57 popular things on Amazon that are actually *really* awesome

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by Christina X. Wood
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If cliché teen movies are true, popularity isn't always admired. That's where Amazon is different, though. There, popular products are praised because they're usually beloved by many. Sure, it's possible that not every popular thing on Amazon is drop-your-credit-card-down amazing — but they're definitely out there. In fact, here are some of the best popular things on Amazon that are actually really awesome.

Check out this roll-up computer keyboard, for instance. At first glance, it might not seem incredibly awesome. But after learning that it's made with waterproof and dust-proof silicone, it's pretty hard to walk away from (FYI, over 400 customers agree). And what about this ergonomic cooling pad? It's packed with miniature fans that work to keep your laptop at a comfortable working temperature — and that's pretty awesome if you ask me. There's even a convenient gap filler that helps prevent lost items in the car, and you'll find it if you keep scrolling.

These are only a few popular things on Amazon, but there are more — a lot more. Some are for your car, some are for your house, and some are for your game room. It's all *really* awesome, though. Go ahead and find your new favorite products.

1. This stick-on mirror that gets rid of your blind spot

Have you ever had a close call because someone was lurking in your blind stop? This simple convex stick-on mirror gives you another look at what’s happening behind you by adding a wide-angle reflection to your rear-view. It allows you to see a more complete image of the road, and it'll help you avoid obstacles that might damage your car when parking.

2. A wash & dry bag that keeps your sneakers secure

If you’re throwing your tennis shoes in with the laundry for a refresh, stick them in this washer and dryer bag first. These will shield your washer and dryer from any potential damage and protect your shoes in the process. And as a bonus, these double as shoe storage bags for travel, as well.

3. The outlet extender with built-in USB ports & a night light

This is a next-level outlet extender. Plug it into an outlet and it'll turn one plug into three standard plugs along with two USB ports (and a night light, too). It also has a tiny shelf where you can set your phone or tablet while it's charging. Plus, the included night light will only come on when the room is dark.

4. This pen-sized personal trimmer for all the details

There’s no need to get your clippers out when you want to touch up your brows, sideburns, or stash. This pen-shaped groomer gets a surprising amount done in just a few seconds. The rotary heads are perfect for brows or nose hairs that you wish to groom. The trimmer — with a spacer that’s perfect for leaving a bit of stubble — takes care of edges, brows, and other details and quick fixes. It runs on one AAA battery and is about the size of a Sharpie.

5. A clever way to prop the washer door open to prevent mold

The dark secret behind front-load washers is that they can turn moldy if you leave the door closed. Leaving the door wide open, though, is kind of annoying. This door-propping tool is designed to solve this problem. It holds the door open just the right amount so you don't have to spend Saturday cleaning a moldy washer. It’s simple to install, too: Just suction cup it down and hook it to the door.

6. This brilliant seat gap filler so you don't loose things in the car

The space between your car seat and the center console is like a black hole for small items. And when something goes in there, it’s a huge project to retrieve it. This neoprene gap filler slides in right over your seat belt and stops anything from slipping into that danger zone. You get two: one for each front seat. Once they're installed, you'll forget that they're there until you lose something in someone else's not-so-equipped car.

7. The wrist rests made from cushiony memory foam

Typing, scrolling, and clicking all day? Keep yourself supported with this keyboard and mouse wrist rest combo. They’re both made from sturdy memory foam to offer comfort that forms to your wrists, and the nonslip surface keeps them firmly in place on your desk.

8. The scratch remover that'll make your car look brand new

You don’t have to keep those scratches on your car or pay the body shop a small fortune to fix them. This compound — and a little elbow grease — is like a magic eraser for whatever happened that day. Water marks? Scratches? Dings to the paint? That guy who keyed your car? It should all comes right off when you put a bit of this formula on a sponge and rub it in. When you’re done, the paint will shine like new.

9. An easy way to mount your phone to your bike's handlebars

Want to chat on the phone or use the navigation while you ride your bike? Instead of holding your phone on the go, you can use this phone mount and put your device right where you can see it: mounted firmly to the handlebars. Plus, it even removes easily from both your bike and phone.

10. These hooks that organize your car & give you a place for bags

You can finally stop the groceries from flying around the back of the car and reserve a place to hang your backpack or purse so it won't spill when you brake. You can even stash a hat in your car and wear it whenever you need to. You just need one simple solution for all of this: This pack of hooks that connect to the headrest and instantly upgrade the organization of your vehicle. This puts four useful hooks in the car.

11. A laptop cleaner that works on your screen and keyboard

It’s easy to forget to clean your laptop, but because of how much contact it has with your hands, it can get dirty quickly. That’s where this laptop cleaning brush comes in handy, as it can clean dust and smudges off of your screen and swipe away crumbs from your keyboard.

12. This trunk organizer with handles, straps, & various pockets

This super versatile car organizer works in three modes so you always have exactly the storage you need. Fold it flat when you’re carting very little. Open it to half-mode for transporting a few items. Unfold it all the way so your groceries stay put. It straps down so it won’t fly off the seat or skate around the trunk. Plus, it's loaded with pockets to organize everything you typically keep onboard.

13. A laptop stand with built-in cooling fans

Hunching over a laptop can be a literal pain in the neck, and an overheated processor can cause your laptop to perform poorly. You can angle your laptop at a more comfortable position while helping your machine operate efficiently by setting it on this cooling laptop pad. The height is adjustable and an LED readout lets you monitor the laptop's temperature. It's good for you and your machine.

14. These screen protectors that help block blue light rays

The blue light emitted by a laptop screen can affect your eyes — and if you work in front of a screen, you're pretty much bathing in it all day. These blue light-blocking screens filter it out, which makes the screen easier on your vision. Just clean the screen and press it on to install them.

15. This under-the-door draft stopper that can make your room warmer

The gap at the bottom of your door can reduce the amount of comfort in your room. This draft stopper fixes that easily, though. Just cut it to size, peel off the tape cover, and stick it on. It will keep your heat and AC inside and the weather -- and bugs -- outside. But it blocks more than drafts. The insulated design blocks noise, too. So it's useful even on interior office and bedroom doors.

16. A light-up mouse pad that's big enough for gaming

Turn your gaming system into a space-ship like control room with this cool lighted mouse pad. It's big and offers the perfect texture for mousing. Plus, its perimeter glows, giving your rig a slick ambiance with seven color options and several movement choices for the lights. A switch on the pad turns the lights on and off or changes the light mode.

17. These reusable stainless steel straws with color-coded silicone tips

This reusable straw kit features 16 stainless steel straws in a variety of sizes and angles to fit whatever beverage container you want to sip from. The silicone tips help protect your mouth from hot or cold drinks, and they're even color-coded so you always know which one is yours. The pack even comes with brushes to clean the straws.

18. A company electric can opener that's simple to use

Electric can openers were once giant countertop appliances. This one, though? It's battery-operated, so it stashes neatly in a drawer just like the manual kind. However, it does all the work of opening a can like an electric one. Set it on the lid and it'll cut along the side of the can, leaving a not-too-sharp top. A built-in magnet will grab the lid and remove it. Easy.

19. This electric fly swatter that's rechargeable via USB

This electric bug swatter turns chasing flies into a game of tennis. It features a 4,000-volt grid system within the layered strings of the racket, and it can be recharged via USB. There's a built-in light for seeing in the dark, and it comes in two colors: orange and red.

20. These silicone microwave mats that can be used for holding hot plates

You can easily put one of these mats under a pot in the microwave and hold onto it when your food is ready. You can also use it as a lid or countertop trivet, or even roll it up to use as a funnel or jar opener. These silicone pads are handy for a million uses because they're heat-resistant, flexible, grippy, and decorative. There are two in the package and several color options to choose from.

21. A genius pet fur remover that doesn't require tape

Run this genius pet-fur brush along the couch where your cat sleeps and let it pick up all the fur that's left behind. Then, keep rolling it over other pieces of furniture — without stopping to reload tape — because it grabs the fur along its clever micro-brushes and deposits it into the chamber. Just empty the chamber once in a while and you'll be able to keep using it.

22. The spray solution that helps un-fog your glasses

If you wear your mask with your glasses, you've probably already accepted the fact that your lenses fog up all the time. The solution is in this spray bottle. Spray your glasses and wipe them clean. Then, they won't fog anymore. It even works for the bathroom mirror, your swim goggles, your snorkeling mask, and anything else that fogs up.

23. This magnetic curtain that helps keep the bugs out

Sure, a screen door is useful when it comes to keeping bugs out of the house. However, this curtain — with magnets sewn into the center seam — will do the same thing. It's also hands free, since it opens when you walk through it and closes automatically behind you. But the best part is how simple and fast installation and removal are.

24. The portable electric lunch box that heats up your food

Put your leftovers or an entirely new meal into this electric lunchbox, and it'll heat it up in time for lunch. Just plug it in and wait 30 minutes to warm up your already-cooked foods. You can eat it hot right at your desk or in your car during your lunch break. You can also use it like a slow cooker while following the directions on how to cook raw meals. And when it's zipped closed, no scents spill out.

25. A light that you can wear around your neck while reading or working

If you like to read in bed but don't want to wake your partner, this reading light that you wear around your neck is a brilliant solution. You'll also find it useful for working on projects where holding a big flashlight feels like a burden. It directs a focused beam directly where you want it — hands free — because the arms are bendable. You can change the color from yellow to white, depending on what you are doing — and each beam adjust separately. It's also rechargeable.

26. These moisturizing socks that help cure dry skin around your heels

Cracked, dry heels can be painful and difficult to get rid of — but you can stop using expensive creams and pumice stones while trying to find a cure. Just put some lotion on your feet and wear these cotton socks to bed. The gel lining will treat your heels while you sleep. They're available in multiple colors.

27. A durable silicone toilet brush that reaches hard-to-get corners

Instead of harsh bristles, this toilet brush uses bendable silicone fingers to scrub the toilet and reach hard-to-see corners. Plus, it holds very little water. It also comes with a stand that mounts to the wall, so you don't have to move it when you clean the floors.

28. This brush that'll help scrub your veggies clean

Sometimes, running vegetables under water doesn't do that much to get the dirt off. But if you give them a scrub with this green brush, you'll quickly get all the dirt off of potatoes, carrots, beets, and similar veggies. when you're done, throw it in the dishwasher so it's clean when you want to use it again.

29. These smart light switches that work with voice control

Replace your light switches with these smart switches, and you'll be able to control them with your voice. Just ask your Amazon Echo or Google Home to do it. If you don't have an AI yet, you can use the Kasa app that controls the switches to turn lights on and off from your phone. You don't even have to be home to do this. It's so easy.

30. An LED light that clips onto umbrellas or tent poles

This is such a simple way to add lights to a patio umbrella, tent, pop-up, or patio. Just open the circle of LED lights and clamp it closed right onto the pole, or use the included hooks to hang it. Either way, the fixture will cast a circle of light below. Simply push a button on the lights to change the brightness level from dim to bright. (There are three levels.) It operates on four AA batteries.

31. This touch-free soap dispenser for more sanitary cleaning

Just put your hand under the spout of this soap dispenser and the sensor will react by automatically delivering a dollop of soap into your hand. There's no need to touch the same pump as everyone else before (and after) washing up. You can even adjust the amount of soap it dispenses each time.

32. A portable table that clips onto your couch's armrest

If you're shopping for a side table so you'll have a place to set your drink or phone when you're sitting on the couch, this clip-on table is a brilliant alternative. Just clamp it to your couch arm — round or square — and you'll have a handy surface that you don't have to reach for. It's a great place to set the popcorn during a movie or your coffee while you're working on your laptop.

33. The roller stamp that helps protect your identity

Roll this roller stamp over junk mail, sensitive information in documents, and anywhere your personal information is printed before you throw it away. The image will cover up the important data so you don't have to struggle with your shredder. It's easy and quick to stamp out that information so no one but you sees it.

34. This shower speaker that's super easy to install

Just press the suction cup to the wall of your shower, connect this speaker to your phone via Bluetooth, and listen to music and podcasts while you bathe. You can even take a call in there (because apparently, important calls always happen the second you get in the shower). The controls are easy to use and see, so you can change songs right from the shower. Battery life is surprisingly long, too (four hours per charge). Just power it up via USB once in a while.

35. A genius car step to help you reach the roof rack

How do you reach the top of your car to stash things in the roof rack? Depending on the type of car you have, it could be a struggle; not if you have this step stored somewhere in your vehicle, though. It hooks onto the door frame and gives you a stable step right where you need it. Just unhook it and move it to the other side when you need a step there, too.

36. This USB mug warmer so your coffee never gets cold

It's so frustrating sit down and work only to realize that your coffee is cold when you sip it. This mug warmer prevents that from happening. Plug it into a USB port, set your coffee down on it, and take your time drinking that brew. Your coffee or tea will stay warm for hours.

37. A rear-view mirror cover that's a dash cam & a backup camera

Mount this device over your rear-view mirror and your car will have a dash cam. Cool, right? But it gets really cool when you connect the weatherproof rear camera to your reverse lights for a better view. It even shows parking guides to help you maneuver your car into tight parking spaces, and it's a touch screen for adjusting settings

38. This voice-recording pen so you can take notes & listen back

Taking notes in meetings or class? Even if you are bad at note taking, you can capture every word by turning on this voice-recording pen. It'll record while you take notes, and it's discreet enough that people probably won't notice that you're recording. It has 15 gigabytes of memory, which is about 260 hours of recordings. There's also voice-activation setting so you don't waste memory space.

39. A genius trash can that fits in your car's cup holder

Not willing to give up interior car space to a trash bag? This little trash can fits right into one of your unused cup holders or the pocket in the back seat. It looks like a trash can, too, so everyone will know what to do with it. It has a flap lid that pops off easily when you want to empty it. Plus, it's easy to clean. Perfect.

40. This toothbrush holder & toothpaste dispenser for a tidy sink

Simply mount your toothbrush to the wall and you can stop wondering how clean it is when you're about to use it. Clipped into this adhesive-mount rack, your toothbrush (and four others) will be dust free and secure. The wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser will keep your toothpaste tidy, too — and it'll dispense only as much as you need right onto your brush.

41. An all-natural incense that repels mosquitoes

Surround your deck or pool with a few of these insect-repellent incense sticks and create a no-bite zone so you can enjoy the outdoors. They smell nice to humans and are made of natural ingredients (contain no DEET). Plus, they burn for hours. Apparently, mosquitoes avoid the smell — so you don't have to slather repellent on your own skin.

42. These web cam covers that give you privacy post-video call

Most laptops have a webcam build into the screen that points right at you. Sometimes, it's easy to forget when that webcam is on post-video call. These webcam covers are fool-proof protection from that because they create a physical barrier between you and the lens. When you're done chatting with a friend or your team at work, just close it up like a door.

43. A dog leash that attaches to your bike

If your dog loves to run alongside you while you bike (but you can't hold onto the leash and steer simultaneously), then this bike leash is the solution you need. It mounts solidly to your bike and has a 15-inch pole that keeps your dog safely away from your pedals and the wheels. The flexible leash stretches and retracts, and it unscrews easily so you can ride without the dog.

44. This seat cushion that's filled with plush memory foam

Sitting in a hard chair — even a good one — can cause considerable pain after a long period of time. Listen to your backside when it starts to hurt and give this seat cushion a try. It'll give you a softer place to land, protecting your coccyx bone at the bottom of your spine and encouraging your back into better alignment.

45. These clips so your cables are always where you want them

Stick these cable holders to your bedside table, desk, dresser, or wherever else you want to charge a few devices or plug things in. They'll keep the cables orderly and in place wherever you want them. A strip of 3M adhesive will hold the clips to the furniture; just push the cables in or pull them out of the clips, and your cables will be tamed.

46. A key holder that looks like an iconic Marshall guitar amp

Mount this key rack — which looks just like an iconic Marshal guitar amp — to the wall, and you'll have a cool new place for your keys. To use it, attach your keychain to one of the guitar plugs. Then, instead of dropping your keys whenever when you walk through the door, stick your "plug" into the amp like you're getting ready to practice. You'll always be able to find your keys.

47. A work desk & lunch table for breaks in your car

If you spend your lunch break in your car in between meetings, then this steering wheel tray will quickly earn its keep. It'll snap onto the wheel and become a convenient place to catch up on emails or a cool place to enjoy a meal in the air conditioning (while you're not driving, of course). It's quick to set up and has a cup holder along with space for a full-sized laptop.

48. This power strip with side plugs to fit in narrow spaces

Do you have an outlet that's right behind a piece of furniture or tucked into a small space? If so, plug this outlet adapter into that outlet and it'll give you six plugs that face sideways (so you can plug everything in without pushing the furniture further away from the wall). It'll look tidy in a hallway or above a counter, too.

49. A silicone brush to clean your electronics with

This gentle brush gets into tiny spaces and scrubs dust and debris away with precision. It's gentle enough to clean your keyboard and other electronics, too. The silicone bristles on one end are just grippy enough to pick up fine particles, and the small rubber piece on the other end can wipe away grime. It'll make your electronics look like new.

50. This shower head that filters out chlorine & impurities

If the water you shower in is tainted with chemicals, then this 15-stage water-filtering shower head will wash your water before it gets to you so you can bathe in clean water. It gets rid of chlorine, nickel, and much more. Even with the filtering, the shower head maintains plenty of water pressure in all five of its shower patterns.

51. This screen cleaner that’s both a spray & squeegee

Phone, laptop, or tablet screen looking a little dull? This two-in-one lens cleaner will make it crystal clear in seconds. The small tool is a sprayer and squeegee wrapped into one, so you can erase smudges, dust, and fingerprints without searching for a cleaning fluid and a cloth.

52. This key organizer that prevents clanking in your pocket

Tired of hauling a huge key chain around? The Keysmart wrangles that jumble into a sleek and quiet package that fits easily into your pocket (without tearing through the fabric). It's easy to load with keys, too: The unit holds eight standard keys, has a clip for your car fob, and is built from aircraft aluminum along with stainless steel — so it's both light and sturdy.

53. These silicone tubes that help you peel the garlic

Where have these things been all my life? Peeling garlic is one of those irritating-but-necessary meal prep chores. These silicone peeler tubes solve it neatly and quickly — and with no garlic peel stuck to your fingers. Just put the cloves of garlic in the tubes and roll it against the counter. The garlic skin will come right off inside.

54. A spa treatment that's as easy as putting on socks

After a day in hot work shoes, slide your feet into these cooling, healing foot masks and relax. The mint chills while the healing balm restores, moisturizes, and cures your heels and soles. You can store them in the fridge for an extra cool refreshment or warm them up for a soothing recovery treatment.

55. This bidet so you never have to run out of toilet paper

Sure, bidets are trendy — but that's not the only reason why you should get one. This seat-mounted bidet installs easily using the toilet's water supply, and it has a retractable nozzle. Not to mention, it boasts a wash setting for you and one for the nozzle with various water pressure settings.

56. A manual spiralizer that's beautiful & solid

Want to quickly peel a potato, spiralize a zucchini, or turn cucumbers into noodle-like salad? This automatic peeler and spiralizer is everything you need. Stick it on the counter, load the fruit or vegetable into position, and press the button. It'll take the peel right off in 10 seconds. Keep going and it'll turn vegetables into fun ribbons.

57. This bagel slicer that helps protect your hands

Instead of cutting your bagels with a knife first thing in the morning, place your bread into this bagel cutter and slice. The sharp, angled edge will slice the bagel perfectly every time, but it'll help protect your hands throughout the process.

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