Jill Louise Busby

Jill Louise Busby (more affectionately known as jillisblack) is a writer and filmmaker critiquing, imploding, and barrel-laughing at our personal and communal hierarchies; the myth of white fragility (and other words for racism); the endlessly pending and highly exclusive revolution, identity, and reaction-based illusions of societal progress; and the boundaries that all place on our lives.

Believing a shift away from anti-difference begins with an outpouring of radical, multi-generational, inclusive, and validating honesty, Jill’s work charms audiences just past their limits of comfort, inviting them to seek a new and more genuine freedom in the discomfort of truth.

Her debut book, Unfollow Me: Essays on Complicity, an intimate, impertinent, and incisive collection about race, progress, and hypocrisy, will be released September 7th, 2021 from Bloomsbury Publishing.

The Superhero Issue

In defense of supervillains

ByJill Louise Busby