way Neanderthals were like us
Tara Yarlagadda
Scientists have found yet another similarity between these ancient peoples and modern humans.
This animal uses a brutal catfishing method to entice sex
Tara Yarlagadda
Male songbirds are canceled.
Family tree
4-million-year-old hand debunks a popular theory of human evolution
Tara Yarlagadda
New research reveals insight into the common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees.
nature walk
The best adventure game on Apple Arcade will change the way you think about nature
Tara Yarlagadda
Reconnect with Mother Nature through a simple swipe of your phone.
Gentle Giant
The secret to cancer research may lie in this 1 marine mammal
Tara Yarlagadda
New research finds that whales express a high turnover rate of tumor suppressor genes, which could be the key to their long life.
Revised history
10,000-year-old dog bone changes what we know about the first Americans
Tara Yarlagadda
New research conducts a genetic analysis of an 10,150-year-old dog bone, revealing the oldest confirmed dog remains in the Americas.
Slime Time
Single-cell organism's memories change our understanding of intelligent life
Tara Yarlagadda
Even the simplest of creatures may be able to make memories.
A Dog's World
Are dogs self-aware? A new study reveals what canines think
Tara Yarlagadda
Dogs likely understand "the consequences of their own actions."
Busy Bee
Honeybees use 1 clever trick to solve numerical problems
Tara Yarlagadda
Your grade school math teacher would not approve.
DNA Data
Neanderthal DNA may influence your Covid-19 risk — here’s why
Tara Yarlagadda
Recent scientific research shows how two different Neanderthal genes can confer protection against Covid-19 — as well as higher risks for severe Covid-19.
Ice, Ice Baby
Unexpected life found deep beneath the Antarctic ice shelf — study
Tara Yarlagadda
It's still unknown how the lifeforms got there.
The Sound of Music
Listen to the haunting music of ancient peoples for first time in 18,000 years
Tara Yarlagadda
Sound on, people.
Reel Science
Netflix's best drama of 2021 reveals how 1 ancient grave changed human history
Tara Yarlagadda
You need to watch this prestige picture ASAP.
Nature Watch
Scientists debunk long-held theory about loving nature
Tara Yarlagadda
A new study of the Amazon explores what it means to appreciate the outdoors.
Climate Crisis
Does climate change cause allergies? Pollen study reveals a drastic switch
Tara Yarlagadda
People in certain regions may be more vulnerable to allergy spikes.
Swamp Stories
Otherworldly fairy circles reveal "optimistic signal for recovery"
Tara Yarlagadda
These strange circles may be an important ecological sign.