46 dope things that seem expensive but are cheap as hell on Amazon

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Remember when computers cost a fortune and buying a new TV was only for the very rich? Then the price dropped and dropped and now everyone has multiples of these things. That has happened with a lot of things lately. In the not too distant past, I contemplated installing some home automation and was dismayed at the cost and hassle. But that has changed in the last five years. It’s trivial now. And it’s not just with electronics. Kitchen gadgets, lighting, and smart-home essentials have all dropped to impulse purchase territory. As proof, I present these 47 dope things that seem expensive but are cheap as hell on Amazon.

It seems like just months ago that it was too expensive and nearly impossible to acquire a good web camera. But the vagaries of supply and demand have brought them down to relatively affordable territory now. But the real temptation, I think, is in the opportunity to make a not-connected car or a vintage home stereo capable of modern tricks like playing Spotify playlists or reading from my collection of Audible books. And for that, you need only drop a tiny quantity of folding money on the right tool. There are so many things here that you will be shocked to discover are well within your budget. Watch out, Amazon cart, here we come.

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