Cheyenne MacDonald

Cheyenne covers the messy, beautiful, sometimes terrifying crossroads of human culture and technology. CES’s Final Girl, if you will. From Big Tech accountability and innovation as a means for social progress to the offbeat gadgets and virtual spaces that provide us with necessary escapes, she aims to uplift and inform by way of thoughtful, ground-level reporting. Her focus also includes chronic illness, sex tech, marijuana, and all things spooky.

Offline, she is a helicopter ferret mom, Tamagotchi hoarder, and wildlife rehabilitator.

Bad Tweet Hall of Fame

Tamagotchi Pix Party is everything the first-gen Pix hoped to be

From camera quality and battery life to those notorious touch buttons, Pix Party brings upgrades all around.

Say Cheese

GPD's Pocket 3 is the tiny laptop of my dreams

The 2-in-1 laptop/tablet is an 8-inch-wide productivity beast.

This Thing Rules

Twitter as Elon Musk tries to worm out of purchase: LOL nice try

Musk’s lawyer cites — what else? — the company’s lack of transparency over bots as the primary reason for backing out.

Deep Sigh

Puffco's new modular dab vape, Proxy, is a beautiful, beastly e-pipe

The Proxy brings ultra-portability to the cannabis concentrate experience, with a sleek build and 3D heating technology.


Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, pioneering 'human cyborg' who defied ALS, has died

The British-American roboticist championed high-tech, experimental solutions to cope with the degenerative illness, against all odds.


Postmates' Bottom-Friendly Menu might be cool if it didn't rip off a queer creator

The food delivery service says it's created "the world's first" menu for the anal-sex-conscious, but The Bottom's Digest was a year ahead.


Orville Peck on making the 5 mini-movies of ‘Bronco’ (and maybe more)

The artist spoke with Input about his cinematic inspirations and what it was like surfing atop an 18-wheeler.


Orville Peck is in his IDGAF era

The mysterious country star opens up about finding happiness, loving drag, and recording Bronco, his explosive new album.

Saddle Up & Ride

I'd do anything to unsee this tweet from the White House pets' fan page

Never expected a dog to land in the Bad Tweet Hall of Fame but here we are.

Bad Tweet Hall of Fame

How I achieved Inbox Zero bliss with the help of a raunchy cartoon

Turns out it's not that hard to stay on top of all the notifications.

Spring Cleaning Issue

Vessel's 'Helix' one-hitter is the smoothest chillum I've ever toked

A spiraling chamber insert softens the flow of smoke, meaning no scorched throats or choking on Scooby snacks.

This Thing Rules 4/20

I never got the appeal of Liquid Death. Then I quit drinking.

It may be the “Ed Hardy of water,” but Liquid Death is actually pretty good — and it doesn't hurt that it feels like you're holding a beer.

This Thing Rules
bzz bzz bzz

There’s never been a better time to get obsessed with ‘Over the Garden Wall’

As The Cuphead Show reignites our love of old-timey, sing-songy cartoons, take a moment to remember this lesser-known masterpiece.

The Backlog

This self-learning bionic hand gets better and better as you use it

Esper Bionics' smart prosthetic hand is ready for action after obtaining FDA approval last summer.


CES 2022: Everything you need to see

Keep up with all of Input's CES 2022 coverage in one place.

CES 2022

The road to hell is paved with well-intentioned robots

At CES 2022, Japanese robotics startup tmsuk introduced a lifelike ER training robot, Pedia-Roid, and we are terrified.

CES 2022

These suckling robotic plushies are freaking me the hell out. And yet...

From the people that brought you Qoobo, a pillow with an animatronic tail, Amagami Ham Ham is here to... um... nibble on your finger.

CES 2022