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Former Blizzard employee allegedly made hateful, discriminatory remarks

Geoff Frazier, who is no longer at Blizzard, is being accused of writing hateful Discord messages.

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Jessica Gonzalez — a former Blizzard employee who is now an activist for #ABetterABK — has posted numerous screenshots claiming that Blizzard’s former web content coordinator, Geoff Frazier, made hateful and discriminatory remarks against protected groups and fellow Blizzard employees while at the company. This comes as current and former employees continue to speak out against the discrimination and gender-based harassment they’ve faced at Blizzard.

The backstory — Frazier, who apparently goes by “Nebu” on Discord, worked at Blizzard for nearly 24 years and is a self-described anti-vaxxer and conservative. According to his Linkedin, Frazier left Blizzard in September 2021 and is currently employed at another tech company in Irvine, California.

Frazier appears to be a part of a Discord server called “The Right Wing of Gaming.” Gonzalez accused Frazier of “leaking sensitive employee information, objectifying interns, outing transgender staff and more” in the server.

Discord rants — Gonzalez posted a series of screenshot messages written by Nebu/Frazier yesterday, explaining that she had reported his behavior to Blizzard HR. Gonzalez told Input that she knows Nebu is Frazier because he used the “Nebu” alias on Blizzard’s internal employee database, PeopleFinder. “Nebu” also briefly joined the “We are ABK” Discord server to troll its members.

In one Discord rant, Frazier complained about how many Blizzard executives are leaving the company and called fellow employees the ableist r-word slur. He then claimed that Blizzard’s pride efforts — which consisted of some corporatized rainbow merch — meant that the company was “requiring” employees to “worship” gay people.

Insults and disinformation — But it doesn’t stop there. Back in June, Frazier complained about “3 libtard bosses” he believed were trying to get him to leave the company. He also objectified Blizzard’s female interns, saying that it was “dumb” that “all” Blizzard’s interns were female. “Least 1 has giant tits,” he wrote.

Fun fact: 74% of Blizzard’s entry-level staff are male, and only 22% of all Blizzard employees are female.

Blizzard’s inaction — Gonzalez is frustrated that her reports went unaddressed for a long time. “The fact that he was allowed to do the shit he was doing for so long was unacceptable. I’m sure my report wasn’t the only one. I was just the loudest about it,” she wrote on Twitter.

A current Blizzard employee, Robbie Fenoglio, accused Blizzard of protecting Frazier. “I really want to know why the company protected him for so long. There is no way he didn’t have multiple HR reports against him in all that time,” Fenoglio said.

As to the reason why Frazier had been “protected,” Gonzalez believes it’s due to apathy among C-level executives, citing current Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick and Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime. “[Kotick] literally doesn’t care. Don’t let Mike [Morhaime] off the hook either, this predates Activision merger,” she said. “I think [Morhaime] was willfully ignorant and he had to have known about Geoff [Frazier].”