Evan Rodgers

The 7 best mini gaming PCs to install SteamOS 3 on

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are clunkers compared to a mini gaming PC. With the help of SteamOS 3, you can play the latest PC games with little downside.


These are the best ways to back up all your photos and videos

Backing up your photos and videos isn't hard once you know what to do. From hard drives to local backups to the cloud, here's how to protect your work.


The 15 best superzoom lenses for your mirrorless camera

Superzoom lenses used to suck. But now there are tons of good all-in-one lenses for mirrorless cameras. Stop carrying prime lenses and get a superzoom instead.


These are the 12 best gaming PC power supplies for every budget

You might think that your power supply either works or it doesn’t, but it’s way more complicated than that.


The OGO is the best composting toilet for vanlife

OGO’s composting toilet was designed with camper vans in mind. It's my top vanlife toilet. But is the premium price worth it compared to the competition?

The Great Outdoors

The 11 best mosquito repellents, traps, and zappers to help stop bites

Just say no to parasitic flying insects.

The Great Outdoors

How to get high-speed internet in rural America

Whether it's satellite, cellular 4G or 5G, DSL, or bonding, here's what to do when cable internet providers say no thanks to your hard-earned money.

The Great Outdoors

These are the 7 best 4G and 5G cellular routers for rural internet

Here’s what to do when Starlink isn’t an option.


Propel Endeavor S review: An offroad electric skateboard for everyone

Finally, a full-suspension board small enough for commuting and urban environments.


Ecomobl M24 Pro review: A true offroad electric skateboard

The M24 Pro takes land surfing to whole other level.


Is Bored Ape supergroup Kingship the next Gorillaz?

What the heck is an NFT band? How exactly will this all work? Input got answers from Kingship’s label head and the group’s manager.


Fujifilm Instax Link Wide review: Film for the rest of us

Instax film is way better than paper prints, and now you can print extra large.


Gotrax G Pro 3 review: The best 3-wheel electric scooter you can buy

This is the comfiest ride you'll find on three wheels.


Does Fujifilm's ancient X-Pro1 have a mythical, 'film-like' sensor?

I had to find out. So I did a few side-by-side comparisons with actual 35mm film.

This Thing Rules

EcoFlow Delta Mini review: Ultra-fast charging in a tiny package

EcoFlow's smallest Delta power station strikes the perfect balance between size, capacity, and price.


Pixii announces updated digital rangefinder with new 26MP sensor

The new Pixii Camera adds several much-needed updates to one of the only indie rangefinders on the market right now.


Here are the camera settings to change on your iPhone 13 Pro right now

The new iPhone’s improved cameras are even better for photography and shooting video with a few settings tweaks.


Hands-on with the Surface Pro 8

Microsoft’s classic Surface tablet gets its biggest design upgrade yet.


Specialized announces new Turbo Vado, Como, and Tero e-bikes

We go hands-on with Specialized’s new commuter bikes for every kind of rider.


Canon EOS 7 review: An incredible 35mm film camera in 2021

Shooting professional-grade 35mm photography hasn't been this easy since the early 2000s.