Subrina Wood

Subrina Wood is a Boston-born, Greater DC Metro transplant. She is a TOS Trekkie, a lover of Golden Age comics, an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy novels, and an amateur Oscar historian.

Subrina created the SyFy Sistas, four Black women who promote Afrofuturistic films, books, and TV shows. Their podcast, The SyFy Sistas is a member show of the highly regarded Trek Geek Podcast network, where it is the only Black-hosted podcast. Subrina oversees the production of the podcast and maintains their website. The SyFy Sistas have a robust social media presence where Subrina leads the Tuesday show discussions and creates the Weekly Poll.

Also known as the Cinnamon Cinephile, Subrina reviews films and promotes film festivals. Subrina’s movie podcast, Five by Five: A Movie Podcast, is a call back to her father’s love of ham radios. The show format has Subrina and a guest expert run down their five favorite movies on topics ranging from Black Exploitation to wine.

Subrina is a member of the African American Film Critic Association and has appeared on TCM as a guest programmer.

Subrina is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross where she earned a B.A. in Fine Art History. She earned her M.S. in Accounting from Northeastern University. After years of working as a C.P.A., she is currently studying film production and screenwriting at New York Film Academy.

She prefers cats to dogs, the mountains over the beach, and tea instead of coffee.

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