60 dank things on Amazon under $30

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by Christina X. Wood
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You already have a couch, TV, and fridge, but your crib lacks personality, right? Sure you could go buy some art or posters but, in order to feel like the place is yours, your home needs stylish accessories, utensils, and lighting that reflects your specific, edgy, or modern style. Style is much harder to find than furniture. It’s even more challenging to find if you are on a tight budget. This requires years spent digging into the weird section of the local boutique or at least an afternoon in the bargain bin at the secondhand store. Or does it? Maybe all you need are a few of these 59 dank things on Amazon that are under $30.

They are strange. They are hilarious. And they are surprisingly budget-friendly. Even better, many of these oddities are actually useful. You want whimsical but also useful things like Batman’s wine opener or a unicorn head that feeds squirrels, right? You want a small, adorable army in the kitchen and hedgehogs that do laundry? I feel you. And I found everything you need — just keep reading.

1. This s’mores maker you can use in the living room

If the bugs are swarming or the rain killed your camping plans, you can still have the s’mores you were dreaming about with this indoor kit. Just plug it in, load the lazy susan up with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers and use the included forks to toast up some tasty treats. It’s completely safe to set down right on the coffee table since it’s a flameless “campfire.”

2. This storage container that keeps avocados green

When you want to eat only half an avocado, this clever container stores the rest of the fruit and keeps it fresh. It reduces air exposure, which is what normally makes it brown and unappealing. You’ll be able to save cut avocado for days.

3. These fan-favorite Bluetooth headphones that are waterproof

Backed by over 165,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, these wireless Bluetooth headphones are beloved for both their sound quality and features, including a six-hour battery life and IPX8 waterproof design. Many reviewers have attested that the advanced Bluetooth technology delivers a strong connection with their devices and uninterrupted playtime. The earbuds also come with a waterproof charging case, which provides an additional 24 hours of battery life when you’re on the go.

4. A toaster for fast, perfect grilled cheese sandwiches

If a perfect grilled cheese sandwich is your idea of heaven, you need this amazing grilled cheese toaster. Assemble your bread and cheese (with butter on the outside) and drop it into the baskets of the toaster. Then press the lever and wait. One or two perfectly toasted sandwiches with oozing melted cheese will pop up in just a few minutes.

5. These claws for pulling or lifting meat

These shredder claws are the answer to all of your pork-pulling challenges. Instead of struggling with a pair of dinner forks when it’s time to pull apart your barbecued pork, these big and easy-to-grip claws give you the leverage you need to tear through a big slab of meat fast. You will reach for them when you need to lift a large roast or turkey, too.

6. This under-shelf organizer that spins 360 degrees

This eight-hook rack is a smart option for maximizing the space under your cabinets and other shelving. It’s made of rust-resistant stainless steel, and rotates 360 degrees to grant you easy access to your items. Each hook can hold up to 4.4 pounds, which makes it a great option for storing utensils, towels, and other lightweight tools in the kitchen or bathroom.

7. A desk-sized version of Inflatable Tube Guy

If you need a friend at work, Inflatable Tube Guy is here for you. He’s cheerful, wildly popular, and dances around with a silly grin on his face to bring cheer to any boring or challenging day. The 18-inch-tall tube guy comes with a 32-page book that tells you the history — and rise to popularity — of his 30-foot tall ancestor.

8. This kit with everything you need to make cheese

If you want to try making cheese at home but don’t want to invest in a lot of gear until you know it will work — and be fun — this kit will get you started. It has just the right amount of rennet, citric acid, cheesecloth, and everything else you need, including detailed instructions, to make goat, mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, and burrata cheeses, some of which only take an hour or so to prepare.

9. A cold-brewer for an endless supply of smooth coffee

Crafted from borosilicate glass into a carafe that looks like it escaped a science lab, this coffee brewer makes smooth, cold-brew coffee that lasts weeks in the fridge. A stainless steel sleeve holds the grounds so there is no mess or waste. After you brew, put on the airtight lid to keep air away from your brew, and it will stay fresh for weeks. A non-slip rubber base protects the glass.

10. A space-saving mouse platform that attaches to your desk

If your work station is limited on space, this clamp-on platform for your mouse is a must-have. It is easy to attach to most surfaces and offers a stable platform for you to maneuver your mouse. When you’re done working at your computer, you can swivel it underneath your desk and (mostly) out of sight.

11. An electric knife for fast, accurate slicing

Whether you want thin slices from a turkey or ham or prefer your homemade bread sliced thinly and accurately, this electric knife is the tool you need. The blade never needs to be sharpened, it comes with a big fork, and it all stores away in its own case.

12. This floating wrist strap for your waterproof camera

If you’ve ever lost a waterproof camera or binoculars while swimming or boating — or you dread losing one — you need this floating wrist strap. The yellow hue makes it stand out against the water so it’s easy to identify in a hurry. Once installed, the strap snaps on and off the camera easily for your convenience.

13. A personal ice cream maker for fast and healthy treats

This cute ice cream maker creates one pint of ice cream out of whatever you put into it — cream, yogurt, nut milk, or whatever else you dream up. You can follow the recipes that come with it or wing it with your ideas. Once the freezer cup is cold enough, it whips up dessert for one or two people in about thirty minutes, no stirring required.

14. An electronics organizer with tons of compartments

With its organizational compartments, this zippered electronics organizer will keep items neatly in place. Inside, there’s a mesh pocket large enough to store power adapters, three little pouch for SD cards, and multiple small mesh pockets and elastic loops to wrangle cables and pens. As a plus, the nylon organizer is water-repellent too.

15. A light switch with a built-in night light

It will be easy to find your way to the light switch after you install this switch cover with a built-in night light. When the rocker or toggle switch is pointed down, and there is no ambient light in the room, the LED on the underside of the switch cover lights up. You’ll have a convenient light when you need it without taking up another outlet.

16. This reusable microwave popper for fast popcorn

This brilliant popcorn maker makes it super fast, easy, and clean to transform popcorn kernels into a delicious snack. Just add kernels and oil to the silicone bowl, microwave for a couple of minutes, and add salt, spices, or whatever else you like on your popcorn. It comes in five colors and is conveniently collapsible for storage.

17. The squirrel feeder that looks like a unicorn head

What could be better than looking out the window and seeing a squirrel wearing a unicorn head in your yard? Hang this funny squirrel feeder and fill it with tempting treats. They will find them and, once they do, the squirrels will get a snack and you will get a near-constant hilarious visual.

18. A compact speaker with big sound & a waterproof case

This little speaker is about the size of a hockey puck so you can take it everywhere. Despite is diminutive proportions, though, it delivers big sound. And despite that startlingly low price, it has impressive features such as the ability to pair two of them together for stereo sound, simple and intuitive controls, and a waterproof case that fits the little speaker perfectly.

19. These taco holders for easier taco nights

If you hate it when tacos fall over and spill their delicious contents, these taco holders are the elegant solution. They hold your tacos upright and keep two cups of sauces at the ready. Each one in the four-pack is made of durable stainless steel and dishwasher-safe.

20. This mosquito repeller that clears the patio of bugs

Set this cute device down somewhere on your porch or patio, turn on the fuel cell, and say goodbye to the buzz and sting of mosquitoes. The fuel cell heats the repellent mat, which releases a scent mosquitos hate but you won’t notice, so you can enjoy the outdoors without them. It comes in 12 colors, keeps 15 feet of outdoor space clear of mosquitos, and lasts 12 hours.

21. This cute pool float for your beverages

Whether you like to enjoy a cold one in the hot tub, the pool, or while floating in the lake, these inflatable drink holders will keep your drink aloft and handy. The cup or beer can sinks well into the inflatable raft, giving the drink amazing survivability in even choppy waters. It even comes with a palm tree so it feels like vacation.

22. This army of lifters for pot lids & other things

This is a helpful crew of lid lifters so you can let a little steam escape while you are simmering or prevent pasta boilovers. But once you have this team of six in your kitchen, you will also use them to hold chopsticks, hold your phone where you can see it, set down your tasting spoon, and much more. They will look cute and colorful doing whatever you need them to.

23. This bottle stopper so you can drink right from the bottle

Put this time-saving bottle stopper into a wine or beer bottle, and you can drink right from the bottle, er, glass. It’s an aerator, bottle stopper, and wine glass all wrapped into one weird gadget, and it will save you from having to refill your wine glass.

24. This big unbreakable jar that counts your coins

Put your pocket change into this money-counting jar through the digital counting lid, and it’ll keep track of how much you have saved. It’s fun, accurate, and, since the jar is made of ABS plastic, won’t break. The lid comes off if you want to add a pile of coins at once — and manually add the amount on the counter — and the jar will hold over 800 coins.

25. A colorful, fun way to dispense candy

Fill the three chambers of this candy machine with the small candy of your choice — M&Ms, Skittles, Runts, jelly beans, nuts, or whatever — and push the button to dispense a portion into your hand. The candy-holding chamber spins so you can select your candy. It’s a fun and decorative way to keep candy available for guests or yourself.

26. This sushi making kit so you can turn everything into sushi

Eating sushi can get expensive if you go to restaurants but, if you have the right tools, it is surprisingly easy to make yourself. This kit has all the tools you need: two rolling mats, a rice spreader, a rice paddle, and five pairs of chopsticks. And, even if you’ve never done this before, you will be whipping up delicious rolls — with everything from fish to SPAM — just by following the included directions.

27. This toe stretcher that feels amazing & looks glam

Put your feet up and wrap your toes around these flexible toe stretchers to give your feet some delicious relief from being crammed into shoes. It stretches the small muscles between your toes in order to give the delicate nerves of your feet some space. It feels so good, and the gems look pretty while you are doing it.

28. A coffee warmer so your brew stays hot all day

If you are a slow coffee drinker, set your mug down on this warmer and it will stay at the perfect temperature — about 125 degrees —for as long as you like. It turns on automatically when you set a mug on it, and turns off again when you remove it.

29. An outlet extender with bonus USB ports

You won’t need to keep constantly plugging and unplugging devices if you add this extender to a handy outlet. It’s so compact it won’t take up much space, yet it has four AC outlets and three USB ports, which could change everything about your small appliances in the bathroom or the tech on your desk. It’s essential if you travel.

30. This cute cat hook is so helpful

This kitty hook wants to help keep your clothes, towels, or bathrobe off the floor. Just hook the laser-cut metal piece over the top of the door, and the two hooks on its paws hold onto whatever you loop over them. It looks cute and is super simple to install.

31. These popsicle molds so you always have a frozen treat

These popsicle molds are designed so you can create piles of delicious frozen confections from fruit, yogurt, cream, and other ingredients you have on hand. The mold is silicone, so it’s easy to get the frozen pops out. Each well holds three ounces, and it comes with popsicle sticks and popsicle bags so you can freeze five pops, bag them, and make another five.

32. A retro napkin dispenser for your kitchen

Turn your kitchen into a retro-looking diner with this Coca Cola napkin dispenser that looks like it should be sitting on a table in a ‘50s soda shop. It’s cute, and it holds 100 folded napkins so no one will ever have to hunt down a napkin again.

33. A toothpaste dispenser for cleaner bathroom counters

If the kids or your messy self always get toothpaste all over the place in the bathroom, this dispenser will keep everyone in check. Mount it to the wall or mirror with the included adhesive backing, insert a tube of toothpaste in the top, and then push your toothbrush into the opening. It dispenses a dollop of paste on the brush, with no fiddling around.

34. A string of disco-ball lights

This string of ten battery-operated disco ball lights is the perfect decoration for your desk, headboard, or deck. It has that 80s vibe as well as delightful ambient lighting. It emits a yellow glow, the string is just over five feet long, and it uses three AAA batteries.

35. This one-handed spice mill for quick, fresh pepper

This spice mill makes it easy to add ground pepper, salt, or other spices to a meal just by squeezing the levers with one hand. The grinder screws right onto the 2-ounce jar, making it fast to fill. It delivers a fine spray or a coarse spray with six grind sizes to choose from.

36. This rock that hides a spare key

Stash a spare house key somewhere in the yard in this fake rock, and you will never lock yourself out. Choose a place where the rock will blend in and no one will find it. The plastic cover keeps your key secured inside, and the exterior looks convincingly like part of nature so it won’t give away your secret stash. It even feels like a real rock.

37. A soap dispenser that’s also a cute pet

This snail soap dispenser is so cute you will find yourself talking to it like a pet. Fill the little tyke up with soap, pet it on the back, and it spits a bit of soap into your hand. It comes in three colors and more than 1,600 people love their snail so much they came back to the reviews to share names, photos, and five-star ratings.

38. This sea monster that makes your tea

This infuser is the diminutive version the famous Loch Ness monster that terrorizes Scotland, but this one makes an excellent cup of tea. The creature stands in your mug, reaching her long neck above the water, while your loose tea steeps in the monster’s belly. It’s cute, functional, and makes every tea time play time.

39. These adorable puffer fish that help with the laundry

Skip the faceless dryer sheets and toss these cute puffer fish in the dryer with your clothes because they are cute and helpful. They’re reusable and make clothes dry faster, eliminate wrinkles, reduce static, and save energy.

40. These glasses for cold drinks without condensation

This set of two double-wall borosilicate glasses have a layer of insulation that prevents condensation on the exterior of the glass, so you don’t need to set it on a coaster or constantly dry your hand. This insulating layer also keeps your chilled beverages colder. That these glasses look cool is just gravy.

41. A waterproof phone mount for the shower or kitchen

Mount this phone holder to the wall of your shower, tub, or kitchen, and you can watch videos, read recipes, or take video calls even in splash zones where phones can’t normally go. It mounts once to the wall, then opens so you can drop any phone safely inside. The mount’s waterproof and anti-fog screen is touch-sensitive, so you can interact with your phone’s screen through it.

42. This wine opener with bat wings & ears

This is no doubt the corkscrew that Alfred would use to open the wine when Batman is drinking alone in the bat cave. You can infuse your own in-cave wine and beer drinking with the same bat energy. This corkscrew has bat wings that open when you screw the corkscrew in, and there is a bottle opener in the bat’s head.

43. A shower curtain with plenty of pockets

If you struggle with where to store your various scrubs, conditioners, sponges, and appliances in the shower, this shower curtain is the simplest solution ever. Just hang it like any shower curtain, and you now have nine pockets in various sizes right where you can see and access them while you shower.

44. This cute baby dinosaur toy that’s also a phone holder

This little dinosaur is so cute, you will love having him on your desk, in the kitchen, or on your bedside table. And when you want to set your phone down so you can glance at the screen, it will hold it in its tail. It comes in 13 colors and will cheer up your décor and your life.

45. A water bottle you can keep in your pocket

Pack this collapsible cup into your backpack or pocket and you’’ll have a reusable cup anywhere you go. It crushes down to a 1.5-inch disk, has a snap lid, can handle hot or cold beverages, and will become your on-the-go beverage solution for every day as well as for camping and travel.

46. The condiment fork you didn’t know you needed

This condiment fork is a genius tool for getting pickles or olives out of a jar. Store it right on the pickle or olive jar — it has an elastic loop and holster — and you can grab a pickle quickly and easily without getting out a fork or tongs every time. Reviewers give it over 3,500 five-star ratings.

47. This bar of steel soap that washes away pungent odors

No, this is not a mean trick to play on guests. This bar of stainless steel soap removes strong odors from your hands because the sulfur molecules that cause something like fish and garlic to stink on your hands bind to steel and stay on the bar. The result? Hands that smell fresh again. Almost 11,000 people swear by it and give it five stars.

48. A circular saw that cuts pizza

This pizza wheel that looks like a circular saw would obviously be the perfect gift for someone who works with tools and makes pizza, but it’s also just fun and gets the job done. The blade is stainless steel, and the housing is plastic. It all comes apart easily for cleaning. You will have to make the saw noises with your mouth, though.

49. A self-defense pen with six tools

This self-defense, tactical pen will do everything from open a bottle to light your way in the dark to sign a contract. Use the glass breaker to get free of a crashed car, shine the flashlight into the dark, use the ballpoint pen to jot notes. And there is a screwdriver, hex wrench, and bottle opener hiding in the body as well.

50. This container to keep your sub dry in the cooler

If you want to put a sub, grinder, or hoagie in your cooler or backpack and want it to arrive dry and not crushed, this waterproof sub case is a necessity. It has a silicone gasket, so no water gets in, and it adjusts to accommodate six or 12-inch subs. It also doubles as dry storage for phones.

51. A multitool & phone stand that fits in your wallet

This credit card-sized multitool crams a multitude of useful features into one slot of your wallet. The bottle opener might be the one you use the most, but the phone stand — with the addition of a credit card — will probably be a close second. There is also a ruler, box opener, six hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, a letter opener, an eyeglass, and both Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers.

52. A masher & stirrer that’s so helpful

The five pinwheel-like blades of this masher and tenderizer are so useful that you won’t believe you ever got along without it. It makes mashing potatoes fast and easy, breaks up ground meat quickly in the pan, and stirs batter efficiently while scraping the side of the bowl. The silicone blades are gentle on pans, and the ergonomic handle is easy on the hands.

53. This diamond-shaped ice mold for fancy drinks

Elevate any drink instantly with these diamond-shaped ice molds. This silicone mold makes four diamond-shaped ice cubes that will chill a drink, melt slowly, and look glamorous. They come with a funnel for filling the molds and are bendable so the diamonds are easy to remove.

54. A mouse pad that looks like a yummy pizza

If you need a daily reminder of your beloved pizza, this mouse pad is here for you. It dresses up your desk, makes you hungry for pizza, and gives your mouse a big — almost 8-inch diameter — surface to run around on.

55. A light-blocking sleep mask with memory foam eye pads

This sleeping mask blocks out all the light with comfortable eye pads made from memory foam. The eye pads actually conform to the shape of your eyes without applying pressure and the thick fabric lets no light through. Choose from four colors, including black and purple.

56. An adorable PacMan lamp that likes to party

This PacMan ghost lamp is the adorable ambient lighting you want at all your parties. He lights up and looks cool. But you can also let him cycle slowly through his nine colors or, if everyone is dancing, set him to change color in response to the music.

57. This clever monkey that peels vegetables

If you enjoy kitchen tools that are cute and functional, you will adore this monkey peeler. He holds the blade above his head and his body is comfortable to hold while you peel. When he isn’t peeling vegetables, you can confide secrets, pretend he’s listening, and take his silence for agreement.

58. These stick-on lights that turn your TV into art

Peel and stick these color-changing lights to the back of your TV so the light reflects against the wall behind it to make the TV look like a piece of art, rather than a plain black box. This is enough lights for a 40- to 60-inch TV, and you can control the light display through a smartphone app.

59. This realistic moon lamp for slick lighting

This moon lamp is printed using 3D printing technology so that the surface is realistic and accurate. The nearly five-inch moon sits on a wooden stand you can place on your desk or a shelf to create cool ambient lighting. It cycles through 16 colors, flashes, strobes, or fades, and there’s a remote for controlling the colors.

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