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Transsexual Brains Show Testosterone Ruins Women's Multitasking Abilities 

Finally, a scientific grounding for bad '90s stand-up comics.

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So, turns out exposure to male sex hormones might actually hurt the brain’s ability to multitask. Men be from Mars, Women from Venus, am I right fellas? Yeah, you guys know what I’m talking about.

The University of Vienna studied 18 female-to-male transsexuals with MRI scans before and after a month of testosterone treatment, only to discover that the hormone shrunk the volume of grey matter in the brain connected to language processing, according to a report in Times Live. That’s evidence that prolonged exposure to the hormone causes a quantitative difference in brain structure.

The tradeoff here is that while verbal and multitasking abilities diminished, spatial abilities increased. It’s fresh evidence the difference between the sex’s brains comes down to chemistry. Steve Harvey will be expected to adjust his material accordingly.

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