Modder makes one-handed DualSense controller for the PS5

Accessibility for all.

Akaki Kuumeri

Video games can be difficult for some people with physical disabilities. But one YouTuber has made some custom controller mods that allow him to fully operate Sony’s DualSense PS5 controller with just one hand.

Using a 3D printer, Akaki Kuumeri designed and produced an attachment for the left joystick on the controller. When secured and used on any firm surface like a table (or your leg), the extension allows the gamer to move the left stick just by pressing and maneuvering the attachment against the ground. Kuumeri also moved the L1 and L2 buttons over to the right side so they can be accessed right next to R1 and R2.

The standard PS5 DualSense controller.Video Games Source

The controller appears to work quite well, considering the fact that some of the pieces are held together with an elastic band. The 3D-printed pieces are impressive, and its creator even developed an extra optional attachment that allows one-handed gamers to access the four selection buttons on the left side of the controller as well.

The fact that a YouTuber had to go to such great lengths just to make PS5 games playable with one hand speaks volumes about the lack of accessibility in gaming. Many games reward reaction time, speed and accuracy, so some differently-abled gamers might feel left out of the world of competitive FPS gaming.

Bulky, but genius.Akaki Kuumeri on YouTube

For example, some Overwatch players are only able to play a few characters (i.e. Mercy) because the lack of peripherals for disabled players means they can only use a few buttons and aren’t able to strafe or aim in the way others can.

Kuumeri’s video has just under 10,000 views at the time of writing, but gamers have already taken note of his impressive project. One commenter explained, “I’ve been playing one-handed for over 17 years due to a Stroke and know how frustrating it has been for the major manufacturers to forget about disabled gamers. Hopefully this will encourage more people with accessibility to feel more included.”

Hardware manufacturers should take note of Kuumeri’s project and develop multiple controllers or controller attachments that allow more people to play their games. Until then, you can check out the magical world of controller mods, where this accessibility-minded project is one of many.