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Vessel's 'Helix' one-hitter is the smoothest chillum I've ever toked

A spiraling chamber insert softens the flow of smoke, meaning no scorched throats or choking on Scooby snacks.

Vessel's 'Helix' one-hitter is the smoothest chillum I've ever toked
Cheyenne MacDonald / Input

Luxury cannabis-goods brand Vessel does not mess around when it comes to high quality.

After taking a chance on Vessel’s Compass vape last year and more or less falling in love instantly — I still use it daily for oils — I’ve been curious to see what the company could do with something a little more traditional, like a straight-up pipe. So, when Helix popped onto my radar, well, I couldn’t resist.

Helix is a brass one-hitter designed to mitigate the sometimes harsh hits that can occur with pieces of this style. One-hitters, chillums, whatever you call them, are great for no-frills, discreet little puffs when you’re on the go, but their front-loaded, straight-shot design makes them inherently more susceptible to delivering the occasional throat-charring blow if you rip too hard. Think about it — all that heat is just going straight back. And those that attempt to solve this with design features like a pinch between the bowl and the body have a tendency toward clogging.

Helix takes a different approach, using a thoughtful insert to divert the air and soften its delivery. Per Vessel, “Helix features an interior spiral shaped like a double helix that doubles the length of the smoke path and filters as residue builds up to result in a smooth, cool pull every time.” So far, it’s held to that promise.

Here’s Helix next to my usual lil guy (which I’m now realizing is overdue for a good cleaning...).Cheyenne MacDonald / Input

Helix hits really nicely. The spiraled inner piece doesn’t disrupt the flow in a way that affects how hard you have to pull, but it does make for a cleaner inhalation experience. It’s very, very smooth. The packable area is pretty deep, too, so you can fit a decent amount of flower in there.

Helix hits really nicely.

And Helix, much like Compass, feels great in your hand. That may not matter to everyone, but it matters to me. It’s got weight to it, and the all-brass build keeps it cool to the touch — plus, it looks sleek as hell. The shape of the mouthpiece also kind of makes me feel like I’m about to toot a kazoo, which I love for no logical, mature reason.

Of course, it is more of a luxury purchase as far as these things go. But it’s accessibly bougie; at $55 full price, it’s the kind of splurge you probably won’t feel that bad about in the long run. It’s currently on sale for $44 at the time of publishing, which really sweetens the deal. That brass build will probably last you a lifetime, anyway. If you really want to treat yourself, you might as well throw in a dope lighter, too.

Here’s a close-up of Helix’s, well, helix. Vessel

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