These 45 things have a fanatical fan base because they save you so much money

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by Christina X. Wood

I have a few possessions that I just can’t shut up about. Anytime conversation heads near territory where I can work them in, I start my pitch. I have learned to throw in the caveat, “I probably sound like a commercial right now,” whenever anyone gives me that look. But I just keep going. And I can’t promise I’m ever going to stop. Usually these are things that are not only excellent, but that also save me money. I can’t help it. I’ve been a bargain hunter since, as a toddler, my mother got into a fight with a whole crowd over a coat for me at the bargain basement of a local department store. She won that fight and we emerged, victorious, with a coat I wore with pride. It was awesome. I decided that day that I, too, would spend my life in pursuit of deals. I am not alone. There are swarms of us. These days we usually meet in the Amazon reviews areas. And from that council of sorts, I bring you these 45 things have a fanatical fan base because they save you so much money.

Some of these are the very same items that friends can’t get me to shut up about. (There is a high pressure shower head, for example, that has led to sales pitches that would likely make my mother blush.) And some of them come from other members of this horde of bargain-hunters that haunts the Amazon reviews. Whether it’s a trick for cutting back on single use plastics with resuable bags or a clever way to cold brew some coffee, these are products with fans. The fanatical kind who just won’t shut up.

Read on and join us in this worthy quest for bargains.

1. This spray bottle for more precise handling of cooking oil

If you want to cut unnecessary oil out of your diet or need a way to lightly coat things going into the air fryer, this oil sprayer is the trick. You can skip all the additives in aerosol oil sprays and use whatever fine cooking oil you prefer. Just fill the bottle — it comes with a funnel for the purpose — and press the big button on the top to spray a mist of oil over foods or surfaces.

2. The beeswax food wraps you can use again & again

Save money, reduce trash, and make all your leftovers look adorable by switching out the plastic wrap for this 3-pack of beeswax-coated cotton food wraps that works just as well, and can be reused. Just press your warm hand to the wax paper and it will mold and cling to the bowl you’re covering. Wrap sandwiches in it or cover an avocado. There are three sizes and they easily wash up.

3. These weird wipes that are like the offspring of a sponge & dishcloth

These cellulose and cotton dishcloths are the brilliant melding of cloth and sponge. They’re super absorbent like a sponge, but have the malleability of cloth. Use them to wipe the counter, wash the dishes, or step in where you might have previously grabbed a paper towel. You can wash them in the dishwasher or washing machine and they last a long time. There are 10 in a pack and they come in nine colors.

4. This set of reusable bottles for juices, smoothies, and take-along drinks

If you want to stock the fridge with easy-to-grab fresh-squeezed juices, cold-brew coffee, or even turn big bottles of beverages into grab-and-go sized packages, these BPA-free plastic bottles are a great way to go. They come in four sizes, the lids seal tight — and are even tamper-proof — and they are reusable.

5. A 21-pack of reusable storage bags in 3 sizes

This big pack of 21 reusable storage bags will quickly make your desire to give up single-use plastic bags a reality. There are three sizes — seven of each — to cover all your use cases. The gallon size is great for the freezer. The seven sandwich bags will get you through the week. And the snack bags are perfect for tiny leftovers or tossing a snack into your lunch. Just wash them and reuse them and you will rarely need plastic bags again.

6. This citrus juicer that gets every drop

This super-efficient citrus juicer removes so much more juice from limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit than you can do manually, that you’ll burn through fewer fruits to meet your juice needs. The reamer spins automatically when you press citrus to it, cleanly separating all the juice and pulp from the rind. You set how much pulp you want in your juice and when you’re done, press the lid down to remove all juice from the pulp that remains, too. All the parts are removable and go into the dishwasher.

7. A set of 9 whiskey stones for undiluted cocktails

If you like your whiskey on the rocks, these nine chilling stones will enhance the experience. Instead of pouring your spirits over ice, which will melt and dilute your drink, these small cubes of granite chill the booze without adding any water. Just store them in the freezer. They come in a velvet carrying bag with an ice tong and two coasters.

8. These mop pads that make cleaning floors easier (& greener)

These microfiber mop pads are a terrific upgrade from disposable floor wipes. The thick, microfiber cloth cleans better than the kind you toss, holds more water for damp mopping, and attaches easily to the Swiffer or other dust mop handle you already have. This is a pack of two so you can throw one in the wash and still have one on the mop handle.

9. This cold brewer so keeping ice coffee on hand is super easy

If you love your cold brew, this 2-quart cold brewer will make sure you always have some at the ready. Just put ground coffee into the fine mesh filter that fits into the carafe and add water. Then put it in the fridge overnight and, in the morning, remove the filter full of coffee. You will have four servings of deliciously not-bitter cold brew to enjoy at leisure.

10. A 4-pack of freshness-sealing wine stoppers

These colorful silicone bottle stoppers are super handy to have in the kitchen. They fit snugly into wine, champagne, oil, and other bottles to keep air out and liquids in. And the oval top makes it easy to remove the stopper when you want to pour another glass. The slightly squishy silicone seals snugly enough to handle carbonation, too.

11. The can coolers that keep your to-go beverages chilled

When heading to the park or an outdoor concert — or even work — packing your own beverages can save lots of money. These cooler sleeves fit around canned beverages inside your cooler to keep them cold all day long, without filling the cooler with ice that turns to water. “I use these in my cooler to go to the beach with a few brewskis,” said one reviewer. “I don't have to buy ice and they keep the bottles exceptionally cold. After use, I just pop them back in the freezer and use them the next day.”

12. A set of reusable cups for your Keurig

Buying coffee cups for your Keurig machine can get expensive, and it’s hard to reconcile all that trash with the state of the environment. Not only that, but it limits your coffee options. This 4-pack of filter cups solves all those problems. Just put your own ground coffee into them and brew as usual. They fit most Keurig machines, you can load several at once, and you will save your wallet and the world.

13. This weighted heating pad for quick relief

Whether you’re having trouble reducing stress or suffering from sore muscles, drape this weighted, microwaveable heating pad around your shoulders and the heat will help you let it all go. It’s filled with clay beads that have no scent and have enough weight to hold it in place. Just microwave it — or put it in the fridge if you need a cold treatment — and enjoy.

14. The pet-hair remover with hordes of fans

Just roll this pet-hair remover back and forth on your furniture and rugs and the grippy roller will quickly pick up all the pet fur it finds and stash it in the chamber on the handle. Empty that chamber occasionally and you can keep right on rolling till your space is spiffy. Reviewers love this little tool and gave it over 75,000 five-star reviews.

15. An insulated lunch box that looks normal enough to carry around

This slender, rectangular lunch box hides its purpose well while packing a big lunch. It’s a carryable rectangle shape with pockets on the inside and outside so you can stash utensils or a chill pack inside, and slide your cell phone into the exterior pocket. It holds lots of food to get you through the day but looks like a normal cross-body or over-the-shoulder bag. Or, detach the straps and carry it by the handle or stash it in a larger bag. It comes in four colors.

16. This little sewing kit with all the essentials

You never know when you might need to sew on a button, fix a hem, or stitch a seam closed. When that happens, do you have the tools? This little sewing kit has everything you need for just about any hand-sewing project packed into a small, stashable, mobile leather-like case so you not only have what you need, but you also know where it is. It beats tossing out clothes or taking them to the tailor.

17. An oxygenator for the fridge so your produce lasts longer

This clever oxygenating and deodorizing machine changes the interior atmosphere of your fridge to make it more conducive to the survival of produce. What normally happens in the closed environment of the fridge is that fruits give off ethylene gas, which causes produce to quickly ripen and rot. This device oxygenates the air, blocking the ethylene gas, so that your produce stays fresh. Produce is expensive. If it lasts longer, you will throw less of it away.

18. The insulating window wrap that keeps drafts out & heat in

This window wrap is a tried-and-true, inexpensive solution for making older windows more efficient. You wrap the entire window, sticking the film to the frame with the peel-and-stick tape. Then shrink it with a hairdryer so that the wrap is snug and nearly invisible. That pocket of air between the wrap and the glass becomes insulation and it’s quite effective at keeping heat inside (and cold out).

19. This 24-pack of LED lightbulbs that last up to 7 years

Make the switch from incandescents over to LED and you’ll save a lot of money, in the long run, and eliminate the hassle of burned-out lightbulbs. The bulbs in this 24-pack of LEDs are the equivalent of a 60-watts, but each one will last seven years and draw considerably less power than even fluorescents. Reviewers gave this handy life hack 15,000 five-star ratings.

20. The shower head that turns bathing into a daily delight

It takes only a few minutes to unscrew your current, lame showerhead and screw this high-pressure rain style one in instead. And from that moment forward, your showers will be like standing in a tropical rainstorm of soft but intense water. The showerhead forces the water through small rubber jets, which speeds it up to improve water pressure. And there are 90 of them spread across the wide head. It’s wonderful. It comes in five finishes.

21. The quick dry-cleaning treatment you can do at home

Taking clothes to the dry cleaners is expensive (plus then you can’t wear those items for days). This at-home dry cleaning treatment takes only 20 minutes and a 6-pack of them costs only $13. Just dab the stain with one of the cleaning pads then toss the garment in the dryer with one of the cleaning cloths. Your clothes come out spiffy and wrinkle-free.

22. This full pedicure kit for salon-level footwork at home

Ready to give your feet the TLC they need? This pedicure kit has (truly) everything to do the job. There are 23 pieces, and they’re all stored in a clear box. There is a foot rasp, cuticle pusher, nail and foot clippers, callus remover, foot file, toe separators, and many other grooming tools. “What a great kit!” said one reviewer. “It’s full of everything you’ll ever need for a pedicure and the price is great too! My toes look amazing and feel great. No more salon for me!”

23. A complete eyeglass repair kit so you can fix them yourself

Eyeglasses aren’t that complicated, so when a screw comes out or a nosepad drops off, you don’t really need to take them in for expensive repairs. You could pull out this complete eyeglass repair kit instead and execute a quick fix. It has all the tiny screwdrivers you need, and they’re magnetic, which makes working with those tiny screws so much easier. It has a collection of nose pads and other parts you might need, too. It’s a lot more ideal than being that nerd with tape on their glasses.

24. This 4-pack of solar LED lights for wireless exterior illumination

These four solar lights make it possible to light your yard and the exterior of your house with bright light without running any wires (or paying for electricity). The big solar panel on the top gives them plenty of power to light up all night. And you can choose — on each light — to have them shine brightly from dusk to dawn, or to throw low light that gets brighter when it detects motion. They are weatherproof and can be mounted to a wall, post, or fence with the included mounting hardware.

25. The pheromone cologne that says it makes you irresistible

Roll on this pheromone-infused cologne and watch as all eyes (etc.) are on you. It uses imported Androstenone and Copulin compounds that asserts to affect the moods of those you encounter. This stuff is the toast of TikTok, and gets nearly 25,000 five-star Amazon reviews — many, epic tales of romance. “I love this product, and so does my girlfriend! She buries her nose in my neck everytime I put it on, and tries to sniff me all day when I wear it,” said one reviewer. “It sort of has a euphoric effect in me when I wear it too. I notice an elevated state of happiness and overall better mood. And it smells great, especially for a unisex product.”

26. This extra-large water filter made to slimly fit in the fridge

Fill this big, 18-cup water filter and dispenser with tap water and stick it in the fridge — soon you’ll have plenty of cold, Brita-filtered water to drink at the touch of the precision pour spigot. It filters 120 gallons of water with one filter, and is designed to fit neatly on the shelf of your fridge without taking up too much space.

27. These 8 packing cubes for a more efficient suitcase

This complete set of packing cubes will turn the chaos in your suitcase into a rolling storage container you could live out of without even unpacking. There are three zippered bags designed to hold clothes, neatly folded or rolled, as well as a sock and underwear bag. Keep your shoes in the shoe bag, your toiletries in the cosmetic bag, and dirty laundry or other sundries in the drawstring bag.

28. This battery charger for an endless supply of fresh ones

Plug this battery charger into a free outlet, load it with rechargeable batteries — AA or AAA — and you will always have a fresh one there when you need it. The charge status indicator lets you know when a battery is ready to use again. When your batteries are fully charged, it stops automatically so they won’t overcharge. It comes with four AAs.

29. This bag of 6 dryer balls for greener laundry

Instead of dryer sheets, toss a few of these hand-rolled New Zealand wool dryer balls in with your laundry to help eliminate static and wrinkles — and help improve dryer efficiency. They fluff the laundry as it spins so that clothes dry faster, and work to pull away static. They come unscented, but you can put a few drops of essential oil on them if you want to infuse your clothes with scent.

30. This handy vacuum cleaner for the car

Cleaning the car is a hassle when you have to contend with vacuum cords and plugs, or take in the whole thing to get detailed. But this handy vacuum plugs into the lighter in the car, so you can do it up anytime and anywhere. It has attachments to get into crevices and brush fur out of the carpet, a long cord so it will reach to the trunk, and a HEPA filter. It can handle dry or wet messes and stores away in its own carry bag.

31. An herb garden kit for indoors or out

This herb garden kit has everything you need to grow fresh herbs in a window, on your patio, or out in the garden. There are seed packets to grow parsley, cilantro, tarragon, chives, basil, and thyme in biodegradable peat pots. It even comes with soil disks that expand when you add water. Plant markers help you remember which is which and, if you want to put your herbs in the ground, you can just bury the pots as is.

32. The deodorizer that rescues shoes from the brink

Sometimes a pair of shoes gets to the point where you’ve worked them so hard into the smell-zone you feel like you need to get rid of them. When that happens, zap the interior with this peppermint and tea tree oil deodorizer to return them to something you can stand to have in the house. “My son's wrestling shoes would gag us every time he took them off,” reports one reviewer. “I had him spray his feet and the shoe. It was miraculous. This stuff works!”

33. This smart power strip that streamlines the computer rig

This surge protector strip is super clever and can save you both time and money, especially if you use it to power your computer rig. There is one “control” socket and that’s the one to plug your computer into. Then plug your monitors or other peripherals into the four “green” plugs. Now, whenever you turn your computer on, the peripherals will all power up, too. When you turn your computer off, everything plugged into the “green” plugs will also turn off. There are also two normal plugs for lamps or other purposes.

34. The big Yeti tumbler that will make a fan out of you

Once you have this 20-ounce Yeti Rambler in your hands, it may become the vessel from which you take every sip. Your coffee will stay warm for hours in there. When you sip water, it will always be cold and icy. And, if you fill it with beer, that drink will stay cold until you’re ready for another. It comes in 26 colors, has a Magsafe lid, which uses magnets to keep the lid locked, and is an ideal size to tote everywhere.

35. These fun mushroom nightlights that turn on automatically

This 2-pack of nightlights that look like softly glowing mushrooms are a unique way to add a little light to a dark room. The plugs rotate so you can turn the mushroom to the direction you want, and a sensor turns them on only when the room is dark. The two in this package can create a veritable tiny nighttime mushroom garden.

36. This chopper that takes the hassle out of food prep

When cooking dinner feels like too much trouble because of all the chopping, slicing, and mincing every dish requires, this chopping device is ready to do all the work for you. Mince an onion by putting it on the blade and closing the guillotine-like lid. Grate cheese by switching the blade to the grater. There are eight blades and the bin catches all the cut pieces to make storing or transporting easy. It comes with a safety holder, too, so you don’t get cut when slicing.

37. The clever dish rack that unfurls over the sink

This handy roll-up dish rack will quickly become a much-used item in the kitchen. Unroll it over the sink and use it as a dish drying rack, or to hold a pan for you while you fill it with water. Set it on the counters to protect them from being burned by a hot pan. Or use it as a cooling rack for just-baked cookies. It’s made from silicone wrapped metal, comes in three sizes, and gets 23,000 five-star reviews.

38. A wall-mounted organizer for your personal care items

Clean up the bathroom vanity in a snap by mounting this organizer and toothpaste dispenser to the wall. It dispenses two tubes of toothpaste out of the front, holds five toothbrushes in the enclosed rack below, and contains four cups. Two hang upside down so they drip dry — and are held magnetically to the organizer — and two sit in the top and can be flipped over to hold razors and other sundries.

39. This pair of mamas that keep the microwave & fridge clean & fresh

These two cleaner moms are here to help you keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh. The Angry Mama goes in the microwave — fill her with vinegar and water first — and works up a head of steam. The steam softens all the yick in there so it wipes right off. The Cool Mom goes in the fridge — fill her with baking soda — to keep it smelling fresh.

40. This complete set of dinnerware with 6 place settings

This simple and utilitarian dinnerware set is a quick upgrade if you’re short on dishes or are setting up house. There are six porcelain dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls in a versatile white that will go with just about any furnishings and table settings. “We found out we were hosting lots of extended family and didn’t have enough dishes for everyone,” says one reviewer. “So we bought three sets. They are a great value!”

41. This screwdriver that’s 11 tools in one handle

With eight screwdrivers and three nut drivers cleverly stashed in one handle, this screwdriver can probably handle most of the handyperson tasks you encounter. It’s the one to keep in a kitchen drawer, small toolkit, or even a pocket. Just pull out the bits and flip them around, and pull out the shaft and flip it around, to find the right tool for the job.

42. These furniture repair markers that people swear by

The 17 markers and crayons in this wood repair kit are all you need to fix every ding, dent, scratch, and stain on your wooden floors, cabinets, and furniture. Just choose a color that matches the wood and draw right over the problem. Use the markers for scratches and discoloration and the crayons for deeper dings that need to be filled.

43. This stain remover that works quickly with just a few drops

Without bleach, chlorine, or other toxins, this stain remover requires only a few drops on the stain and a run through the washer to take out everything from oil, paint, blood, pet stains, and permanent marker. Reviewers love it, gave it 14,000 five-star reviews, and said things like “Absolutely the best spot remover in the world!” and “This is the most awesome stain remover product I have ever used!”

44. An air purifier you can take with you anywhere

Worried about the air you’re breathing when you eat out, fly, or otherwise go out into the world? Bring along this portable air purifier that pulls air in the immediate vicinity through two stages of filtering so you can avoid inhaling everything from pollen to smoke to pet dander. The first stage is activated carbon and the second is a HEPA filter. It has four fan speeds and comes in four colors.

45. This set of clear bins for a tidy pantry & fridge

Clean up those odd piles of snack foods, the precarious pile of juice boxes, your fruit collection, and whatever else you have in the fridge and pantry by organizing everything into these eight stackable, clear, plastic bins in two sizes. Handles on the front make it easy to pull out all the condiments or beverages at once and, since they’re clear, you can easily see what’s in them.

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