The 5 best Lululemon ABC pants alternatives

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Best Lululemon ABC pants alternative
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The ABC pants from Lululemon have earned quite the following, but a single pair starts at well over $100, so they’re certainly not cheap. Luckily, if you’re looking for a more affordable alternatives that are just as comfortable, Amazon has you covered. Before you can find the best Lululemon ABC pants alternative, however, you first need to understand what makes the originals so great — namely their ergonomics, stretch, versatility, and convenient features.

Lululemon’s ABC pants got their name due to their revolutionary “anti-ball-crushing” gusset, which offers plenty of space and freedom of movement. Still, they became a fan favorite thanks to their versatility: They can look like a stylish pair of slacks, joggers, or jeans (depending on which style you choose), but they’re also designed to stretch as you move, resist wrinkles, and dry quickly in hot weather. Consequently, you can wear them for just about any event or activity, and you’ll remain comfortable and unconfined without compromising on style. While the specifics differ depending on the pair, the ABC pants also offer features like smart storage pockets, reflective detailing, adjustable drawstrings, or abrasion-resistant durability, so these are design elements you’ll want to look for in an alternative as well.

Since ABC pants come in a few different styles, fabrics, and fits, you’ll find five great alternatives below. (Like the originals, they’re all offered in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and colors.)

1. The best slim-fit ABC pants alternative

The slim-fit ABC pants are one of the most popular iterations in the collection. And according to Amazon reviewers, even though they cost a fraction of the price, these stretch golf pants check a lot of the same boxes: The polyamide-spandex material is similar to Lululemon’s Warpstreme fabric in that it’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, and extremely stretchy — but still durable and wrinkle-resistant so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Finally, the slim-tapered fit is plenty stylish (and comes in eight colors), but due to its high-stretch design, you won’t feel restricted at the office, on the field, or while you’re out to dinner.

  • Similar features: stretchy, roomy gusset, moisture-wicking, slim-fit, hidden pocket, wrinkle-resistant
  • Missing features: reflective details
  • Available colors: Ink Gray, Black, Cliff Ash, Gull Gray, True Navy, Khaki, Mountain Green, Olive Yellow
  • Available sizes: 28 — 40 (in 33” or 35” inseams)

One reviewer wrote: “I own a couple pairs of Lululemon's ABC pants and love them. But for $120+ a pair, it's tough to justify buying them. I've been searching for a pair of cheaper duplicates and recently came across these. These are the closest thing to the ABC pants I have come [across] that are below $50.”

2. The best classic-fit pants

If you’re looking for a looser fit than a slim fit, these IZOD Swingflex pants are the way to go. They’re made from a blend of polyester and spandex, which stretches both crosswise and lengthwise as you move, pulls moisture away from the body, and even offers UPF protection against the sun. Other convenient features include a flex waistband for comfort and an easy-care material that ensures these pants are wrinkle-free and ready to wear straight out of the dryer. Plus, they come in nearly a dozen colors.

  • Similar features: stretchy, moisture-wicking, straight-fit, wrinkle-resistant
  • Missing features: roomy gusset, hidden pocket, reflective details
  • Available colors: Black, Asphalt, Cinder Block, Bright White, Peacoat, Red Khaki, Legacy Cinder Block, Red Khaki Core, Black Core, Peacoat Core, Cinder Block Core
  • Available sizes: 29W x 30L — 44W x 32L

One reviewer wrote: “I love these pants so far. Usually it's impossible to find a pair of golf pants that aren't over $60, I got these for half that. The material is light and breathable with enough flex to be comfortable walking the whole round. This straight fit style has just a little more room in the thighs.”

3. The best-selling budget pants

With more than 8,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.4 stars, these Amazon Essentials slim-fit pants are the best-selling golf pant on Amazon. They have plenty of great features that make them similar to ABC pants, including how well they resist wrinkles, how quickly they dry, and how comfortable they are. That said, the real selling point for shoppers might be the huge range of sizes — more than 50 of them. What’s more, starting at $33 a pair, they’re the most affordable pick on this list.

  • Similar features: stretchy, moisture-wicking, slim-fit, hidden pocket, wrinkle-resistant
  • Missing features: roomy gusset, reflective details
  • Available colors: Black, Gray, Navy, Khaki Brown, Stone, Olive
  • Available sizes: 28W x 28L — 42W x 34L

One reviewer wrote: “If you like lululemon’s ABC pants, but want to spend $100 less... these are your pants. Tried them on a whim, ended up buying 2 more pairs. Great for golf, warm days, hiking, business casual, and tons of other uses.”

4. The best joggers

In addition to their slim-fit and classic-fit pants, Lululemon also sells ABC joggers made out of the same Warpstreme material. While reviewers have usually compared these pants to the Lululemon Surge joggers rather than the ABC ones, these four-way stretch golf joggers are still extremely comfortable, roomy, moisture-wicking, well-made, and well-rated. Other noteworthy features include a zippered pocket, reflective ankle detailing, and a drawstring waistband that’s hidden inside (but you can also put it on the outside, just like with the Lululemon pairs).

  • Similar features: stretchy, roomy gusset, moisture-wicking, jogger-fit, secure storage, wrinkle-resistant, drawstring waistband
  • Missing features: fewer color options
  • Available colors: True Navy, Black, Electric Blue, Gull Gray, Dark Olive, Dark Red, Ink Gray, Cliff Ash, Gray Sage
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large (in 30” or 32” inseams)

One reviewer wrote: “Gonna be my go-to pants from now on. For real. These are the material I've been searching for. Very lululemon-ish material, stretchy but appear durable and better looking than sweats.”

5. The best five-pocket jean

Finally, there’re ABC pants made from Utilitech fabric, which look like a classic five-pocket jean, but moves with you and resists damage. These Amazon Essentials stretch twill pants are a close match for significantly less. They contain a lot more cotton than the Lululemon pair so they’re not as quick-drying and moisture-wicking, but they’re still stretchy, have five pockets, feature a laidback jean silhouette, and resist wear for work and other demanding activities. Like the Amazon Essential’s slim-fit golf pants above, they’re also available in more than 50 sizes.

  • Similar features: stretchy, roomy gusset, classic-fit, five pockets, abrasion-resistance
  • Missing features: moisture-wicking
  • Available colors: Black, Brown, Dark Gray, Dark Khaki Brown, Khaki Brown, Light Gray, Navy, Olive, Stone
  • Available sizes: 28W x 28L — 42W x 32L

One reviewer wrote: “These were a joy to wear on a trip to Europe and were even better on the plane/train/automobile as I traveled through and to. Being an owner of Lululemon ABC pants I was skeptical that these would be worthwhile, but I would venture to say they are just as good if not better (given the ease of sizing). Like most Amazon Essentials pieces the fit is generous, with a good gusset and room in the legs, but they still looked good, fit well, and were not overbuilt. Overall, these I'd say are my favorite pair of pants now, even more than my favorite pair of jeans and I'll be getting more shortly.”

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