The 50 best cheap gifts on Amazon, based on reviews

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by Rachel Bar-Gadda

Sometimes birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and all the requisite gifts associated with those events can start to make you wonder if the universe has it out for you and your wallet. I’m here to reassure you that there’s a budget-friendly way to satisfy social obligations and make people you love feel appreciated — as you’ll see on this list of the 50 best cheap gifts on Amazon, based on reviews.

You’ll be shocked at how little you need to spend to get gifts that perfectly suit your friends or family. For the enthusiastic cook or baker, a set of affordable stainless steel bowls or digital meat thermometers will change their game. A pair of funny socks with a pattern to match the personality will only cost you $6 but will feel extra personal. And a $21 trio of facial sprays from an esteemed skincare brand is just the way to encourage some pampering without having to spot them a facial that’ll set you back hundreds.

The reviews are in: It doesn’t take a fortune to give a gift that says you care.


A slim tumbler with triple layer insulation

This sleek stainless steel tumbler has a small profile but features three layers of insulation, perfect for that friend or family member who needs that tea to stay hot or that cold brew cold at all times. It has a 20-ounce capacity and features a spill-proof lid. For a total of only $23, each tumbler comes included with four stainless steel straws, plus a choice between several vibrant colors and patterns.

A helpful review: “I was skeptical but these keep things at their temperature like it states. So cute – can't wait to give them as gifts!”


This bartender kit for the home mixologist

This bartender kit is the perfect gift for someone who’s ready to step up their craft cocktail game. It comes with eight pieces which include a shaker, strainer, muddler, bottle opener, and more for a reasonable $20 price tag. A bamboo stand stores everything neatly and there are even recipe cards included to help your friend start right away on their cocktail journey (read: so you can be reaping the rewards asap).

A helpful review: “This is a great set for the novice or experienced mixologist [...] Would make a great gift for yourself or others!”


A digital meat thermometer that gives you a reading in under 3 seconds

Give your favorite home chef the gift of perfectly cooked meat with this affordable digital thermometer that takes a reading in only two to three seconds. A large, retractable probe keeps your hands safe from heat and a backlit display allows you to see temperatures clearly that are in your choice of either celsius or Fahrenheit. It arrives bundled in a gift-ready package complete with batteries and a temperature guide.

A helpful review: “I have one and have given several to family and friends. They all love it!! Easy to use and perfect temps.”


This set of stainless steel mixing bowls for any cooking need

This set of stainless steel mixing bowls comes with over 38,000 reviews on Amazon and is perfect for the avid cook or baker who requires versatility in the kitchen. Each set comes with five bowls of different sizes that all nest neatly in one another for convenient storage. They won’t absorb any odors due to the stainless steel material and the rolled rim makes for easy pouring without the chance of losing any precious batter or broth.

A helpful review: “I absolutely LOVE this set. They are perfect for anything. Baking, food prepping, preparing large meals, canning, preserving, etc. I've even used the largest bowls to gather fruit and veggies from my yard. They are sturdy and easy to clean. I highly recommend!”


A beard oil that keeps facial hair healthy

As any barber worth their salt will tell you, a good beard demands quality oil to be kept conditioned and healthy. This beard oil uses nourishing oils such as jojoba, vitamin E, coconut, and argan to keep those coarse beard hairs soft and smooth. The scent is decidedly woodsy with a fragrance that includes sandalwood, cardamom, and black pepper.

A helpful review: “I bought this as a very last-minute Eid gift for my husband [...] Great smell and even better because of all the natural beneficial ingredients. Perfect for those that prefer the earthy Oud smell!”


This facial ice roller for soothing inflammation

Your friend will love you for giving them this facial ice roller, which has a detachable gel head that lives in the freezer until the moment they need it for an instant anti-inflammatory effect. The movement of the roller can help increase circulation and the cooling gel can reduce redness and soothe inflamed skin. It can even be used in conjunction with other cosmetic products like moisturizers or serums to enhance the skin’s health even more.

A helpful review: “I love using this roller - it's so refreshing and calming. It's the perfect self-care tool after a long day.”


A double-hinged wine opener used by the pros

Make your giftee feel like a serious restaurant industry professional by giving them this budget-friendly wine opener that’s often used by bartenders and waiters, and for good reason. The serrated blade allows you to remove foil efficiently and the double hinge gives you maximum leverage to extract corks in seconds flat. As a bonus, it comes in all kinds of colors and wood finishes for an extra-personal touch.

A helpful review: “Hubby and I, both having worked in restaurants, prefer this style of corkscrew to any other. It is small enough to store easily, extremely sturdy, great looking, and most importantly, opens wine bottles with ease.”


This tall mason jar that serves as a stylish drink dispenser

This tall mason jar comes in a square shape and includes a stainless steel spigot, making it the perfect gift for someone who loves to throw a good backyard party. It can dispense anything from juice to iced tea to boozy punch and adds an elegant yet homey touch to any party’s decor. It can hold up to 80 ounces of any cold beverage and should be hand-washed to keep it in lasting shape.

A helpful review: “These dispensers got so many compliments. They hold about a half gallon each but were perfect to have side by side with iced tea and lemonade.”


A hair mask with a protein-infused formula

For those buds who are constantly battling dry and damaged hair, gift them this hair mask that includes keratin protein in its formula for intense repair. The keratin helps each strand regain some of its elasticity and can improve its strength to fight future breakage. The formula also includes other nourishing ingredients like argan and coconut oil while leaving out parabens or sulfates, yet all this conditioning will still only set you back $12.

A helpful review: “This has been my favorite deep conditioner since I discovered it last year. I even had hair stylists compliment how healthy my hair was even after going blonde.”


This multipurpose pet grooming brush that’s double-sided

Pet lovers will love this pet grooming brush that has one side for de-shedding and another for removing hair from furniture and clothing. The grooming side uses gentle rubber bristles to clean pets’ coats and increase circulation, while the other side is made of a soft velour cloth that acts as a lint remover for loose hair and fur. So, for only $10 this mitt has something to offer both pets and humans alike. A win-win.

A helpful review: “My cat loves this! He will actually sit still and let you ‘pet’ him with it and it does collect the extra shedding hairs. Two paws up.”


A locking cosmetics case to keep expensive products safe on the go

Keep pricey cosmetics and makeup tools safe and sound with this locked cosmetics case that requires a key for entry. There are two large interior compartments that include adjustable dividers to create smaller sections if needed, while a brush holder stores up to six brushes and features a velcro cover for extra protection. The $35 spent will go a long way in providing some much-needed peace of mind for those whose makeup and cosmetic tools are essential.

A helpful review: “Absolutely love this box, holds all of my makeup and more! Great quality, love that it locks to keep the toddler out of the makeup, perfect for traveling!! 10/10 would recommend. It’s beautiful and the dividers are movable. Love love love!”


This facial cleansing tool that creates a cloud-like foam

This clever facial cleansing tool takes your average foaming cleanser and transforms it into a heavenly cloud-like texture that is both deep cleansing and gentler on the skin. This $7 whip maker only requires a small drop of foaming cleanser to work, thus saving you tons of money on skincare refills. Simply add a drop of liquid cleanser to the container, along with the recommended amount of water, and pump the whip maker up and down. And, voilà, you’ll create a marshmallow-textured foam that skin will adore.

A helpful review: “[...] It turned the already foamy cleanser into the fluffiest, softest, whipped facial cleanser I've ever had the pleasure of trying. It feels like I'm using clouds to remove my makeup!”


A charging station with six USB ports

Use this comprehensive charging station to power up to six different devices from iPads and iPhones to Androids and PS4 remotes using the six available USB high-speed charging ports. In addition to being able to keep your devices charging in one contained place, this charger also includes LED illuminated dividers that keep devices organized and displays a blue light that turns off when the device is fully charged. It’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

A helpful review: “This is exactly what I wanted! I was so sick of multiple cords all over and not enough places to plug them in. This looks nice and works perfectly [...] We can charge three lightning devices and three micro-USB (kindles, Bluetooth speakers, book lights, etc.) all at once. I love this thing!”


This running armband made of breathable & sweatproof fabric

Any jogging enthusiast will relish this running armband that features a stretchy yet breathable fabric, making running with your phone actually comfortable. It’s made of nylon and a good dose of spandex and is completely sweatproof. It costs a mere $7 and the zippered pouch fits any model of phone with the ability to even accommodate keys and cards as well. It’s available in four sizes and seven shades.

A helpful review: “Great product. I use this daily while running. Perfect fit and easy to use.”


A makeup brush cleaner that uses a battery-powered spinner

Your makeup-loving friend will adore you for the $20 you spend on this makeup brush cleaner that operates on batteries and utilizes a portable electric spinner. Simply apply the correct collar to fit your brush (there are eight provided) to the bowl and fill the bowl with soap and water. Give your brush a spin in the soapy water and then spin it again outside of the bowl to dry it. You’ll have a completely clean collection of makeup tools at the ready in no time.

A helpful review: “I am thoroughly impressed with how well this works. It gets my brushes cleaned AND dried within seconds. I honestly think it would make a great gift as well for anyone else that wears makeup.”


This selfie ring light that clips on to any device

Honestly, who doesn’t want to look fabulous no matter how casual the Zoom or FaceTime? Spend less than $10 to give anyone the chance to look perfectly lit with this selfie ring light that works with any kind of device from phone to tablet to laptop. It offers three different lighting modes (daylight, white, and warm white) to accommodate different environments and even gives you control over brightness as well.

A helpful review: “I was really impressed by how this small light gave such a broad natural glow to my face.”


A set of unbreakable wine glasses that are perfect for parties

These stemless wine glasses are the perfect party gift for anyone who hates cleaning up broken glass at the end of a festive night (read: everyone). They’re made of unbreakable stainless steel and come in all kinds of elegant shades such as a classic brushed stainless steel, blue marble pattern, or a pink/green ombre. Each set comes with four glasses and costs less than $20.

A helpful review: “I bought these for use on an outside patio because I don't have to worry about any glass breaking. They are sleek, pretty, and modern.”


This bamboo duvet cover set that’s OEKO-TEX certified

For a budget-friendly gift that says you care about the environment, opt for this bamboo duvet cover set that’s made of OEKO-TEX certified material (i.e. guaranteed to be free of toxic substances). The set is available in beautiful neutral shades like sand, dark gray, or navy blue, and in sizes ranging from twin to California king. The set includes one duvet cover with corner ties to keep your comforter in place and two matching standard pillow shams.

A helpful review: “This duvet is extremely soft and silky, with a nice weight to it keeping it wrinkle-free. Bamboo fibers are my absolute favorite for bedding because they feel like silk, without sleeping hot. Very happy!”


A pack of velvet hangers that help keep clothing in good shape

For the fashionista in your life, sometimes the best housewarming gift is the one that zeroes in on their true passion. These velvet hangers will only cost you $28 for a pack of 50 and help to keep their clothing collection in great shape. The velvet nonslip texture prevents clothing from falling to the floor in messy heaps and the contoured shoulder lines maintain their natural structure without causing shoulder bumps.

A helpful review: “I love these hangers! Great price, well made, slim fit. Just perfect. And your clothes won't fall off!”


These pillar candles in vivid turquoise

This set of three pillar candles in striking turquoise is a great way to gift someone a touch of vivid accent color and ambiance for their home. The 3-by-3-inch candles burn for up to 30 hours, making them a gift that keeps on giving. They’re hand-poured, made of food-grade wax, and come unscented, making them perfect as an emergency candle as well.

A helpful review: “These candles are perfect for the dining room. No smell, no smoke, and beautiful color.”


A cult-favorite detangling brush that is gentle on hair

Over 46,000 five-star reviews rave about this detangling brush that works on literally any hair type as well as wet or dry hair. The brush’s flexible cone-shaped bristles separate strands sideways instead of pulling against them, so as to effortlessly remove knots with minimum breakage. Yet for all this incredible innovation, this wonder of a hairbrush still only costs $12, making this gift a no-brainer.

A helpful review: “Love love love this brush! I'm tender headed and this makes brushing my waves so much easier!”


This vanity mirror with multiple magnification levels

This vanity mirror not only provides you with three panels to see all angles of makeup application, but it also provides you with two additional levels of magnification for extra precision. The middle panel is lit up by LEDs that can be conveniently powered by either USB or batteries. Tilt and swivel the mirror up to 180 degrees to be able to address every angle no matter where you’re sitting.

A helpful review: “No image distortion and the lights are PERFECT for makeup application! It's compact, can run on batteries or a charge, and a great size to see every detail on my face. Great value mirror!”


A UV sanitizer that disinfects in 15 minutes & can charge your phone

Pop your phone, glasses, watch, or wallet into this UV sanitizer and within 15 minutes they’ll be completely disinfected. As a gift, it’s a thoughtful way to express care but also serves as an extremely utilitarian device because it doubles as a wireless charger for their Qi-enabled phone. Additionally, it’s lightweight enough to be taken conveniently on the go.

A helpful review: “I am absolutely in love with this product!! I put my phone in there at night and it cleans it and then charges it for the next day at the same time.”


This pantry organizer with 24 pockets

For those with not much kitchen storage space, this pantry organizer will be a game changer. It takes advantage of vertical space by hanging over the door and it features 24 pockets to store anything from spices to condiments to snacks. Each pocket is made of transparent plastic so you’ll be able to easily see the contents inside, which helps to save money by preventing accidental double purchases.

A helpful review: “I have a narrow pantry, some items in bags usually get lost in the back of the shelves [...] Now I can see everything. I love it. Great idea.”


A beard bib that allows for tidy grooming

Your bearded friend (or the partner of your bearded friend) will adore this beard bib with over 7,000 reviews that helps catch every falling hair as they groom. It uses a hook and loop fastener to attach to the neck and two suction cups to attach to the mirror above the sink. Once they’re done trimming, the hair can be easily emptied into the trash.

A helpful review: “If you are a man with a beard or want to buy this for a man with a beard I highly recommend. Bought this for my boyfriend so that he’d stop making a mess when he trimmed his beard, and this is literally so perfect.”


This sherpa blanket that comes in tons of cozy colors

Amp up the snuggle factor with this sherpa blanket that comes in a number of gorgeous colors such as a rich burgundy, tourmaline blue, or hunter green. It has over 7,000 reviews with a high 4.8-star rating and is fully reversible so you can cozy up with your choice of either the plush sherpa side or warm microfiber cashmere side that has a beautiful velvet texture. Choose from seven sizes and toss it in the washing machine for effortless cleaning.

A helpful review: “This blanket exceeded my expectations. The color is beautiful. I ordered the sage. It's plush, lightweight, and cozy. It would make the perfect gift for someone you care about. Beautiful blanket!”


A pair of high-waisted leggings as a perfect wardrobe basic

These versatile and under-$20 high-waisted leggings are not only extremely comfortable but can be dressed up or down to function as a great wardrobe basic. They come in over 20 different colors including classic neutral shades as well as fun patterns such as red plaid or blue snowflake. These are super popular with over 86,000 reviews and are offered in a few style choices such as full length, with or without pockets, and Capri length.

A helpful review: “I loved the first pair so much I ordered two more! They are so ridiculously soft and comfortable.”


These men’s socks that add funkiness to any outfit

Help your friends or family members add personality to every outfit with a pair of funny socks that feature any number of quirky patterns. There are patterns featuring tools for those deep into DIY, circuit boards for the tech lovers, fish for the anglers in the family, and planets for the astronomers, just to name a few. For less than $10 you’ve got a gift that feels personal yet whimsical.

A helpful review: “The socks went over big! I gave them as a graduation gift and as soon as he opened them he put them on with his shorts and sandals…lol.”


A RFID-blocking wallet that keeps credit cards safe

At first glance, this RFID-blocking wallet looks like any standard, high-quality leather wallet and money clip. But it’s made with materials that prevent the skimming of your credit cards by nearby nefarious characters. It’s a perfect gift for those headed to the big city or abroad where they might encounter larger than normal crowds, and its lightweight, slim profile means it takes up barely any room in your pocket or bag. It comes in seven shades and textures and, despite being designed from real leather, will still only set you back $25.

A helpful review: “I've had many wallets over the years but recently I have been moving towards more low profile wallets, this has been the best money I've ever spent on a wallet [...] Actually, I am seriously considering ordering a bunch for my guy friends.”


These super-soft biker shorts with convenient pockets

These biker shorts are made of a combination of polyester and spandex that result in an extremely soft texture that feels so comfy to wear. They come in goes-with-everything classic black and are offered in two different lengths: 5 or 8 inches. Choose from sizes ranging from small to XX-large plus, as well as a style that includes pockets and will make it easy to take your phone securely en route during any workout or afternoon errand.

A helpful review: “The level of stretch and softness is unmatched. They are so comfortable!! They have pockets!! Take my money!!”


A set of rose gold brushes for luscious curls

For friends who can’t live without their styling tools, this set of brushes for only $25 is a thoughtful gift that helps create volume and gorgeous curls. Three ceramic barrel brushes of different sizes (1.2, 1.6, and 2-inches) are included as well as a tail comb, all designed in beautiful rose gold that will be sure to enhance any vanity. The honeycomb body of the barrel helps to protect hair by distributing heat evenly and they’re ideal for all hair types.

A helpful review: “Besides being the prettiest brushes I’ve seen, I like the variety of sizes for accomplishing different styles.”


An adjustable neck reading light with different light modes

This affordable neck reading light is the perfect gift for that friend who is committed to their nighttime reading ritual. The neck itself is flexible and can be bent to suit their needs, while the lights on either end can be used together or separately. The design allows for the light to be focused exactly where it’s needed and includes a choice among three different light modes (cool, natural, or warm white) as well as three brightness levels.

A helpful review: “This light is awesome because you can adjust the brightness as well as the direction and level of the light!”


A Burt’s Bees gift set for all-natural skincare

This Burt’s Bees gift set contains a delightful assortment of skincare products all made with natural products and all in a convenient portable size. The set includes a body lotion, hand salve, deep cleansing cream, coconut foot cream, and beeswax lip balm. A mainstay of the natural skincare world, this gift set boasts over 31,000 reviews, yet it is affordably priced at only $10.

A helpful review: “We love this gift set! I always have them on hand for easy little gifts for teachers, friends, etc. Very useful and makes your skin feel great!”


The slipper with a cushiony memory foam insole

Any lover of comfort will love these slip-on slippers that feature a memory foam insole and the softest shearling lining. They feature a faux-suede upper that comes in 14 shades like tan, black, and gray. The sole is constructed of non-slip rubber that offers great traction whether you’re hanging out all day indoors or stepping out to grab the mail.

A helpful review: “The slippers are well made and extremely comfortable. I wear the slippers every waking hour I am in my home. One of the best slippers I have owned.”


A beanie that lets you take calls & listen to music

Gift giving doesn’t get much more creative than a beanie that can play your music and call friends all while keeping your head warm and protected from the outside elements. Available in 11 colors and made of soft, hand-stitched material, it features built-in Bluetooth technology and stereo speaker magnets. Charge it via the micro-USB port and use the built-in buttons to play, pause, and skip tracks.

A helpful review: “This beanie is AMAZING!! I got it to wear when it's cold out and I am walking my dogs. The sound quality is great, the Bluetooth links flawlessly, the buttons are easy to use and the battery lasts FOREVER.”


This brown sugar scrub that exfoliates & hydrates

Not only can this brown sugar body scrub slough away dry skin but it can leave skin feeling hydrated and moisturized without having to spend a fortune at the spa. It’s free of irritating chemicals such as parabens and sulfates and uses all-natural ingredients that are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Use your hands or a body brush to massage the fine brown sugar particles onto damp skin, then wash them away to reveal refreshed and hydrated skin.

A helpful review: “This made my skin feel invigorated and I didn’t have to apply lotion after showering! My skin is soft and moisturized.”


A magnetic pickup tool with a telescoping neck

Gift this helpful magnetic pickup tool to the DIY-er or home renovator in your life and they’ll soon find themselves unable to live without it. It features a telescoping neck that extends up to 22 inches. It features both an LED flashlight and magnet on the end that allows you to see into dark spaces and retrieve fallen items such as nuts, bolts, or loose screws. It retracts into a pocket-sized profile that’s perfectly portable.

A helpful review: “[...] This is an extremely versatile tool and should be in every household!”


This rustic faux leather journal that’s refillable

This beautiful faux-leather journal looks like Robin Hood’s Maid Marian herself might use it, but it features one modern upgrade: its small binder rings allow it to be refilled again and again. It comes with blank pages, but you can add lined or even calendar pages to the book. Choose among five different-colored covers, all of which feature a beautiful leaf design, and two available sizes – 5 or 7 inches.

A helpful review: “Beautiful! I gave this as a gift to one of my favorite people who writes a lot for her job and this was perfect… This came with unlined paper but I bought a refill of lined paper so there can be choices. I love this!”


A collection of facial sprays from a cult-favorite brand

This facial spray collection from beloved brand Mario Badescu will appeal to anyone serious about their skincare. Each set comes with three 4-ounce sprays that contain nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, rose water, chamomile, and green tea to invigorate, rejuvenate, or calm skin. The budget-conscious trio provides a luxury spa feeling and the perfect mid-day skin pick-me-up.

A helpful review: “I LOVE Mario Badescu products and these are no exception! It's hard to choose a scent and this collection has it all.”


These multitasking bamboo cutting boards that flip to serve charcuterie

A clever gift for any kitchen with minimal storage, these affordable bamboo cutting boards not only provide a perfect chopping surface but also reverse to perform double-duty as a charcuterie board when there’s company. The set of two includes one extra-large and one medium board, both featuring silicone grips on the corners as well as juice grooves. The organic bamboo material prevents knives from going dull and also conveniently repels stains.

A helpful review: “I love these! Very sturdy! Love that there are rubber grips on the back to protect counters and from slipping! Would make a lovely gift but I am keeping mine!!”


A rotating makeup organizer with adjustable shelves

If your friend’s vanity or dresser is starting to look like the sales aisle of a cosmetics store, do them the honor of gifting them this budget-friendly rotating makeup organizer with a number of adjustability options. It’s large enough to store their entire cosmetics collection with special places for brushes, lipstick, nail polish, and more. Insert the adjustable plates into any of the available slots to store larger products and simply spin the organizer to access anything instantly.

A helpful review: “This organizer is perfect. It is very spacious and you can arrange the shelves to your personal liking. I love it!”


This 4th generation Echo Dot with a clock feature

Instantly update any home with this fourth-generation echo dot with over 235,000 reviews that provides tons of smart functions in addition to functioning as a helpful clock. It connects to Amazon’s Alexa to assist in turning appliances on and off, setting timers, or perusing the day’s headlines to name just a few perks. Set it on your bedside table to function as your alarm clock or play music through its high-quality speakers.

A helpful review: “Love these for all the reasons I love the echo dots but mostly because of the lit-up clock that you can easily glance at to see the time day or night.”


An LED light strip that syncs with your music

This LED light strip will add good vibes to any evening thanks to thousands of colors that can be synced up to your music using the included infrared remote control or smart app on your phone. Connect it via Bluetooth to adjust colors or even set timers and install it effortlessly with the provided self-adhesive. For only $20 you’ll get a 50-foot light that can also be cut to size or connected up to other strips if needed.

A helpful review: “Easy to install and I love the features of the remote. You can brighten and dim them, make them beat with music, and all kinds of cool stuff!!”


These cross-band slippers made with plush faux fur

These extremely cozy yet affordable cross-band slippers are made with faux rabbit fur that feel beyond comfy. They have a waterproof, nonslip rubber sole and can be used indoors or outdoors. Memory foam lines the insole, providing great shock absorption and serious comfort to feet. Plus, they come in 13 gorgeous shades so you can find the perfect match for each of your friends.

A helpful review: “These are so soft and cozy! My feet stay so warm in them. It's like cuddling bunnies with your feet.”


A wireless charger that’s super thin & portable

For the person in your life who seems to always run out of batteries, gift them this ingenious wireless charger that’s extremely thin and portable so they’ll never be without a charge. It’s constructed of aluminum with a lacquer finish and its disc-like design has built-in features to prevent overheating or over-charging. It costs a mere $13, works with any phone model that has wireless charging enabled, and is clearly a popular choice with over 77,000 reviews on Amazon.

A helpful review: “It charges devices really fast and looks nice when not being used. Very small and lightweight so it is easy to pack and take with you when traveling. Look no further if you're in the market for a wireless charger.”


These packing cubes that maximize luggage space

If you’ve got a frequent flier in the family, then these packing cubes that cost less than $20 will be a complete game changer for them. They allow for organized packing of items into smaller spaces so as to take advantage of every packable inch. The set includes six cubes made of durable nylon and breathable mesh (two large, one medium, two small, and one specifically made for shoes) with over 10 color options to perfectly suit their luggage aesthetic.

A helpful review: “I loved these. I was able to fit so many outfits, bathing suits, shoes, etc. into my suitcase. I love having an organized bag and these packing cubes were so helpful!!”


A security camera with exceptional night vision

Give the gift of peace of mind with this 1080p security camera that can record clear video even in the dark of night. It uses a large aperture to see up to twice as much detail in low light and, on top of that, records in full color while still costing less than $40. The camera is wired (a weatherproof cable is included) and is IP65 waterproof so feel free to place it inside or outside. Insert a micro-SD card to record continuously and connect up the phone wirelessly to get alerts day and night.

A helpful review: “Love this camera. The night vision is awesome and it's so handy!!”


This Bluetooth keyboard that’s lightweight & portable

This Bluetooth keyboard boasts a slim profile and is incredibly lightweight, making it the perfect gift for someone who takes the office on the road. It’s compatible with all operating systems from iOS to Windows and can last for months at a time on one charge. It has over 6,000 five-star reviews and an affordable price tag of only $18.

A helpful review: “This brand makes amazing little Bluetooth keyboards. Got this one for my wife as I already had it in black for myself. Don’t bother buying the more expensive keyboards if you don’t have to!”


A personal blender that blends directly into a travel cup

This amazing little personal blender with over 90,000 reviews is designed for those who take their smoothies on the go. It uses strong stainless steel blades to blend anything from ice to greens to frozen fruit and, with the provided lid, the BPA-free plastic blending jar effortlessly doubles as a to-go cup. It can hold up to 14 ounces and requires just the touch of a button to get the blending started.

A helpful review: “Perfect for on-the-road morning smoothies.”


An insulated tote bag to stylishly transport lunch

As a serious upgrade to the lunchbox of yesteryear, this chic insulated tote will make bringing your own lunch to work a thing of style. Great for those who are trying to save money on food expenses, this tote is large enough to fit several food containers, multiple drinks, and fruit or veggies to boot. The insulated lining keeps food hot or cold for up to eight hours and the oxford fabric exterior is available in eight stylish colors.

A helpful review: “This bag can hold much more than I thought. It also looks very fashionable and not like a regular lunch bag. I absolutely love it!”

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