The 3 Best Pressure Washers

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by Andrea Hannah

Regardless of who exactly is the cleaner in the family, scrubbing grime off your home and car can be one of the most difficult chores. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, elbow grease just isn't going to cut it — especially when it comes to heavy-duty grime and grease. Fortunately, the best pressure washers can do the work in half the time and twice as well.

Making such a big investment can be really overwhelming for first-time buyers, but finding the right model is simpler than you think. First and foremost: Do you want gas or electric? Both have their perks. If you want a top-notch power washer that can blast away even the toughest stains, then a gas washer is for you. On the other hand, if you'd rather give up some of that power for a more portable, lightweight model, then an electric washer may be your best bet.

Another thing to consider is the project you're planning to tackle. If your entire house or driveway needs a deep clean, it's probably a good idea to invest in a larger pressure washer. But if you're working on a smaller project, like washing a car or fence, you can probably go with a compact power washer that comes with plenty of hose attachments so you can attack every crack and crevice.

Ready to put down those sponges and mops? Here's a round-up of some of the most high-quality power washers to majorly cut down your cleaning time.

1. Best Gas Pressure Washer

If you want an extremely powerful gas washer, this option is your best bet. For one, it has an actual Honda engine, which allows it to pump out water at 3,200 PSI, or pounds per square inch. It also comes with five different nozzle attachments that easily snap on so you can tackle your concrete or deck from any angle, along with a special attachment that's just for soap. And even though this gas washer is large (65 pounds), it features textured tires and an easy-to-push handle.

According to one reviewer: "The short of it is the unit’s easy to setup and use, starts easy (really, it’s just one pull) and has great cleaning power. The Honda engine has tons for power and the unit is a blast (pun intended) to use. I’ve already used it to clean my patio, the eaves and house siding. Definitely 5 stars."

2. Best Electric Pressure Washer

If you prefer something a bit smaller, this lightweight electric washer hits all the right marks. Weighing in at about 30 pounds, this pick is much lighter and easier to maneuver than any heavy-duty gas washer. That said, it still gets the job done. This electric washer emits water at 2,030 PSI, which is more than enough power to clear a grimy boat or deck. It also comes with five snap-on nozzles, including a soap nozzle, and a durable hose. Thousands of Amazon reviewers have attested how easy it is to use this power washer.

According to one reviewer: "Great pressure washer for the money. It gets the job done pretty quickly. It is definitely much quieter and friendlier to the environment than a gas powered washer. Overall I like it a lot and it cleans really well."

3. Best Compact Pressure Washer

If you aren't ready to go all-in, this compact electric pressure washer is an excellent choice for beginners or anyone working on smaller cleaning projects. It only weighs 17 pounds, making it easy to move around while you work. It also features a 35-foot power cord and 20-foot hose, so it's simpler than ever to reach every nook and cranny of your deck or sidewalk. It even comes with two nozzle attachments and a soap applicator, and this little unit pumps out water at an impressive 1,500 PSI.

According to one reviewer: "Finally tried it out this weekend on some nasty looking vinyl siding. It's like painting with water - worked great!! Easy to put together, light, compact and enough power. Great price."

You May Also Need: This Accessories Kit With An Extra Long Hose

Whether you're looking for a gas or electric washer, this pressure washer accessories kit is a must. It comes with all the quick-connect nozzles you wish your washer came with, including a unique rotating nozzle that's excellent for cleaning out clogged pipes. It also comes with a high-powered nozzle that can emit up to 4,000 PSI of pressure to blast away even the toughest stuck-on debris. The highlight of this kit, though, is the extra-long hose. This durable thermoplastic hose is a whopping 50-feet long, so you can cover a huge area without having to lug around your washer.

According to one reviewer: "After trying the most well-reviewed powders and liquids to no avail, I stumbled on this [kit] and since it cost about a quarter of a visit from the plumber, I ordered one. The job was nasty, as there was gallons of foul water in the pipes, but the hose moved effortlessly through the 2” pipe outside my kitchen, and blasted away the clog about 30’ down the line. It required little understanding of plumbing, did no damage to my pipes, and made me a hero! Very cool new tool to add to my collection!"

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