Tara Yarlagadda

Tara Yarlagadda is Inverse’s nature reporter. Based in Los Angeles, Tara covers a variety of beats, including weird and exciting animal news, the latest in pet science, important updates on the climate crisis and the environment, as well as any other groundbreaking research in the big bad world of nature. Prior to working at Inverse, Tara received an M.A in Literary Reportage (Journalism) from New York University. She’s worked as a fact-checker for The New York Times Syndicate and a local news reporter for Bedford + Bowery, a collaboration between New York University and New York magazine. She’s also published freelance work in a number of other sites, including PBS NewsHour, The New York Times, HowStuffWorks, Paste, The New Food Economy, and more. In her previous life, Tara worked in social justice and nonprofits, giving her a special interest in understanding how the climate crisis impacts the most marginalized communities. She also dabbles in novel writing and screenwriting in her spare time, using her passion for the environment to write some very post-apocalyptic parables. You can connect with Tara on her personal website or on Twitter @TaraYarla.
Bloody Biology
Neanderthal blood study hints at one possible reason they went extinct
Tara Yarlagadda
A landmark analysis reveals what we can learn from blood.
Life on Earth
A scientist unearths potential evidence for the earliest animal life
Tara Yarlagadda
The finding may change how scientists perceive the evolution of life.
Hemp plants can suck PFAS, aka "forever chemicals," out of the ground
Tara Yarlagadda
How the Micmac nation, scientists, and activists teamed up to eradicate PFAS.
Reel Science
Amazon’s best sci-fi action movie of 2021 reveals an urgent global crisis
Tara Yarlagadda
“They thawed it out.”
Here Piggy Piggy
Feral hogs study reveals an unexpected consequence of invasive species
Tara Yarlagadda
We've got way more than 30-50 feral hogs here.
Doggy Drool
Why is my dog green? Viral tweet explains the strange science of drool
Tara Yarlagadda
Science can help you understand your dog's powerful spit.
Pet Science
Is it OK to let your dog sleep in your bed? The science is complicated
Tara Yarlagadda
Pet owners and experts discuss the pros and cons of letting your dog share the bed.
Climate crisis
Amazon rainforest: The 2 actions that could reverse a terrible trend
Tara Yarlagadda
How the world's "lungs" became a massive polluter.
Ancient Stoners
Scientists discover the ancient birthplace of marijuana
Tara Yarlagadda
The origin story of cannabis is wilder than you think.
Video Games Issue 2021
The best Western RPG ever made has a surprising real-life benefit
Tara Yarlagadda
Behold the immersive power of gaming.
Big boy
Fact-checking the Minnesota goldfish mystery: Scientists explain
Tara Yarlagadda
They are chunky for a reason.
This ocean is on fire
Underwater gas leak: The "eye of fire" video is a story too few are thinking about
Tara Yarlagadda
The dark science behind the viral video.
Sink or Swim
Sea otters should die in freezing water — new discovery reveals why they don’t
Tara Yarlagadda
These marine mammals aren’t so different from Alaskan huskies in this one weird way.
Whale Watch
Who is Whale 52? Why 'The Loneliest Whale' is a "mirror of ourselves"
Tara Yarlagadda
A new documentary explains why the 52 Hertz whale has captivated humans for decades.
Ancient wings reveal what insects could do before dinosaurs existed
Tara Yarlagadda
A fossil found in France is both an answer and a clue.
One animal destroying the planet could also be critical to saving it
Tara Yarlagadda
The cow’s foul stomach could fix our plastic waste problems — here’s how.
Reel Science
Understand ‘Loki’ time travel through the real science of branching universes
Tara Yarlagadda
The Disney+ show almost gets it right.
Hello Mother
Earth has a pulse and 3 other incredible new facts about our planet
Tara Yarlagadda
You’d think humans would have a pretty good understanding of our planet after 300,000 years, but we’re still learning new things about Earth.
Wild Thing
Fukushima's boar-pig hybrids reveal how nature can heal after humans
Tara Yarlagadda
“While humans cannot return, wildlife did return.”
Extinction Event?
Scientists propose wild new theory for what originally killed the dinosaurs
Tara Yarlagadda
The asteroid was only the “fatal coup de grâce,” new research suggests.