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Say Their Names

How to fight racial injustice whether or not you can protest

All the resources you need to use the internet effectively amid nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd.

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Workers stage 'die-in' at Amazon Pride to protest transphobic book sales

No Hate at Amazon is drawing attention to the company's hypocritical 'rainbow washing' tactics.

🏳️‍⚧️ now redirects to Justin Trudeau's Wikipedia

Some conspiracists suspect Elon Musk is responsible for the expensive trolling campaign.

That'll Show 'Em

Tomorrow 246: Are we causing this?

There is a chance that this podcast was Pandora's box.


Finishing the fight: One modder's quest to fix 'Mass Effect 3'

The Milky Way was so meh.

Free choice

Riot Games investigates TSM CEO over harassment claims

TSM founder Andy Dinh cussed out esports players and allegedly bullied TSM employees.


Modder makes one-handed DualSense controller for the PS5

Accessibility for all.


'Smash MAGA' game lets you to attack the Nazis who stormed the US Capitol

Jason and Jeremy Hammond created the game as a way to share resources on how to form an antifasicst group and carry out mutual aid. Instead, they wound up fighting for their civil liberties.


‘DOTS's HOME’ illuminates the effects of housing inequality on People of Color

The narrative-driven game is free-to-play right now on Steam.


Former Blizzard employee allegedly made hateful, discriminatory remarks

Geoff Frazier, who is no longer at Blizzard, is being accused of writing hateful Discord messages.

Not cool

Twitch bans streamers for saying ‘cracker,’ but doesn’t for ableist slurs

Twitch’s policy enforcement is inconsistent at best.


TikTok activist hits back at Kellogg's union-busting with some creative coding

Fighting scabs has never been easier.


Blizzard employee shares new story of sexual harassment

The victim, who still works at Blizzard, explained how her dreams went dark.


Facebook just reinstated protest killer Kyle Rittenhouse’s platform

Following his not guilty verdict, Facebook has unblocked Rittenhouse from all of its platforms.


What would it take for Amazon to actually be a decent company?

The retail giant is improving a bit, but is there any impetus for it to become a responsible corporate citizen?


Pinocchio-themed Soulslike 'Lies of P' features inexplicable APAB sign

All puppets are bastards, or assigned puppet at birth?

No strings attached

Tomorrow 240: Do something for anyone

Is there any hope for Tomorrow?