40 cheap things that make your old stuff WAY nicer

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by Christina X. Wood
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If your old house needs some renovations or your worn-out sweaters are pilling, don't fret. You don't need to drop hundreds of dollars on new gear and getups; all you have to do is check out the things on Amazon that'll make your old stuff way nicer. To help you out, I've included tons of products on this list that'll make your aging favorites look brand new again — whether you're trying to brighten the tiles in your shower or fix the wooden scratches in your antique dresser.

What's cool is that most of these products are cheap, which means you won't have to spend a ton of cash on improving the longevity of your older purchases. Take the lumbar support pillow, for instance. Thanks to its firm, yet fitting memory foam filling, it'll make your old mattress feel like you just bought it (all while providing a comfier surface for sleeping). There's even a roll of adhesive marble contact paper in here to make your kitchen surfaces shine again — and I guarantee that your guests will think you splurged on revamping the kitchen when you're done applying it.

So, like I said, don't worry if your things are getting a little old. That's normal! But instead of splurging on new things, just use the following products to make them even better than before.

1. A grout pen that brightens discolored bathroom tiles

Take a hard look inside our old bathroom. Is discolored grout the problem? If so, this pen will turn that grout white — and it's about as easy as using a coloring book. Just pump the felt tip and start drawing. It'll turn the grout bright and last a long time. Over 4,000 reviewers love it with some claiming that it made an "amazing difference."

2. This conditioner that brings worn-out leather back to beautiful

If the leather on your couch, car, wallet, or coat has seen better days, it might not need to be replaced. It simply need to be cleaned and conditioned just like hair or skin. Real leather requires care. And these products from The Chemical Guys are the cleaning and conditioning products that over 11,000 Amazon reviewers swear by.

3. The cleaning brush that uses steam to get the grill spotless

Steam is a clean way to get your grill clean without chemicals, and this clever grill brush is a low-tech way to create that steam. Fill the base with water and press the button to release water onto a still-hot grill. The heat from your grill will turn that water into steam. Just scrub to remove debris and sterilize the grate.

4. A memory foam pillow that'll make your old mattress comfier

This pillow can help add more support to your old mattress and create a more comfortable place to rest. Not only is it filled with firm memory foam, but it's also specifically shaped to help alleviate lower back pain, hip pain, and more — it just depends on where you place it. The removable cover is also washable, so you can clean it while you wash the rest of your sheets.

5. These motion-sensing adhesive lights that'll brighten your old closet

Stick these lights wherever you have trouble seeing what you're doing. Put one in the closet so that a light comes on when you open the door or put one under the cabinet so a light illuminates your kitchen at night. They come on when they sense motion, turn off after 18 seconds, and recharge via USB.

6. This screen cleaner that'll freshen up your phone

Working on a dusty, fingerprint-laden screen can be irritating. That's why this spray — and the included wipe — are designed for precisely for cleaning tech screens in the most gentle way possible. The formula is free of harsh ingredients and goes on without leaving streaks behind.

7. This kit that repairs all the scratched wood in your house

Scratched cupboards, floor scuffs, and worse-for-the-wear tabletops are not something you have to live with. This collection of furniture touch-up markers and crayons can fix whatever bad things happened to your stuff. Fill deep cracks with a wax crayon of a similar color — and for everything else, choose a marker and color over the scratch or mark.

8. A monitor stand that'll bring new uses to your old work desk

Raise your monitor up to a more ergonomic position while installing a place for your phone, a drawer for a few items like pens and notebooks, and a place to store your keyboard and other accessories when you aren't using them. This monitor stand fixes so many things that are wrong about your old workspace, and it's only $30.

9. The genius shelf that snaps onto the back of your stove

That space at the back of your stove is the perfect spot for your most-used spices, a box of tea bags, or a bottle of cooking oil — and this magnetic shelf makes it functional. Installation is so easy: Just stick it on magnetically and start organizing.

10. This organizer that brings order to your empty utensil drawer

This is a brilliant kitchen drawer organizer that actually creates more room by elevating and angling the flatware section so you can fit more utensils in less space. That leaves the remaining areas for large and odd items so you can fit more in (and still find everything when you need it).

11. This set of tools that has everything to keep your workspace clean

This bundle includes pretty much every tool you need to quickly and easily clean up your computer and workspace. The loop brush gets between keys on the keyboard, the whisk sweeps up small surfaces, and the microfiber cloth cleans smudges and fingerprints off of screens and glasses.

12. These decorative elements that dress up your old garage door

Your garage door doesn't have to look so bland. You can make it look as if it has cast-iron handles and hinges simply by sticking these magnetic, decorative pieces in the right places. It's amazing how much better this simple addition can make your house look, right?

13. An easy (& extremely popular) solution to your slow shower drain

Sometimes when you shower, hair runs down the drain, builds up, and clogs. Insert this mushroom-like drain trap into the drain and it'll stop the hair from running down the pipes before it causes a hard-to-fix problem. Clean it once in a while and your puddle will never come back.

14. This board that'll keep your worn-in T-shirts folded & fresh

Tired of a sloppy pile of shirts in your closet? This folding board will help you fold and stack those tops with ease. All you have to do is set the shirt on top and fold the board in the order indicated. When you pull the shirt off, it'll look like it was folded by a pro.

15. A fabric shaver that'll make your pilling sweaters look new again

When your favorite sweaters become covered with pills, bring out this fabric shaver that'll glide over your worn-out clothing. Reviewers have used it to shave everything from couches to knits and bedspreads, making it all look brand now. It covers a large 2-inch surface area at once, and it's even rechargeable.

16. This clothes steamer that'll keep your fabric wrinkle-free

Pack whatever you want to wear, including the clothes you never folded or hung up. Because when you pull a garment out of a suitcase or drawer wrinkled, fixing that does not require a board, iron, and accessories. You just need this tiny steamer and some water. Aim it at the wrinkles and watch them loosen up.

17. A set of solar lights to help renovate & brighten your yard

Stick these twelve solar lights into the ground along a path (or randomly in a flower bed), and they'll light up your yard. There is no maintenance required, either — they each have a solar panel in the top, so they'll soak up sunlight during the day and use it to power the lights at night.

18. The colorful LED backlights that'll revamp your old TV set

These LED lights will transform your old TV while throwing the ambient color of your choice onto the wall behind it, giving it a theater-like aesthetic. To use it, simply unroll the LED line, peel off the sticky backing, and plug it into the TV. Then, use the remote to choose the color and brightness.

19. The adhesive marble paper to make your countertops look new

Before you spend big bucks on new countertops, check out this peel-and-stick marble paper. Roll it onto your aging countertops to give them a shiny new appearance. The adhesive is made with premium vinyl that's both water- and oil-proof, so don't be afraid to get messy while you're cooking.

20. This shoe-cleaning kit to revamp your old kicks

If your favorite shoes are looking a bit tired, you don't have to replace them. All they need is a touch-up with this sneaker cleaner. It'll return them to their original glory with a simple scrub, and it works on various types of sneakers — even leather ones.

21. This pillow that'll make your bathtub feel more luxurious than ever

When you're down for a nice long soak in the tub, take this pillow with you. It'll suction securely onto the bath in six places. Plus, it's made from a smooth fabric and will give your head a soft place to relax while adding a bit of support.

22. The cable management box to keep your wires together & intact

If an entanglement of cords is snaking away from one of your outlets, this white box is the solution. Just pack the extension cord and all the plugs inside (there are cutouts in the back for the cords to get out). And then, pop the lid on. The plugs will be covered up and the mess will be contained.

23. A thin cover for your outlet that doubles as an extension cord

It turns out that it's easy to move any outlet that seems out of place (or simply keep it concealed). Just plug this outlet cover in it and place the attached extension cord where you want to. The cover is thin and sleek, the cord is available in a range of lengths, and there are three outlets available instead of two.

24. These charcoal-filled bags to remove unwanted odor in your shoes

These decorative burlap bags are filled with activated bamboo charcoal, which absorbs moisture and neutralizes unwanted odors. You can stick them into your old shoes to help refresh them after long days of wear.

25. A draft stopper to help protect your home from outside elements

That gap under your entry door is probably creating a draft — and it might be letting bugs in, too. There's no need to replace the door, though; just peel the backing off this efficient draft stopper, stick it to the bottom of the door, and seal it up. It's easy to do, and the insulated design will stop heat transfer, dampen sound, and keep insects out.

26. A handheld, 6-setting shower head to replace the other one you have

This incredible and affordable handheld shower head will transform your shower experience every time because it features six different water flow settings and a pause button. Plus, it's easy to install without the use of any additional tools.

27. The motion-detecting nightlight that lights up your toilet bowl

Hate turning on the bathroom light in the middle of the night? You can turn that moment of irritation into an amusing night light. Hook this light to the bowl and it will automatically turn on if the room is dark and you stumble in half-awake. You can choose the color of the bowl whenever you'd like to.

28. A toilet paper organizer that keeps your rolls covered

If you don't like stacking rolls of toilet paper out in plain view, this organizer will hide them. It holds three rolls and looks good doing it. Plus, it fits just about anywhere in the bathroom. Almost 3,000 reviewers are pleased with how nicely it tidies up the place.

29. The magnetic spice racks to revamp the fridge you've had for ages

These magnetic shelves make it super easy to declutter the kitchen. Stick them to the fridge or the side of the toaster oven and keep the salt, oil, or whatever you reach for often in easy reach. There are even hooks for hot mitts or dishtowels. There are two in one pack, and they come in three colors.

30. This refrigerator liner that protects the shelves from spills

Install these shelf liners in your fridge instead of scheduling a total deep-clean. They grip each shelf so they don't slide around when you're putting food in (or taking it out). But they aren't adhesive; you can remove them and wash them whenever you like. They are, however, antibacterial.

31. A caddy to keep your dish sponges cleaner for longer

When you set a dish sponge on the damp sink surface, it can get messy fast. This is in-sink caddy is the answer to longer-lasting sponges, though. It stays put because it both hooks over the edge of the sink and suctions onto the sink wall. It also lets the sponge drain right into the sink while keeping it at hand.

32. An outlet cover with a shelf to store your charging tech

Replace your outlet covers with this smarter one and you'll have a handy shelf where you can keep a speaker, Amazon Echo, toothbrush charger, or anything else that needs to be plugged in. It cleans up the wires that clutter the kitchen or bathroom, and installing it is a matter of screwing in two screws.

33. This silicone barrier to keep the stove gap clear of crumbs

If you have a slide-in range, chances are high that there is a gap between it and the countertop. This silicone barrier is designed to correct that problem. Just cut the length to fit, and slide it in. It disappears visually but keeps food and utensils from falling in there, which means you never have to pull out the stove to clean or retrieve.

34. These multipurpose sponges that clean like magic

Dense melamine sponges are amazing cleaning tools, and this package of twenty of them is only $10. They will take the writing off the wall, grease off the stove, and more. Just wet them with water, squeeze them dry, and start cleaning whatever the mess in front of you.

35. A mop & broom holder to pull your old storage closet together

This one simple wall rack will organize an entire storage closet of mops, brooms, squeegees, and tools. Just push the handles into the rolling-ball holder, and it'll adjust to hold whatever handle you have. Plus, there are hooks in front of that where you can hang a duster, rag, or hat.

36. An upgraded LED desk lamp that'll also charge your phone

Squinting at the fine print? Just shine the brightness and color of this low-profile LED desk lamp where you want it for a better view of what you're reading. It also puts a phone-charging USB port right where you can reach it and has five brightness levels along with five modes so you can choose what works for you. There's also a shut-off timer in case you fall asleep reading.

37. A decorative, magnetic mount that keeps tray cables in one place

This attractive fabric-covered mount is heavy enough to stay put where you set it down — and it's magnetic so that when you drop charging cables onto it, they stay right where you put them. It's basically a decorative and effective way to organize your cables and keep the ones you use often right at hand.

38. This wall rack that keeps your toothbrushes & toothpaste together

In one giant sweep, you can get all the clutter off of the sink and into this organized wall rack. It sticks to any hard surface — glass, tile, plastic, and more — and has a place for all your razors, toothbrushes, and accessories. Thousands of Amazon reviewers are loving the order and tidiness it brings.

39. A bedside shelf that'll add storage to the closest wall

If you live in a small space, why not take advantage of all of it? This shelf sticks to the wall and holds just enough essentials to be terrific next to your bed, desk, entryway, or sink. Just peel off the backing, clean the wall, and stick the shelf wherever you need to keep a few important items within reach.

40. The organizer that keeps your food storage lids in one place

If you have an entire drawer devoted to a jumble of food storage lids, you are not alone. But this organizer will calm the chaos and make it possible to find the lid you want when you want it, all while freeing up space. It's adjustable so that the lids that are clean and can stand up where you can see what's what.

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