How to elevate your production values to create wild, cinematic videos

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When you think of Hollywood special effects, you usually think of large-scale pyrotechnics, feats engineering, and CGI. But for innovative young photographers and videographers like Tyler Roth, all it takes is creativity and the right tools.

As an FX whiz and the CEO of production company Wild Portraits, Roth is known for creating mind-bending effects using everyday objects, as well as his willingness to teach his 1 million-plus followers how they can create their own studio magic. Inverse caught up with Roth in Los Angeles to learn more about creating Hollywood-style effects and why Roth loves Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for capturing cinema-ready content.

1. It’s All About The Lighting

While content is king, lighting is essential in making sure the raw materials of your image are in fighting shape from the get-go. For Roth, natural lighting is the best way to ensure his shots are clear and dynamic. “This Inverse shoot is in a really cool industrial style studio in downtown LA that has some really beautiful natural light with good texture,” Roth says. “Additionally, there is a really cool rooftop where we can get a little messy with special effects.”