The 4 best GoPro tripods

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best GoPro tripods

To better use your GoPros to film extreme sports, travel, and outdoor adventures, the best GoPro tripods will be both portable and durable. That said, those aren’t the only qualifications for a great tripod. You’ll also need to consider the compatibility, size, and extra features that make it easier to film on the go.

While GoPro makes some great brand-name accessories — and you’ll see a few of their best-rated tripods below — there are cheaper alternatives, too. However, before you purchase anything, always check to make sure that it’s actually compatible with the specific GoPro model you own. (Also keep in mind that GoPros usually need an adapter piece in order to attach to a tripod.)

After you’re sure it’s compatible, consider the height range of the tripod: This will not only dictate how tall the legs get for filming purposes, but it’ll also dictate how compact it’ll be in your suitcase, equipment case, or other bag, too. I’ve also included the weight of each tripod on this list, so those who are concerned with portability can pack light.

Finally, figure out which additional features are important to you: Do you want a tripod that doubles as a handheld selfie stick? How about one with flexible legs that can wrap around trees and branches? Could you use a tripod that can also hold your phone and comes with a remote control for distance selfies?

Scroll on for the best portable tripods, and they’re all backed by stellar reviews from real GoPro users.

1. The best name-brand GoPro tripod

The GoPro Shorty is made by GoPro, and is designed to fit all of the brand’s cameras, including the Hero8, Hero9, Hero10, and Max. Plus, it has earned more than 6,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars because it’s compact but effective. The three legs fold into each other to create a rounded handle for selfies and easy packing, but when open, they allow your camera to stand on most surfaces with stability. Even though it’s pocket-sized for travel, it can reach a height of 8.9 inches when fully expanded.

  • Height: 4.6 inches to 8.9 inches
  • Weight: 0.14 pounds
  • Compatible with: all GoPro models

One reviewer wrote: “I decided to buy this branded [GoPro] extension instead of buying a generic brand. I am very happy with the purchase and did not want to risk anything cheap in the expensive camera. The tripod is great for setting up photos from a distance and also extends up and down for easy selfies/scenic pictures.”

2. The most flexible tripod

Like all tripods, it has three legs that prop your camera up. Unlike the others, however, this octopus tripod is extra flexible, so you can wrap the legs around poles, tree branches, and more. Plus, these legs make it extra easy to create a level shot on uneven ground. It comes with a universal clamp mount that fits almost all smartphones, but it can also be used alongside digital cameras that attach via a standard adapter screw, which is included. (So far, this one has earned a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 27,000 reviewers have weighed in, and with many of them attesting to successfully using it with their GoPros.) It also comes with a wireless remote for selfies.

  • Height range: 7.87 inches
  • Weight: 0.4 pounds
  • Compatible with: most smartphones and screw-thread adapter digital cameras (including GoPros)

One reviewer wrote: “I’m glad I finally decided to get one of these. Its flexibility and portability are fantastic. It holds my iPhone 7 Plus well and safely, as well as my GoPro. It is also extremely easy and straightforward to set up and adjust.”

3. A budget tall tripod

With more than 18,000 reviews, it’s hard to ignore this tripod accessory kit — especially at that price. It comes with a sturdy aluminum tripod that extends up to 62 inches, a mount that fits smartphones from 2.2 to 5.5 inches, a 0.25-inch screw adapter that works alongside most cameras (including GoPros), and a remote shutter button so you can take selfies from afar. The head is also tiltable and the rubber feet work on most surfaces. While it’s not the most portable option, it’s definitely a great value.

  • Height: 17 inches to 62.3 inches
  • Weight: approximately 1.3 pounds
  • Compatible with: smartphones from 2.2 to 5.5 inches and screw-thread adapter digital cameras (including GoPros)

One reviewer wrote: “I've purchased three of these. Two I use with a Mevo streaming camera at a church and one I use for my GoPro or phone when I'm out and about. It comes with a GoPro shoe and tripod phone clip mount which are nice. [...] The knob to tighten the camera onto the tripod takes some adjusting to get lined up correctly, especially if you want to tilt the head on the tripod back. Overall for the price though it's awesome.”

4. A durable, versatile name-brand tripod

The original Go-Pro 3-Way was a fan favorite with more than 6,000 reviews, but a common complaint was its durability. According to one reviewer for the upgraded GoPro 3-Way 2.0, “This thing is built like a tank” thanks to its captive hardware and waterproof construction. Its three-in-one design can be used as an extension arm, a camera grip, and a tripod, and the built-in ball joint allows you to adjust the camera angle 360 degrees without having to reposition your entire setup. Finally, since it’s made by GoPro, it fits all models without hassle.

One reviewer wrote: “It’s quality. I loved that it locks into endless settings and that it’s made to take fairly heavy abuse. It’s also fine to take it under water. It’s expensive yes, but most quality things are.”

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