Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a freelance journalist based in the U.K. and author of ‘The Consequential Frontier,’ a book about the private space industry, and ‘The Price of Immortality,’ on the scientific arms race for the elixir of life, funded by Big Tech and Silicon Valley.

Reporting from Dubai, Ward previously covered the energy sector in the Middle East before earning a degree in business journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York.

The Reboot Issue

The Cellular Reset: Inside the Scientific Pursuit of a Universal Cure

Why cure just one disease if you could cure them all?

ByPeter Ward
Inverse Interview

How Darren Aronofsky's oddest sci-fi movie inspired a real quest for longevity

In the new show Limitless, director Darren Aronofsky challenges Chris Hemsworth to stare down death.

ByPeter Ward
Cult Week

The cults that survive even when the prophecy fails

Aliens, immortality, and zombie JFK... One essential trait explains how extreme beliefs survive and thrive.

ByPeter Ward
How to Save the Earth

Why Apple’s Steve Wozniak’s paradoxical plan to solve space junk just might work

“It’s an N-squared problem. Ten times as many satellites are 100 times worse.”

ByPeter Ward

Beyond longevity: The DIY quest to cheat death and stop aging

Would you take your (extended) life into your own hands?

ByPeter Ward