Michael Gingold

Michael Gingold has been writing about horror films and their creators since he was too young to see them without a parent or adult guardian (though he did anyway), starting with his Xerox fanzine Scareaphanalia.

Michael is a former editor for Fangoria, and has been writing for the magazine since 1988 and the website since 2000. He is also a regular contributor to Rue Morgue magazine and Rue-morgue.com, and has written for Birth.Movies.Death and Time Out New York in print and on-line, Delirium and Scream magazines, and IndieWire.

Michael is the author of the Ad Nauseam and Ad Astra books, the novelization of Nightmare, and The FrightFest Guide to Monster Movies. He has directed documentaries and other bonus features, written liner notes, and taken part in audio commentaries for numerous Blu-rays, including the award-winning Twisted Tale: The Unmaking of “Spookies” for Vinegar Syndrome.

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ByMichael Gingold