Orville Peck on making the 5 mini-movies of ‘Bronco’ (and maybe more)

The artist spoke with Input about his cinematic inspirations and what it was like surfing atop an 18-wheeler.

"Daytona Sand"/Orville Peck

Country musician Orville Peck dropped his second full-length album, Bronco, in early April and has already put out five movie-quality music videos to go with it.

In a recent conversation with Input, Peck dove into the creative process and the works that inspire him.


Peck worked closely with friend and director Austin Peters (who also did his “Queen of the Rodeo” video, pictured) on all five videos to formulate the specific moods and references they were trying to hit with each.

Peck’s a big fan of film and cinema, he says, which naturally spills into his own approach to visual arts. He’s spoken often about his appreciation for David Lynch and John Waters, both of whose influence can be seen splashed all over his music videos and general aesthetic. But in Bronco, we get so, so much more.

"Queen of the Rodeo"/Orville Peck