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phones displaying three games on LinkedIn

You Can Play Puzzle Games On LinkedIn Now, But I Don’t Know Why You’d Want To

ByRobin Bea

A puzzling addition.


The Rise and Fall of

ByAllison McClain Merrill

From the late '90s through the early 2010s, Disney offered up clever online games based on the network's most popular TV shows.

Red vs Blue

Rooster Teeth Was Too Good For the Internet — Until It Wasn’t

ByEric Francisco

A eulogy for the imperfect studio behind Red vs. Blue.

Inverse Recommends

One of the Decade’s Most Groundbreaking Animated Movies Was About a Weird Little Guy

ByJosh Bell

This tiny inspirational hero's Oscar-nominated movie is now on Netflix.

key art from The Forever Labyrinth
Inverse Recommends

The Forever Labyrinth Brings Art History to Life In An Intriguing Adventure Game

ByRobin Bea

The world’s strangest museum tour.

Direcotr Jazmin Jones examines an image of "Mavis Beacon" model Renee L'Esperance in Seeking Mavis B...
Sundance 2024 Review

'Seeking Mavis Beacon' Pulls the Curtain Back on an Online Legend

ByLyvie Scott

The Sundance doc explores the mystery of Mavis Beacon, the woman who taught a generation to type before disappearing forever.

key art for GameStop NFT marketplace

A Eulogy for GameStop’s Doomed NFT Marketplace

ByRobin Bea

We’ll always have the memories (of tasteless jokes and stolen art).


Eminem Is Coming To Fortnite OG's Big Bang Finale

ByIan Sherr

The Real Slim Shady will be appearing during a live event.


'Our Flag Means Death’s Fierce Fandom Is Changing the Way TV is Made

ByDais Johnston

What is happening to the fan and creator dynamic?

Carrots for sale at street market at old town of Biel, Bern canton, Switzerland

Can Eating Carrots Give You a Natural Tan? The Science Behind This Bizarre Medical Quirk

ByThe Conversation, Lauren Ball and Emily Burch

Carrots are full of beta-carotene, but does this really give you a natural glow, and is it healthy?