48 things under $30 on Amazon that are just so damn good

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Sometimes, the excitement of discovering that perfect product makes me click the “Buy Now” button without hesitation. I mean, when a product from Amazon is just so damn good (like the ones on this list), it’s usually hard to resist. What’s cool about most of these items is that they’re fairly affordable and can be purchased for under $30. In other words, you’ll be scoring some really awesome pieces on the cheap — and you might not have even known you needed them.

For example, I used to think I had to keep a flashlight handy before going into my closet — but it turns out there is a battery-operated strip light that turns on automatically. I also thought the problem of where to keep my razor in the shower was unsolvable, but there’s a simple stick-on razor holder that easily takes care of that. And every time I got into my car, I’d be bummed that there was no place to put my bag. But then, I discovered this slick bag holder that cradles my belongings in the middle of the front seats. Genius.

Read on, because there are more items just like those that seem too good to be true. (They’re definitely not, though).

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