Melita Cameron-Wood

Melita Cameron-Wood is a half-British, half-Maltese freelance journalist, based in Valencia, Spain. She writes about film, art, lifestyle, careers, business trends, start-ups, travel, food & drink, and people. Her work has been published in The Guardian, Little White Lies, Inside Hook, Modern Farmer, Time Out, Times of Malta, Sunday Circle (the monthly magazine that comes out with The Sunday Times of Malta), TOPIA Magazine, The Malta Independent, Business Spotlight (ZEIT SPRACHEN), Spotlight (ZEIT SPRACHEN), New 7 Wonders, Modern Times Review, ArtsTalk Magazine, ArtDependence, Bournefree, DUTCH, the magazine and Meer.

Melita studied studied Freelance Journalism at the British College of Journalism. She has a BA in French & German from St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford; and an MA in Film Studies from University College London.

Outside of journalism, Melita is also a voiceover artist, audio producer, EFL teacher, and German-English translator.

The Inverse Interview

Time to Hang Up the Heels: Behind the 44-Year Career of 'The Killer's Legendary Foley Artist

John Roesch has created Foley sounds for Back to the Future and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Now, he marks his final film with The Killer.

ByMelita Cameron-Wood