The 5 Best Keyboards For iPad Pros, According To iPad Owners

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by Andrea Hannah

If fast typing is your goal, upgrading from the touchscreen on your iPad to a keyboard can turn your iPad Pro into a mini laptop. However, the best keyboards for an iPad Pro vary in their design, how they connect to your iPad, and their price. In addition to your budget, consider whether you’d like a wireless Bluetooth keyboard or one that plugs into your tablet, the size of your device, and any additional functionality like the ability to rotate your tablet you’d want.

First, check the size of your device. While many iPad keyboards below can work with any size tablet, some are designed to attach to your iPad Pro, making it important to factor size into your purchase. Recent iPad Pros come in 12.9- and 11-inch designs (there are also 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pros if you have a 2017 model or earlier, but those were discontinued in 2019). Since some of the designs below allow you to snap or prop your tablet to or on the keyboard, knowing your device’s dimensions will be key.

Next, consider if you’d like to use the keyboard with other devices, too. While technically any wired or wireless Bluetooth keyboard should work with any Bluetooth-compatible device, there are some designed to house your iPad, as well, with built-in cases or stands that make them less versatile. If you’re looking for the most versatility, there are both wired and wireless keyboards on this list that seamlessly connect with laptops, monitors, or even certain smart TVs.

Lastly, decide which additional features and functionality you want. Not every keyboard on this list offers a trackpad, which is a useful tool for certain typists. And, while many of the keyboards on this list allow you to attach or prop up your iPad to use them, only a few allow you to snap your iPad Pro into the design and rotate it, which is something that might make collaboration easier if that’s a priority for you.

No matter your needs, scroll on for the best iPad Pro keyboards out there to help you narrow down your options.

1. The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Not only does this popular Bluetooth folio case turn your iPad Pro into a full-fledged laptop, but it actually protects your device while you’re on the go. One side of the case features a slim keyboard that’s easy to type on, with backlit keys to help you see the letters and symbols. The case itself is lightweight and folds up to protect your device. Plus, there’s a magnetic latch that helps to keep everything in place — including an Apple Pencil, so it can safely charge without sliding out. One drawback to this model that you’ll find in others on this list is that it lacks a trackpad you might use in place of a mouse. But, given your iPad Pro’s touchscreen, this might not be an issue for you.

Positive Amazon review: “I absolutely love this keyboard. I love it so much, I came over to Amazon to write a review about it. The typing experience is absolutely mind blowing. I say that while comparing this keyboard case to two other keyboard cases and one Bluetooth keyboard I previously had.”

2. The Best Apple Keyboard

Dedicated Apple users swear that Apple’s Magic Keyboard is well worth the splurge. It features Apple’s seamless design qualities and pairs flawlessly with your Pro. Your iPad attaches magnetically to the back of this stand, and it allows you to adjust the angle of you device to find your perfect viewing point. It’s also designed with both a backlit keyboard and a trackpad, which is a feature not found on every keyboard here. For the price, there is better value on this list, but Apple loyalists won’t regret investing in this Bluetooth keyboard for their iPad Pro.

Positive Amazon review: “I love the typing feel on this keyboard. Very crisp and clicky keys, good travel. It is very sturdy, holds the iPad in place stiffly, definitely high-quality, as expected from Apple. I really like the floating design and that it brings the iPad closer to your face.”

3. The Most Versatile

Unlike the others above, this versatile Bluetooth keyboard allows you to rotate your screen 360 degrees for easy collaboration. It also comes with a convenient trackpad, and the sleek case easily turns so you can adjust your iPad for different uses, whether you’re typing, watching videos, or on a Zoom call. In addition to the trackpad, the keyboard features an RGB backlit design with three brightness levels to easily see what you’re typing in the dark. You can even rotate your device and snap it closed to conceal the keyboard while you draw or take notes on the screen.

Positive Amazon review: “I think this is one of the best keyboard cases for the 4th gen Ipad Pro. The feature that I love is the 360 feature where you can flip the screen and use it as a tablet and then flip back if you want to use it as a laptop. There's also tons of viewing angles that you can do.”

4. The Best Budget Keyboard

  • Compatible iPad Pro sizes: Any size

While the majority of keyboards on this list will set you back at least $100, this $30 steal from Logitech is a great basic keyboard you can use with your tablet. It’s slim and lightweight, and syncs with up to three devices via Bluetooth. That means you can easily switch from your iPad Pro to your MacBook and even to your Apple TV, depending on what you’re working on. This keyboard is also compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Just be sure to grab an iPad stand you like, if you don’t already have one, to prop up your Pro while you use this keyboard. This budget-friendly keyboard lacks a trackpad and isn’t backlit, so that’s something to keep in mind if those are priorities for you.

Positive Amazon review: “I have it so that I can tap [a] button and control my iPad which is like having a second computer right next to me and is perfect for replying to text messages and such. [...] This is, in my honest opinion, one of the best keyboards ever made. It's crazy that it is relatively inexpensive as well. I think this one is hard to beat!”

5. The Editor’s Pick

  • Compatible iPad Pro sizes: Any size

This editor-favorite keyboard varies from the others on this list in a few important ways: For one, its mechanical design is a different experience from the keyboards above. Mechanical keyboards tend to make more noise than other designs, so if you’re on the hunt for a silent keyboard, this isn’t necessarily the one you. That said, this wired keyboard features RGB-backlit keys that you can easily set to one of the color pre-sets or customize to your liking. For die-hard mechanical keyboard fans, this one features hot-swappable switches so you can easily replace some or all of the keys with ones that are heavier or more lightweight, depending on your preference. This also comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable so you can connect it to your iPad Pro (this is not a wireless keyboard), or any other laptop or monitor you want to use it with. One note: This keyboard does lack a trackpad.

Bustle Associate Commerce Editor Carina Finn loves using this keyboard with her iPad Pro. She explains: “A friend got me into the deep wormhole of mechanical keyboards, and I love this one. I use it with my iPad Pro for long writing sessions, and I love that it's a more analog-feeling typing experience. The switches are fairly quiet, and I love the sculpting and bounce of the keys. I'm obsessed with the RGB backlighting, and really like that it's super customizable.”

Positive Amazon review: “You want a custom looking, perfect in nearly every way, mechanical keyboard without having to spend all the time, money, and effort to build one yourself? This is it.”

You May Also Want: An iPad Stand & Case That’s Just $14

If you’re opting for a freestanding keyboard, having an iPad stand like this one can create the full laptop-like experience. It features a soft, flexible “shield” that protects your iPad from dents and scratches. When you’re ready to work on a project, just flip over the top to create your own stand. It’s even made from anti-slip materials so it won’t budge while you work.

Positive Amazon review: “Bought this thinking I would use it to tide me over until I was ready to commit to a more expensive case/keyboard for my 12.9" iPad Pro 2020, but after using it, I don't think I will need a different case for a long time. [...] My main concern when I was looking for a case was to find something that protected the edges of my iPad, and this product does just that.”

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