Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone is a technology and security writer based in New York City. He's written for a range of publications on privacy, hacking, international politics and other topics that have encouraged him to invest in tin foil hats.


Remember That Bush Paintings Hacker Guccifer Used Wikipedia to Hack Email

The Romanian hacker, extradited to the United States, is a reminder to make your password tougher.


Mark Zuckerberg and Stephen Hawking Plan to Use "Nanocraft" to Find Aliens

Why not? Everyone on lame old Earth is already on Facebook.


Kickass Torrents Is so Full of Malware That Chrome and Firefox Now Block It

At least use ad block software if you're going to steal movies.  


Book Clubs and Paranoid Forums: Tor's Deep Web Isn't All Bad. Just Crazy. 

Hackers and drug dealers aren't the only people using Tor.  


Burr-Feinstein Bill Shows Congress Misunderstands Encryption, Internet Says

Criminals and terrorists would still be able to use encrypted apps built by foreign companies.