30 cheap products that make your workday way better

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by Christina X. Wood
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Getting things done and making it through a workday without distractions can be tough, even if you work from home. In fact, research has shown that working remotely can be a struggle if you're not well equipped. Thankfully, there are certain items that'll help keep yourself happy and on track. To this end, I rounded up various cheap Amazon products that make your workday way better.

When you're concentrating and burning through your to-do list, picking up your mug and sipping on cold coffee can throw you off. Thankfully, there are desktop mug warmers available to help. While you're typing away, hand cramps can occur — but padded keyboard cushions can resolve that problem. And if you're getting so many things done that you forget to hydrate, there's a water bottle that'll remind you. Literally.

As you can see, there are tons of inexpensive solutions to everyday work dilemmas, whether your coffee is getting too cold or your hands are getting sore from typing so much. But who has time to track all of the products down and vet the offerings? Unless you're using this handy desktop timer, it can be tough.

Well, I did it for you — and here they are.

1. These Gel Pads That Support Your Wrists While You Type

Gaming, writing, coding, design work, and most kinds of intense computer work can make your hands sore. Thankfully, this gel memory foam set covers all the bases when it comes to wrist support. Whether you're typing or using the mouse, it gives your wrist a soft place to rest on. It's also easy to clean and comes in three colors to match your desk (black, blue, and green). All this for a terrific price? That's probably why almost 4,000 reviewers love it.

2. An Essential Oil That's Made To Help You De-Stress

Add a few drops of this essential oil to your diffuser, and it'll help you de-stress. This formula uses oils from grapefruit, ylang ylang, and lavender to create a calming scent. The mixture is sold in an amber bottle that includes an easy-to-use dropper cap. One Amazon customer wrote, "I love the smell, I use it at the office, that's where my stress is the highest."

3. A Memory Foam Seat Cushion For Support While You Sit

In my opinion, it's very difficult to focus on details when you have a sore butt. That's why this memory foam seat cushion uses the heat of your body to mold itself to your posterior, all while eliminating the pressure on your tailbone. The cover is also removable and machine washable.

Bonus: Many reviewers' cats also seem to love it. Some customers were even forced to buy a second one for their cats. One person wrote, "This cushion makes it feel like a brand new chair! My cat likes to sleep on it too!"

4. This Outlet Cube With 3 Built-In USB Ports

Plug this extension cord into the wall and set the cube on your desk. Now, when you want to plug anything in — be it USB or a traditional plug — you won't have to get on all fours under the desk to find a power strip or outlet. This has three outlets and three USB ports to power your phone, headset, laptop, and everything in between. The attached cord is 5 feet long, so it'll easily reach the outlet nearby.

5. The Adjustable Footrest That Also Massages Your Feet

Put this footrest under your desk and adjust it to make your sitting position more comfortable. Believe it or not, a footrest is an essential ergonomic tool when sitting at a desk. It helps correct your posture, alleviate lower back pain, and improve circulation. This one's extra useful since it's also designed with a textured surface to massage the pressure points in your feet.

Reviewers have written that it helps alleviate pain in their backs and legs. They also love that it rocks back and forth for some extra movement while working.

6. A 3-Pack Of Durable Gel Stress Balls To Keep At Your Desk

Sometimes, I can focus on work better when I give my hands something to do. All the better if that thing is also therapeutic. These stress balls provide that kind of relief, and they come in three densities so you can choose the squeeze effort that works best for you. They're also filled with durable gel and lined with non-stick material.

7. This Essential Oil Diffuser That Creates A Calming Office Space

A blast of humidity to prevent dryness. A mist of essential oils in the morning. A soothing, colorful glow at night. This little diffuser will do it all. It doubles as a humidifier, and you can run it for hours until the water runs low. Then, it'll turn off by itself. Thanks to the brightness-adjustable light, it also gives your space a soft, ambient glow.

8. The Desktop Timer To Keep You On Track Throughout The Day

If you bill by the hour or have a problem stopping one task to move onto the next, this desktop timer is an essential work tool. (It's great for breaking a dreaded job into small increments, too.) You can do anything for five minutes, right?

The timer works like this: If you want to take a fifteen-minute break that doesn't turn into an hour, stand this hexagon on the 15. Want to give a client or project one hour? Set it on 60. It starts timing immediately and alerts you when your time is up. To stop the alarm, rotate it back to "Clock." This is the timer you'll remember to use because it's a physical object. You can even set the alarm to be a flashing light so the noise doesn't bother your coworkers.

9. A Laptop Stand That Also Keeps Your Machine Running Cool

Constantly slouching over and working on a low laptop can become painful. To avoid that scenario, set your computer on this solid-steel monitor riser. That way, your screen will be at eye level. Then, add a separate keyboard and mouse. Not only will you save your wrists, neck, back, and hands from pain, but you'll also keep your laptop running cooler (thanks to the increased airflow).

10. This Planner Booklet For Maximum Organization

There's something seriously satisfying about writing goals, lists, and daily plans. You can do exactly that with this nicely bound, high-quality paper 2020 to 2021 academic planner. It's a terrific hybrid between a blank book and a planner that you can use daily. The paper is thick and unbleached. The cover is made with high-quality leather. There's a loop on the binding to hold your pen. With a 4.8-star review, it's worth writing adding to your desk.

11. These Fine-Point Markers For Color-Coded Doodles & Notes

This set of 18 fine-point markers hits every requirement for daily doodling and note-taking. Each marker adds pleasure to the act of writing by sliding easily over the paper. The colors are gorgeous, and they're slim enough to fit in a binder case. By the looks of it, they'll bring beauty and color to your journal, sketchbook, and notepad.

12. This Dual Tape Dispenser That Holds Other Desk Necessities

I've been looking for a desktop tape dispenser for 2-inch shipping tape for years and this one delivers! It also dispenses 3/4-inch tape and holds pens and scissors handy. It's weighted so you can pull a piece of tape off of without getting into a wrestling match. Load it with clear shipping tape for labeling packages, Washi tape for projects, or duct tape for your electronics projects.

13. This 3-In-1 Charger For Your Phone, Watch, & AirPods

Keeping electronics charged can be a messy chore when each device has its own cord or charger. This all-in-one wireless charger gives you one handy place for your essentials. The iPhone portion connects magnetically to the AirPod and Apple Watch charging station so you can keep everything in one place while they power up. But it also disconnects, in case you prefer to keep your phone on your bedside table. Both are Qi-certified, too.

14. The Padded Laptop Desk That Doubles As A Clipboard

Sometimes you want to work with a laptop in your actual lap. This laptop desk stops it from sliding around and feeling too hot because it's built with a hard surface on top of a comfy bean-bag bed. There's even a clipboard attached in case you'd rather use it with paper. The built-in lip keeps your computer or tablet in place, and the pen holder keeps writing utensils, stylus, and other small items from rolling around. In my opinion, this is much better for your laptop than a pillow.

15. A Desktop Coffee Warmer That Keeps Your Caffeine Hot

If you aren't the person who downs a cup of coffee or tea in minutes, then you're probably well acquainted with the shock of cold coffee. Add this mug warmer to your desk rig, and that's over. It plugs into a standard outlet and provides a heated surface for your mug. The built-in light will turn red when it's working, so you'll know when it's hot. This keeps the work, concentration, and caffeine flowing.

16. This USB-Rechargeable Vacuum To Keep Your Work Desk Neat

If you tend to eat in the same space you work, this mini vacuum keeps your work desk clean so you can jump right back into the task at hand. It's also great for dust and eraser shavings — and since it's USB-rechargeable for a run time of up to 45 minutes, it can tackle bigger jobs, as well. The powerful filter, multiple attachments, and dust-collecting cup set it apart from other portable rechargeable vacuums of this size.

17. A Sleek Yeti Mug That Keeps Your Coffee Warm All Day Long

If your coffee gets cold in meetings, you have at least one of two problems: The meetings are too long or you don't have your coffee in this delightful, insulated Yeti. This stainless steel cup is shaped like a standard mug, complete with a comfortable handle. But it brings the insulation of double-walled, vacuum-insulated Yeti gear to your endless meetings. That means you can also take it camping. Plus, it comes in so many colors that you'll have a hard time choosing.

18. A Unique Desk Fan That Lets You Control The Airflow Direction

Are you working in a stuffy office? If so, add a little fan to your setup. It brings airflow to your desk rig and makes work more comfortable for both and your computer. It uses two blades to produce wind, and you can adjust the shell to determine where that wind flows. The fan also plugs into a USB port for power, so you don't need to track down an outlet for it. It also looks really cool.

19. These Noise-Cancelling Headphones That Are Wireless

When you don't want to be interrupted, put on these noise-canceling headphones to filter out ambient sounds (and signal to everyone around you that you are focusing). When they try to interrupt you anyway, pretend you can't hear them. This affordable $30 pair is perfect for the task. The headphones are padded and Bluetooth-compatible — and they even fold up for easy storage. They're even available in eight bold colors and have over 30,000 reviews on Amazon.

20. This Insulated Water Bottle That Glows When You Should Hydrate

Those afternoon headaches? That could be mild dehydration. The human body needs water to function, but it's easy to forget about sipping while you're working hard. That's why this insulated water bottle reminds you to drink water. When it's time to take a gulp every hour, it glows. It also holds 17 ounces of water, keeping it hot or cold for hours. The bottle even has a speaker built into the bottom so you can listen as you go.

21. The Gel That You Can Clean Your Keyboard With

Cleaning your keyboard, car vents, and other hard-to-reach places with this cleaning gel that feels like playing with dough and dusting and dusting at the same time. It's fun, but it gets things clean. It also smells like lemons, which makes it even more pleasant. You can use the cleaner over and over until it loses its yellow color. Then, just throw it out (it's biodegradable). I mean, why would you struggle with a vacuum and when cleaning with this stuff is actually enjoyable?

22. This Desk Toy That Takes The Edge Off Stressful Situations

Waiting on hold? Irritated by your computer? Stressed? Spin this mesmerizing desk toy and watch it create a waterfall effect. You'll calm right down. It's like a tiny spherical hypnotist that you can control. It creates a state of instant relaxation to get you through whatever irritation is happening on that phone call — and it's made of durable, aerospace-grade aluminum.

23. This Clip-On Pen Cup That Also Holds Your Bag In Place

How often do you trip over your backpack or search for your headphones? As my mother used to say, "A place for everything and everything in its place" prevents you from wasting time looking for things — and it works. Give your bag, headphones, pens, and desk supplies the perfect place on the side of your desk or a bookshelf with this clamp-on desk organizer. They'll be off the floor and you'll know where they are. The holder has a non-marring clamp that adjusts to the thickness of whatever you want to clamp it to (without doing damage).

24. A Bright Desk Lamp That Charges Your Phone Via USB

This slick desk lamp shines a beam of light right where you need it, thanks to the flexible neck. It also features a USB plug so you can charge your phone without an outlet. The base also uses a touch-activated button to change the color or intensity of the light it emits, so keep tapping until you find the light that's best for your project. It's available in two colors: black and white.

25. This Tiny USB Hub With 4 Ports For Your Electronics

A USB-port hub is a necessity if your computer is a laptop. You usually need one if you want to attach a mouse, keyboard, printer, and other peripherals. Thankfully, this four-port USB hub allows you to turn each one of those USP plugs on and off individually. This makes it super easy to shut everything down — or back on — with a few button pushes. It's also great for resetting one peripheral without unplugging everything. Just push a button and that mouse is off while that keyboard, fan, or light stays on.

26. The Retro Desktop Speaker That Doubles As An Alarm Clock

For a small desk or work-at-home set up, this tiny speaker gives you so much more than your typical computer speakers. It plays music from whatever device is connected via USB or memory card, and it even connects to the radio. It's also an alarm clock, so you can use it to wake up and when it's time to end the workday. It even has a remote so you can control it from across the room. Plus, it's just adorably retro cute.

Reviewers are impressed with the sound quality and how many amazing features are crammed into such an adorable and tiny unit. One person wrote, "It sounds great and can get pretty loud! Really love that it is small and doesn’t take up a bunch of valuable shelf space! Also comes with a remote! Would buy again."

27. The Charging Bank That Tells You How Much Power's Left

Stash this versatile power bank in your day bag, and you'll have portable power for a while. Not only does it tell you how much power's left with an LED display, but it also has two built-in charging ports. That way, you can charge your phone and your accessories at the same time. You can even share the power with someone nearby. It even comes with a travel pouch and can charge a high-end smartphone two or three times.

28. This Electronics Organizer That Sorts Your Cables

Stop buying a new USB cable, phone charger, memory card, or specific plug every time you need one. You probably already have that very thing — but if only you knew where it was. You are hardly alone in this. However, this waterproof electronics suitcase is the solution. It's packed with Velcro-adjustable cubbies, elastic-strap holders, and mesh pockets to hold everything from tiny plugs to coiled wires. Put all those extras in here and it will be tidy, organized, not tangled, and easy to find.

29. This Soft, Waterproof Desk Pad In Tons Of Different Colors

The YSAGi PU-leather desk pad serves a ton of different purposes: It helps protect your desk (and your electronics) against scratches and dings, it takes the place of your mousepad, and it provides a soft surface for you to type, draw, or write. It's also waterproof and oil-proof in case of spills, and it comes in a huge range of dual-sided colors so you can personalize your work area to your tastes.

30. This Sticky Notes Bundle So You Can Color-Code Everything

Color-code your entire work-life with the Hommie sticky notes bundle. Yes, it comes with standard sticky notes for quick reminders. However, it also has tabbed sheets with lines, dots, and room to doodle — not to mention sheer highlighter strips so you can draw attention to important info without damaging books or paperwork. One reviewer wrote, "I work in legal for my job and I love this thing!"

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