If you hate the eyesores in your home, you'll love these 41 cheap & clever ways to hide them

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Your home might look like the "after" photos in a magazine spread if weren't for the worn-in couch, non-updated kitchen, and piles of electronic wires in every corner (no shame, it happens). If you cringe at those kinds of eyesores and are ready to do something about them, you'll love these affordable and clever Amazon products that can help cover 'em up. Money might be tight, but you can still make your place look good on the cheap.

I know, you probably don't want to live in a magazine photo — but that doesn't mean you can't upgrade your house with products that'll make it look like a renovated space. I have the solutions to most of your broken, stained, or just plain worn-out problems — and none of them are expensive. I'm talking about couch covers for slept-on cushions, stick-on backsplashes for underneath your cabinets, and cable collectors to conceal your tech.

That's right: Whether you're willing to take on a weekend DIY project or if just want to spend five minutes sprucing the place up, there is a fix here that you are going to want to know about. They aren't too expensive, either — but they'll still "wow" your guests and anyone else who stops in.

1. These decorative magnetic hinges for your old garage door

If you hate the bland look of your garage door, these magnetic hinges and handles will spiff it right up with zero effort. The difference hardware makes is astonishing, even when it's just for show. This pack comes with two handles and four hinges that attach magnetically to your garage door; just slap them up and enjoy a fancy, new look.

2. This wall dispenser that collects your stray grocery bags

Stop jamming used grocery bags into a junk drawer and put them into this slick wall dispenser instead. You just shove the bags into the top when you're unpacking groceries and pull one out of the front when you need a bag. Reuse and recycle, right? It looks tidy, is super convenient, and have gotten over 14,000 five-star ratings.

3. These markers to fix up your wood-scratched furniture

The scratch in your coffee table, ding in the cupboards, and scrape across your desk are all so easy to repair with this set of wood-colored markers that you'll find yourself using all over the house. There are thirteen markers with a color that matches whatever wood you have; it's like coloring but for real things.

4. This bamboo box that keeps your tech together

Gather all of your gadgets — your phone, watch, earbuds, and tablet — along with their chargers right into this tidy, organized, bamboo charging station and stop searching for cables and hating the mess. This elegant bamboo box has a place for everything — including the power supply of your choice, which isn't included. But it does come with five cables of different types.

5. This rock that hides pipes, valves, and other yard eyesores

If there are pipes, valves, or other eyesores in your garden, just set this realistic-looking boulder right over them. It looks natural, but it's light enough to lift anytime you need to get to the fixtures — and it'll survive whatever the weather throws at it.

6. This tray that conceals all the cables under your desk

The desk looked great until you set up the computer, speakers, headset, and keyboard, right? Now, it's littered with cables and plugs. Mount this clever tray to the underside of your desk, use the included straps to mount a power strip below it, and run all your cables and plugs into it. Now the desk — and the floor under it — look ready for their close-up.

7. An adhesive backsplash that looks like the real deal

In my opinion, a sleek backsplash is a terrific visual kitchen upgrade — and it also makes the kitchen walls over the counters and stove easier to clean. You don't have to pay big and find a tile installer to get one, though. You can easily install this peel-and-stick backsplash in minutes with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a bit of your own free time.

8. This slim storage cart that'll fit nearly anywhere

That gap between the washer and dryer is the storage place you didn't know you had; all you need is this rolling cart to take advantage of it. It's designed to slide right in there and organize your cleaning products and laundry accessories. It'll hold laundry detergent, an iron, and lots more — disappearing it all into that gap.

9. These painting stencils for decorating your old tiles

Replacing your old bathroom tile or kitchen backsplash can be an expensive project. But how about if you paint it — in a decorative pattern — instead? These stencils turns those eyesores into works of art and give you a fun craft project. Choose a pattern, tape it down, and paint. It works for furniture, walls, and floors, too.

10. A clever trash can that hangs where you need it

You can hang this tiny trash can inside the cabinet for a handy throw-away that's out of sight, or even on the outside of the cabinet to make tossing food scraps while you're cooking super fast and convenient. It works with fitted bags or grocery bags, and a hinged lid keeps the trash covered.

11. A privacy solution that's not a curtain

Want a little privacy without covering your entire window and view with fabric or blinds? Mount this frosted film directly to the glass in whatever spot you'd like. It allows the light and parts of the view to come through, and it's easy to cut into the size you want. Plus, it's simple to install.

12. A cutting board that makes the stovetop useful

In a small kitchen, that stovetop is a huge expanse of wasted space when you aren't cooking on it. You can fix that by setting this cutting board down and turning that space into a sleek work surface. The hardwood board has a moat to capture liquids before they get to the stove and a nonskid backing so it stays put while you work.

13. A Glass Decanter To Disguise A Cheap Bottle Of Liquor

Instead of putting your cheap labeled bottle on display, you can pour your favorite budget spirit into this 23-ounce decanter where it'll look decorative sitting on your bar cart. It features an oversized stopper to lock the flavors in — but if you don't drink, don't worry: This can also be used for mouthwash, juice, and more.

14. These floor registers to use instead of the originals

Replacing one of your old floor registers with these patterned ones is a quick, easy, and cheap way to make your place look better. These are comparable in price to hardware-store registers, but they look decorative and operate differently, opening with a slider rather than a louver.

15. This cover that turns metal shelving into a loft-style closet

This canvas cover fits over a standard wire shelving unit to create decorative storage wherever you need it — whether that's in a pantry, the kitchen, or the bedroom. Many reviewers love it because it hides all the clutter while keeping clothes, packaged goods, and other items out of sight and free of dust.

16. A simple box that hides cable clutter

Do you have a ton of loose wires around your TV stand or computer desk? If so, you can put them all into this modern-looking plastic and bamboo box and run the necessary wires through the slots. That way, your wires will be together and in order instead of jumbled up in a pile.

17. The elastic bedskirt to hide your under-the-bed clutter

You don't have to look at all the gear you have stored under the bed; just add this simple bedskirt and hide everything from sight while giving your room a stylish upgrade. It comes in various colors and four sizes, and it's easy to install without moving the mattress (since its sides are made with elastic that wraps around the bed).

18. This fitted bed cover that'll renew your old mattress

When a mattress is old, you can usually tell. But that's easy to hide with this fitted mattress pad that's fresh, clean, and inexpensive. It's made from a soft, cottony fabric — so you'll never know it's there. Plus, you can remove it to wash it anytime you'd like.

19. These foaming soap dispensers that makes your drugstore soap look (and feel) fancy

You can make your cheap, drugstore-brand handsoap look (and even feel) as if you bought it at a boutique apothecary thanks to these glass soap dispenser. These soap dispensers have special heads that turn your soap into a velvety foam as you pump. And it doesn't just look and feel great, by foaming your soap as it dispenses, it'll help you use less soap which will save you money in the long run.

20. A sleeve that instantly hides your tech cables

Just lie your cables down on this long stretch of cable sleeve, roll it up, and all those cords will disappear into one tidy neoprene tube. You can cut holes to pop a plug out where you need it along the 118-inch tube — but, until you get to the outlet, this will keep everything tidy and simple.

21. This grippy drawer & shelf liner with over 13,000 ratings

Do you want everything to stay still when you open your drawers (rather than sliding around)? Cut some of this drawer liner and fit it into the bottom of your drawers. It has a grippy texture, so nothing moves. It's also great for shelves — giving dishes a grippy place to land — and comes in lots of colors.

22. A picket fence to hide your trash or air conditioning units

If you need to hide your garbage cans or air conditioning unit, this picket fence is an easy way to go. These two pieces stick into the ground, connect together, create corners easily, and are made of durable PVC vinyl that's lightweight and weatherproof.

23. This wallpaper that turns old surfaces into shiny marble

Marble counters would be nice, right? How about a marble-topped dresser? That's usually expensive, though — but with this marble wallpaper, it isn't. It can sticks onto pretty much any surface you want and will make it look like marble. Over 13,000 people have marbled everything from bathrooms to kitchens and are thrilled with the results.

24. These velvet pillow covers to spruce up your old couch

When the throw pillows on your couch cease to match your decor (or you're missing throw pillows entirely), you can easily upgrade your seating area with these zip-on throw pillow covers. They're made of soft microfiber velvet and come in over 30 colors (as well as many sizes). Just measure, order, zip, and change the look of your room.

25. These decorative chair slipcovers for your dining room

When your dining room chairs start to look shabby or stained, these stretchy covers will rescue them. Even if you're just craving a change, they'll make getting a new look so easy and affordable. They come in ten colors, fit high-back Parsons chairs, are easy to install, and are machine washable.

26. A deck box that collects all of your outdoor clutter

Tired of dragging seat cushions, lanterns, pillows, and the rest of your outdoor gear inside where they become a pile of clutter just because of a little rain? This deck box stays outside, opens up to store your gear, and keeps everything inside it dry. And when you're outside, it serves as a side table.

27. This paint that's durable enough for concrete floors

Painting the garage floor can be an enormous hassle if you use a two-part epoxy, but it's easy and fast with this one-part epoxy paint that's water-based and designed to be durable enough for garage floors (or any concrete surface). It makes the floor a lovely, uniform grey that looks sleek and is resistant to stains.

28. A slender cabinet to store toilet paper in.

Even if your bathroom is small and appears to have no space to spare, this slender cabinet — which features two shelves inside, a built-in toilet paper dispenser, and a top shelf — will probably fit. It's only 5.9 inches wide, but it brings much-needed order and storage to a small bathroom.

29. These storage bins that can tidy up a whole room

Hiding clutter — while keeping it within easy reach — is a matter of tossing everything into a set of these foldable fabric-covered storage bins and putting them onto shelves. Choose the color that goes with your interior, unfold them, fill them, and you're done. There are 11 colors and handle styles to choose from.

30. An eraser that rubs out the water marks on furniture

These pads are tiny miracles for the water marks on your furniture. This is one cloth that — when rubbed on furniture with patience — removes those white rings that are caused when you set down a wet or hot glass on a finished wood surface. Thousands of people are amazed by how well they work to permanently remove this type of blemishes.

31. This hiding place that looks like a book collection

This certainly looks like a set of books — and it's made from real book bindings — but it is, in fact, camouflage storage. Just put it in front of the router, that mess of electronic clutter, or anything that you don't want to look at on your shelf or table. No one will suspect there's anything there but a tidy collection of books.

32. A plush rug to cover any scratches on your old, worn-in floor

If your old hardwood floors are looking, well, old, you can accessorize with this amazingly soft area rug. It's super soft and squishy, comes in a wide range of colors, and can be thrown in the washer when it gets too worn-out. Plus, it's available in many sizes that you can choose from so it fits your space perfectly.

33. A cure for the gap between your stove & counters

If your slide-in range doesn't fit perfectly — and many don't — it probably creates a small gap between the stove and counters that becomes a magnet for stray utensils and spills. These silicone gap covers slide right into that space to fill the gap and prevent the spills. Over 13,000 people are thrilled by this solution.

34. This rug that looks like grass for indoors or out

Whether you want to spruce up your deck, make an interior space feel like it's part of the great outdoors, or give your pet a place to go that feels like grass, this grass rug is convincing and soft on the feet and paws. Unlike real grass, it won't turn brown, get weeds, or need to be mowed; just cut it to size and set it down.

35. A top-entry litter box that helps prevent messes

This litter box is different from may others, because it's decorative and keeps the litter from scattering. Your cat will have to climb out and over a textured surface, but it's super easy to clean. Just lift the lid off and scoop with the included rake that hangs on the side.

36. The stretchy sofa slipcover that you can throw in the wash

You can install this couch cover right over your current couch for a completely new look in just a few minutes. The fabric is super stretchy, so installation is easy and requires no sewing or furniture pins. When it gets dirty, just throw it in the wash and put it back on. There are lots of colors to choose from.

37. An ottoman that cleans up the living room

If clutter from toys, throws, pillows, spare sheets, or anything else is cluttering up your living space, you can stash it away quickly in this storage ottoman that doubles as a chair to hold up to 660 pounds. It also provides a place to put your feet up, and it's decorative.

38. The ivy hedge leaves to cover your fence with

The best way to hide a chain fence is by letting vines grow over it, but that can take years. Meanwhile, there's this artificial ivy leaf cover that you can install right now; it looks convincingly like vines. Just attach it to the fence and it'll provide instant privacy and a visual upgrade — but it'll never need to be trimmed or watered.

39. A rack that hides your hair tools in the cabinet

Owning a wide selection of hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons is awesome. Storing them? Not so much. But this over-door organizer solves that. Hook it over a cabinet door and it instantly creates a simple place for all your appliances that's both out of site and easy to access. Brilliant.

40. This dog feeder that stores the dog food underneath it

If you're short on storage space, this dog feeder station takes advantage of the space under the bowls to keep five pounds of kibble in an airtight container that's right where you need it. It also elevates the food and water to a height that's more comfortable for your dog and better for those canine joints.

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