49 cheap products that make life so much better

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I ask Amazon's Alexa to make my coffee every morning, and she does. Then, I drink a delicious smoothie that costs almost nothing. After that, I shower in a spa-worthy tub. Overall, I sleep well. My path is always well lit. My coffee is always hot. My phone always has a charge. My sink drains perfectly. I always have a straw. I'm warm, but not too warm. My clothes are unwrinkled. And my house is tidy.

You're probably thinking that I'm about to tell you about the futuristic utopia I've discovered — but I live in the same world as you.

I've simply invested in a few tools, gizmos, and accessories from Amazon that make my life even better than before. None of them are expensive, either. In fact, they're all quite affordable. Since I've been trying these cheap Amazon products that help make my life run smoother, and I'm here to report — from my own inexpensive utopia — that my life is significantly easier because of them.

In case you're curious, here are the must-have products that could make your life so much better (and won't totally break your bank).

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